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  1. Hi All, Has anybody had any experience with the Whammy effect drastically altering the tone on a patch. I have it set up just to do dive bombs with the expression pedal, but when it's engaged, the tone completely changes. It becomes more treble and thin and it doesn't cut through as good. I never had this issue with the Whammy on the HD 500 so i'm not sure what the story is. The only thing it's displacing is the Wah in my effects chain. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Any way around it barring setting up an EQ to counteract it(not too convenient :-/) Thanks
  2. Got my Helix last Monday, and of course have been fiddling with it in my somewhat limited time. In general I'm enjoying it (may do a post on my reactions later), but there's a class of Amplitube 4 patches I really like that I haven't been able to get very close to. I've attached one. If anyone has any thoughts on how to do something like it in Helix, or better yet an actual Helix patch like it, I'd appreciate it. This patch was tailored to a G&L Ascari HB3, 3 humbuckers, no idea how it'll work for anyone else's guitar or playing, but I thought I'd ask this anyway. Also, it was done primarily in AKG 240 phones, FWIW. (The HB3 is pretty new to me. Nice guitar, but it arrived with a defective bridge PU, sounds like honky nasal crap, and I never use it. G&L will fix it when I'm ready to be without it for a while, I'm only mentioning that because this patch doesn't deal with the bridge pickup at all. I have a version of it that does for my main guitar, but that guitar is so different from anything anyone else has that I thought this one was more helpful here.) Patch uses the Mesa Mark III, and as saved is pushed enough to be a little fat and sustainy, but barely distorted. If you can imagine playing with a friend who doesn't like distorted guitars, but you still want some Mojo, it's a version of that. It has a number of more-drive options available. I really like it as saved, and with each of the various drive options. I care much more about Helix doing the patch as saved, that fat but not that distorted thing, less about the stomps and fx that are configured but off. That said, the drive options need some explanation. - The EQ in stomp A is always on - The overdrives in stomp A I use less often than other drive options, still nice though - The Crusher in stomp B is a mild thickener. I sometimes use the first EQ in stomp B with it to brighten it up slightly; that's all that EQ is for. - The second 2 EQs in stomp B are the main overdrive options, used one at a time. The first one pushes medium hard, the second one more. - The EQ-XS Fuzz-EQ chain on the right side of stomp 2 gets turned on or off as a single effect. (No controllers configured for that at this point though, or for anything else.) It's towards the more-drive end of things for me, different texture than the other options. So far in Helix, by the time I get much fatness, I hear more obvious distortion than this, as it's saved. It's much easier to find things closer to the drive options. I like playing through the Helix patches I've made so far, but I'd miss something like this if I couldn't get near it, it's one of my home bases. To be clear, I haven't gone through anywhere near all the amps, stomps, and cabs Helix has to offer. I keep just playing guitar instead of trying everything, which itself is a good sign. Still, I haven't landed on anything at all similar to this patch, thought I'd ask. @roscoe5, and any other Amplitube (ex-, maybe) users, what do you think?
  3. I usually run my guitar through numerous tones I have created myself using Pod Farm (most are distorted), about a week ago I ran the program and the tone I would usually use and it sounded clean rather than distorted. I tried other tones to see if the issue would happen, and it did! I've tried plugging and unplugging it back in, different guitars and cables etc etc. But the issue still happens! It seems to be an uncommon issue because I've been searching for answers but none have come up! Anyone else hear about this problem?
  4. Hello, I have had my Pod HD 500x for over 2 years and I am very happy with it. I have learned many things regarding the wonderful world of tech knowledge and effects. I have always been more of a player than a gear head. So my understanding of certain effects and specs is very limited. I run my Pod through my Soldano Lucky 13 Tube Amp and it sounds great on many of my tones. I am happy with my Blues Overdrive tones and clean tones. I even have a decent classic rock AC/DC sounding patch I created using a Plexi Lead Bright Amp. My downfall in tone creation is my limited understanding of Compressors, Noisegates, EQ, and things like that. My goal is to try to create a tight sounding Metal tone. I am looking for a Lamb Of God kind of sound (obviously I don't expect to play or sound like Mark or Willy from Lamb Of God) however, that is my desired style of tone. I have a pretty plain patch created where the only thing in the chain is the Treadplate amp with a good amount of drive and basic configurations of the amp knobs. It sounds good but it's lacking good sustain and it's not very clear when I play leads. It sounds muddy and I know I can change it but I am not sure where to start. I gave up on noisegates because it clips my leads when I try to sustain. I'd rather just deal with the amp buzz than sacrifice tone. My real question is about compressors. There's the blue comp, Red comp, Vetta Juice... I have zero clue what these do and how to use them but obviously they are useful because I see many people have them in their effects chains. What do each of them do? And where do I start? I know I am a total tech dummy but I figure the only way to learn is to ask people who do know and experiment with it. I noticed there is different types of EQ's I can use too. Why is that? I normally use Global EQ but my understanding of that is limited. Also where do I put these effects in my chain? Before or after the amp? Do add extra distortion to an already overdriven amp? I've seen people add overdrives to amp models that are already overdriven. It just sounds awful when I do it. But I assume there is a good way to do it. This piece of equipment is very deep in details and I do love it however, I find myself confused a lot. I figure I can also improve some of my current tones if I learn more about EQ and compressors. One of my biggest complaints with my Marshall tone is that there is hardly any sustain of my bends. The tone just goes flat. I am using a Gibson Les Paul and Gibson SG by the way. Thanks in advance for answers. I realize there is alot to answer in my post.
  5. Hi guys! I'm fairly new to the Line 6 community and I'm looking to find a genuine slash tone. I know you guys probably get a ton of these posts, but I haven't been able to find a tone that sounds like Slash's on AFD. I know my amp comes with a preset Sweet Child tone, but it isn't like slash. Could it be my guitar and/or pickups? I tried turning tone knobs all the way down on the guitar and it is a little bit closer to slash's tone, but not quite. I have a Spider IV 120W 2x10 Combo Amp and I'm playing with an Epiphone LP Traditional Pro. Any help would be appreciated!! Thank you!
  6. OK, I'm new to using dual amps in the HD500 with a single DT-25. When I enable two amps, the tone of the first amp DRASTICALLY changes, even if I haven't even selected another amp yet (the bottom amp is darkened and reads "disabled"). What happened to my sweet tone?
  7. Hey friends! I've restarted that epic quest for the right tone. Previously I had loved the AC30, particularly for its wonderful overdrive (I'd use a boost/compressor for juice, no overdrive pedal needed), but its clean tone was not warm enough. So I experimented and fell in love with the BF-Double VIB(Fender twin reverb). Rich, warm tone yet with clarity, especially through the DT-25 amp! However, its overdrive is farty and bloated (name that quote). I started experimenting with overdrive pedals but nothing compares to the AC30's natural drive tone. Anyone have any suggestions? Alternative amp models with a warm, full clean and a warm but tight, crunchy overdrive? Distortion pedals that actually sound good (not fuzzy or farty)? Extra notes: For an overdrive, I hate it when notes seem to fight each other and it gets all buzz-sawey or farty / indistinct. My Rig: Fender Strat American Deluxe (with a Tele bridge pickup) HD500 DT-25 Amp
  8. I LOVE the Blackface Double Vibrato clean tone - warm yet with clarity! But its overdrive is farty, loose, and unpleasant (much prefer a crunch, tight AC30-like overdrive). Anyone experimented with comparing the BFx2 NRM vs VIB models? I think the VIB model is brighter, but the manual's description says it has "clipping characteristics that are different than the Normal channel due to an additional 12AX7 tube stage"... perhaps this causes the farty overdrive I'm experiencing?
  9. Hello to all I am new to the forum. I would like to switch from analog to digital instrumentation, to have more flexibility. when my line effects expected crybaby ----> dyna comp ---> mxr distrortion iii ---> Ibanez TS9 ----> mxr corus analogic ----> Boss DD3 and I would copy it in digital. I find very interesting is FIREHAWK fx, for its simplicity and directness. I downloaded the app for testing and it seems well made. But I have strong doubts that maybe you can answer. I watched many tones to FIREHAWK fx, but I see that all have always only one "stomp" or some maximum two delays ... you can have multiple Flex FX blocks of the same type (Stomp, Mod, Delay, or Pitch / Synth) below ? eg Stomp ---> Stomp ---> Stomp ---> Mod -> Delay ---> Daley ----> Delay etc ... How can it be done? you have a link where I can find the instructions. Or I would estimate the pod hd500x, but provides another type of interface. Thanks for all your reply. Albert
  10. Hello to all I am new to the forum. I would like to switch from analog to digital instrumentation, to have more flexibility. When my line effects expected crybaby ----> mxd dyna comp ---> mxr distrortion iii ---> Ibanez TS9 ----> mxr corus analogic ----> Boss DD3 and I would copy it in digital. I find very interesting is FIREHAWK fx, for its simplicity and directness. :wub: I downloaded the app for testing and it seems well made. But I have strong doubts that maybe you can answer. I watched many tones to FIREHAWK fx, but I see that all have always only one "stomp" or some maximum two delays ... you can have multiple Flex FX blocks of the same type (Stomp, Mod, Delay, or Pitch / Synth) below ? Eg Stomp ---> Stomp ---> Stomp ---> Mod -> Delay ---> Daley ----> Delay etc ... How can it be done? You have a link where I can find the instructions. Or I would estimate the pod hd500x, but provides another type of interface. Thanks for all your reply. Albert
  11. Please be aware that downloaded tones, patches and presets that were created by other users have the potential to be corrupted and not work correctly on the target device. Firewall/Antivirus/Internet security applications, Internet/video accelerators and proxy servers, among other things, can be causes of trouble with downloaded files. If your device freezes, a rule of thumb is to back up your custom patches, reset the unit to its factory state, ensure the unit does not freeze while in this state, then load your patches one by one, testing after each load to determine which patch is faulty. Otherwise, please contact our Customer Support team at www.Line6.com/support/tickets. Please be prepared to supply your backup file so that we can investigate your case further.
  12. Every time I switch to different song in my playlist, it takes good 10 seconds before the song starts to play and it alway search for tones on cloud. I disable the Auto Tone Load from Setting on Amplifi Remote app on iOS but it still tries to find new tones from cloud and during that time, the app is unresponsive. Has anyone noticed this?
  13. Hi all! I'm new to the forum, although i use line 6 gear's for some time. I was user of Line 6 pod XT and right now i have pod HD500 (i also have AMP from line6). My main guitar gear is Ibanez 350 DX and i use two programs for recording/mixing: Reaper and Reason (only for MIDI stuff). I did research in presets all over the web. I found interesting stuff in download on this site, in Youtube etc. The problem is that i can't reach where i want in rhythmic and leads sound and maybe you can help with that. For first i will show you the sound that i think will be great to have (or at least close to that): For rythm section: https://youtu.be/aomNA4sBTSM?t=44s- i think this is really clear, strong guitar sound For solo: - great play but also a nice tone. Good thing is that he plays it on pod 500, but i don't know how he record that stuff. My record way is right now: Guitar-Cable to guitar input-POD-USB Cable-Computer I use Reaper as i mentioned before and orginal ASIO drivers from line6 If you tell that it will be huge difference with other way to recording then i will consider this, but i want to know about all the necessary stuff like cables, second interface or microphone etc. that i should buy. Yesterday i record something: https://soundcloud.com/artur-futerko/chuj/s-6ombe#t=0:42 It is only test. I used some presets from line6 download and i did a little bit of edit in Reaper (equalizer). I know that guitar is a little bit out of tune and i also play some random stuff - it was only messing with POD. Here is some of my old stuff, but this was recorded on Pod XT: https://soundcloud.com/artur-futerko/futerko-steel-for-humans-witcher-3-metal-cover-percievalmarcin-przybylowicz https://soundcloud.com/artur-futerko/futerko-heart-of-courage-two-steps-from-hell-metal-remix PS. I recorded also electro-acoustic guitar on POD and i use stock effect for acoustic and it sound really great!
  14. So I was one of the fortunate ones to get a Helix as soon as it came out. The UI and the way to really get under the hood to make patches was a bit over my head, but out of the gate I had some pretty great sounding tones. Then came a bad software update and some glitches and my unit was replaced - Kudos to Line 6 for incredible customer service. Here's the problem, and maybe someone here can help me because I am at the point of sending this thing right back to Sweetwater. My original unit sounded great. Patches sounded big and real. On my new one, EVERYTHING sounds like the first Zoom multi Fx pedal I ever owned. Everything except the cleans sound super fizzy and plastic. I've tried rolling off highs, changing mics and placement, but nothing is working. I've used it on a few gigs and it's just awful. Any advice? Thanks
  15. Hi, This is Rudra from Kolkata, India. I have a POD X3 bean. It's Save button is malfunctioning. If I press it, it is acting as same as the "HOME SCREEN" button and even sometimes acts as same like "INPUTS" button but not as "SAVE". So I am unable to save my patches now. In deep trouble. Plz help. Regards, Rudra
  16. Hey! Thought it'd be cool to build a thread of demos of the Helix.. Could be useful for people who want to know how it sounds and also be cool to hear each others tones and how we're all using the Helix... Here's a couple of mine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chuGZCQcBnM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUJZmpXigyU Everyone post theirs!!
  17. Hi, sorry I'm new to this. I've had a Pod Pro for a number of years (the red rack unit one) and I've got a number of custom tones on it. On Tuesday, I treated myself to a POD PRO HD X and it's the lollipop. I'm wondering if it's possible to transfer my old tones on to the tonelibrary and into my new pod? Explain like I'm a potato :D Thanks!
  18. Hey everybody! I'm actually in trouble finding the best amp and the settings I should use to have the perfect bass tone when I play 'Factory Of Faith' by RHCP... I have a Line6 POD UX2, and a Squier Precision Bass Special, with a Jazz bass mic and a P-Bass one. I already looked at the customtone section, but haven't find the tone I would. Any tips regarding the amp and the Bass / Treble / Mid settings which could be the best in the POD UX2? All suggestions welcome! Thanks!
  19. I bought my mate's FX100 last week and have been very happy with it so far. I've created some tones and shared them to the Amplifi Remote cloud from the app. After I searched some genres in the tone search, I noticed some patches have half a white-colored star next to them, however I haven't been able to work out how to rate the patches myself. Some of the patches with these half stars are terrible and I'd like to reduce their rating if possible, to help other people avoid them (would also like to promote a couple which I've been really impressed with). How do you rate other people's patches? Or if can't, how do these star ratings (well, all I've seen so far is half-stars...) work?
  20. I've tried a lot of pickups over the years. Seymour Duncans, Dimarzios, Joe Bardins, EMGs, and of course various Fender and Gibson pickups too. For a long time I settled on the DiMarzio Super Distortion. btw - Even though I play in a Black Sabbath Tribute band I just go for a high gain tone, not trying to tone match. I use Jackson Guitars and Marshall Amps with the PODHD acting as a PreAmp into the FX returns. A friend brought his Epiphone Tony Iommi Signature SG to one of my gigs and asked if I would try it out. I did a quick level check and made sure it wouldn't squeal then we kicked in. Wow - was the only thing I could think of. The pickups were friggin' amazing. Turned out they were the new Gibson Tony Iommi Signature Pickups. I did a little research and from what I could find, Gibson was working on a new set of high gain pickups then as an after thought they named them the TI Signature pickups. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is all the little things I didn't like in my tone were gone. I now had what I'd been searching for. Thick, rich, sustainy tone and no unwanted feedback or micro-phonics. And no hint of fizz either... I'm not trying to tell anyone to use this particular pickup. What I'm trying to say is maybe you need different pickups than what you have if you can't find the tone you're looking for. Also the capacitor values on the tone knob can make a big difference too. But that's another topic and this one is already too long. What pickups do you use ? What type of tone do you typically use ? Hi-gain, Blues, Clean, Country, Jazz ? Not the best recording but gives you an idea of the tone. https://youtu.be/r0ZRJ9tKzfQ
  21. We've found that tones created while using the original 1.01 firmware can sometimes be corrupted, regardless if they are new or downloaded tones. This results in the device locking up, with a factory reset being needed for recovery (press and hold the Master Volume knob and the TAP button as you power up the unit). Firmwares at version 1.10 or later resolves this issue. Tones created in version 1.10 or later can no longer be corrupted like they would have under version 1.01. However, corrupted tones created in version 1.01 are still problematic when used in Firehawks updated to later firmware versions. We encourage those encountering this issue to update to the latest firmware via the Line 6 Updater software, then perform a factory reset. Please note that any tones not backed up to My Tones prior to a reset will be lost (corrupted tones cannot be uploaded because they crash the unit and thus can't be selected for uploading).
  22. Hi everyone! I'm a big fan of the band Zle Psy. I love their sound and characteristic for them is... Rubble on the overdrive. It has a terrible kick. They are playing on Laboga Mr. Hector. I turn to you for help. You will help, maybe someone would do such a sound? I want to sound as close as possible. This ... Rubble. Here you have a sample.
  23. Hi folks, I'm looking for Flash memory for my POD XT pro but Line 6 don't have it on their site anymore and the POD XT bean version isn't comparable with the Pro. I've been an POD XT bean user since 2004. It took me all of 4 minutes to find my perfect live tone from my old XT with flash memory 1.05 and I've used it ever since. I wanted the rack version of the XT for convenience but it's useless if I can't get my tone out of it and the newer versions of the amps and cabs don't sound anywhere near as good and are far too fizzy. I'm making an official request to line 6 to personally provide me with this flash memory for my product as I have been a good customer and I don't think it's a particularly difficult request. I assume there must be an archive somewhere with all the versions that can be dug up for situations such as this. Thanks!
  24. It is a very easy thing to do that really sets your tone ready for mix: After the amp, add a mid focus EQ and put HP FREQ:20% HP Q:0% LP FREQ:92% GAIN 0-14% (depends on the amp) It will give you a much better tone for all amps except: DOOM, ACOUSTIC, JCM 800(Old). Try it, and let me know what you think.
  25. Hi guys, i'm new in the forum, Just post this topic because sometimes i read people have difficulties to make a good marshall plexi sound but i don't think its so much hard to make it if you use the good things.. I had a marshall jcm 800 modded , so i reproduce in hear what i heard in the real marshall.. Here is a video that i posted yesterday on youtube to give a live example in FrFr : Here what i use : screamer : bass 100 - tone 75 - treble 90 - drive 35 - output 75 univibe : speed : 2.0 hz - depth 52 - mix 100 Plexi lead 100 brt : drive 100 - bass 100 - mid 100 - treble 100 - pres 70 - ch vol 46 - e.r 10 421 dynamic mic - 4x12 Greenback 25 amp parameter : master 100 - sag 50 - hum 50 - bias 100 - bias x 50 cab parameters : low cut 110HZ - res lev 60 - thump 100 - decay 50 Dt : class a/b - topology 2 -triode mode an REALLY IMPORTANT : studio eq : lo freq 700hz +5db - hi freq 400hz +3 db - gain -3db Because real amps have a lot of 700hz and modelisation not enough and the 400hz because in Frfrf (with my pair of RCF 312a mk2- you don't have enough 400hz.... Some delays and you are on the TOP !! Enjoy it Billy https://www.reverbnation.com/billzproject
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