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Found 175 results

  1. Hey guys! Put together a "Clutch" type of tone inside of Helix with the Brit P75 Brt Amp Model using Ownhammer Impulse Response Libraries Zilla Fatboy 212. Recording chain is a PRS SE Custom with Seymor Duncans into the Line 6 Helix, throught the Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo, into Logic Prox X. Drums courtesy of Toontrack Superior Drummer 3
  2. Hey Guys! I put together another video highlighting a bass tone inside of Helix. It uses the Del Sol 300 amp block which is modeled after the "Sun Coliseum 300," with eh Obsidian 700 which is a model of the Darkglas B7K. The impulse is a ROSEN DIGITAL AUDIO Ampeg SVT. I tried to zoom on all of the important settings. If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment.
  3. There was a recent (now deleted) thread discussing what the Presence Control does and how it may enhance the sound. In an effort to add something productive to the discussion and to document how the various tone controls operate, I took my HD500 into the lab and measured the Frequency Response of various amplifiers. You can find the full report here (3M big, too big to attach here). A couple of points to note are mentioned in the front page of the summary as follows: Test setup: APx525 -> Guitar Input -> HD500 -> SPDIF Output -> APx525 Input level: -52dBV. This is very small but was required to keep the high gain amps in their linear region. SNR was still better than 60dB. HD500 settings: Inputs: Guitar/Variax Guitar: normal Channel Volume = 100% E.R. = 0% Drive level adjusted to give the best THD+N (usually below 0.2%) for the cleanest looking graphs No cabs (and therefore no mics, no Cab DEP parameters) Amp DEP settings: Master Volume = 100% Hum = 0% All other controls (Sag, Bias, Bias X): default values (50%) Tone controls were set to give the flattest reasonable response. As one control was varied, the others were kept at this “flat†setting. This doesn't represent a setting that necessarily "sounds good" but it provides a good starting point for comparisons. Also, the low level input allows the underlying frequency response of the amps to be seen. For larger signals, like guitar level signals, distortion terms will become more noticeable and add more high frequency content, perhaps making the amp sound different from what you may expect by looking at these graphs. So, use these just as a guide. Or use them to figure out what the controls do. Some are cuts, some are boosts, some are both. Some operate over a much wider frequency range than you'd expect. And now you can see what the FAC control does! Finally, I did not measure the effects of how these controls may effect the dynamic response of the amp. Adjusting them might effect the "feel" of the amp. I do not know. These measurements will not tell us. Enjoy, I hope you find them useful. ----------------------------------------------- Edited Jan18, 2018 to update Dropbox link.
  4. Hey guys, Just wanted to share a walkthrough the tone I used in a recent video. Hope this helps someone! https://youtu.be/OFhFWvt6nzU
  5. Hey guys, Just wanted to share a walkthrough the tone I used in a recent video. Hope this helps someone!
  6. Hey guys, wanted to share my tone with everyone. Hope it helps
  7. Hey guys, I have a video up demonstrating I tone I developed using Ownhammer Impulses. Hope it can help someone.
  8. I'm having a bit of a problem dialing out excessive "sizzle" in my tones. I can't seem to get that smooth, creamy distortion. It seems that there's a bit too much treble that I can't dial out. The tone controls on the amp models don't seem to have as much effect on the tones that I would expect. I've tried direct connect, and have experimented with the combo/stack output options. Currently, I'm using it with an H&K Deluxe 20 via the 4-wire method. That helps a bit, but I can't get the sound that I'd like using the POD alone. Anyone else have this problem? If you have suggestions or if you could point me to some online information, I'd appreciate it very much. Thanks very much
  9. Is it possible to transfer tones from the Flextone III bundle to Helix?
  10. Does anyone know how to recreate this tone by Andy Latimer (Camel)? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0t160FZFfK0 This might help: http://www.latimerish.com/2014/03/andy-latimer-setup-snow-goose-tour-2014.html Thanks
  11. localhero

    Red Plate Amps

    Anyone managed to get anything that can sound like a Red Plate at it's sweetest.(Alan Hinds/Chuck D'Aloia).Got to be honest Ive been trying and cant get anything near on my Helix Any experts please please. :)
  12. Here's the situation. When I plug in my guitar into my interface (elevenrack), I can see my in/out working correctly in the plugin version of pod farm. However, once I load a saved tone, my in/out levels dissapear. I can still hear my DI, but the tone just doesn't work. I had zero problems a few days ago, so I'm sure that it's something I did. Now it's possible it's something wrong with elevenrack, but I wanted to see if anyone had had a similar problem. Thanks.
  13. Hey, I'm new to playing the electric guitar and I bought this amp last month. With all the options this amp has (V 30) it's really confusing for a beginner (doing more research along the way). I'm trying to get a tone for Can't Stop, but something just sounds off to me. My settings are Plexi 45, Drive at 2, Bass at 5-6, Mid at 9, and Treble at 7. Should this be where the knobs are at? I also have compression and distortion on. I'm using the bridge pickup on my Squier Strat. Also, any thoughts on where the tone knobs should be at? Thanks, Vincent
  14. from this video checkout the tone in the intro. damn thats chewy! what amp is he using and pedals. ? much apreciated im thinking some kind of fender amp with a fuzz on with volume knob all the way down. i dunno
  15. Hello guys, Check out a cool tone I made and let me know what you think!
  16. At 1:50 of this video, Sean refers to a "Mikey kind of tone". The patch he uses is called "Mikey Neck". What is a "Mikey" tone?
  17. Ok so I am considering purchasing the POD HD500X because I am looking for a multi-effects processor with many different options and the ability to have many different presets. But what I want to do is run the effects from the POD but still have my particular amplifiers tone. Now I have a Bugera 333xl head with a B-52 4x12 cab, and I want to keep that tone and only use the POD for the effects. I have seen and read about the 4 cable method and I have the ability to do that with my effects loop, but when I go onstage I usually have to setup quickly, so I was wondering if it's still possible to just plug the guitar into the POD and have the other cable go straight to the front of my Bugera head and use no amp tones (from the POD) and only the effects but I can't seem to find a straight answer out there. I am looking forward to your responses and thanks in advance for the help.
  18. On the HD500X...Which ones have better worked for you and how? I mean, how have you used them, for which styles, etc. If you want to answer, please do it, you may save some lives, including mine, haha Greetings
  19. BoneToner

    Big Muff Tone

    Hey Everyone, I was running my Black Russian Big Muff (chicken head knobs) through the effects loop of the helix, as this is a big part of my sound, and was comparing/trying to get a similar tone out of the helix triangle fuzz. I noticed a couple big differences and was hoping some of you might be able to steer me in the right direction. The biggest difference and one that bugged me the most is how much more bottom end and punch the Russian BM had, I attempted at running a compressor and then an EQ(firstly by themselves, then together) before/after the Triangle Fuzz and didn't seem to be able to get it to do what I wanted at all. I also noticed that the sustain on the Russian at about 2 O'clock seemed to be hotter than the Triangle Fuzz at 10. This might be slightly due to the low end loss though. I tried out my rat in the effects loop against the Vermin Dist and noticed very similar results, losing that low end grit to it. Just curious if you lovely people have any suggestions for beefing those up! Thanks in advanced!
  20. Friends , I describe my problem . 5 months ago that I have the POD HD500 , and I have a hard time getting the tone I want. I have read , countless post on this forum and I reread a thousand times Meambobbo excellent guide . My two guitars have pickups Bill Lawrence XL500 . The problem is that the tone I get is " fizz " and heard in my recordings a little " break " or distortion . I set my presets with the main entrance " Guitar " and the second entry as " Variax " . Pad switch does not seem to do much. No digital clip between modules, and I hear the fizz at very low levels . Disconnecting all amps, cabs and effects blocks, NO saturation hear the sound of my guitar. I have placed in my presets up to 4 parametric equalizers , filtering frequencies that produce fizz . The truth is that I do not find solution . I have the latest drivers and the latest firmware installed on the POD . Also, I reflashead the unit several times and nothing happens. I tested with several preset I downloaded from Custom Tones, and I see that I still have the same problem , including , I turn up the gain to most of these presets , because in my pod are heard without gain. I really do not understand. I see people on Youtube that get amazing results in your recordings , but when I download your presets , I do not sound the same way. I'm not a neophyte in technology , but it really is costing me get the tone I'm looking for ( hi -gain tones to modern metal "spongy" ) . I would appreciate any indication you can give. Thank you very much from now. (Sorry for my English)
  21. Today, I have to decide whether I return my Line 6 helix or keep it and keep tweaking. I've satisfied with the clean sounds I'm getting out of the helix but am not quite convinced about the hi-gain stuff. Below is a sample of the sound I've been able to get out the helix. What do you think is missing? https://soundcloud.com/baron-toria/helix-tone-test My other consideration would be the Fractal AX8 of course which has the following pros (based on what I've heard/ read online): 1. Better sounds (amps, cabs and effects) - sounds also seem more organic! 2. Regular firmware updates and improvements to (digital) models 3. Better presets But, this would be significantly more expensive for me as I'd have to invest in an expression pedal and an audio interface. The pros I see in favor of the helix are: 1. Works as a USB audio interface 2. Built in expression pedal 3. Dynamic DSP and no limitation on how many instances of a particular block can be used (I believe the AX8 can support only one instance of each effect/ amp block) 4. Routing options (not 100% sure I'd use all these though!) 5. Easier to repair/ service (if the need should arise). 6. Better support than previous Line 6 products, including free updates with new amps etc. What do you guys think? Keep the helix or return it? P.S. Excuse the poor playing...I'm a bit rusty.. :)
  22. Hi Folks. My first post here. I have been researching the Helix as well as the AX8. I am 32, been playing tube amps for 12 years now. I have a lollipop pedal board because I am too cheap to overpay the ridiculous pedal train asking price. I find that no matter what tube amp i have(I've had a lot) there are always limitations with how i channel switch and use effects. I am in a gigging modern high gain metal/rock band and I am looking to simplify my rig. Currently, I am running this setup: Guitar=>pedal board(tuner, decimator, overdrive, flashback delay)=> laney ironheart=>mesa cab. What i am trying to understand, is whether I can replace my current rig with this: Guitar=>Helix=>poweramp=>mesa cab. My BIGGEST concern, is TONE. I want that great tube tone I've gotten out of my amps. I don't want the positive grid bias sound or the pod sound. I don't see many people using the Helix as their sole guitar tone source(aka no tube amp). Before I buy a Helix, should I feel confident in the setup I am proposing and the sound I am hoping to capture? Are there any limitations that I should be aware of? What would be a good power amp for this rig? Thanks much for any insight you can provide me. Also, here is my band to represent the tone I am going for. [youtubevid} [endyoutubevid]
  23. hi guys! love my mobile pod and have pretty much only used the provided tone presets. however i'm starting to branch out a bit and am trying to recreate a tone that was created in real life (though not by me) by a mexican strat into a compressor pedal and an orange guyatone OD pedal into a traynor mark 3 amp. the pedals are pretty easy (plain ol' compressor and overdrive) but i'm not familiar with the traynor mark 3 and unsure what mobile pod amp best represents it. would appreciate your suggestions! for those curious, i'm trying to get the tone heard here on the intro:
  24. Ok so I can pull up the image and see the settings. But now I have one to share. How do I do this? Anyone?
  25. aepoc

    New lead tone

    Just created a nice, yet bare-bones lead tone. Left amp is the Modded 2204 model, and the right amp is the Line 6 Fatality model. Snapshot 1 solos the 2204. Snapshot 2 solos the Fatality. Snapshot 3 is both (spread in stereo a bit). Snapshot 4 is both spread with delay. Created with a PRS SE Custom 24. Bridge humbucker. Any feedback is welcome. http://line6.com/customtone/tone/2203363/
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