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  1. I asked about this in a more multiple choice question earlier, and got a "what are *you* doing" type response... After using onstage the past couple weeks, and trying to isolate what could be the cause, it's a bigger issue that I'm nowhere closer to solving on my own. I've been noticing random snaps, cracks, and pops when switching off the tuner on HX Effects. This is barely noticeable at bedroom levels, but when I play out at a moderate club level (not quite "loud") sometimes those random pops are... everyone in the joint is turning and looking where the huge bang came from. And if it's a patch with a delay or big reverb; it's just that much bigger a noise. One thing I've noticed mucking about with it at home: If I play a note and hold the Tap Tempo button to engage the tuner, when I turn it off, no matter how long it was since I played that note, it will ring for a second when turning the tuner back off. This occurs with delays and reverbs set for Trails on or off, or with reverb or delay off. Most of my working presets are 4 cable method - Distortion -> Wah -> Preamp loop -> Modulation -> Delay -> Reverb -> solo boost switch Gain. Some of them I try A - B paths for reverb and delay. I have one other where I have an EHX C9 Organ box in loop 2 where I put Guitar on a path all left and the "Organ" all right. I think the HX has a much better tuner than the one on my G70 wireless, and I prefer using my pedalboard than clamping something silly looking on my headstock, but I currently can't trust my HX Effects tuner or use it as a convenient set-break mute, because I don't know what will come out of my speakers when I re-engage the unit to play.
  2. Hey everyone. Im trying to set up my Helix LT to run both acoustic and electric, separate presets for each with electric on wireless feeding the guitar input and the acoustic also on wireless feeding return 1 I can have the input set up as Return 1 on the Acoustic presets and output the 1/4 jack to a DI box. The electric inputs on the Guitar and out the XLRs. that stores per preset which is fine. However I can only have the tuner set to guitar or return 1 but not both... Anyone have a work around without having to use a separate tuner on one of the instruments. Thanks for any help...
  3. The tuner is great, extremely accurate and sensitive... Offsets are a great feature, but why only one? As a multi instrumentalist, I would love to be able to store custom tuning offsets in each patch. My electric patch(es) can be standard My acoustic patch(es) can have an acoustic offset loaded My dobro patch(es) can have my dobro offsets loaded My mandolin patch(es) can have my mandolin offsets loaded My banjo patch(es) can have my banjo offsets loaded. Take this a little further, and expand the offsets to a full chromatic tuner, not just 6 strings. That would take away any limitations.
  4. I don't want to hear the signal when I'm tuning. Is there a way to be silent when you tune? Can't seem to find a way. What am I missing please? And yeah, I agree with the most of the OP's who point out this tuner needs work.
  5. Hello, Tuner on the unit doesn't work anymore on Guitar In (I can go to tuner view but no line appear when trying to tune), seems ok when using Variax input. I tried to reinstall firmware but it didn't change anything. I don't understand what I'm missing, some ideas? EDIT: problem solved: on the unit, Input1 was set on Variax, just had to switch to Guitar and it's ok.
  6. Hi Folks, I'm an LT owner for a number of months, and I really like my Helix, but at a gig last night I finally reached the breaking point where I plan to stop using the tuner completely - I find it too poorly coded to be usable in performance. I would appreciate your advice before buying: Is there a particular tuner you like that has rock solid performance (stability, speed, and accuracy), is durable, and works well with the Helix (i.e., doesn't degrade the guitar signal)? How do you wire in the tuner? I imagine either in-line ( Guitar -> tuner -> Helix LT ) or running to the tuner from the Send (if that's possible). Anything else I should consider? Thanks in advance!
  7. Can anyone explain to me how in the hell to calibrate the tuner on this thing? I'm trying to play along to solo over backing tracks and the amp says I'm in tune, but I sound out of tune to everything.
  8. Hey guys, my HD 500X has been freaking out while performing, so I cannot rely on it anymore :-( Sometimes when I hold down the button for the tuner, it doesn't stay on. It keeps jumping back into my live sound. Another issue is that my assigned effects just turn on and off by themselves. When i'm playing clean, my overdrive or distortion kicks in while i'm playing. TOTALLY annoying when playing a light clean part and your distortion kicks in. I have a bunch of Custom Patches and Set Lists that I don't want to loose. Is it just a Master Reset I need? I have all the latest updates and drivers? Please HELP
  9. Although i am happy with the on-board tuner, there are lots of times I would like to be able to look down while holding a single note to check tuning during a song. As I play mostly in trio format, there is often no time to tune between songs. Would i just set up a send loop without a return? Does Helix need to see a return signal? Is using the headphone out jack the way to go? Thx in advance.
  10. Hi. One of my bandmates is searching for a minimal-solution to get his ENGL E660 Savage SE noiseless, which produces a lot of noise in HighGain. The ENGL E660 Savage SE has a MIDI-Switch which allows to switch up to 4 chanels. The Floarboard would be connected to the effect-send/return of the amp. The budget device we are searching for should offer… MIDI-Send to switch the 4 amp chanels min. 4 footswitches for direct choice of 4 patches / chanels a descent Noisegate a descent Delay / Reverb maybe a Tuner Which L6 Device would be the way to go in your opinion? The POD XT Live, the M9 or something completely different?
  11. So I thought I was having a brain drain. The tap tempo / tuner button is going slightly off kilter. The tap tempo works fine. But the tuner will not activate. I did a complete dusting out of the guts and prior to realizing what I was seeing I replaced the tap tempo / tuner footswitch/spring/plunger assembly (yes I has a few new parts from previous spare parts purchase for my other M13 I traded for a Helix). Then it struck me, hmm ... the tap tempo is working so maybe not the button - Duh! Well then I accidentally switch off one of my time based echos and the darn tuner works, Hmm, try it again and same thing ... tuner works. Switch to another scene ... no tuner love. Move expression pedals up and down and I get tuner love back but after a second attempt to get the tuner to respond I have to turn off my echos FX on that scene again. So, anyone else have this happen and found the real solution? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dennis
  12. Looking for some help. Like a lot of other people I cant update but I have ordered the old style USB cable so will test that out tomorrow. Second issue is with the remote APP. I cant download the backing tracks, nothing happens when I click download - no big deal. Just to add to the above, the app connects and plays music but does not load tones or adjust levels etc. It says connected but it seems they are not talking to each other. Stuck with 4 tones just now, not how it was sold! The other thing, once the device connects, momentarily I see the "levels" and "tuner" on the task bar at the bottom but it quickly changes to "Connected" and will not allow me to use these features it seems. Is it the case that these features only work with the new firmware and as such I need to fix issue one first? Or can anyone offer any help or pointers? I would like to think regardless of firmware that this product should work out of the box and allow me to use the features pictured all over the box! using iOS 10 latest update on iPhone 6S. Attached screenshots to try better explain. Apologies if this issue has already been answered. ***UPDATE*** all issues fixed by software update, with the exception of the Jam Traxks. Still can't download through the app. Click and nothing happens. Screen attached
  13. I really hope you can help me with this, because I am currently at my wits end. I recently purchased a Line6 POD Studio GX. After installing the latest Windows 10 drivers I got POD Farm to work fine, BUT there is a very weird issue: I can use the amps, effects, etc. fine, but when I try the tuning function the software acts as if there was neither input nor output. The "Tone Direct Monitoring" doesn't show anything either. I am pretty sure that this worked at some point while I was still trying to get everything working, but now it doesn't anymore. Also, should half of the mixer be greyed out? Any advice would be highly appreciated.
  14. Hi, Is there a possibilitiy to change the reference frequence of the tuner in the firehawk? I Need to tune on 442, brass.... Thanks
  15. Did I miss something in 1.11 or is the tuner improved? I noticed cents, offsets, a tuner, a few other items. Or was I just blind to these features before? :o Dennis
  16. Hello Everyone New to Helix, so far so good with the sounds slowly exploring Meanwhile, here are some small observations/comments about some basic tools to make Helix more useable. If it's been covered in another thread, apologies. 1. level VU/meter ================== There is no way to get a visual check would to “see†if any signal is getting through at different points (e.g. maybe the lead is not working? maybe there is a patch setting in a FX which has a level switched to 0 etc.]. In live situations you need to check levels *before* you make a noise, not during the singer’s introduction/pastor’s sermon etc.. We cannot do stuff on the fly unless we mute our amps and put on headphones. Impractical. We cannot "see" the amount of compression attentuation etc.. we have chosen idea: level meters at different stages of the chain 2. tuner ================== My Petersen strobo-tuner is *very* accurate, especially so for difficult and double stringed instruments which need high-level resolution. The Helix easily has the DSP resources to achieve this degree of accuracy but the current tuner is pretty basic and I never can be sure it is reading back true. idea: why not implement at least ±0.1c and also give some better visual feedback? 3. Mono button ================== We cannot check for phase issues and test the “stereo†imaging idea: a MONO button on the output stage 4. Metronome ================== I am playing free-time, it'd be nice to TAP the tempo and get a click idea: a metronome so we can play along Thanks All :lu
  17. Hi, I need to tune my Instruments to 441hz. Does anyone know if the built in tuner of the G70 can be calibrated? Thanks in advance.
  18. Today on a quite big gig, the tuner knob didn't work all of a sudden, no matter how long or hard I srtepped on it. Switching off and on the pedal doesn't change anything. I read in some other entries according this problem, saying that a factory reset will not help. I did a lot of work on two complete setups, therefore I'm hesitating to do this anyhow. What could cause this malfunction? Is there any 'dirty' trick to repair it, or must I send the unit back?
  19. I have a POD500x and a JTV-59, and when I change the tuning to be half down (and I'm tuned in E standard) it shows as D# on the Pod built in tuner. While D# and Eb are the same note, just wondering why the change in notations from previous POD Tuners?
  20. Tuner on my HD500 doesn't seem to work properly. I noticed this after the updaste to the latest firmware, not sure if it is related. The issue is that after engaging the tuner sometimes it does not seem to "hear" the guitar input. It shows the tuner screen on the display but no indication of the note. Usually after switching between few paches and coming back to the tuner it starts working. It happens with few different guitars. Any ideas? Should I do factory reset or something? zbf
  21. So, I have owned just about every pod there is...other than the original pod...they were all solid,..until I got the pod hd500...granted, the hd500 has more power and way better sounds than the other pods,..but..the tuner just stopped was ok, everything else worked,..but that just bugged me...couldn't be fixed with updating or even backing up the flash I got a great deal on a like new hd500x!! so I picked that up,...and figured I'd use the hd500 with no tuner for a backup....little did I know how soon I'd have to break out the I get no wah or volume on any of my can hear the wah engaged, but the pedal does nothing...nor does volume....I don't remember any issues with my pod 2.0, the two pod xts I owned,..(with footpedal), the xt live,..or my pod x3...and those things got way more beatings than this does...I never gig with pods anymore...I use real amps,..but I used to use the xt and xt live for my metal band....I originally stopped using pods cuz I like a more organic tone for live,..,..but now I don't think they'll be reliable enough either....disappointing,..because I love the's my rig for at night for practice when I don't have the luxury of being I guess I have to find something new....spend a bazillion dollars on a kemper or axe fx...I hoped it wouldn't come to this.....
  22. Did the firmware update, calibrated val/wah pedal. Tuner not working. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  23. I'm having a few issues. First as the title of the thread states When I'm in the Amplifi app the Tuner option is greyed out and unavailable. Second, When I load and play a song the tones for the song load but it doesnt seem to change the sound of the guitar. I can cycle through the 4 presets on the actual amp with the tone button but there doesn't seem to be any way for me to get a tone to change using the app. Having Castles made of Sand by Hendrix and Am I Evil by Metallica sound the same seems to defeat the purpose of the whole thing. It seems like the app isn't controlling the amp at all I have an Amplifi150 paired to my ipad and I can hear the songs and play guitar directly from the Amp, the tones just don't change. Third, I also have the Line 6 Mobile Keys 49 but I can't get that sound to go out through the bluetooth to the amplifi amp. Is there any way to do that instead of using headphones or the ipad speakers because it isn't nearly loud enough even at max volume. Thanks.
  24. Considering getting the above to use in the house. However, I tend to play in different tunings and as I understand it the tuner on 15 and 30 watters only tune to EADGBE. My question is will the display on the FBV ExpressExpress MKII show other notes?
  25. Hey all, first post here. Hoping you can help me with a question about my m13! I'd like to use the particle verb to keep a droning sound playing while my band re tunes in between songs. The problem is that engaging the tuner cuts off the reverb/delay tails. Is there any way to let the tails ring while using the tuner or would I need to use an additional tuner before the m13 (hopefully not because I prefer not to spend $100 for a redundant function). If not is there any possibility of this being an option in a future firmware update? Greg
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