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Found 263 results

  1. Hello everyone, i recently bought a new Lenovo laptop with Windows 8.1 preinstalled on it. Like topic says, i can't use my HD500 board with it because windows doesn't recognise the device after driver installation. I tried installing the drivers with standalone application and with line6 monkey. I tried installing drivers in Windows7 compatibility mode. I tried disabling the windows 8.1 driver signature enforcement. The installation finishes without errors, but when i connect the HD500 it says something like "the usb device is not working and can't be recognized". I am sure the HD500 works good because i used it with my older laptop with Windows7 installed, so i guess it's a compatibility problem with 8.1?!? Why after installing the drivers, Monkey continues to say that they are not installed? The specific error i'm getting ( when going to control panel -> device manager) is: "The device reported a problem and has been discontinued. (Code 43) Request descriptor of the USB device failed." Thanks for every answer
  2. Hi all Just received my G10 unit (thanks Thomann) but was surprised that it uses a 5v USB power plug and not the usual 9v I already have available on my board. I do have a VoiceLive3 with a USB port though, so question is: How much power (Watts/A) does the G10 base station require, and would I be able to power it through the USB port on my VoiceLive? Thanks!
  3. i have recently connected my AMPLIFi to my desktop compluter trying to record i run into this problem. when i record there is always ticks and cracks in the recording. i tried everything with the bitrate and the buffer size. i use audacity and Magix Music maker to record and both run into the same problem is there any way i can get out of this ticking problem?
  4. Hi, I've encountered an audio output problem with my POD X3 Bean - it is connected to my PC via USB with all the latest drivers and utilities installed and updated. The thing is, that Pod Farm gets my guitar signal and indicates that there should be output sounds coming through, but I can't hear a thing. Is there a way to redirect the output to my system's default output (speakers)? I don't have enough cables to make a L/R setup from the POD to my PC, so the USB is my best chance. I didn't hear any of the POD's output sounds when I was messing with ASIO, either - same thing with the Control Panel -> Sounds, although I could hear the signal only when I checked the "Listen to this device" box, with enormous latency. So it's definitely getting and giving a signal, though I have no idea how to get the output playing through my speakers. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  5. Greetings, I want to use my USB connection to record guitar in Ableton live. My settings are in the 1st screenshot below. So far I can not choose POD as an input. I am using the ASIO4ALL. I believe this should be the correct driver - in FL studio I used ASIO4ALL and was able to use my POD without any hiccups. My 2nd screenshot shows the driver to be ASIO POD500X, however I do not want to use POD for MIDI, just audio... is this the correct way to think? Let me know if I should think otherwise. In any case, there IS input from the guitar but I can not hear it. I do not have a hardware audio interface Let me know if more info is needed. Thanks!
  6. Hey there! I have a Line 6 POD HD 500. I've been trying to connect it to my PC to record and edit and all those things. The problem's that the PC does not recognize the POD. I've already downloaded hundreds of support files and installed them and there's no response. So, as I went to the POD to the "System and I/O" screen, is shown that the "USB Firmware version is 0.00!" Is there anything I might do to solve this? I've tried with monkey and donwnloaded drivers but the POD is just not recognized. Thanks!
  7. Hello, when connecting with USB, I'm stuck with 48kHz (see screen copy, sorry for the french, but you can see : no choice but 48000). To use 44.1 I need to disconnect USB and use S/PDIF to my MOTU interface (828 mkII). This used to work fine with my HD 500, by setting the POD as the sync master. It doesn't work with HELIX. Depending on the sync setup (master or not), I get ticks or sound drops. I can't find a way to record in 44.1 in digital. Do you experience the same problems ? I've found a post on the forum where D-I say the USB connexion allows any rate/bit configuration, including 44.1... but I must have missed something, or he made a mistake. Thanks a lot for your feedback and/or help.
  8. Hi everyone, Does anyone know if there is a way to do USB recording without having the record stream have the music library track layered on top of the guitar? I like to have just the guitar recorded, but also be able to listen to the music library track I am playing at the same time through my headphones. Is there an easy way to achieve this that I am not considering? Also, does anyone have any tips for the easiest way to align multiple recordings, say for lead and rhythm guitar individual recordings. I have been using audacity but no matter how hard I try I always get that slight delay that produces an echo effect. Thank you.
  9. I have an "open box" JTV-69 on the way, but it doesn't include the USB interface. Does anyone know if this version work with it? http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Workbench
  10. Does the UX2 USB have to be plugged directly into the computer? I plugged it into a USB hub/multi ports, for over a year and it worked fine. Today i'm getting crazy static and high pitched frequencies which is affecting my guitar signal and other applications on my laptop. Thanks.
  11. Hello and happy 2016 everybody! I have used my HD500x for USB recording for a year now but always in mono. So today I switched to stereo and noticed that the right channel is always much louder than left channel. This applies to all patches, including those which shipped with the product. But if I listen with headphones from device's headphone jack, everything is in balance. Any idea of why I'm having the issue with USB to DAW? Thanks in advance! PS: I'm on El Capitan, latest drivers and firmwares
  12. Ok...is anyone having difficulty recording to a DAW. My setup is: Helix Logic X Macbook Pro running El Capitan (previously had Yosemite installed but upgraded to Capitan to try and cure the problem without success) Using the Helix as an audio interface and recording into Logic X works fine but as playback repeats the sound begins to suffer serious gapping. Keep it playing and it starts glitching uncontrollably and sounds almost like digital feedback. If the USB is disconnected from the Helix and I play the sound back through my MOTU interface the sound is pristine. To me this is a deal breaker for the Helix and i'm trying to ascertain if the problem is my setup before I ask Line 6 to take the unit back.
  13. I was trying to set up a portable recording solution for my Helix. Since I am not an Apple guy, no iPad, I was hoping for an Android solution. I found n-Track Studio for Android for $20 that does multi-track recording and the latest Kindle Fire with Android 5.0 for $49. Hooked it up to the Helix USB using an OTG cable and it recognizes the Helix in the audio setup. Only problem is it only shows zero for sample rate and buffer size. :( Other than that it looks great and has a ton of features. I really thought that since Helix was "class compliant" it would be a perfect solution. As it sits now, the guys at n-Track are trying to figure out the issue. They are waiting for a response from Line 6 so hopefully they will play nicely and get it resolved. I really don't want to drag a laptop around... Has anyone else been able to get a portable recording setup working over USB? Apple or Android? Or even just audio playback over USB with Android? BTW, even if it never works, the Fire is a steal at $49... ;)
  14. Hi, A few weeks ago, I looked on this forum to find a solution as to why I could no longer connect my HD500 to Line 6 Monkey via USB. The USB felt a bit loose and I noticed there was no middle block in the port but couldn't recall if that had always been the case with the port. I contacted Customer Support about this and they recommended I bring it to a service center or order a new USB port from Full Compass. I had also found during my forum search a recommendation for getting the footswitches upgraded by Jim Rogers of R3FX so I thought I'd give the upgrade a try and ask Jim if he could also replace the USB port to which he responded positively. So I ordered the part from Full Compass and sent it along with my HD500 to R3FX. I have to say that the switches are really nice. Much better in feel and action than the stock ones but my USB connectivity problems persist. What really drives me bonkers on this is that Jim recorded a video of my unit going through testing and it shows the unit being connected via USB to his PC which then immediately shows up in Windows Device Manager and then he opens Line 6 Monkey (L6M) and it shows up there as well. On my PC, it shows up in Device Manager with the dreaded yellow yield sign with embedded exclamation mark and, in L6M, it does not find an HD500 when initially searching for devices. I manually pick the HD500 from devices and I get to the L6M's main window which shows the driver has not yet been installed. I did an uninstall of all Line 6 software as per customer support's advice and reinstalled L6M and then tried to install the driver from within L6M, all the while making sure that the HD500 wasn't connected to the PC until prompted by L6M. Upon doing that, Windows 7 shows an installing driver window which soon fails and L6M, ignorant of the fact, just suggests that you close the window as the driver install is now complete. I've tried this install on my PC and my laptop with no success and can't figure out what is wrong. I've attached a link to the YouTube video showing my HD500 connecting to L6M. Does anyone have any ideas or advice on this very frustrating situation? Thanks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tweD9omu9X8&feature=youtu.be
  15. Hi, Searched before posting, couldn't find an answer so maybe someone can help. I have my XT Live connected by USB to my iMac running Snow Leopard, my monitor speakers are connected directly to the XT LIve outputs. I have my sound settings to use the XT Live as my audio output device. When I play through the XT, the sound is fine. When I hit the record button in Logic, I get really bad noise/distortion, which I also get when I play back the piece I recorded. If I change to using the built in speakers, the piece I just played doesn't have the noise, so this is definitely being generated somewhere between the computer and the XT. I have updated the all drivers for the XT, and also did a factory reset. Still the same problem. I've changed whatever various settings I can in both Mac Audio/MIDI Setup, Gearbox (record level) and the Line 6 Audio/MIDI settings in System Preferences etc. One thing I have noticed is that even though I can record into Logic, the level meters hardly move, I'm getting a very low signal - any idea why? Would really appreciate any help with this. Thanks
  16. Hi, I've started playing my Firehawk buy connecting it to my notebook using a USB connection, the audio quality is awesome (better than playing through my amp), but I experience quite a lot of latency while playing, I'd like to known if anyone has a fix for this, because it's quite frustrating when playing to a backing track or metronome.
  17. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I updated all my software today through the Line 6 Monkey app, made a new tone, sounds great through my monitors (RCA from POD). Go into Logic Pro 9 and it's no longer receiving audio input. It recognizes the POD HD i/o as an option, and if I turn off the POD, Logic tells me an audio device has been removed - when I turn the POD back on, the POD HD options again become available for input and output - cool. So why when I hit the record icon on my track is there no input metering activity? It won't record any audio. Now that I think of it, I also upgraded from Yosemite to El Capitan OSX yesterday - driver incompatibility maybe? Things I've checked: - HD EDIT is not running (Read that could cause a conflict) - Logic Pro 9 is up to date - Volume is up - [R] icons are ON - [M] icon is OFF Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  18. Hello, I am trying to record in my DAW using my Amplifi TT, but I am having some difficulty as I am able to hear my input both though the DAW and out of the device itself. I also have a POD HD 500X, and the audio control panel has a "Hardware Monitor Level", which has the exact function I am looking for on my Amplifi TT. My input is going in the guitar in, and the output is via the headphone out. I have the TT connected to my computer via USB. If I mute the input in my DAW, I can hear the TT's input fine. When I unmute it, I can hear it "stacked" twice, so to speak. Can someone assist me so that I can only hear the output through my DAW? Thank you!
  19. Hi everyone! I just bought a line 6 POD HD500X pedal and I've read some posts from this forum (http://line6.com/support/topic/1672-can-i-utilize-a-usb-3-cable-for-my-pod-x3/ http://line6.com/support/topic/8367-cant-install-drivers-for-pod-hd500x/) I actually have got the same problems as Miguel Marquez in the second post, but it has passed already a year and the thread is not answered. Ok, I only have 1 computer, and the problem (I think) is that all my USB ports are 3.0, but i would like to see what do you guys think, cause probably I may be wrong.
  20. Why can't I update the drivers on my Bass Pod XT Pro. It is authorized, it did work and now I can only connect analog and not through USB. I feel like this unit wazs stolen from me by not providing drivers that lets the device work the way it was intended. Line 6 Monkey can't find it, but with midi I can update the firm ware but that is all. When it gives the list of drivers to install the bass pod pro xt is not even listed.
  21. nitroghost

    Blue Screen

    has anyone else experienced blue screening when unplugging their Amplifi TT, or any other Amplifi product from their windows computer? I was recording guitar, then when I finished, I unplugged the USB from my laptop and it caused a blue screen. The worse part is I lost what I did.
  22. I've only had the fx 100 for about week, but i already love it. I've recorded some stuff using the mains out into a Presonus audio box, into Presonus Studio Pro, and it sounded great, but i did the available update, and now I want to try using the USB straight into my laptop. I couldn't find a tutorial on this, how do i get started?
  23. I use my POD HD500X for recording guitar However, the quality of what i get doesn't seem the best: it sounds always too distorted/gainy compared to what I hear when I play on my amp (Line 6 Spider IV 15). I really don't know if it is really just too distorted or is it because the built in audio interface quality that it's just not very good I use a Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro, connected (with jack cable) to the POD, and the directly via USB to my laptop. I use Audacity and Audition for Recording (I have ASIO installed too) Don't know why it doesn't sound good... please help, thanks in advance!
  24. I am using Pod HD500x and Audio Technica M50x headphones. If I connect my headphones directly to the Pod HD 500, the sound I get is amazing. However, when I use the Pod for recording with USB and listen to the sound of he monitor of DAW with PodHd500X being the output, it is not that great and the quality drops a lot. How can I get the sound of Pod HD 500 (the one I get directly from headphones) into my recording? I can't seem to prevent the quality from dropping.
  25. Hey, everyone. I have had this PodXT Live for several years, through 3 different PCs, and it's been fantastic! I haven't used it or connected it to my PC for the last few weeks. I hooked it up yesterday, but the computer doesn't see it at all! This is Windows 8.1, and I've used it on this machine for the last 1.5 years or so without issue. Tried it on 2 other PCs: one is Windows XP, which I had previously used with it, has Gearbox, Monkey, drivers etc. installed - didn't work. Also another Windows 8.1 machine - my work machine, which is pretty beefy, and had never had the POD connected to it. On this machine, I installed the Monkey from scratch, downloaded drivers, etc. - brand new install - no good. I've swapped out the USB cable, too. In all cases, I updated the Monkey, downloaded the drivers, etc. (done this many times, I'm pretty good at it). Every time I get to where the driver install program says "plug in your POD now," I plug it in, and nothing happens. Zip, zilch, nada. No reaction from the PC, like I never plugged it in at all. It's looking like the USB port on the POD failed, but I don't even want to think about that! Anyone else ever see this? I was thinking I would try to manually uninstall the USB driver on my main PC (that I use it regularly with) but I can't find any instructions anywhere. Or, did I accidentally disable the USB port - is that even possible? Thoughts, anyone? -Dan
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