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Found 81 results

  1. I just installed Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan on my MacBook Air. I waited a while to install this specifically because the Line 6 drivers are always bad early on. Sure enough, I've updated my drivers and now when I output from my Toneport UX2 using the analog outs into my monitors or through my headphones there's a constant crackling noise coming out. Please help me fix this.
  2. Look, I'm a programmer myself, I know what I'm talking about. You, line6, have no resources to tackle issues with the legacy Gearbox. You can't support something that makes no new revenue. I know. But the issues are still ridiculously sad: on Windows 8.1 my Gearbox eats a whole processor (100% CPU load in one core), which makes to my CPU fan scream like crazy. I have found this issue from 2010. 6 years went and STILL NO PATCH. Last night I have read a solution to that: start Gearbox, start Monkey, exit Monkey => CPU usage back to 1-2%. So my suggestion is: if you can't support, let the community find that 2 lines of sad code and fix it. Everybody wins. We, users, can enjoy our devices without calling the customer support names, you can enjoy the fact that people will trust you.
  3. Hello! I am having an issue with the microphone input on an old Toneport UX1 (Asio4All drivers - latest version) and Pro Tools 12. My input look OK (I think? - I tried to delete them all and set the as default again) - see screenshot attached but when I record a track, I can't get the Microphone to work (Mic gain is not at 0 and there is no On/off button on the Mic :) When I plug in my guitar, it works on both inputs (Line 6 TonePort UX1 1 or Line 6 Toneport UX1 2)... it looks like the 2 inputs showed there are for the guitar ? What about the microphone...how can I get/set the input so that I can record from the microphone ? If someone could help me out with this ! Thanks !
  4. Hi, when connecting the balanced outputs of the UX8 to the unbalanced inputs of the Roland MC-909 should I use a balanced or unbalanced cable? What effect would using balanced vs. unbalanced have on the signal?
  5. Hola buenas!!!, Les comento mi Duda. Bueno yo poseeo el pod hd desktop y el controlador midi y interfaz toneport kb37, entonces me pregunte si podria conectar el pod a la interfaz como para que salga todo el sonido por un solo lugar, mi pregunta es, alguien sabe como hacer esa coneccion? ya que quiero grabar la guitarra y utilizar el teclado que tiene el toneport kb 37 y querer que todo este sonido salga por el tone port, o por un solo lugar, gracias de antemano ! :)
  6. Hello, I might be buying a Toneport UX2 used and was wondering. What doest the "monitor input" port do? I can't seem to find it anywhere on the web. Luke
  7. HI! I've TonePort UX8 and since few months had a problem with noise and cracks on guitar inputs in TonePort UX8. I've opened it and found something on capacitors. Are they broken and need to be replaced? This substance is in Guitar Input Section and in Power Suply Unit also. Please see photos. Best regards, Marcin
  8. I iam using windows 10 and iam using the ux1 soundcard. When iam recording in reaper, podfarm 2 or whatever i use, my soundcard makes a amount of noise when iam not playing at all. Even on clean and without any effects! What to do? Please help me. The noise is even bigger when i am pluggin in electricity to my computer. Sorry for bad English. Please help guys. Thanks
  9. Hey there, I was using my Toneport GX pretty nicely to record in Mixcraft 6 on windows 8, but I've just upgraded to Windows 10 and it didn't work.. So I upgraded all the drivers through monkey and I've now got mixcraft 7 incase it was a problem their end, but I'm still getting the same issue, I get sound from my GX but it's not allowing me to record into mixcraft 7.. any ideas? Thanks in advance :)
  10. Dear Mr/Ms, I purchased the POD Farm 2.5 Standard iLok for my TonePort UX2, but i realized that I purchased wrong product due to i don't have ilok driver, i just want to get the POD farm 2.5 for my Toneport UX2... BTW, i paid already but i want to know if there has any way to activate POD Farm 2.5 Standard iLok without iLok driver? Looking forward to hearing from you soon Ricky
  11. I updatet my Windows 7 to Windows 10 (64 bit) a few months ago. With Windows 7, my TonePort UX1 worked perfectly, but since i upgraded to Windows 10 (and downloaded the newest Windows 10 drivers for my device), it only play's wierd sounds in the rhytm of the song i want to play. I tried to fix it by my self, but Windows 10 says it works correctly. I hope someone of you have an Idea how to fix this problem. Thanks in advance, Paul Wotruba ----------------------------------- My system: -Windows 10 (64 bit) -Asus Z87-Deluxe Mainboard -Intel Core i5-4670 -Line 6 TonPort UX1 (Device with the Problem)
  12. I currently have a Toneport UX2 but I have a chance to get a good deal on a HD Pro X. Im just wondering will I get better tones out of the HD Pro or will it be the same tones just a different interface ?
  13. Hello all, I was wondering if it's possible to connect a Toneport UX2 to an iPad to record with Garageband for example. Does anyone know if this is possible, and how? Kind regards, Herman
  14. Hi, I've got a TonePort GX and it works great for recording electric guitar with the AmpFarm software. Is there a way to connect in line in inputs to this, so just using the TonePort as a USB interface, not changing the sounds? I don't have any other soundcard or way to get audio onto my PC, and though the TonePort is great for recording electric guitar, I'd love to know if I could use it for other inputs at line level. Thanks for any suggestions guys!
  15. I posted this under a general Win 10 topic yesterday but the thread went in another direction...so I'll post again in hopes that someone else is seeing this same issue. To clarify, audio works fine for most default applications and Toneport ASIO works fine in DAWs like Live, Reason & FL Studio. Other programs - those that need to see drivers other than ASIO - will not be able to use their driver unless the Toneport USB is disconnected. Please read through the post before offering standard troubleshooting advice - thanks. USB 2.0 & 3.0 were also tried. On 8/7, I posted this on the Audacity forums after trying to get this sorted out with a Cycling '74 tech over email. We definitely have a pattern here - I've been looking at this all day. Plug in an ASIO USB soundcard and Audacity does not "see" any MME, WASAPI or DirectSound drivers/devices. Unplug and Audacity comes up. Windows 10 upgrade (build 10240) Audacity 2.1.1 Line 6 Toneport UX1 - driver Realtek High Def Audio on board - driver (was disabled until today) My audio cable setup now is the MME on board device feeding into the monitor in on the Toneport (a typical setup) This also happens for Cycling 74 Max 6 & 7 Max 4 Live in Ableton Live can open devices but can't edit I believe that MSP (associated with Max) can only run under MME as well, so there appears to be a link. Ableton Live 9.2 cannot see MME until USB is unplugged Reason 7.1.1 & FL Studio 11.1.1 can see everything all the time BTW the Toneport cannot be controlled by the Windows Audio tray icon (Control Panel applet). You can only change volume with the hardware knob on it. I've tried - writing to Cycling - they said the audio driver loads right before the Max program crashes - Using just the TonePort (my on board Realtek card has been disabled pre-Win 10 - I only enabled it in BIOS when I saw other users were having these types of results) - with Max 6, I uninstalled both 64 and 32 bit versions and then reinstalled 32...then reached for Max 6, 32 bit - only works if Toneport is unplugged - 41 and 48K for both devices - swapping default device - toggling the exclusive device checkboxes on both soundcards - reinstalling all the Line 6 software - suspiciously, their Win10 driver has a date of 2013 on it! I was subsequently asked on the Audacity forum if Audacity 2.0.3 worked, so I installed it into another folder and it worked...now if I can only get Max and Max4Live to work Of course, I'd rather use the latest Audacity. Thanks!
  16. Hi sirs from line 6!, I have some trouble with my toneport ux1, I used it with gearbox in a mac with snow leopard, now I upgrade my mac to yosemite, but it seem that gearbox does not work with yosemite, so I download pod farm 2, but has only two amplifiers, what can i do? Thank you .Regards!!
  17. Before I start to throw my MacBook into the wall along with everything else, I thought I would just try and pose my question here since nothing I have read seems to work or is the same problem I have, just similar. I am running a MacBook Pro 2010 with Yosemite I have GearBox installed Garageband installed I can plug my UX2 via USB and it shows power however it is not recognized anywhere. Gearbox gives me a flashing USB, Garageband shows nothing and if I open Line6 Monkey for updates it shows I have a POD xt (Unless this is another name for UX2 than I don't own one) There is no option for TonePort on any program I use. Even if I try updates in monkey(though I have to choose POD xt as the device as it is the only choice) , it says I can't connect to the internet, which I obviously can. I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times with the same outcome. I have an older Mac that runs on the old Power PC processor which it runs perfectly fine on, but there is no need to clutter my workspace with yet another computer.... My USB's work fine for any other device I plug in. I have installed this device on 2 windows machines and 1 Mac and have never had any issues so what am I missing? Is there a compatibility issue with Yosemite?
  18. I have a Toneport KB 37 and a Zoom R37 and virtual DJ to perform live music on a podcast stream. My plan is to run VLC media player on another computer and KB 37 to add an electric guitar with some sort of tone on the main computer. Both this should be input channels to Zoom R24 and than have the R24 as main input to Virtual DJ. I notice though that the zoom doesn get into the windows sound system in control panel. Is this because i had the toneport first? Is there a workaround? I like to add guitar and song to someone else playing bass on a stream. Sincerely Strixnebulosa
  19. So I went to play on my toneport for the first time in like forever. Had it installed on a previous computer and it worked fine, now, no matter what usb port I plug it in, I constantly get the red flashing clip lights, sometimes the volume panels will be lit up but the lights are still flashing and the device is acting like it cant connect. I've downloaded the most recent drivers from Monkey, but after I install them and go back to Monkey it says the drivers are not installed. I've searched all over for people who have had similar problems but they, like myself, can't seem to find any answers anywhere. Help, anyone?
  20. Hello! First off, I really enjoy using your products. I own a toneport ux2 that I've had since about '09 and it still works great! I've had to update drivers when I update my operating system, but other than that, I have had to do nothing as far as maintenance - I have absolutely no complaints at all. Anyway, about 5 years ago, I bought a ux2 for my mother to use with her MacBook Pro. (She is a phenomenal singer by the way...) She essentially has the same set up that I have used and enjoyed. Well, I have struggled to make it work with her computer for years now. I am finally at my wits end...! Here's the scenario... She has: MacBook Pro (MacBook Pro 8,2) with a 2 GHz Intel core i7 processor Memory is 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 Running OS X 10.6.8 The toneport ux2 was purchased in late 2010, around the same time as the computer. The software that came with the unit wouldn't work with the computer for some reason. I have the same setup from '09 and it was really a plug and play situation, everything worked great and still does. Today I was finally able to locate the correct drivers to allow the ux2 to work with her computer - finally a victory! Now, the computer itself recognizes the ux2 as a viable piece of hardware, lists it in system preferences as both an option for sound input and output and lights up normally. Sound is sent through the ux2 just fine and is sent through her studio speakers that are hooked up to the back of the ux2, again in a normal fashion, just like it's supposed to. The problem comes from the gearbox software, which does not seem to recognize the ux2 hardware. I can load the gearbox software as if it was hooked up to the ux2 (which it is) and it loads fine and the screen looks right once it loads, but it still doesn't seem to be able to recognize and input signal coming from the ux2. Yes, the usb icon is blinking. All she has plugged into the ux2 is a bluebird condenser mic. But for some reason, the signal from that mic or any other mic is just not recognized or processed by the ux2. I can go into her system preferences on her MacBook Pro and select the ux2 as her input and output options - The ux2 itself is listed and recognized by the computer as viable input and output options, but no sound or input signal is recognized by the ux2 gauges or is recorded by her recording program. She is using GarageBand as her recording software, which is also what I use on my similar setup as well. I've looked online and on line6 forums to try to find people describing similar problems, which I have found a few, but most of the links in those older forums describing how to take care of the problem(s) are no longer valid or even exist at all. So...can you please help me?? I really want and need to get this working for her! My father (mom's husband obviously) has recently passed away and has devastated my mother - she needs something to help bring her life in balance again. The one constant in my mother's life has always been her music and she is depressed enough with everything else that has been going on in her life without having to stare at her non-working recording hardware that just sits on her desk, mocking her - do you know what I mean? I am trying to be the good son and take care of this situation but it just keeps fighting me. Every time I overcome one obstacle another one pops up a little further down the line, keeping her from being able to sing, record, and escape her "normal" life. I'd giver her my setup, or buy her something new but I just can't afford it right at the moment. Can you Please help me?? What do I need to do to get her going? Any help would be Greatly appreciated!! Thank you soooo much for the help and understanding...!!
  21. Hi there, I've been using a TonePort KB37 for a while, but I have recently upgraded in MIDI controllers. I am hoping to sell my KB37, but have the following concerns for a prospective buyer: As the product was previously licensed/activated by me, will another user have any issues authenticating it on their own system? (It is just the controller, with none of the special model packs.) Thanks, john
  22. What's the defference between POD Studio and TonePort..??
  23. Hi, I've recently upgraded to OS X Yosemite and am experiencing issues with my tone port UX2. I've installed all the latest drivers and my tone port is lit up as if its working correctly. When outputting music through the analog outputs it works fine however as soon as i record enable audio tracks in Logic or even just open Gearbox or POD Farm 2 as standalone i get a huge amount of feedback coming through, even with no instruments etc plugged in. Just wondered if anybody recognised this issue and if they could help? it would be hugely appreciated as cant wait to get back to recording. Regards Dave
  24. Hi there, I have been using Line 6 products for over ten years now. I own a Pod XT live, a Toneport UX1 and a Pod studio GX. On my XT live I have several model packs I bought a long time ago, but at the moment I only have with me my Pod Studio GX. Obviously most of my sounds ceased to exist because I am lacking most of the amps and effects I use with model packs. Thus, I wanted to know how can you transfer the model packs you own from one platform to another? Any ideas guys? Many thanks!
  25. Hi, I have been using my Toneport for some years now, but I am missing the obvious versatility of having a pedalboard to switch between presets. Because I cannot have my XT live with me at the moment I am considering buying a pedalboard that would work with toneport and POD farm. Is the iRig Blueboard a good option? Is it compatible? Are there other pedalboards you might suggest? Thanks guys!
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