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  1. I want to begin customizing and I'm not sure how to start. I've downloaded the Workbench software and Monkey. Is there a video or instruction manual that can show me how to begin after I have the Workbench screen up? I just purchased the James Tyler JTV-89 guitar. Thanks much for you help! Mike
  2. Here are a few resources Line 6 Customer Support has found to be useful to those new to making music or looking to expand their knowledge. General http://www.google.com - Line 6 Customer Support believes that the answer to almost any question about anything can be Googled. Many times, the most useful Google results come from two places: Wikipedia (definition and background of what's in question) and YouTube (video of what's in question). Here are some musical topics to Google: Signal Path Gain Staging Effects pedal arrangement How to mix sound Audio signal processing How to master audio Speaker wiring Amplifiers Amp first-aid article: http://www.premierguitar.com/Magazine/Issue/2012/Aug/Must_Know_Amp_First_Aid.aspx Live Sound Line 6 Knowledge Base: Live Sound Resources (includes Audio Cables 101, Terms and Resources, and Tutorials and Articles) Live Sound Glossary of Terms Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook: http://www.amazon.com/Sound-Reinforcement-Handbook-Gary-Davis/dp/0881889008 Sound System Engineering, Second Edition http://www.amazon.com/Sound-System-Engineering-Second-Carolyn/dp/0240803051/ref=sr_1_53?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1343245645&sr=1-53&keywords=sound+engineers+handbook Computer-Based Recording Professional video tutorials for Reason, Ableton, and other audio software: http://www.askvideo.com/ Other The Guitarist's Guide to Line 6 Studio Tools (http://www.amazon.com/Guitarists-Guide-Line-Studio-Tools/dp/1435460448): Written by a guitar player for guitar players, this comprehensive book is the best way to learn about the wide range of innovative hardware and software created by Line 6--and how to put it all to use in the studio.
  3. Managing Accounts and Licenses Registering and Activating POD UX2 Getting Started with License Manager FBV MKII Foot Controller Helix Jason Sadites' "How To Create a Great Tone" Series Snapshots Helix 4 Cable Method Helix Customizable Scribble Strips Helix Shortcuts Helix Footswitch Modes Understanding & Loading an Impulse Response Reamping with the Helix Brian May (Queen) Tone Tutorial Van Halen Tone Tutorial Jimi Hendrix Tone Tutorial HX Effects HX Effects Overview HX Effects - Assigning Controllers HX Effects 3-Minute Overview HX Effects Pedal Edit mode HX Effects Signal Flow View HX Effects Updating Firmware HX Effects - 4 Cable Method - Getting Started HX Effects - Controlling External Gear Looping with HX Effects HX Stomp HX Stomp Out Of the Box Tutorial Updating HX Stomp Firmware HX Stomp Controllers & Snapshots Amplifi Series Welcome to Amplifi Amplifi 75/150 Features Overview Amplifi Series Bluetooth Pairing Amplifi Series Firmware Update via Bluetooth Amplifi Series - Creating Tones Amplifi App - Preset Locations Amplifi FX100 - Factory Reset Amplifi FX100 Outputs Amplifi FX100 Pedal Calibration Firehawk Series Firehawk FX looper Firehawk FX Pedal Edit Mode Spider Series Spider V User Interface Getting Started With Spider Jam Spider IV and FBV Express Spider III and Spider Valve Factory Reset Line 6 Amp and Cab Connections Line 6 Amp and Cab Connection Part 2 Spider IV Firmware Update Spider IV Pitch Effects Spider IV/FBV Quick Loop DT Series DT 50 Amp In Depth Variax JTV Virtual Capo Intro To Workbench HD Dream Rig: Line 6 Dream Rig: Basic Setup and Connections Dream Rig Tip #1: Layering Wet and Dry Tones Dream Rig Tip #2: Layering Electric Guitar and Sitar Sounds The Line 6 Dream Rig: In The Studio, Part I The Line 6 Dream Rig: In The Studio, Part II POD HD: POD HD Dual Tone (Mutliple Amps) POD HD Edit Assigning the Volume and Wah Pedal on the POD HDX and POD HD POD HD Edit and Custom Tone POD HD 500/500x Connections POD HD Output Modes POD HD and L6 Link Building a Preset POD HD500/500x POD HD 500/500X Footswitch Assignment POD HD Series Firmware Update Installing POD HD drivers with Monkey POD HD300/400 Factory Reset POD HD 300/400 Pedal Calibration POD HD 500/500x 4 Cable Method POD HD 500/500x Midi Program Changes POD HD 400 Edit Basics POD HD Computer Recording POD HD 300 In Depth Variax and POD HD Connectivity POD HD and DT Series Connectivity POD HD and DT Series Connectivity Part 2 POD X3 Downloading and Syncing Tones With Gearbox POD X3 Dual Tone POD X3 Quick Loops POD XT Series Syncing Tones with Line 6 Edit and Pod XT M-Series M9 Basics Getting Started with M5 Stagescape M20d Setting Up an SD Card Reconnecting Your Network on an iPad Using an iPad with the M20d Getting Started with the M20d M20d Scenes and Setups Auto Trim Behavior Monitor Setup M20d Recording Basics M20d and L6 Link M20d Channel Strip Part 1 M20d Channel Strip Part 2 Custom Presets StageSource Speakers Getting Started With L3m and L3t StageSource Series and L6 Link Digital Wireless G10 Basics G70 Basics How Line 6 Wireless Works in WiFi Space Wireless Transmitter RF Mode Switch TBP06 RF Mode Switching Getting Started With XD-V30 XD-V70 Receiver Setup Updating Wireless Gear with XD-V75 Reciever Updating TBP12 Transmitter Updating TBP06 Transmitter Updating THH12 Transmitter Updating THH06 Transmitter POD Farm/POD Studio: POD Studio Setup POD Studio Connectivity Part 1 POD Studio Connectivity Part 2 POD Farm Installation POD Farm As A Standalone Application Part 1 POD Farm As A Standalone Application Part 2 POD Farm As A Standalone Application Part 3 POD Farm As A Plug In FBV Express and POD Farm 2 Midi Control Recording With POD Farm 2 and POD Studio UX Reamp Your Guitar With POD Studio UX 2 FBV MKII Pedals and POD Farm 2 Computer Setup POD Studio As An External Sound Card Line 6 Device As A Sound Card On A Mac Line 6 Monkey Overview Sonic Port Recording Guitar With Sonic Port VX Recording Vocals with Sonic Port VX Sonic Port And Inter App Audio
  4. Due to the subjective nature of the audio recording, we really cannot delve into the specifics of how to properly mix and master your Line 6 recordings. We can, however, point you in the right direction to some sites that offer great information on how to get your recordings mixed and mastered properly to sound like they were created in a pro studio! Ask Video http://askvideo.com/ Provide great instructional DVD's on a wide variety of recording and music creation programs. Keyfax NewMedia http://www.keyfax.com/ An independent music technology music support company that offers many on-line videos and DVD's. Groove3 http://www.groove3.com/str/ Another great site featuring instructional videos on many music technology products, programs, and techniques.
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