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  1. I'm currently running on Yosemite 10.10.2 and have installed the updated copy of the Line 6 Monkey (v1.7) After updating the drivers and the x3 live firmware (it was seamless till this point), i tried installing the Gearbox v3.72 the conventional way but failed. So I searched up online and followed the instructions on this link: http://line6.com/support/topic/11126-gearbox-x3-live-yosemite-working/ . I did not manage to completely uninstall the drivers as suggested (i used the terminal app, but it still would let me install some drivers like the "AudiMidi" saying there's a newer version installed prior to this), but still manage to install the Gearbox found in the package contents. HOWEVER, the Gearbox that's running won't let me load up any patch/tone. When i try to do so, an error prompt “ UNABLE TO LOAD TONE (CODE 8000A009) UNSUPPORTED PATCH TYPE“ appears.. Tried uninstalling everything but still, the same problem persists. I'm pretty desperate here and its been many days trying to work this out... I would sincerely appreciate anyone who can help! Many thanks in advance, Jovyn
  2. As mentioned in the title, I humbly seek ye veteran “Pod heads†for advice on dialing in a tone specifically for double tracking. Looking for something like Tesseract’s rhythm tone. I think they are using 6505s. I would be helpful if someone can suggest the best amp/cab/mic combo for this, and the settings on them. I’ve been messing with the 5150 (PV Panama) with a Screamer and hard gate before the amp, and mid-focus EQ after the amp. Sounds pretty good when playing alone, but double-tracked in a mix (plus drums and bass), it’s maybe 70% of a solid rhythm tone; sounds good, but maybe lacking a bit of punch, or a little something that I can't put my finger on. From what I gathered, for double-tracked guitar parts, I should lower the gain a little to increase clarity. My Mid on the amp is currently quite high at around 80%. Exactly how different are double-tracking tones compared to single ones, and how differently should I approach this? Is there a recommended process for dialing in tones specifically for this? Right now the only reliable way I can hear the end result is to record the sound double-tracked and listen to the playback. Quite a long, incremental process. I don’t really play metal, but need this for my latest project. And it feels like a great opportunity to learn something different. So, any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. I have a Dobro Resonator (Hound Dog Deluxe Roundneck, if it interests you). It came with the Fishman resonator pickup already in it. It's the type that connects underneath the cone, rather than under the bridge saddle. I love how this pickup sounds--it really recreates the sound of the resonator very well. To my ears, it almost sounds like it's been mic'd up. (The only challenge I encounter when I plug it in is--it's totally passive with no onboard preamp or controls. So when you plug it in, you have to put it through some kind of preamp to boost the signal to proper levels if it's going to be amplified well.) That said, I'm beginning to tinker around with running it through my POD HD. The POD would be a perfect "preamp" unit before running it through a PA. I've not spent much time with it yet, but plan to soon. I was wondering if any of you out there have done this, and if you have any particular suggestions on what models to start with when I'm creating tones. I would like to create a tone in the POD that recreates the sound of the pure Dobro as closely as possible, so I kind of doubt that I'd run it through one of the amp models. But I'm open to ideas. Would I have the best luck sticking to the "Studio Preamp" model on the POD? If that's the case, do you have any particular suggestions on how to set up those parameters for the right sound? I mean, I still want it to sound like a true resonator, so no "grit" or "drive" (although I might add that later for fun). And I might add some verb to it in order to add some dimension to the sound. But what tone-building blocks should I consider? Maybe the studio EQ as well? Any suggestions would be very helpful--particularly from someone who has played their own resonator through the POD and achieved good results. I'm sure I can figure out what will sound good eventually with my own ears, but it doesn't hurt to get a leg up with advice from someone who's already been down that road. Thanks in advance!
  4. I've found no help in searching the interweb but I want to download the jason richardson tone pack for pod farm because my drummer has it, and put the tones on my POD HD. Maybe someone can clarify how this is done, if it even can be, before i drop the 40 bucks on some damn tones. Thanks for any help in advance
  5. Hi, I'm having problems when saving a tone from My Tones to hardware (amplifi fx100). I go to my tones tab, select one tone so it's colored in red (selected), then when I choose save to hardware it throws an error message "please try again later. Your presets are currently downloading from Amplifi" Any idea of what's going on?? If someone had this issue and solved it please help. Cheers, Mike
  6. Hey guys, I was trying to make a tone sounding just like that of the tone of reflections. i am aware that the currently are using 500x's and was wondering if anyone had any info on their patches and so forth. please help. thanks.
  7. Hi, I updated Amplifi 75 from 1.0 to 2.1 via the iOS application. After the update, I turned off the unit, and I hold down the volume and tone buttons while turning back on the unit. Everything seemed fine, the update was successful, but the tone button's light is not working anymore, it doesn't light, like before the update. Is it a bug in the firmware, or I did something wring? How can I fix this problem, should I run the update again? It is very annoying. I would appreciate any idea. Thx, Jozsef
  8. How to create the tone of the "synthesizer or loop machine" from this pink floyd song in pod hd 500? http://youtu.be/mc9ANtPEXQk?list=PL2747C267DB304FCE tks & regards!
  9. I have stumbled onto pure gold for a "dual cab" configuration. Channel A use Uber 4x12 + 57 on axis Channel B use XXL 4x12 + 121 Ribbon Set Channel A volume around 45-50% Set Channel B even or a bit less than Channel A. I find -5% works well. Set the Cab DEP's all around 25%. Don't use EQ's after the amps and before the mixer - this will cause phasing unless you apply the same amount and kind on each Channel. Use a Mid-Focus EQ after the mixer and set the HP freq to 15% and Q to around 25-35%. That should tame some boominess. You may have to use more midrange or highs than usual to get it to have enough. This is the most realistic tone I can get. It's not just the sound - it even affects the feel. The response is super crisp. The tone is thick and resonant. Highs are crisp. Sits perfectly in a mix. The tone has a nice rough edge to it too. Clips of XXL + Uber: https://soundcloud.com/meambobbo/ New patches: Index of /podhd/patches/XXL_Uber_Cab if you got a mid-focus eq in post-mixer placement, you can just set the hp freq between 12 and 20% and keep adjusting Q lower and lower and adjust the freq until you don't get any boom, but it sounds natural, and it doesn't sound thin. If there's too much roughness to the distortion, you may have too much bass from the guitar that a boost or pre-eq isn't downplaying, or be distorting the power section with a lot of bass on the amp control. Same goes for backing off the mids and spiking treble. When you turn up the master volume d.e.p. things start getting awesome, but can quickly turn to into a dying pickup truck, if you don't have the entire signal chain under control.
  10. Hey guys.....recently downloaded pod farm free version....and i have some problems...not much tones and problems everywhere(in the pats i had it and it was such god software...now...:/) SEE the photos please....
  11. Hi! I am new to electric guitars and amps. It's my first instrument of any kind and I like it a lot. I feel I am learning pretty quickly and would like help matching the tone of a certain song. First let me list what I have in terms of equipment: AMP: Line 6 Spider IV 15 Electric Guitar: Les Paul Special II AFD Edition The song I want to get the amp settings for would me by 'Mana' and the song name is 'Si No Te Hubieras Ido' For some reason I can't paste links or else I would paste the YouTube link to it :( I would like to match the tone that opens the song and plays throughout the song. I sincerely appreciate your help :) Regards, Oscar
  12. Hi guys, I am not new to using modelers. I have been using an Acoustic guitar with hex pickup with a Roland VG8 for many years. (I'm a finger style player and I play rock). I bought the HD500x so I could run direct with my electric guitars since they are much easier to play. I'm not even coming close to getting my electric guitars to sit in the mix as well as my acoustic through the Roland VG8 live. (I spent forever working on my sound with the acoustic and Roland… and now have spent months working with the HD500 with my electric guitars and I'm getting pretty frustrated). In the studio playing heavy rock, the HD500 is not bad. But live through the PA, both my Strat and Les Paul both sound very thin. I get a better Strat sound out of my Acoustic with the hex and Roland. It just fits in the mix. I never thought I'd be trying to get a Strat to sound as good as a modeled Strat out of an acoustic guitar. But that's where I am today. I want this to work since it would make my set up easier as well as traveling, since having to carry an acoustic to outside shows is hell on the guitar and being a slave to a multi pin connector makes wireless impossible. I perform a solo act / using tracks and so I need to run direct. Any suggestions to fatten up and get the imaging better (fitting in the mix) would be appreciated. Here is my Facebook link to some samples of what I'm doing in my solo act. https://www.facebook.com/BradSayreBand/app_7085335997?ref=page_internal There is a complication track… all acoustic guitar through the Roand (doesn't sound acoustic though…. ) and live video so you guys can see what I'm doing with the acoustic. Thanks. PS - help!
  13. So I've had my HD500X for a little over a month now and I spent quite a bit of time, of course, creating usable tones that I like. I've used the POD with headphones, computer speakers, my Vypyr VIP 2 amp, and more recently, and old Crate PA/Mixer system that my parents used to use years ago and have now given to me. The Crate PA system really brought the tone to life and allowed me to get the tones dialed in the way I like them before using the POD live (although my wife wasn't happy about how much space it takes up :D ). I have to say that with the HD500X, my tone was the best it's been since I was much younger and used to use a Crate G120C amp when playing live. I play lead guitar at church, and I've been using my Peavey Vypyr VIP 2 amp with a Sure SM57. I love the Vypyr amp, and with the SM57 off-axis, I was able to get some decent tones live, but the problem is that the stage volume became an issue. The Vypyr doesn't have a line out, so I had to mic it, which would normally be fine, but In the church setting, if I turned the amp up loud enough to get a good fat mic'd tone, it would overpower the bass and keyboard players because of speaker beaming, and be overpowering in general for a church service. If I turned it down to keep that from happening, I'd end up with a good, albeit quieter, tone on stage, but the mic'd sound coming out of the PA was thin and weak because of not having enough volume for the mic to pick up a good source sound. So after tweaking and learning the POD for a month, I used it at practice and during the performances this past weekend. It made a huge difference in my sound. No longer having to worry about being too loud or too soft was great, and the tone I got through the PA system was the best I've had playing here. I used my Crate PA system and one of it's 2x8 speakers as a monitor, and placed it in front of me pointing away from the audience but toward my ears so that I could hear it pretty well without it being too loud. All in all, it's been a great experience and I'm pretty excited about using it from here on out.
  14. I took delivery of a shiny new L3m on Saturday. This is to be used with my HD500 and JTV 59 to create an FRFR rig. I spent Saturday night tweaking patches and at low volume it sounded great. We had a gig on Sunday, powered up the L3, turned up and WOW...it sounded awesome!! I was well pleased with my purchase as was he rest of the band. Some of the patches still needed a bit of tweaking so I spent yesterday in my studio doing just that at a lower volume, which is when it happened. I was playing a riff and tweaking when suddenly I lost all the top end tone, losing all the 'sparkle'. I turned everything off and on again, still no top end, then suddenly it came back. This happened 4 or 5 times. The L3m is set to electric guitar mode, HD500 to studio, and I'm using a 1/4 inch lead from the POD to the speaker. Any ideas guys?? EDIT...I have found a post relating to this problem and it seems it is an internal connection problem within the speaker. I am returning it to the vendor for a replacement.
  15. Table of Contents · General · Device Compatibility · Finding the AMPLIFi Remote App an Android device · Firmware updates · Streaming Music and Tone Searching/Matching · User Interface General Q: Are you really finally releasing AMPLIFi Remote for Android users? A: Yes, it's true! You asked, we delivered. Q: When will it be available? A: We released AMPLIFi Remote 2.0 on October 28th, 2014. You can check our website and follow us on twitter @line6 for the latest announcements. Q: Is AMPLIFi Remote 2.0 a free update? A: Yes. You can download AMPLIFi Remote 2.0 at no charge. Device Compatibility Q: Are there any functional changes to the AMPLIFi Remote App on Android? A: AMPLIFi Remote has no functional differences between iOS and Android. All the same features are available. Q: Which specific Android devices will be supported when AMPLIFi Remote 2.0 is released? A: Generally speaking, although not tested or qualified, nearly any Android phone, tablet or phablet should work, provided it is able to run the required Android OS version. AMPLIFi 150, 75, 30, TT and FX100 is known to be compatible with the following Android devices: · Samsung Galaxy S5 · Samsung Galaxy S4 · Samsung Galaxy S III · Samsung Galaxy Note Pro · Samsung Galaxy Note II · HTC One M8 · HTC One M7 · Motorola Moto X · Google Nexus 7 · Amazon Kindle Fire HDX · ASUS MeMo Pad · Asus Fonepad · ASUS PadFone · LG G2 · LG Optimus · LG F7 · LG Nexus 4 Q: Which Android OS versions are supported? A: AMPLIFi Remote 2.0 requires a device running Android OS version 4.2 or above, and built-in Bluetooth capability. Even if a device is not listed in the supported device list above, we encourage users to try AMPLIFi Remote on their device if it meets the minimum requirements. We will update this list as additional devices are found to have an optimal experience. Q: Why are you not qualifying earlier Android OS versions? A: The Android developer portal indicates that a majority of Android devices are on Android 4.2 or above. Customers with earlier Android OS versions should check with their carrier or device manufacturer to find out if there is an upgrade available for their device to get to Android 4.2 or above. Q: Does AMPLIFi Remote 2.0 support double-byte characters as metadata? A: Tones with double-byte character names and metadata are not currently supported for tone matching. Q: Can I use AMPLIFi Remote 2.0 on Android devices with customized UI on non-English OS, for instance Sony Xperia or Sharp Aquos? A: These devices are not specifically supported at this time, however we do feel that they would work, although will not be fully localized. Q: Is AMPLIFi Remote 2.0 compatible with Windows Phone / Tablets at this time? A: There is currently no plan to support for ARM or x86-based Windows phones/tablets. Q: Will the same app work on all AMPLIFi products? A: Yes, the AMPLIFi Remote App will work with any member of the AMPLIFi Device family. Q: Is AMPLIFi Remote 2.0 also available for iOS? A: Yes. AMPLIFi Remote 2.0 provides minor maintenance with the overall app, but mostly AMPLIFi Remote 2.0 is for Android support. Some customers with iOS devices will upgrade to AMPLIFi Remote 2.0 without any noticeable differences. Q: The AMPLIFi product box only has iOS compatible devices printed on it. Are there different versions of AMPLIFi hardware sold specifically for iOS and Android? A: No, there are not different hardware versions. Whichever AMPLIFi hardware you get will support both AMPLIFi for iOS and for Android. As long as you have the AMPLIFi Remote App 2.0 on a supported device, your AMPLIFi hardware will work. Finding the App on an Android Device Q: What is the name of the app and where can I download it? A: The app is called AMPLIFi Remote on Play Store (also referred to as Google Play Store) and the Amazon Store. Firmware Updates Q: Do I have to update the AMPLIFi device firmware for Android to work? How can I update the firmware without an iOS device? A: Yes. A firmware update (2.0) is required. We will be providing a Windows PC-based firmware Updater called AMPLIFi Utility at www.line6.com/software, which requires a USB connection to your AMPLIFi device. When customers open the AMPLIFi Remote app on their Android device for the first time, there is a slideshow that points the customer to the Line 6 website to update their AMPLIFi hardware. Customers will download a driver and update utility and should follow the instructions to update their specific AMPLIFi hardware. Once started, running the firmware update will take between 2 - 3 minutes. iOS users will be able to update their firmware as is typically done with iOS devices via Bluetooth from the AMPLIFi Remote App. Q: If I have to upgrade the firmware, will it stop working with iOS devices or will I be able to switch between both? A: The update simply adds a new way for AMPLIFi to communicate over Bluetooth, so it will continue to work with iOS devices as well. Q: Is this the first time the USB port is being used to update AMPLIFi firmware? A: Yes Streaming Music and Tone Searching/Matching Q: Which music libraries are supported on Android OS? A: The AMPLIFi Remote App can access music that stored locally on the device, or on external SD card storage, that has been transferred to the device from a computer. Please use the default method provided by your device manufacturer to store music onto your Android device. Q: What about songs I have purchased or downloaded from Google Play Store (aka Play Music)? A: In order to access music purchased from the Google Play Store (aka Play Music), we recommend that you download it to your computer and transfer it to your device. The AMPLIFi Remote App will not match the tones of music streaming from Google Play Store (Play Music). Q: What kind of audio file format does AMPLIFi Remote 2.0 support? A: .mp3, .m4a, .mp4, .acc, .3gp, .flac. Formats that use id3 tags can be used for tone matching. Q: How does the AMPLIFi Remote App match tones? OR From where does AMPLIFi Remote App match tones? A: If your music is properly tagged with Artist, Album, and Song Titles, the Line 6 servers compare and sort publicly shared tones that match that particular song. Q: Can I edit tones on my computer using AMPLIFi Remote 2.0? A: No. At this time you cannot edit tones on a computer using the AMPLIFi Remote App. Q: What connectivity is required to play back music and tone searching and matching? A: A Bluetooth connection is required for streaming and editing. WiFi or Cellular Data is used for cloud-based features such as accessing Tone Searching and Tone Matching. Although, you will be able to access editing and manage your device-stored presets while offline. User Interface Q: Will the AMPLIFi Remote 2.0 GUI look the same on an Android device as on iOS devices? A: AMPLIFi Remote has been developed natively for Android using Java, so there are some very subtle differences. Q: How will the AMPLIFi Remote 2.0 GUI scale onto the different size screens? A: We've designed it to adjust spacing and scaling for lots of various screen sizes and pixel depths.
  16. Hello Line6 Comm Reg the POD 2.0 Does anyone know how to re-produce a guns n' roses tone using the line6 POD 2.0? and where can we find a library of tone settings of our favourite bands? I need to know Please advise.
  17. I'd like to download a ukulele tone to my JT Variax 69. There aren't any so I thought I might try modifying a mandolin tone. Maybe it's just me or maybe it's the lack of organization of the material on this site, or just possibly one can't download new tones to a JT Variax. But if someone would let me know if it's possible and, if so, how it's done, I'd appreciate it. Also, I just looked at the software downloads and note that the Variax HD upgrade is not available. Did they take it off the shelf because it's that bad?
  18. Hi Newbie here Just got there Amplifi 75 yesterday and maybe I've missed it but how do I create a tone from scratch using the iOS App? I can see that I can modify a tone and rename but how do I create one from fresh? Regards Shakey
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