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Found 81 results

  1. I've had the UX2 for quite sometime and never got a footswitch for it it so I decided to make one . Since I have the basic hand tools. a drill/drills, soldering iron/related tools, light wire and quarter inch 6 ft guitar cables all I needed was 2 quarter inch mono jacks, 2 momentary switches (light duty) and a box all of which I found at Radio Shack. I added 1 more switch and jack so I can run to something else tha'll use a momentary switch. It works great and It makes the UX2 so much better. GearBox TonePort Setup PDF Rowbinet's YouTube video about using the software
  2. Hi everyone and thanks for taking a look at my problem, I recently acquired a Toneport UX1. I installed the latest drivers from the website. However, when listening and recording the raw sound from my guitar, no effects added, I get no sustain what so ever, it is almost like the UX1 has a built in noise gate... I have tried the UX1 in two computers, using windows 7 and windows 8.1. I get the same result. As you can hear in this recording, when I play a chord and let it ring, the sound dies within a couple of seconds. I do not stop the chord ringing, the sound just stops by itself. Also at the end of the recording I play a single note quickly, varying the strength of the pick with the strings. When I play the note soflty, it does not make any sound whatsoever. (Also note the ugly noise made when I play the chords. Maybe I'm just playing too hard?) Did I get a broken UX1? Am I doing something wrong? Any help is appreciated. Thank you. TapeDeck 2 Sep 22 18-16-58.mp3
  3. Hello, I am using the microphone recording input on Toneport ux1, but this is hissing like crazy once I get the gain up to the required level. (using gearbox btw) Also the microphone knob becomes very light just as its about to be turned all the way to the maximum level -perhaps showing a sign of age. Basically I am not able to get the hiss to go and have tried everything, so now i am considering getting another interface altogether which is a hassle, or perhaps replacing the Toneport with a Pod studio ux1. I also need to know: Does the Pod studio work with Gearbox? I don't like the pod farm software and find Gearbox much simpler to use! The bottom line is these machines were built with guitar in mind and don't seem to really have a powerful mic pre amp, as if vocals were just an add-on. Please help solve this issue! -S
  4. Hey all, I'm new here on the forums. Just joined the other day. So, my main topic of interest is with using a Toneport UX8 & Pro Tools 10.. I've downloaded all the necessary drivers & gearbox & everything, set it all up and when I launch a session in PT, it prompts me with a popup that claims the ASIO properties have been changed in the device control panel.. Which is very frustrating cause I have everything set up the way it should be.. Anybody have any luck using a UX8 & PT 10?? Thanks guys! -Matt
  5. Hi guys! These are very old products and this question might have been answered before (but haven't found an answer): Can I use GearBox as an insert effect in Cubase 6 with a TonePort GX or does the ASIO driver not support it? Cubase offers me the option (see attached), but when I chose it - it freezes. Thanks a lot in advance!
  6. Hi there, folks! Got a little problem here. I am using Ubuntu, and i have a VirtualBox with Windows XP in it. Inside XP a have set up all the drivers for toneport (basically i used this thread as a guide http://line6.com/support/topic/1131-how-to-properly-connect-pod-hd-pro-to-a-linux-system/) and i can't hear anything from Toneport device. However the audio interface provided by VB is working just fine. Is it possible to use Toneport in VirtualBox under Linux at all?
  7. Hello! I'm having some serious issues with the Line 6 TonePort UX2 model interface. I have gearbox all set up along with Reaper as well to start tracking guitar, bass, drums, etc. But whenever I plug my guitar into the Instrument Input (i.e. Normal input on the front) I get no sound coming from my computer. I'm not sure if the 1/4-inch headphones are really required in order to run the system through a computer and listen to it, or if I can just listen to what I'm play directly through the interface to the computer. So my questions are as follows: 1. How to I get sound out of my interface to my computer to listen to what I'm doing in real time? 2. What would be the proper settings to set on the interface to listen to what I'm doing through the speakers on the computer? I'd also like to know how to record what I'm doing. Whether I have to record through gear box to reaper, or record a track separate on gear box, then master it on reaper? 3. How do I record with the TonePort UX2? 4. How do I get it set up with/through the reaper program?
  8. I'm sorry - this is probably an old frequently asked question, but the answers I find by searching don't seem to correspond to what I'm experiencing... I've had a Toneport UX1 for quite a while now (7 years I think) but haven't used it for a while. I used to use the Gearbox software, but that appears to be no longer supported. Am I supposed to use Pod Farm instead? If so, should I expect it to work straight off or do I have to pay to get it licensed? Answers I read online suggest that as a Toneport owner the first, but when I start it, Pod Farm 2 tells me it is not authorized... this suggests to me that I need to pay. What is the current situation for owners of old(-ish?) Toneports? Martyn
  9. Hi, I'm having a lot of problems with my UX1 TonePort. I have used it for many years now without any problem, but I recently bought a new (better) computer and now there's some huge latency problems, as well as a lot of clipping and things like that. The BIG issue is, every time I try to change the buffer size (to fix the latency issue) my computer freezes for a second and then I get the blue screen of death. All drivers are up-to-date and everything is registered correctly. Could it be that my TonePort is just too old? I've had it since 2006, haha. Would really appriciate any help. Thanks!
  10. Hello, I bought used kb37 to record guitar, bass and vocal. I use macbook pro 2012 mid and OS version is 10.9.1(Mavericks), Garageband version is v10. But I have not record anything yet because of popup noise when I connect guitar via toneport kb37 on garageband. I installed latest software like monkeys, gearbox and pod farm2 and I changed audio input/output setup to toneport kb37. I can hear guitar sound on garageband but also can hear pop up noise to play and record. I'd like to solve this problem. Thanks.
  11. Ok, so I have noticed that the right Analog Out channel on my Toneport KB37 puts out a little bit more than the left side. I tried switching the studio monitors (KRK Rokit 5s) and I tried switching cables and everything. I made the right output go to the left speaker to see if it was the right Analog Outputs fault, and it was. You can only tell when the master output is only up a notch, you will hear noise out of the speaker connected to the right analog out before you hear it from the left. You can't really tell once the volume is up a bit, but it still bothers me. Any suggestions?
  12. Hi Just bought a 2nd hand Tone Port KB37. It connects to the PC fine through USB. I've updated it though Monkey. When i connect it to Gearbox it opens up fine and Gearbox recognises it. The unit powers up The meters light up however the needle go straight to MAX The clip lights come on very briefly but go straight out My PC is authorised, when I go to authorise the KB37 in licence manage 1.07 I get an error saying "Error attempting to authorize your device (code 80000002) Invalid Parameter" Any ideas? I know it may well be a hardware issue and I can quite easily send it off to Line 6 UK for it to be looked at, however if it is a softeare or licencing issue then I'd like to try and give it a go! Many Thanks Gene
  13. Hey guys, So i've had problems with my kb37 ever since I got it. First random shut downs then drop out of sounds with the guitar etc. To no avail i fixed them and so forth. This one i just cannot seem to make go away. Any time im playing recording or jamming or What ever! My Kb37 Kind of "Crashes" The sound of my guitar etc does not crash i can still hear my guitar if i play but it kind of freezes my computer and puts it in a state to where if i even try to play a video it will not play back the video or sound. I can open up Itunes and it will freeze my Itunes. I will thus try to shut down and will get Waiting for Windows to shut down Waiting for Log off sound to be played Making me have to hold down my power button to cut my pc off.
  14. I have an extremely weird problem thats been going on for a while but is getting worse. I practice by connecting my M-audio keyboard to garageband. Garageband then outputs the sound to my UX2 which then connects to a PA system. The problem is that sometimes (or very often recently) a large pop goes of and once the pop goes of the keyboard still has its blue lights on to show its connected, but playing it doesn't do anything. Here's the weirdest part; if I turn the keyboard on and off it starts to work but the sustain pedal starts working in reverse! No matter how many times I turn it on and off, whether the pedal is depressed when I do this or not, the problem remains. The only way to solve it is to wait maybe 20 minutes or unplug and plug back in the UX2! Its strangest problem and I don't know what is causing it. The keyboard requires no drivers and all mu UX2 ones are up to date. Please could someone make some suggestions as to what the problem might be?
  15. I had a IMac, digidesign protools mbox, and KB37 with toneport gearbox for several years now. My IMac crashed, lost all my songs, and info is un-retrievable. So.. I bought a Presonus audio box with studio one and a new PC with windows7 32 bit I want to continue using my KB37 but it's several years old, it has the old version of gearbox before pod farm came out. Is there anyway to get this thing compatible with windows 7 and upgrade to podfarm? I loved the sound I got with the toneport and how easy it was to get a nice sound. I'm pretty tec dumb so any help would be greatly appreciated. So in short, I have an old KB37 circa 2008 or 2009, I would love to update to work with studio one on windows 7. Or am I out of luck? Thank you for any responses
  16. I feel compelled to post my experience regarding this issue in the hopes that it may help out those of you who are struggling with this problem. It appears that in many cases it might be believed that the device is defective. The is the second time that I have experienced a disappearing, failed detection, "no authorized device" problem on a PC (Windows 7 64bit). This is the first time, after countless hours over a period of months, that I have been able to restore functionality. Though I have over 25 years of experience in IT and I would have liked to pinpoint the very specific cause of this problem, I was unable to do so. I was able to get it working again which is enough for me. I'd like to post my scenario here and urge you to try what I tried and post the results. It's possible that someone else might understand exactly what component corrupts and where it is located and how to deal with it. Line 6 developers are in the best position to analyze this and provide us with the appropriate fix or information, but so far I don't see any such information or a fix forthcoming. Most likely this problem may be the result of a few issues, one possibly being a defective device. In other cases the problem might be remedied by all the other suggestions found throughout the forum. What Line 6 support was able to provide via the forums as well as other helpful forum members did not help me. I am pretty confident that it is more of a OS and software/driver issue than a hardware issue as both the machines feature entirely different chipsets/platforms. The first incident happened about 2 years ago, the most recent occurred a few months ago. I've spent countless hours on numerous occasions reading every forum post that might address such an issue. None of the proposed solutions restored functionality to my device. The first time this happened, I literally had to re-install Windows to get it work again. Luckily on that machine I didn't have much installed at the time. In both cases, the device and software had been installed and functioning well at one point in time. At some point, however, there must have been some sort of driver or software corruption that persists despite all efforts to uninstall, reinstall, and try different USB ports and cables. The idea of a corruption that persists despite complete uninstall and reinstall attempts has been mentioned elsewhere. I have been using these Toneport/POD Farm devices for at least the past 5 years. I have grown accustomed to some of the models and really wanted to get them working again on my main rig. I have been, however, dismayed at the handful of issues that appear to crop up in the forums and elsewhere that seem never to be solved. That, however, did not deter me. In my case the POD Farm device would be detected by Windows as a USB device and seemingly function as an audio interface. However, Line 6 Monkey, the License Manager, and POD Farm Standalone would not be able to detect it as an authorized device. Because of this, not only could I not use these each of these pieces of software, but the POD Farm plug-in would fail to authorize the appropriate models, leaving me in the "trial" mode. I have used my POD Farm device on 5 different systems. These systems run Windows XP 32 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, and OS X (Lion and Mavericks). This problem I experienced on a Windows 7 64bit AMD system (HP Desktop) and an old Windows 7 64bit Intel system (ASUS P5W DH motherboard). During this recent incident, the POD Farm device and software would work on the XP machine, the other Windows 7 machine, and the two OS X machines. But it would not work on my main Windows 7 machine anymore. So I knew that this unit was functioning. Had I only one system, someone might have convinced me that I had a malfunctioning unit. As before, I tried all the commonly suggested remedies. I tried all the USB 2.0 onboard, "non-hub" ports, I tried a plethora of different cables, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software in so many different ways and with reboots in between. I installed and uninstalled previous versions of drivers, including the Gearbox and POD Farm 1 installation packs. I tried manually identifying and deleting all the files that seemed to be associated with the each install... and then more reboots in between. On more than one occasion I spent quite a bit of time manually hunting down and deleting as many registry keys as I could find. After the second attempt at this, I gave up even trying to keep track of the keys I deleted as nothing would help. I even tried many of these things in safe mode. Finally after all that I began to even try simple uninstaller utilities. Two of the most popular utilities I have used in the past failed to make a difference. This time around I had just uninstalled POD Farm 2 and installed the original Gearbox. This, needless to say, did not work again... I then began to see if there was a utility that could attempt to analyze what an installer was installing and modifying. I found a free utility called Advanced Uninstaller Pro which seemed to have the ability to monitor an installation. The idea was to use it to create a profile of the Line 6 POD Farm installation as it installed, and then use that profile to uninstall everything that the Line 6 installer added or modified. I installed the utility and the first thing I did was use it to simply uninstall the Gearbox installation (without working with the monitoring function). After it uninstalled Gearbox it asked me if I wanted it to scan the system to identify any bits left behind, which I consented to. After that was done, I then closed all miscellaneous running programs as it suggested and then had it monitor and launch the Line 6 POD Farm installer. After some time it created a profile... which then I was going to use with the software to uninstall POD Farm cleanly and completely. Before doing so, I decided to fire up Monkey and License Manager. Lo and behold it detected my device! No need to even uninstall the monitored installation! Apparently this utility was able to remove whatever corruption or invalid information that the Line 6 Uninstaller or my own manual efforts could not. It seems like a simple solution. If all this were to happen again, I have no guarantee this would work again. I'm just happy I have everything finally working on my main system. My hope is that anyone with these detection issues gives this a go and posts back with the results. Again more might be involved here but I tried everything. I have no vested interest Advanced Uninstaller Pro other than the mere fact that it was able to solve this long standing problem. Nor can I vouch for any of it's other capabilities. I had noticed that the Line 6 uninstaller left quite a bit behind after uninstalling the software. It is unfortunate that it was unable to remove whatever it installed or modified that leaves the persistent corruption in place despite numerous installs and uninstalls. If you made it through this book and have this problem, please post back to see if this indeed worked for you. Regards, K.G.
  17. Hello there, I bought a POD studio UX1 a few years ago and as far as i can remember it used to work fine. I decided to start using it again yesterday but found that i cant because; The LED doesnt light up at all when it is plugged in the UX1 is not recognised and is listed as an 'unknown' device I feel i have tried everything, i have; uninstalled and re-downloaded/installed all relevant software multiple times, I have gone and bought a new USB cable which does exactly the same thing I have checked all USB ports in my laptop and they work perfectly with all other devices I have done the obvious such as restarting the laptop and waiting for a while.. The only other coclusion i can think of is that the UX1 is faulty, but i cant see why as its been looked after and barely ever used. I would also like to mension that when i plug the USB cable in, it does make a sound, not the 'da ding', a USB device should make, it makes a 'dung dung' sound, not the 'di dong' one when you unplug a device. thats the only way i can describe it, and that also means the cable should be working. I am also running on Windows 7. Somebody please have a solution to this because i was really looking forward to actually using my UX1 Thanks
  18. Hello, I own an old Toneport GX (with the red color) and POD Farm 2. I haven't tried yet as I did not solder the right cable but, will I have proper input levels when connecting a dynamic mic? There's no gain button on the GX and no visible input gain button in POD Farm :( .
  19. Hi Guys I have a Toneport UX2 but am desperately short on desk space and am sick of the thing moving around the desk when anything is plugged into it. I'm looking for a way of rackmounting it or suspending it from the underside of my desk using some kind of bracket. Any ideas for anything that may work? My woodworking skills are awful or I would have made something out of timber.
  20. Hi I have a PC/Mac hybrid with Line6 Toneport UX2 soundcard a PS3 (with optical output). I use the toneport for all my guitar/bass amplification needs at home and also record with it via Logic Pro. I have a decent pair of PC speakers (Hercules 2.1) but cant hook the PS3 up to them. I'm thinking about getting something like this Denon Mini Hifi which will easily accommodate the Toneport UX2. It's small which is important as it'll be going in my very small home office. My main worry here is that it wont sound great; but surely it'll be far better than my PC speakers??? I'm especially worried about how the speakers might handle angry guitar tones etc. I know for a home studio setup the ideal is to use studio monitors but I don't have so much flexibility with inputs with those and I guess they are only good for work via Logic really. Anyway guys, your experiences/thoughts/recommendations would be appreciated on this. Jim
  21. Hi, I am new to this forum, although not to Line 6, my pod beats my mesa dual rec for good tone at reasonable volumes... Anyhow, I'm after a KB37 now, I feel it would be the answer to a good portable computer recording setup,and have a couple of fundamental questions, as it will replace my pod 2.0 if I buy it. 1 - The Latency Killing Tonedirect Monitoring... is the tone hardware based i.e. is it generated/contained in the KB37,as it is in my Pod, and merely controlled from the computer, or is it contained in the software,like pod farm(i'm aware pod farm is shipped with it, too), and output from the computer to the KB37? In short, is there a pod inside the KB37? 2- Are there any keyboard,synth or drum sounds contained inside the KB37(is it also a sound module)? I have seen it described as a midi keyboard, and also a midi controller, google hasn't helped me with these questions, so I'm turning to anybody here for help,and thanks in advance, Tom. P.S. I have seen a KB37 for sale with no discs, and the advertiser reckons I could simply download everything from line6.com,no Problem.. Is he full of it, and doing this would be more hell than its worth, or could I really renew all the software here without any problems or extra cost? I would like my KB37 to be completely legitimate when I am done.
  22. Lo que pasa es que cuando estoy grabando (ocupo el toneport ux1) y selecciono el preset en el fearbox, en las grabaciones se escuchan golpes de estática o cortos de estática, como quieran llamarles... es molesto ya que no puedo grabar tranquilamente con esto porque bueno, comprenderán, estoy de lo mejor y de repente PACH! golpe de estática... si no entienden mi problema les dejo una muestra de sonido que grabé para que se den cuenta... Necesito ayuda sobre esto, un amigo me dijo que si tenía los driver Asio y si los tengo y tengo todo bien e inclusive en el GearBox me marca que no carga nada la ram del pc (osea que no le da mucho peso, no la fuerza mucho) Espero me ayuden, saludos!. https://soundcloud.com/angelxcarvajal/audio-recording-on-wednesday En la primera parte se nota mucho esos golpes de estática de los que les hablo
  23. GearBox 3.72 is the most current version of our amp/effects modelling software editor for compatible USB hardware devices. Download the bundled installation file from our Downloads page at: http://line6.com/software/ From the "Software" drop-down list, select GearBox. Click on the red "GO" button to the right. On the following page, the most current version of our bundled installer should be at the top of the list. Version 3.72 is the most current as of this document. Click "Get Download", then accept the licensing agreement. Choose: "Save" to begin transferring the bundled installation file to your local hard drive. Once this file has been completely saved, find it on your hard drive. Make sure your USB hardware device is NOT connected yet. Double click the GearBox installer file to begin installation of bundled components (USB Device Drivers, Line 6 Monkey*, GearBox Editor and optional Plug-In files). Please read through the manual by selecting the "F1" key when gearbox is open. You can also save the PDF file on your computer for later viewing ot dowmload it at the following link: Gearbox 3.72 manual Line 6 Monkey is a USB device firmware/flash memory utility application only. It will enable you to update the firmware and flash memory (if available on your device). For certain devices (PODxt/X3), it can also archive patch bundles and restore saved patch bundles. GearBox is the current Amp/Effect modelling software editor application for the following USB Audio Interface devices: GuitarPort, TonePort, POD Studio, PODxt and POD X3 series devices. With it, you can do the following two primary functions: Open up saved (and downloaded) .l6t patches from your hard drive for editing. Afterwards, you can re-save the modified patch file back to your hard drive or sync/transfer the patch to your USB hardware device connected. ***NOTE: POD Farm 2 tone files will NOT load into the Gearbox software. The top-half of GearBox is where you can select Stomp, Amp Model, EQ, Modulation, Delay, Reverb parameters and adjust them via mouse-click/drags to affect the input signal on your connected USB hardware device in real-time.
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