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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, I have the following gear at my disposal : Laney IRT Studio Tube amp with matching cab, 2 Adam studio monitors and the Helix lt. I only play at home, no gigs... just for fun. What I would like to achieve.... Using my Irt Studio in a 4 cm - using the Irt preamp and I would like to switch from time to time to the Helix preamps or amps (without cabs, as mine is pretty ok). I managed to do this by watching the vids from Richie Castellano and J Sadites - each of them with there own interpretation of the 4 cm. Very interesting vids by the way. So far so good.... I also have 2 Adam studio monitors with XLR. There are also a lot of vids on YT how to set up a routing for wet dry wet... but most of them with 3 FRFR speakers. I am looking for a solution: Laney IRT for the dry signal and the Adam monitors for the wet stereo signal. What is the best way to set this up. I don't go FOH... just the mentionned gear. All info is welcome!!! Gr from Belgium... Peter
  2. Ok so Im trying to use my hx stomp as my cab/IR loader and effects with my tube amp+loadbox. So I watched a video today that made it seem easy. Basically create a send/return block and IR have the input of the guitar going into the mono input then the send going to the input of the amp then return from the loadbox(fryette ps 2) line out to the L return. When I do this I get my amp coming through but tons of feedback. So I feel like I either am doing something wrong or have a ground loop. Any suggestions? basically I would like my signal chain to at the very minimum to be guitar-tube amp-HX stomp cab or IR --> daw. Eventually I would like to have some effects out front and some after the tube amp. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  3. Hey all. This is going to sound dumb but I would love to get some (constructive) thoughts on this... I use my POD HD500X as a pedalboard for its great reverbs, delays, overdrive, modulation, etc. through my VHT Special 6 Ultra combo for guitar and pedal steel guitar. My pedal steel does not have an onboard tone or volume control, which is pretty common for those. Many players use a compact preamp mounted to their steel guitar so they can make tweaks to volume and tone on the fly. I don't intend to use amp emulation most of the time but I may do it on occasion to go direct to the board at church or a gig. Question: what is your best method to use the HD500X as a pre-amp? Subquestion: can I use the hardware knobs to modify treble/mid/bass/presence/volume (sound) without emulating an amp or cabinet? Subqueston: can this be done without using a pedal chain slot? Currently I am using the HD500X with Studio/Direct output mode and input Z set to 3.5m or 1m to neutralize any color to the signal (many, many thanks to @hurghanico for their invaluable advice!) . But I'd like to be able to shape the tone and maybe add a little boost, ideally without using one of the available blocks in the pedal chain. May you have a very Merry Christmas, strong health and the unmistakeable peace of the presence of the Lord this season!
  4. Hi All, I recently purchased a PRS MT-15 to go with my Helix and I'm really dig the set up using the 4 CM method. It works really well when using just the MT-15 with the cabs. However, I'm having some trouble when trying to go stereo with this. To be specific my basic set up is as follows Guitar --> Helix Guitar in Helix FX loop Send --> MT - 15 Amp Input MT 15-FX Loop Send --> Helix FX loop Return Helix 1/4" Left Mono Out --> MT -15 FX Loop Return In path 1 on my helix I have some pre loop effects followed by the FX loop 1 block and post loop effects with the output channeled to 1/4 inch panned hard left. Next, I'm using a load box to try and create a stereo set up. Additional cabling is as follows: MT15 Speaker out --> Two Notes Captor Amp in Two notes Captor Speaker out --> Guitar Cabinet Two Notes Captor Line out (Dry) --> Helix Aux Input [This serves as the input to Helix Path 2] In path 2 on my helix I'm running a simple delay set to 20ms with feedback to 0 and mix 100% followed by an IR and output to 1/4" panned hard right. Finally, to complete the set up: Helix 1/4" Right Out --> Headrush FRFR112 input Problem: The sound through the Headrush is a fizzy mess. I wonder if what is missing is the power amp emulation? Would I need to route my Captor line out into a power amp before feeding it back into the Helix? Or am I doing something wrong with the cabling? Thanks in advance for your help!!!
  5. Hey Everyone, First off I am new to these forums so I am sorry if this question has already been answered. I had a hard time finding an answer for it so I figured I would ask. I just recently bought a Line 6 Helix LT and it is on its way to me. I know you can use Helix as just a pedal board with effects through a tube amp via the "4CM" (Four Cable Method), and that would work for me when I jam with buddy's. But with my Fender Hot Rod Deville it is hard to play that in my bedroom and sound good. SO, finally to the question. I was just wondering if this is even possible I don't know? Can I take my Fender amp "head" and unplug it from the 4-10 speakers and use the amp "head" as an amp in Helix and combine that with a 4x10 cab model? then I could just output that through a nice pair of headphones and I could play my nice tube amp in the middle of the night and not bother anyone? It almost sounds too good to be true. But in my head I think it could work! Let me know what you think!
  6. Hey guys, I'm a huge fan of that good and warm tube amp sounding. I'm a using a Mesa Boogie Triaxis over the past 5 years always with multi FX rack units (PCM 80, Eclipse, G-Major, G-Force, etc.). I have been using the Axe Fx Ultra over the last two months and I decided to give Helix a go. I know it's a amp modeler and its made so we don't have to use anything else... BUT, I'd appreciate if a current owner could share an opinion on how can I wire these two units together. Many thanks!
  7. Hi all Cool the PowerCabs 112 & 112 plus!! Would it be nice if the Cabs had the option to disable the Power amp and use the cab with IR's or speaker simulation in combination with a Tube Amp ? More or less the principal of a universal audio OX with speaker! It is Just an idea and so far I haven't seen this type of cab on the market, it gives the ability to use your cab/ speaker in every kind of situation. Let me know what you think about the idea!?
  8. Anyone have any slick tricks for doing a boosted lead channel, when using a hi gain tube amp with lots of gain on the rhythm patch? Basically looking for the best way to keep the same basic sound as my rhythm, but boost the crap out of the volume for solos... E
  9. Hi there, first of all, happy new year to everyone. I'm having big issues with my Helix using it together with my tube amps. I got my Helix a few weeks ago, the plan was for it to replace my big a** FX rack. I wanted to use the Helix for FX only (in four cable method) while getting my base tone from my 3-Channel Tube Amp(s). That plan failed for now, because in the current state it's unusable. When connecting the Helix to my Amps, a giant noise floor gets added. It can be barely heard using the first (clean) channel of my amps, but when using the 3rd (high gain) channel of the amps, the noise is so loud it makes the setup almost unplayable. I have made a few tests in my home just now, with the following basic setup: A fresh, empty preset in Helix, all outputs set to instrument level, and a volume pedal block added before the output of path 1A. No volume control in the Helix, be it in the input of the path, volume pedal block, the output of the path, or the big knob has any influence of the level of the noise. Both stage amps I own show the same behaviour, so it is very unlikely to be a fault in one of the amps. Both amps are custom hand wired amps that I designed and built myself (before you ask, yes, I am qualified for that, and the amps are built to a very high standard, not some kind of botch jobs :) ), so no use asking for the amps' brand. Both amps have been on the road with me, playing reliably for the past years and working flawlessly with my, in terms of noise grounding etc. far more complex, rack system. Or so I thought... Anyway. I am beginning to suspect that my Helix unit is faulty. Before I go through the hassle of returning the unit I wanted to ask if anyone here maybe has had similar experiences running the Helix together with a high gain tube (pre-)amp. I have attached a sample of the noise. I quickly recorded it with my mobile, as I don't have a recording setup at home. In the sample you can hear the change in noise level when I plug the Helix into the amp's input jack. I held the mobile right in front of the speaker cabinet. First you hear some buzzing from the amp with nothing connected, then the click when I plug the guitar cable into the helix, and then I plug the other end of the cable into the amp's frontend. The amp was switched to its high gain channel, master volume set a little lower than stage volume. No guitar was connected to the input of Helix. As you can hear, the increase in noise is really huge. Any help or suggestions are highly appreciated, I'm really frustrated. Thanks, Nils Edit: deleted sound sample to avoid further confusion.
  10. Hey everyone, I just wanted to take a minute and share some fun I had with the Helix last week. I work at a church and typically use Helix as my all in one electric guitar rig. Recently, however, I've been using Helix as an effect board running into an amp. Last week I also needed an acoustic guitar for one of the songs so I set that up through Helix as well. Electric guitar through the guitar input, using the 1/4in out and the Acoustic through the Aux input and XLR Out. Worked great! It was great having access to all of the reverbs and delays with the acoustic guitar and it all worked seamlessly together. For many of you, this might not be much of a revelation but I had a lot of fun working it out and using it!
  11. I know there are lots of threads about using the 4CM with tube amps but I couldn't really find what I was looking for, so, here goes another one. The idea is this, I have a marshall JCM 2000 DSL100, I want to use my marshall's preamp for distortion and the pod hd500x's preamp for my clean sounds. I'm connecting my guitar to the pod's guitar input, the pod's main output to my amp's fx retunr, my amp's fx send to the pod's fx return, and the pod's fx send to my amp's input. For my dirty tone I basically created a pach with basically a noise gate, a wah, and a tube screamer, I leave the amp block empty and after the mixer I put the "FX loop" block and after that a delay and a reverb. For my clean channel, I put the Fx block at the very start of the signal chain, after that, a chorus, phaser, a fender amp (without the cab sim) and after the mixer, delays, reverb, etc. So, my first problem is that while I was testing this configuration today, I realized that the "clean" tone sounded a lot louder than the dirty channel, my amp's preamp (btw, I also noticed that after putting the pod in the signal chain there's a general volume drop in the amp, but I don't mind as long as it sounds right) so, the things is, I can lower the clean amp (pod's amp simulation) but when I do, it affects the amp's simulation tone, If I lower the master volume, my dirty channel loses input so it lowers the distortion, so: 1 - What would be the best way to approach this problem and get balanced levels without affecting the tone too much? 2 - Is the order I place the effects (for both the dirty and the clean patches)correct or is there a more recommendable way to do it? 3 - Also, in the back of my amp, there's a loop level switch (-10/+4 effects) where should I leave it? 4 - If I'm not using any external effects, should I set my pod's out to stomp or line level? because for me it makes sense to leave it at "line" but I've read a few topics where people recommended to leave it at stomp with amps and stuff like that anyway. Thanks! :)
  12. I'm very sure this topic has been discussed ad nauseam, but I'm struggling a bit with it. I have a Peavey Delta Blues 15 guitar amp that I like very much. I don't care one bit about the preamp characteristics, but the amp itself is just peachy and I actually own it! I previously had a POD500HD hooked up to it and I was dissatisfied with the tones I was getting. A lot of inconsistency of tone, especially on the higher strings at the 10th fret or above. I've found this on my Fender Strat (active pickups) and my Epi Les Paul with Gibson pickups. I've been watching the Helix since the Line 6 tease emails and recently spent about an hour playing on one that a friend (former Kemper fan) bought. He's playing through an FRFR setup, but I reasoned that if I neutralized my tone on the Peavey I could live with the tone coloring the Peavey would inject. I chose not to go with the 4CM because, as I said, I don't care for the Peavey preamp -- it's just another preamp and not a distinctive tone like a Bassman, Plexi, or Dual Rectifier. There is a question lurking in here -- please be patient. I tried hooking the Helix up to the power amp using FX Send and there just wasn't enough volume from it. I actually like loud. So I went with Left/Mono (Helix) -> Guitar In (Peavey). The demo tones are far and away better than those on the POD HD, but nothing I would ever use even for goofing around at home. So I created some straight-line serial tones using models for guitar rigs I knew. For example, Eric Clapton favored the Tweed and not a heck of a lot else. I threw in a compressor and Fassel Wah on the front end and '63 reverb after the AMP+CAB block in case I wanted it. The results were good, and I could see that the Helix was superior in almost every way to the POD HD500. But still I was left with the stupid "but there must be more I'm not getting." feeling. Then I tried a Fender clean with the Deluxe model. I tried with the Preamp model and let the Peavey handle the CAB. Not too spectacular -- I expected lots of brights with the Strat, but found it a touch dull and found the headroom not what I expected. It broke up pretty easily and I'm at a loss to figure out why. Ok, last bit of describing my adventure: I followed this tutorial and created a relatively complex tone exactly as described. I understand that using an amp and IR in front of a real guitar amp has pitfalls, but what's a guy to do? Anyhow, this is a great patch once you get it right. It's downright playable! Now, I know a number of you get into the weeds (and that's a good thing) about how to craft a tone. Even after playing as long as I have, I'm still more a plug and go guy but I now want to understand how to make "that tone." I'm not just stupid happy with grabbing a great guitar and plugging it into an ok amp and wailing away. So here's the question: Am I always going to feel handicapped by not going the whole way with an FRFR setup? My reading suggests that a lot of people have sold off some pretty trick amps and purchased FRFRs and are living happily ever after. Obviously, there is no single right answer to this, but my goals are 1) Not necessarily to sound like a particular guitar player to make my cover band sound authentic; pleasing to me is more important. 2) To use the Helix to potential and not limit it artificially by some self-imposed constraint. Money is an object, but if I'm way off track, that's something I need to know. 3) Any comments regarding whether is started in the wrong direction and should rethink what I've done. Note: I do have a pair of reference headphones, but I just can't spend my life with them strapped on. Things do sound different through them, but I can't exactly isolate how/where they sound different. Thanks for reading and looking forward to your comments.
  13. Hi Guys, I know there is probably a lot of different posts on this topic already but I'm finding different answers everywhere I look. So this is my very first tube amp and I've have had it for around 5 years or so and never needed to replace the tubes in it until now. About a month or so ago, the amp started to randomly crackle while I was playing and and I noticed that when it did crackle, the one power tube would flicker. Now if I try to use that tube at all, it red plates after the amp is on for a few minutes and if I switch tubes, the same tube red plates so I know it has to be the tube that is bad. I also took my pre-amp tubes into my local music store and was able to get them tested and my one pre-amp tube has a bad plate in it. So in the end, I'm thinking of just replacing both pre-amp tubes and both power tubes. Now from what I've read so far, the power tubes need to replaced together as a matched set and need to 6L6s while the Pre-Amp tubes can be replaced individually just as long as the are the 12AX7s. Now here is where my questions come in at, do the power tubes have to be replaced with the Sovtek 5881/6L6WGC tubes or will any 6L6 tube work and does it have to be the 5881 version? And also do the pre-amp tubes have to be replaced with the Chinese 12AX7-B or will any 12AX7 work? I was told by a good friend of mine that Mesa Boogie Tubes are pretty well built and have a solid tone to them so I was thinking about just getting the their 6L6 STR-440s and either 12AX7s or the SPAX7-A for the pre-amps. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated. As I mentioned before, this is my first tube amp I've ever bought so I'm learning all of this new information for the first time. Now I do know that once I get the power tubes, I need to re-bias them which I've already learned how to do thanks to the wealth of information on the internet. I'm also kinda curious as to why my one current tube would be red plating regards if I put in the V3 or V4 sockets? I know very little about tubes so I don't know if its the cathode resistor or grid resistor (if either of those two things exist in a tube) that crapped out or if it might be something else in the tube. I know this isn't really important to know but I've just one of those people that likes to obtain as much information and like to learn how things work and operate.
  14. Good day all, I am new to POD, and as a fan of Lincoln Brewster, saw he was using a POD X3 Live, which blew my mind! I have periodically reached out to solid state or modeling amps only to be disappointed and go back to tube. I thought a hands on test of the HD500X would convince me, but my visit to Guitar Center was disappointing as out of the box, the effects are very limited and seem to be geared to more '80's style synth. I now realize that it needs to be configured to your preferred patch sequence and per paired speakers/pa, but it would have been nice to have some floor model demo patches. For those of you with experience, what is your honest insight as to how this will replace a 50+ watt 6L6 tube head? Is it only going to shine in a full PA blasting over the seats, taking into account room acoustics, or can you get some decent sounds anywhere (from bedroom to venue)? Lastly, is the L2T and L2M the preferred pairing with this pedal? I see some combos sold as FRFR, but want to make sure that if I invest it is the right path for the most flexibility and true reproduction of sound. Thanks.
  15. So I purchased a Line6-DT50112 and POD HD500 combo back in January. When used together i got great live sound. Lately however, my Dt50 sound like utter garbage Im getting an excessive echo/reverb that makes all my patches sound terribly wet on stage. Ive checked my output/input settings on the Pod, currently setting Outputs to Combo Power Amp (also tried combo amp front) and Inputs to input 1-Guitar, Input 1-Variax (Also tried Input 1-same). Long story short, Ive read all the manuals and I know how to make the proper connections. I also tried the obvious, making sure all my patche's individual reverb/digital delay settings were in check and making sure the reverb knob on the DT50 was turned all the way down. Even when i completely shut off all reverb and delay in the FX chain, the echo is still there. My tubes are not very old, and they have given me no sign of damage up until this. Im usually VERY Careful with my amp. (its never been thrown around or banged up, and im always letting them heat up/cool down properly) Has anyone experienced the same problem? Please give me any suggestions you can. This is very stressful as this started happening last night at a gig.
  16. Hi, i want to be able to use my POD just for effects and use the sound of my tube amp. So, i make a patch with amp and cab disabled, Where abouts do i insert the FX loop block, if i want a compressor, tube screamer and noise gate for example before my tube amp, and reverb, delay etc.. after my amp? What setting would these be? Studio/Direct, Combo Pwr Amp etc...? Will i need to adjust the mixer levels? Is there anything else i should know? Any problems i might come across or any tips that could help me? Thanks
  17. Hello, brothers (and sisters) in Variax! :) I am not sure if this is the right forum branch to ask about it, but since I am the JTV user and the question is related, I'll give it a try! The question is: what would be a good tube amp to use with the JTV guitar mostly for the bedroom playing? Currently I have Roland Cube 40XL amp which suits me fine, but I always wanted to move on to the tube sound. I do not know if the difference is really significant or it is mostly the legend from the old times, but even Youtube videos show how different, vivid and rich the tube amps sound when played in "guitar straight to amp" chain. I went through the search engines to look for information and opinions differ from person to person which makes it pretty hard to understand for a person like me who has never played a tube amp before. From what I have understood, for a bedroom playing and recording straight into audio interface, even 5-10W should be more than enough. There are different brands, different tubes and so on, but what would be a good option to come along with the JTV guitar to showcase all of it's capabilities and beauty? If I could, I would get Line 6 amp, the part of the Dream Rig, but for the moment it is too expensive, so I have to look for something cheaper. In terms of sound, I would be happy to get something that could give me the VOX AC30 sound and some tones from the alternative rock of early and middle 90's, maybe even a bit grunge sound here and there. And would tube amps like Fender Greta or Crate V58 would be any good to get to know what a tube sound is? :D ;) Any advices, opinions and thoughts are welcome! -- Denis
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