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Found 15 results

  1. Hello, I have been using the toneport ux2 for a while to connect my studio monitors to my pc and had no problems with it. Recently i bought a xlr microphone and connected it. It was all good untill I shut down my computer. When I turned on my computer it didnt work. The fix I found was changing the inputs & recording to another one and then swapping it back in the Line 6 Audio-MIDI devices program and changing the default format in the settings of the audio interface. The problem switches between the mic not working at all or producing a very loud white noise. I already updated all my drivers and checked the cables / connections, it is a software based problem. Does anyone know a fix for this because it is pretty annoying changing around the settings every time I want to use the microphone.
  2. I’ve had the ux2 interface for a long time but have lost my install disc. I bought a used one from eBay but I believe it’s for the small red interface. The Question is, is there any way to make it work with that disc or a way to find a replacement disc??
  3. Okay so I've been having this issue for a few months now. Kinda getting to the point of my audio issue is something to do with my soundcard / hardware inside my PC but first, I should explain what I am hearing and give some views on what the issue is. Firstly. Only people with studio based headsets can hear this. People with earbuds wouldn't be able to hear the issue but its like a Crystallizing popping noise that only occurs before I speak. Like a *Pop* *Click* before I say a word. is a example of the noise (It occurs when I say "Testing") I have tried the following: Replaced USB Cables, Replaced XLR Cables. Changed from Focusrite 2i4 USB Interface to a Line 6 tone port UX2 Interface. The issue is still there. Tried 3.0 USB Ports (UX2 didn't work) So I tried different ports. I have tried different microphones. (AT2035 which is 2 years old and the AT2020 which is around 5 months old) and now thinking it might be hardware / soundcard issue but I can't decide if its cause my PC is slightly outdated or it might be something else. Motherboard: ASUSTeK P8Z77-V Windows 8.1 i7 - 3700k @ 3.50GHz CPU 16GB RAM DDR3 NVIDIA GTX 680 GPU Samsung SSD 840 Series (111GB) Seagate ST2000 (2TB)
  4. Hello, i just recently bought monitors and maybe this is a stupid question. I haven't seen a solid solution to this and i am wondering if it is even possible. I'm using the Toneport UX2 and analog out to the monitors. Great sound until i open up pod farm and then i lose the analog signal and its routed through the headphones in the front. Is there a way to use the analog out instead of the headphone jack? otherwise its seemingly pointless for recording and playback to constantly have to close and open pod farm.
  5. Hi all, hope you can help. I'm trying to record guitar and vocals at the same time through my Toneport UX2 but seem to be unable to do this. When set to just vocals, I can record that fine, when I set to guitar that's fine, but when I use "inst & Mic 1" as the source, the recording only picks up the guitar, whether I record on stereo or mono 1 or mono 2 it's the same result. I've tried going in to Ableton, Audacity and Adobe Audition and all have given the same result. One thing I have noted is that in my hardware settings, the ASIO client reads as "none" and I'm not sure how to fix that. I've updated drivers but this hasn't changed. I'll be honest, I don't fully understand what ASIO and MME are so I may be looking at the wrong things. Thanks in advance.
  6. Picked up an Alesis forge electronic drum kit and I am attempting to use the 2 line outputs (R / L) on the drum set module to connect to the two line inputs on the Toneport UX2 to record into Ableton LE 6 - I believe the issue I am having lies within the settings I am using in Gearbox - looking for some suggestions. When I connect the line outputs from the drum set to the line inputs on the UX2, I can hear everything I want to hear through my monitors and headphones (both directly connected to the UX2), when I have my input in gearbox set to "Line 1 & 2" - but I get no signal on my armed track in Ableton. When I change the gearbox input setting to a single line input (not sure if it's 1 or 2), I do get a signal in Ableton, but it's only on the right or left side - it's not stereo. I want to say that I have tried the "line stereo" input setting in gearbox as well - and I believe it works, but it gives me a completely mono signal which doesnt make sense to me. Wondering if there is step I am missing when trying to use the "line 1 and 2" input setting in gearbox that is stopping Ableton from picking up a signal. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!
  7. I want to use wireless headphones with my Toneport UX2. The obvious choice is to buy an bluetooth transmitter and plug it into the headphone jack of the UX2 and pair it with the headphones. Will there be added latency? Has anybody tried this or are there other options? Thanks.
  8. My laptop died and went back to the retailer. I've now got it back, but without any of the software that was previously installed. I'm re-installing all my Line 6 software, but when I open POD Farm 2.57 I get the following message: "POD Farm failed to initialise L6TWXY framework (code 0x8000e00a)" Laptop is an ASUS K55V with Windows 8.1 Has anyone got any idea what this means, what the problem is, and how to fix it? Thanks!
  9. Hey, I made this post because this is something I have been having troubles with over 3-4 years. I have had many problems with the toneport UX2 version (I work with a windows 7 64 bit system). But two problems have never gone away: a crackling popping sound after X number of seconds and after a couple of hours it would crash and freeze my volume, making me restart the computer. In my case I noticed that the crackling sound may appeared when I was doing something on windows. After searching a lot of forums I found a program that could analyze the DPC latency of a system: go here It will give you information if your system can handle real-time audio/video service. By disabling devices in device manager one after another, I had found my problem for the crackling sound. After disabling my ethernet driver it dropped right into green and I have never heard a crackling sound again. After a day the volume bar hasn't crashed either. After research I think this comes because windows cannot handle a continues data stream over USB. This comes from a security update with a bug. You can try to restart the audio service through CMD with the following commands: net stop audiosrv net stop AudioEndpointBuilder net start audiosrv net start AudioEndpointBuilder The idea is that you don't have to restart your computer but just your audio drivers. I'm just really happy that I can listen to music without ANY crackling/popping noise and just enjoy this good audio card. I hope I helped some people with this, because it sure did help me. Bye!
  10. Wanted to have some fun and play some guitar thru my TonePort UX2 and while I was making a hi gain tone I hear this steady clicking noise. Took me a minute to figure out it was a laptop power supply (not mine) that was located about 2 feet from my guitar. This particular PSU has some awful RF. So out of curiosity I took my laptop PSU which is also 2 feet away from my guitar and put it closer to my pickups and wow this sucker is quiet compared to the other one, must be higher quality. Hope this helps someone who has a similar problem. Oh. I had to put that clicky PSU 3 feet away from my geetar. :)
  11. can my toneport UX2 produce both an instrument signal and a mic signal simultaneously? I want to record my Acoustic guitar from its electronic output as well as through a mic at the same time on the same take - can this be done with my toneport? Whenever I try to do this I can only get input 2 to say SAME AS MIC 1 - no option for Instrument...
  12. I have a Toneport UX2 that I have not used in awhile, which no longer appears to recognize any input signal (mic or instrument). I have reinstalled all drivers using the Line 6 Monkey. The meters light up, but the needles do not move and their is no sound in the headphones. Is something burned out, or is it something else?
  13. I own/owned a POD Studio UX2 ..... I stepped on a cord and it fell off of my desk and the plastic USB piece broke off from the inside (Tried to solder it back but it didn't pan out so well)... So I bought a Toneport UX2 off of eBay because it was cheaper and according to Google Topics, It was the same thing as the POD Studio UX2 except for the Red face on the device.. Anyway, I ran it with FARM and on all of my presets.. I can't access certain pedals, amps, etc... Sooooo, I ran Monkey and Updated My Farm version 1 to the 2 thinking that would just fix the issue.. Well it didn't.. And everytime I run Farm 2.. I get the authorization message and that it'll only act as the trial version.. So then I authorized the Toneport UX2, close, re-open, and it's the same thing everytime... So, do I just have to repurchase a POD Studio UX2? Thanks
  14. So, I'm about to obtain a second hand Toneport Ux2. An old model, but I'm hoping it will work fine for what I need it to. I had a POD STUDIO UX2 before I lost it, so I still have Pod Farm 2.55 on my computer (and my license for it) My question is, will the Toneport be compatible with it, or is there something else I need to change/do? (I use podfarm 2.55 with Reaper, it worked great when I had my pod studio) Thanks guys!
  15. I just bought a new UX2 toneport. My question is can you leave you guitar jack in the pad input or norm input when you are not using the toneport?
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