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  1. Simple question really, is the built in tuner on the Spider IV 120 able to tune 8 string guitars? I'm going to be buying an 8 soon and I can't seem to find any tuners that will work for an 8 string. If the built in tuner doesn't work, does anyone know of any tuners that will work with one?
  2. Hey guys, My name is Cameron Landers. I am a music producer from California. I compose original music for TV, film scores, commercials, etc. and a lot of the music I produce is guitar-centric. I have a new Floor Pod Plus, which I bought to be able to quickly dial in certain well-recognized guitar and amp tones for some of the types of cue tracks that I create, as well as for backing tracks I produce for live shows. I've used its predecessors on stage, and I like the great emulation engine and flexibility. I have an unusual issue to share with my new Floor Pod Plus. I have tested the on-board tuner with several of my freshly-intonated guitars, both acoustic and electric, and against several other known-good tuners, as well as known-good pianos and synths, all of which are set to A=440Hz. The guitars are all at standard tuning. When I tune a guitar on my Floor Pod Plus, I noticed it's flat to other instuments. So I grabbed some dedicated tuners and they all showed the same thing: my guitar was tuned flat. Comparing against real pianos and software synth plug-ins in my DAWs - all match each other fine, but the Floor Pod Plus tunes my guitar flat to them. And when I tune my guitars with other tuners, they match the pianos and synths just fine. So it is obvious that the Floor Pod Plus tuner is tuning flat. But I wanted to know how flat. Fortunately I discovered that the Floor Pod Plus on-board tuner does have an adjustment feature. I wasn't expecting that, but was glad to see it at this point. So I adjusted the Floor Pod Plus tuner upward in 1Hz increments (441, 442, 443, etc.) and kept retuning the guitar at each setting until I could get the guitar to match my other instruments and tuners. At the end that process, I determined that when the on-board tuner is adjusted to A=444Hz, it tunes my guitar exactly right with the other instruments and tuners. So the Floor Pod Plus on-board tuner is tuning guitars approximately 4Hz flat, when set at A=440Hz. I say approximately 4Hz, only because the Floor Pod Plus is the only thing saying it's at 444Hz when it tunes correctly - I don't have any other tools to measure whether or not each of the adjustment increments on the on-board tuner actually produces a 1Hz increase or not. I just know it takes a setting of 444Hz to tune the guitar correctly. I'd like to know if anyone else is having this problem? It's not a huge deal-- at least not if it doesn't get any WORSE. I can just leave it set to 444Hz. But if it DOES get worse, then it may become unacceptable, since the Floor Pod Plus only adjusts upward a maximum of 5Hz. It may be just luck that 444Hz happens to render correct tuning in my case. Given that it's incorrect, presumably a true 440Hz tuning might just as easily have fallen between two of the adjustment settings, or even beyond the 445Hz maximum setting. So I count myself lucky. I'm wondering if if this a known issue, or if maybe others have purchased units that exhibit this issue - and if so, if yours is off by 4Hz or some other amount. I'd be interested in any comments or solutions. It's really handy to have the on-board tuner when working with the Floor Pod Plus, so I don't have to juggle another tuner into the chain. But it would be nice if it was correct... :) Cheers, -=Cameron
  3. Yesterday I updated my JTV variax to variax HD. and I also updated my pod X3 L to the newest update. However when turning on the X3L (with the variax plug in) and checking the tuner, it seems to be hearing the 'B' note and it wont stop until I turn off the machine. even if i pull out that variax plug. If I turn it on without the Vax plugged in, it all seems to work fine. On a side note, I couldn't get the flash update to work until I unplugged the variax cable and tried it again. I rolled everything back and tried it again and still no fix. any suggestions?
  4. Hi. I've owned a Pod 2.0 for many years but I didn't have a floorboard until about a year ago when I purchased one on eBay. There was a Pod 2.0 unit included in the floorboard auction. I kept it as a spare since I had all of my settings on the Pod I already owned. I tested everything when I first received it and as far as I knew at that point it all was working fine (both the board and the Pod). I'm now thinking about selling this extra Pod so I'm trying it out to make sure it still works. Well...much to my surprise it doesn't! It started out fine but after a few minutes it switched to TUNER mode on its own. I thought that was strange, so I turned the tuner off by switching to a bank. It worked fine for a few more minutes but switched to TUNER mode again. It's a very intermittant kind of thing, sometimes it switches right away and sometimes it waits several minutes. And now in addition to that issue, it's acting like it's not getting any INPUT signal. When it does switch to TUNER it shows only a dash and it does not register that it hears any notes whatsoever. If I switch it to one of the banks there still is no sound output. I've tested the cables as well as my working Pod (and made sure my guitar volume was up) and everything works fine until I switch out to the backup Pod. I made sure the OUTPUT LEVEL is not at zero on the Pod and I've also turned, flipped and switched every available knob and button to see if something perhaps got dirty or wet or whatever while it was sitting on my shelf for the last changes. It's now a soundless Pod that switches to TUNER mode all by itself. I did a factory reset (holding down UP and DOWN while powering up) but that made no difference. I didn't see that this issue was brought up here before, but maybe someone has some thoughts. If you do, please let me know! Thanks.
  5. I have a line 6 pod pro rack mount model. When I turn the tuner on it produces a clean sound. How do I mute the tuner?
  6. nikoniablue


    Can anyone help? I use a JTV and HD500. On some presets the tuner won't work as expected. The foot switch correctly switches to the tuner but there is no bar to indicate the pitch being generated by the Variax. The Variax is connected correctly and sounds normal once I switch out the tuner. Volume is turned up on both Variax and foot pedal. If I connect a regular guitar, the tuner bar reappears. I suspect it has to do with routing priorities between the inputs but I can't work it out. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance.
  7. The tuner is heard by a channel only. The other channel is muted.Does anyone has the same thing happened.? Do you have solution? Thank you very much from now.
  8. I just buy the POD HD400. I testing at the store and it's ok however now, in my home, the equipment is on, but i plug my guitar and nothing happens, no sound.. even tuner not working. I changed the cables, reboot, even restore the config.. nothing resolve and I don't know what to do. *I'm Brazilian, sorry by my poor english
  9. Hi fellow Line 6'ers, I compared the accuracy of the HD500 tuner against a cheaper tuner (Arion Hu-30) & found the 'G' string on the HD500 isn't tuning correctly. So inquisitively I borrowed my mates TC Polytune Tuner (supposedly a kickass tuner) & the results are the same being the 'G' string on the HD500 isn't in tune. The rest of the strings between all 3 tuners are the same. The initial reason I compared accuracies is because I always felt (heard) that my guitar wasn't in tune. Another confirmation is when I play harmonics to tune between the 'D' & 'G', this also shows inaccurate tuning with HD500 but not the other 2 tuners. The HD500 tuner is set to 440Hz, Mute mode. Any ideas on how to recalibrate HD500 tuner? Is there a software fix? Anyone else experienced this? Cheers
  10. Hi i play a lot of metal on my guitars, thats why i tuned only one of them standard e ^^ a few tunings don't sound right when i use chromatic tuners. thats why i wanna know: which standard of intonation does the podfarm tuner use? if its chromatic, can it be changed to tempered or something like that? or do i have to tune the "a" and work through all the other notes from there? greetings
  11. I've have a JTV-69 and a HD500 that are both about 2 years old. There seems to be some kind of bug this behavior is only when I'm using the VDI cable (doesn't happen with 1/4"). So often I will do this sequence of events: Turn the volume down on the JTV-69 Press and hold the "Tap" button on the HD-500 to switch to the tuner Turn the volume up on the JTV-69 Tune the guitar Turn the volume down on the jtv-69 Press the "Tap" button on the HD-500 to leave tuner mode bump the strings, make a lot of noise, because for some reason my guitar is up 100% even though the knob is set to 0. turn the tuner slightly back up and down to 0. Now it is actually set to 0 Please note that this happens on patches that have no variax settings configured (I.e. tuning, volume/tone settings, models, etc. and the tuner is set to mute on my HD500 at all times. Can anyone else confirm this is a bug? If so is there away to submit it to L6? It's annoying as crap, because even though I'm aware of this behavior. I get burned by it. I'm usually playing at an event and will be tuning while there is someone speaking, or while something else is going on, and a random guitar noise is pretty annoying for everyone else involved. Thanks!
  12. Hey, everyone. I've had an HD500 for about a year and a half and recently the tap/tuner button started misfiring. What I mean is that sometimes when I press it once, it registers as two times, making the tempo insanely fast. Also sometimes when I hold it down and it goes to tuner, it will register contact, when I release it, so then it exits tuner mode. Is there anything I can try to do before sending it in for repair? Any ideas would be appreciated.
  13. Hi all, I use a patch on my hd500 with a dual "amp" setting, where Amp A uses the mic-input for vocals and Amp B uses Variax In for my JTV-69. In this setup i can't use the tuner for my guitar. In my monoamp patches everything works fine. Can anyone confirm this? And is this the normal behaviour? greetings Al
  14. Q: I cannot find the tuner feature on my Spider 15w, 30w, or HD75? A: The tuner is not included on the Spider 15 watt, 30-watt combo, or 75-watt head. Spider I: The tuner is only accessible by connecting the Line 6 Floorboard controller. Q: When I am finished using the floorboard tuner and switch the tuner off, there is a load 'pop' that is heard through the amp? A: This is not a problem with the floorboard. The Spider does this when you exit the tuner mode. The noise can't be eliminated entirely but there are a couple things you can try to do to minimize the noise. 1) When tuning, turn the volume pedal down all the way. After you exit tuner mode, wait a few seconds and then bring the volume pedal back up. 2) After tuning, let a few seconds of total silence (from your guitar) pass before exiting tuner mode.
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