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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I've noticed a bug while using HX Edit. If a user were to expand the window to show the setlist while the screen is maximized then the window is partially cut off because it goes offscreen (image 4, highlighted in blue). This would make it inconvenient for a user because they cannot see the path outputs, nor the parameter values unless they resize the window. I believe the fix for this would be to resize the "main view container" when the setlist is expanded/collapsed instead of resizing the whole window. Would someone from line 6 support be able to review this? Please see my notes below. Thanks, Steps to Reproduce Maximize the HX Edit window with the setlist expanded (image 1) Collapse the setlist (image 2) Maximize the HX Edit window (image 3) Expand the setlist (image 4) Parameter values and path outputs offscreen
  2. Another newbie question so I know what to expect when I get Workbench for my Variax 500. I know that you can visually create a custom guitar using Workbench, which leads me to believe that when selecting a model/pickup selector combination to edit, it shows some form of preset guitar. Is this preset always a default blank canvas, or is it based on what is currently in that position either from the guitar itself, or the factory default? The reason I am asking is that my 500 has a couple of models that are different than the stated defaults and I am wondering how to get the settings back to the factory defaults without having to flash the guitar. I have been reading though the forums and have seen a few threads about failures when updating. I don't want this to happen to me obviously, so I was thinking I may be able to just tweak the few I need to. One of the ones that needs changing is the Sitar as it is not on my guitar, it sounds like it is another copy of the Danelectro. So if I launch Workbench and select the correct position, will the Workbench UI show the settings for the Sitar, the duplicate Danelectro, or a default blank patch? If it is not the Sitar, then my secondary question is to ask if anyone can post screengrabs of the settings for the Sitar so I can manually set it without flashing the guitar? Does that make sense at all? I feel like I am rambling and not clear. TIA Colin
  3. Line 6, I wanted to leave a comment here, and a place for anyone else that wants to comment on the UI of the Helix product. I will preface this by saying I have the Helix Rack + Controller + Mission Helix exp pedal. I haven't used the Controller, and exp much, as I am a studio musician, and just haven't got around to using it much. (Ironically I got that more for tweaking patches when I am at the Mic stand when I am recording vocals, and not sitting beside my Helix) Now that out of the way... The Interface is one of the first things that interested me in this product when I first heard about it about 14-15 months, or so, ago. Obviously after I heard that the level of tone they were going for was to actually rival Fractal, and Kemper. I wanted a nice rack unit that I could adjust with my hands while I was recording/playing/tracking guitar. I wanted it this way to save screen real estate. I have two screens, (top/bottom) but I want all the space for plugins, and DAW/playlist/piano roll. The Helix seemed like almost a perfect fit, and fit my audio interface routing needs as well. On to actually using the UI for a bit now that I got a good hang of it. I have found that I am rarely opening my editor on the pc. Even though my Helix is connected to it 24/7. I open the editor to check things like what the bpm is set too, and things like library/IR management. The rest I do all on the UI of the unit itself. I even save/rename patches on the unit. Its so easy, and intuitive. The screen is bright, a good size, and it is quite clear. The color representation of each category is smartly chosen imo. I can dial in great patches with complex routing in a much quicker time than I ever could on any other unit. I get a better sound quicker than with any unit. I have dialed in patches in 15-30 minutes with my Helix that sounded miles above anything I could with the Pod Farm 2.0 with my Pod X3, and Eleven Rack in the entire time I had them. (much less earlier modelers) On top of all that, I will get faster at dialing in better tones over time with this unit. Line 6 you have really raised the bar when it comes to UI on guitar modelers. I can tell a lot of thought went into that aspect. Everything feels sturdy too, not like its about to fall off. Though I have read of some users when they had technical problems with the UI, but Line 6 seems to give great care to its customer service of the Helix line. Which in turn makes me feel somewhat "safer" with my decision to go Helix. I would like to hear from others how the UI has helped them in there scenarios. I don't even use snapshots, but I hear setting them up is a breeze as well. I dare say its even fun to program patches on the Helix compared to a lot of previous modelers.
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