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Found 4 results

  1. I've been scratching my head for some time now trying to work out how the pickup switching works in my JTV-89, mainly because, although I like the pickups, I wanted to have more options on the magnetic side. I wanted something like what I would want on a HSH strat. That is: two 4conductor humbuckers with duncan triple shots and a single coil sized humbucker in the middle. The switch, as it is, doesn't give any option to add another pickup, because all four (well, five) conductors are soldered on a small PCB that's attached to the selector and it's impossible to see inside the selector to find some way to add anything or change any of the pickup/coil settings, so... I went and opened it. Well, I didn't exactly open the one inside my guitar, but a spare I got from the spanish distributor. The switch was failing and I didn't want to send the JTV to tech service because they are sluggish, so I asked them for a replacement switch and they sent it, on the condition that the guitar would be serviced at the store where I bought it. In fact, they did send the wrong switch the first time, so I ended up with two, one that seems to belong to a JTV-69 and the one I needed. I've been a customer for a long time, so the people at the store agreed to let me change it myself, which I never did, because once I bought a hardcase for the guitar, the switch stopped failing so often (It almost never fails now and I've worked out a way to quickly get it back to normal). So I opened the selector and found out how it works. It works in the same way a superswitch would, only this one is preset. There are fixed contacts and mobile ones. The fixed ones are printed in a way that does the coil splitting in positions 2 and 4 and does, well... you know... what a JTV-89 does with its mags :-) The switch is some kind of 2P5T, where on one pole you select the magnetic pickup setting and on the other you select modeling pickup setting. On the modeling side, the contacts are arranged in a standard fashion. Bad news first: The modeling side of the switch has three resistors (18,65k, 75,1k and 37,2k are the exact values, though they most likely correspond to standard values of 18k, 75k and 36k) and I'm guessing the variax brain detects which position the selector is on based on the resistance measured between the two contacts that go out the PCB. Good news: The values of those resistors are standard and they are possible to replicate, so you can use a standard two pole five throw blade selector and add another pickup (or whatever you want to do with your five) Better news: The lower PCB can be desoldered from the selector and soldered to a different one, so you don't have to mess around with resistor values and provide some new small board to solder them onto. PICTURES: YES!! I know I should include pictures in this very post, and at this very moment, but my camera is out of battery and my phone isn't good enough, so you'll have to wait, but the pics will come. I won't actually modify the guitar until the triple shots and the duckbucker are here, then I will have a friend route the guitar for me and then I will do the electronics so, for now, the only pics I'll post are the ones of the selectors. In a month or two (when I can buy the stuff) I'll start doing the mods
  2. I searched the forum (also through Google) with a few search terms, a few times, but no relevant topic found. All latest SW/FW. Workbench HD v2.12.0 JTV-89F (v2.21 [shipped with v2.10]) through USB (v1.0.7.2) connected with Windows 7 (SP1) i7 64bit laptop (directly, no hub inbetween). Is there any exclusive Models/Patches that are for the JTV-89F guitars that I can't use because of this partial detection? Although Line 6 Monkey v1.71 detected it as a general "Tyler Variax" and the flashing (EDIT3: with a correct file, manually downloaded) worked fine. But I imagine that process is meant to be compatible with as many as possible. From the download section: "The five high-gain models that were previously exclusive to JTV-89 and loaded into custom bank 1 are now available in the Workbench software by loading the custom JTV bank available online." EDIT4: Although it was preceded by: "For JTV-89 Customers Only: " which seems to contradict the buildup of the sentence that followed it with "previously exclusive". Is it exclusive or not? Does it include JTV-89F? Other Variax models? Unclear. Confusing. But more importantly, where and how exactly is it usable? Nothing in the Workbench HD manual about "online". I must be missing something.. EDIT1: is the following the only (official?) trusted resource? Share And Download 2.0+ H D Models? EDIT2: I'm also interested in Bass (HD) Models compatible with JTV-89F, any good direction in this regard would prevent me from doing something stupid to the guitar. EDIT4: Other than this issue, in my bit of experience with the guitar, everything else seems alright, and I mostly enjoy it. It wasn't tuned fully when it arrived, but that does not invoke concern. This issue does. I wanted to try to get any clarification or specific tips here before resorting to opening a support ticket. Thanks in advance. EDIT4 includes overall adjustments. EDIT5(2015-09-01): added Dropbox-hosted screen-snippets for public-viewing (it should detect as JTV-89 [normal also for the JTV-89F, not -69 [never had the -69 guitar]):
  3. Hi. I've had my Tyler Variax, 59p since January :D . I've updated it to the latest version (2.10) as soon as it came out. At the beginning it sounded great but the more time I spent playing it with this version, the more something stood out. So I went out and managed to test it out against an original "Spank" and "Lester". Recorded the three of them and it confirmed what I was hearing: for some reason all the models in the 2.10 version have way too much reverb. I rolled back to previous versions (as far back as 1.81) and back to 2.10 (and even re-installed 2.10 having already that same version in it already) and I still hear the same thing. Has anybody experienced anything like it or knows how to even fix it or turn that reverb down or off? Thanks! Mat. :ph34r:
  4. Hi. I'm new to this (forum). Has anyone had any luck trying to get anything similar to a Gibson SG sound? Any tips? It seems to me that this is the only card missing from the deck. :ph34r:
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