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  1. I was wondering if I can play along with a streamed song on my Amplifi tt, without it automatically selecting a tone for the song I select. For instance... Today I was wanting to play along to Slayers mandatory suicide, with my own tone, but when the remote brings the selection of tones right after the song starts, it goes from my tone to a different tone.
  2. How do you share your tones on Facebook like they do on Twitter? Thnaks
  3. Very happy and impressed so far with the Amplifi 75; will get a separate TT for recording pretty soon. As of now, I am really only missing two things: are you planning to release a desktop version of the app? When I want to use a TT to record, it feels clunky having to go via iPhone/iPad to change tones Maybe I am blind, but is there any way to just browse the tones (as opposed to search or "matching" via songs)? Thanks!
  4. i am unable to turn on and off delays mods etc using the same tone on my floorboard is there a way i can edit the tone on my pod hd pro to do this?
  5. I'm having a few issues. First as the title of the thread states When I'm in the Amplifi app the Tuner option is greyed out and unavailable. Second, When I load and play a song the tones for the song load but it doesnt seem to change the sound of the guitar. I can cycle through the 4 presets on the actual amp with the tone button but there doesn't seem to be any way for me to get a tone to change using the app. Having Castles made of Sand by Hendrix and Am I Evil by Metallica sound the same seems to defeat the purpose of the whole thing. It seems like the app isn't controlling the amp at all I have an Amplifi150 paired to my ipad and I can hear the songs and play guitar directly from the Amp, the tones just don't change. Third, I also have the Line 6 Mobile Keys 49 but I can't get that sound to go out through the bluetooth to the amplifi amp. Is there any way to do that instead of using headphones or the ipad speakers because it isn't nearly loud enough even at max volume. Thanks.
  6. Okay this is a long story, i am a guitarist, but i am needed to play bass in a band also i was wondering if with the hd pro x i could get some nice crunchy bass tones? I do not own this product yet but i intend on buying it. I am not even sure if the bass will work on the hd pro x Please help..
  7. Is there a list somewhere of all the tones so far created? That would be really useful. Graham
  8. I installed my UX2 on my new pc and downloaded latest version of PODFarm (2.57) from line6 site. As it was first installed on my old pc, I ran the licenser and authorized both pc and the device. Problem : I have NO preset tones in it! I remember when I installed it on my old pc I found A LOT of great and useful tone, all already present in it, but now the library is empty! I found some presets clicking on 'open' tones in the 'gear box'->'tones' folder, but they are less and different from those I had (Some I remember were 'Glass', 'Acoustic', Get the funk out', 'Outer Space' etc.) , but I have to open these new ones one by one, and save them one by one to have them in the library...... How / where can I find all the old ones and import them back in the library? I really need to find those tones, can anyone help me? Thank you very much!!
  9. Hi, I download the appropriate tones for my x3 from line 6, but always get an error message that the tones are incompatible with X3. I always make sure it is for the right device but gearbox always says its incompatible?? Please help.
  10. For some reason the amplifi app won't let me save to the amplifi. When in first had the amplifi it worked great, however, I haven't been able to 'save to hardware' for the past few weeks. Anybody else having this issue?
  11. I came across GP mag's review of the Amplifi (April issue) and saw their photo of the app's UI. Hopefully you can see it; glossy pages don't photograph well! What I noticed was that it shows eq and compression at the end of the chain. That's funny because on mine I can't move those two from where they are. I just thought that's the way it is. Is it just me? Can anyone else move these? I'd love to eq and compress at the end!
  12. My bass player uses a Bass POD XT Pro in a rack and has to drag it to mine (a journey of a couple of hours) for writing and demoing. I have a POD XT Live (NOT the bass version) with the FX and Bass add on packs installed. What we want to be able to do is just dump the Bass POD XT Pro tones to a file and load it into the XT Live, but it doesn't work, Line 6 Edit gives a warning that the tones need to be translated and the resulting tones are nothing like the originals. Is there a way to do this without having to recreate the tones on the POD XT Live from scratch? If we get a Bass POD XT Live will that seamlessly exchange patches with the Bass POD XT Pro? Thanks Tim.
  13. Links to Line 6 Product Specialist Joe Butterfield's videos of: Joe's tones are available here: Links to Line 6 Product Specialist Nick Bell's versions of: Nick's tones are available here: Nick Bell Line 6 Product Specialist Joe Cozzi's Spanish-language videos: (Spanish) Creating tones on the Line 6 POD HD500X Every Breath You Take
  14. I have a mesa boogie stereo amp setup and i love the sound of it and dont want to color the sound using my hd400 which i also love but how can i make a preset that does not effect my normal amp tones no change at all to my amp tone i want to be able to create patches that start with my clean tone (boogie) be able to use a patch (hd400) then go back to the clean boogie n use my seperate boogie footswitch for overdrive using the amp only as well as be able to switch back and forth between hd400 patches at will. When i use the fx mode (hd400) and i bank up or down it doesnt go back to fx only it stays in bank up or down mode only any help would be greatly apprecc thanks this has really limited my use of the hd 400 ron garf
  15. I can hardly find any presets for the Spider IV 150 in the CustomTone page. Almost every time I try to load a tone in Spider Edit, I get the message "This Setting Contains Models Not Available in your Device" My 150 is updated, I assumed it would work with anything the 75w and up versions had...?
  16. Ok so a lot of people may be going "derp what an idiot" but i am really clueless with this right now! (bare in mind i use the POD HD PRO rack unit and don't have a pedal board/controller) Does anybody here know how to get cubase 5 to midi control the POD HD PRO tone channels so when I hit play on Cubase it automates the guitar tones to change on the POD HD PRO unit e.g....(Bar 1 - 17 clean tone) then when it hits bar 17 the tone changes to "overdrive" for example. I assume that it's done using a midi channel on cubase and using the key editor to punch it in but i'm pretty lost with it, so any information would be great! (step by step process and equipment needed would be ideal) CHEEERS!
  17. This is 4-part video tutorial for Spider Valve MKII users on dialing in tones created by Line 6 Expert, Rowbi. Dialing In Spider Valve MKII Tones (Parts 1-4)
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