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Found 273 results

  1. Is it possible to get an unprocessed signal out of the HD500X USB port? I'm thinking about purchasing the HD500X, but I still have Amplitube 3 on my Mac and would still like to use it. If at all possible I would like to get a clean signal out of the USB port to feed into Amplitube 3 I have been looking at the Fender Mustang Floor and to get a clean signal out of USB you choose the pre-amp only as your amp. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hello everybody, For Xmas, i bought a new cable called USB to Midi (USB2MIDI) with 1 usb male, a small device (converting usb to midi) and 2 midi plug (IN and OUT) like this one : LogiLink Cable USB MIDIhttp://www.amazon.fr/LogiLink-C%C3%A2ble-USB-MIDI-pour/dp/B000XRI3CC and this cable works fine with some software like Reaper, Guitar Pro or MIDI-OX : i can record commands from pod 2.0 with Reaper for instance, or send commands BUT i can't open Line 6 Edit to edit/save/import/export my own effects 1 - I can see other posts with same kind of problem : can't connect to line 6 Edit with LogiLink cable --> M-Audio recommended ok fine but i don't really want to buy another cable 2 - I have already tested my cable with MIDI-OX : seem to work fine : input & output are ok, with Reaper too : i can record when i change something on the pod, then, i can receive what i record previously 3 - My old computer with MIDI /GAME port and old midi cables (no USB) works fine with my POD 2.0, so the pod 2.0 is ok 4 - I have the latest version of Line 6 Edit & Java up to date too... I have also tried some older version of Line 6 Edit just in case ... 5 - Help me please :-) i can see the talented people here ! 6 - I'm french but i can understand English if it's simple :-)
  3. Hi folks, Probably just me being stupid but I cannot get license manager to locate my new Pod GX. It can find my laptop and has authorised this. My laptop knows the GX is connected but license manager can't find it. I've tried disabling my anti virus and rescanning but no luck. Any thoughts? Cheers, Dave
  4. Hey guys, no idea if this is a stupid question or not, but i have seen videos of people running their Axe-fx's through cubase and having cubase change the presets for them automatically on a click track sorta thing. Now, my question is Is it possible to do the same thing with Pro Tools and a Pod Hd Pro X? Also is there a way to record into pro tools using a usb from the pod? Thanks
  5. Hello, I've recently bought a Flextone III XL. I'd like to deep edit some presets and bought a generic usb - midi cable. It seems that the cable recognizes both the usb port and the midi interface. However Line 6 Edit and Line 6 Monkey don't recognize the Flextone. I tried in two computers with Windows XP and Windows Vista with the same result. I think I've read all the topics concerning to this issue and I've installed L6 Edit with and without Java. Any trick or advice? Thanks and regards
  6. Hey guys, I've had my 500X for quite some time now, and am still having issues. When recording on my MacBook, I get a terrible buzzing noise, almost feedback, in my DAW. Whether it's garageband or Reaper. Here's the first video I did with it, you can hear the noise. I'm recording via USB. My cover of FaceDown The actual song for sound comparison The noise is very distinctive.. Almost uncatchable. But the strange thing is, is when I use my acoustic, it's silk smooth. Just like glass. But with an electric, whether it's my schecter, or Gibson LP, it's got that god awful noise. Honestly, I'm almost thinking about sending it to Line 6 and seeing whether they can fix it or not. Yeah, I made a few mistakes. Lol Thanks guys.
  7. Hello There, I haven't been able to connect my POD XT to my Mac using the USB cable. Tried using Monkey and it doesn't recognize the drivers. They download from the server, and install, but after the computer restarts it's doesn't see the drivers. The screenshot shows the Line 6 Monkey. Tried different USB cables, different versions of drivers and different versions of the monkey software. Please help me out!
  8. Hi guys, My recently aquired Jtv-59 won`t connect with the Usb Interface. I get the flashing red light on the VDI side of the interface. This is what I have checked: The battery is charged (i get the green leds flashing once, when I put in the compartment) I have a regular jack plugged in to the guitar as well as the VDI cable . The Firmware in the Usb Interface is 1.03 , the newest - though strangely, only my macbook will recognize what firmware is on it. When I connect to my Mac Mini it cannot see if it is up-to-date, but it will see the interface itself) I have not tried the guitar with a POD, since I only have the Desktop HD and I don`t think it supports it? (I did plug it into the cat5 connector on it, but no reaction,...) One question: When I press the modelling-knob on the guitar - should I see some light go on? I see no reaction when I press on them, perhaps the variax brain is not on? Any advice greatly appreciated! Thomas
  9. Hi there Apologies for this very simple, but I am just starting out with this stuff!! I have a guitar, a windows laptop, a POD HD500X. I would like to record a solo over a backing track that I have on mp3 and I have no idea which software I need to do this. I have worked out how to USB the guitar signal from my POD into the laptop so that works, but I dont know how to do the actual recording and layering of any tracks, etc. I tried some software called Stagelight, but it just stopped working so does anyone know anything else I can try? I am a massive beginner so simplicity is key for me!! Many Thanks to anyone who can help. Phil
  10. I use Cubase to record guitar via POD HD500. I want to connect POD by USB and have ability to listen to a backing track from Winamp. Correct me if I'm wrong: 1. There's no way to send multiple audio sources to an audio card if you use ASIO. Which means if you connect POD via USB, you cannot hear guitar sound sent through Cubase (first source) and backing track from Winamp (second source). 2. You can, however, connect POD via Line In to an audio card and listen to both. Input signal from Line In is mixed internally by an audio card with signal from Windows kxmixer. ASIO in that case is not needed. Now a question: 3. If I have two audio cards in my PC, can I process signal from POD USB by first card, daisy chain both cards (Line Out to Line In) and then mix resulting signal on the second card and send output signal to speakers? This essentially means that Windows will have to send POD signal to first card and kxmixer signal to the second. I don't know if it's even possible. I'll probably need some signal routing software to accomplish that. Thoughts?
  11. I have a question about the audio over USB functionality of the HD500X. I use a audio interface when I'm recording and use plug ins, and I use the HD500X for live work. The other day I was experimenting with using the HD500X as an audio interface and incorporating Ableton Live into my live rig. Since then whenever I plug the USB into my laptop it mutes the analog outs of the HD500X and audio is only passed through USB. I don't remember changing anything specifically to make this happen, and I'm not sure how to undo it. I don't mind being able to choose whether audio gets passed via USB or analog outs when connected, I just can't figure out how to change it :) I haven't messed with it much since this happened, and I haven't tried re installing the driver yet. Any suggestions?
  12. My computer does not pick up my pod HD 500 I installed the driver with line 6 monkey for the pod HD 500 and the installation processes said it was successful, but when I go back into line 6 monkey the option to update the driver is still there. When I say connect to device in line 6 monkey it doesn't want to connect and in Pod HD EDIT it does not detect the device. What am I doing wrong ?
  13. so i have this pod hd300 (not mine) and i want to play guitar through it. i connected the pod to my laptop via usb, i have the latest drivers available (installed them with line 6 monkey) and the problem is that i can't find the pod in the "inserts" menu on an audio track in cubase 5. i have selected the pod as my audio interface and i selected the pod as default driver in control panel in the "sounds" menu. it's strange because in cubase i can see that there is input and output when i play guitar but i can't hear anything from the pod.
  14. Hi, I've got a problem with my new XD V75. I bought it 2 days ago and I got it today. So I was checking all functions and I wanted to update the receiver. But my laptop AND my dad's PC could not detect the device. Also the USB cable is intact (I checked it with an other device and it was detected). My other device, POD HD Pro (other USB cable), was detected. So the problem should not be the cable or the laptop Is there a setting which I have to change or is there anything else I can do. Or do I may have to send it to the seller for a reparation/replacement? Best Regards, Alex
  15. I was checking out the Line 6 Store and found that they now sell the USB connector! https://www.globalfulfillment.net/gfsnet/(S(neiwnd55ecwjcu551icohsvr))/line6/10Expand.aspx?ProductCode=97-000-0025 The Apple USB-to-Ethernet + Airport Express rock, too (wireless N) :)
  16. I am curious if the unused USB port has power on it to run a hub with which to power the iPad from? Any ideas on this? As this amp is so intrinsically tied to an iDevice this seems to me, IMHO, to be a no brainier. What say you Amplifi users??
  17. I have a new PD HD500X which am trying to connect to Edit software to download custom tones. I have successfully installed Line 6 Monkey and the USB connection is fine. Monkey recognizes the POD HD500X with no problem.All Drivers, Firmware, Flash, etc. is up to date. However, when I run Line 6 Edit, it will not recognize the POD HD500X, and immediately opens a midi connection screen as if I were trying to connect via MIDI cables which I am not. I have tried uninstalling drivers, the firmware, and the Edit software to no avail. Please help!
  18. Hello everyone! I've been using my POD UX1 together with POD Farm 2 for several months. I've been using it both as a recording tool and as a soundcard. A couple of months ago, all of a sudden (while in use), it has stopped working. Almost no sound comes from the output (very weak, only when I run audio files from the pc - and to hear them, I have to turn all the way up the volume on my speakers), I can't record nor use any instrument, because no sound would come out. On the POD Farm 2 program, the "LEDs" on the mixer (input and output) randomly light, like there was sound coming out from an instrument, but obviously no instrument is played. Turning the volume from the speakers up, i noticed a weak white noise coinciding with the random lights. I tried everything. Restarting the pc. Downloading drivers and updates. Uninstalling and reinstalling. Audio set up from my pc (it says that everything works as usual). Nothing changed. Can anyone help me? :-P Thank You. P.S.: I run Windows Vista as OS (yes, I have to change my pc!).
  19. Hallo, I have recently installed the KB37 interface onto my new computer. Everything works well except but when I using the MIDI input, the notes are getting stuck (not the physical kewboard but the sound produced by the virtual instrument). The only way to get these notes unstuck is by hitting the note one the keyboard that was stuck. Also, when rapidly playing a sequence of notes (but not unrealistically so) some are not being picked up in the headphones or the DAW (reaper). I have also tried to updated the USB firmware in monkey but this fails (error code: 8007105 Firmware Verify Failed). When restarting monkey, it says that the latest USB firmware is installed (1.08) but I'm not sure if this is correct. Any assistance would be most appreciated
  20. Hi, I have been using an Shortboard mkii with Snow Leopard on my 2007 MacBook Pro to control Ableton Live for about a year. I have recently upgraded to a new MacBook Pro running Mavericks. To get the Shortboard to function properly, I have to plug it in to the USB AFTER the Mac has booted THEN run Monkey. If I don't do this, Live 9 sees the Shortboard but won't receive messages from it. Weird - never had to do that on my old setup. According to Monkey, I have the latest firmware and software. The Shortboard is being plugged directly into one of the Mac's USB ports - I am also using a USB keyboard controller and a USB Korg Nano Kontrol but these never caused problems with my Shortboard on my old setup. Any one else having this issue? Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Steve
  21. So I just upgraded the firmware on my HD500 to the latest version, v2.20, and noticed that when using it as USB audio, there is no more audio drop in my DAW software when I change preset on HD500! Great for my jam/live setup! Now, I don't have to use the mp3 input of HD500 (from computer internal audio interface) and just use HD500 as USB audio interface and guitar effects at the same time. Awesomeness, thanks Line6!
  22. I use my Bass Pod XT live as a guitar preamp by the DI output for my EMU 1212m, it works just fine. But I also want to use the same Bass POD XT as a MIDI controller. But as soon as I plug in the USB into the Bass POD XT, the DI output turns into model output. I know it works like that with the headphone but hre there's just no way there's a common wiring between the USB and the DI output. Any way I set the thing within the control panel, it only affects the sound for (and of) the computer, not the outputs. a.) is this normal? b.) If so, why? There's no reason why USB should affect the outputs. It doesn't turn the bass pod xt into a stereo soundcard or anything. c.) Is there any way I can get the unprocessed sound through the DI output while using the pod as a MIDI controller without unplugging the POD from the USB (so neither Bypass nor a 5-pole MIDI cable is a solution)? Thanks in advance.
  23. How to disconnect or eject the USB port of the POD HD from window or mac properly? I cannot find the usb eject option like other usb devices. So I just turn off the POD HD. But after I do that, the window xp will go to the out memory blue screen and the mac os will restart immediately. Do anybody have the same experience? How do you disconnect or eject usb port of the POD HD from window or mac?
  24. Hello, all: I am the proud owner of the "shred" version of the JTV, which I got for a great price. But I was sad to see that it is missing the workbench hardware (didn't do my research...). So I am looking to buy the workbench interface for a reasonable price. Please contact me at esiegel2@gmail.com if you have one to sell. I hope this is within the rules of the forum. best eric siegel
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