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Found 219 results

  1. So I have owned a UX2 with a MXL 990 mic for awhile now but recently I've noticed an issue, namely that after about 5 to 10 minutes of playing a video game, with PodFarm open, the microphone no long picks up my voice. The meters on podfarm move half a bar or so, if I tab out of the game and wait, sometimes the mic will come back, only to cut out again when I tab back in. I've tried multiple usb ports Using both Mic inputs I changed my power plan for both the USB and Hard disk I raised the buffer size I updated drivers But nothing seems to do the trick. It only seems to happen when playing a game, it doesn't effect skype or anything else that would use my microphone. Is there something I missed? I hope someone can be of help Thank you.
  2. Hello all, I've had my Line 6 UX2 for about 2 years now. I love it overall but there is something very wrong with the sound that prevent me from doing any recording (with Ableton Live). I have some background noise that keep coming on a regular interval, about 30 seconds apart, constantly. So every time I play, I here that cracking sound every 30 seconds or so and il will last for about 2 seconds. I have just made sure I am up to date with software and drivers but I still have this issue. It is impossible for me to record something because anyone would hear this sound over the music. I have a single electro-acoustic guitar connected to my UX2, no mic and I use headphones. I made sure any gain button not needed is at the lowest. At first I thought there was interference from my electrical system in my place but now I do not know. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. So I have just recently bought a XLR microphone for doing livestreams but I want to have control over multi effects in games as well so I can have a reverb while I talk to people to sike them out. The problem is the mic works for chatting live, but not when I am live with Pod Farm 2.0 open. The needles on the meters do not move when not in pod but do once I am in pod but the mic is dead for the computer. All drivers were reinstall so I am at a standstill.
  4. I have Windows 10 and have been using my UX2 without issue for a while now. But this week, my UX2 suddenly stopped working. My computer doesn't recognize it and when I plug it in, the red clip lights blink alternately. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers as well as Line 6 Monkey and the license manager. Line 6 Monkey still tells me that drivers are not installed after multiple re-installs and doesn't recognize that it's connected. Any help out there?
  5. So I would like to record my guitars sound coming from my amp straight into my computer. Obviously, this is why I'm using a UX2. Problem is, when I go from the "emulated headphones" output on the amp to the UX2 input, it seems that the UX2 does not process anything. The needles do not move at all, both at 0. I have tried both PAD an NORMAL inputs. It picks up when I use my guitar directly into the UX2. The amp works on its own, it is just this connection between the amp and UX2. Any ideas?
  6. I upgraded to windows 10 and was unable to get Pod Farm working properly with my mic and gave up. I decided to come back to the situation and when I opened up Pod Farm it told me that I needed to authorize my UX2 in order to run Pod Farm. I then run the licence manager and attempt to authorize, but it gives me an error code 80000002. Currently I am unable to exit out of Pod Farm and have to restart my PC in order to close it. Any suggestions on a fix here?
  7. Hello friends I'm new here and I don't know whether I write in right topic or not I have a UX2 interface for 3 years and I have some problems with it. I use it for arranging music Sometimes when I use some VSTs, audio drops and after closing and reopening DAW (cubase or sonar), it can't detect ASIO UX2 and I must restart computer Other problem is that many times when I unplug and plug its USB, windows freezes and I must reset it. why unpluging interface must cause problems? I update my drivers via line 6 monkey Must I change my interface? This is my computer's features: CPU: Core i5 4440 RAM: 4*4 (16) GB Motherboard: Asus H97 Pro Windows 7 x64 Thanks
  8. Hey! I'm getting pretty mad right now. For quite a while now, my Alesis DM6 USB E-Drum kit has been crashing my Line6 Pod Studio UX2 and it's really annoying. I just play a bit and bam, all sound stops and the Level-meter-lights on my UX2 are off and I have to reconnect the thing. When I reconnect the UX2, Pod Farm doesn't work in REAPER and I have to reconnect the UX2 and restart REAPER several times until Pod Farm within REAPER works again. The only thing I have to do is to have my kit connected to my computer and be on and just hit on the pads a bit and eventually the UX2 will crash. I do not need to have Superior Drummer or REAPER running in order for the UX2 crash so it is obviously my kit and/or UX2 causing it. I have the latest UX2 drivers installed. Any solutions?
  9. Hi there, I bought back in 2013 an UX2 Audio Interface, and until then, everything was working perfectly. Today I plugged the USB cable into my computer and these two red dots went on and off indefinitely... I tried other USB ports on my computer, desinstalling/reinstalling drivers, monkey, license manager, etc...Nothing does. I get this error code with LINE 6 MONKEY : "There was an error communicating with your device. If it is a USB device, try disconnecting then reconnecting the USB cable. Error: (Code 80007103) Failed read from firmware." Of course, disconnecting and reconnecting the USB cable doesn't solve the problem... If anyone can help me out with this issue, I will be soooo grateful Here are my specs : Windows 8.1 LINE 6 POD UX2 Studio audio interface Intel Core i5-4440 CPU @ 3.10GHz 8.00 Go RAM x64 bits system (please, excuse my english spelling) Thank you in advance :)
  10. Hello! Kind of an odd problem I'm having that I can't figure out for the life of me... Recently, after I had plugged my webcam back in to my PC, my webcam has been giving me troubles with my audio. Periodically when my webcam is on, my audio recording will just stop. The needle on my UX2 will freeze in place, no input will be going through on POD Farm, it just stops. The only way to get it back is to wait a few minutes or close then reopen POD Farm. My webcam mic is disabled so I know it's not that. I thought it was a Skype issue but then it happened again with Hangouts. I even tried using my mic without POD Farm on but it still stopped recording eventually (I was talking to friends on Teamspeak). Any ideas? Thanks! -Brett
  11. I am trying to connect my old Line 6 product which I believe is the Tone Direct UX2 model to my new laptop. So far I am unable to get my computer to recognize my MIDI device. I keep getting an error message when I try to update my software that I need to log into my account and when I do I get a message that reads: Log in failed. Make sure you are connected to the internet. Reason: (Code 800038C6) Unknown server error occured. If you have popup blockers, anti-spyware, or anti-virus programs running, try temporarily disabling then. I am connected to the internet and do not any any blockers turned on. I would at least like to connect my MIDI device to my Reason Adapted software (which is also pretty old) or Reaper which I have downloaded so I can record my guitars and vocals on my computer. Any help is appreciated!
  12. Hello, my Line 6 UX2 has suddenly stopped working. I had had intermittent problems with it but it worked fine for a week or so, and suddenly stopped receiving any input from any of my guitars, all of which are working perfectly with my amplifier. If I set up my UX2 as a default playback device in the Windows mixer and play audio, the needle moves but all I hear through the UX2s headphone jack is a high pitched whine. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Pod Farm 2, the latest drivers, and toggling settings in the Windows mixer. I have also tried the device on multiple computers, my two desktops and my laptop, all running Windows 10. Line 6 license manager authorises the UX2 and my computers fine. I have tried setting different inputs in the Line 6 control panel applet but still, it is not working. Is there anything I can do?
  13. Hello, I might be buying a Toneport UX2 used and was wondering. What doest the "monitor input" port do? I can't seem to find it anywhere on the web. Luke
  14. Does the UX2 USB have to be plugged directly into the computer? I plugged it into a USB hub/multi ports, for over a year and it worked fine. Today i'm getting crazy static and high pitched frequencies which is affecting my guitar signal and other applications on my laptop. Thanks.
  15. I like to play along to bands albums with my guitar through a UX2 while simultaneously listening to them on Itunes. I've noticed though, that If i don't have my UX2 settings just right (in terms of lowering the volume of the amps) the UX2 loudness will cause the ITUNES to completely stop. Actually, every other application that makes sound stops working. For instance when I get on ableton to play my guitar through a UX2 over a simple drum beat, the sound stops working on ableton. The only sound that does work is the guitar signal through the UX2. Is this because of my sound card?? Anybody know of a quick fix instead of rebooting/restarting the computer every time i do not calculate the volumes right?
  16. So I been trying to get a decent tone through pod farm 2, but can't really decided how to improve it Pod farm 2 effects I use (also using +18 DB because it sound really quiet) Noise Gate Threshold -40DB Decay - 19% Compressor Threshold -7DB Gain - O DB A link to my latest commentary I use Audacity (not sure how to get Line 6 driver to work with it properly) and use a SE electronic 2200a II microphone If anyone could help with suggesting effect or programs, It would be very helpful
  17. Hi! The problem is that my computer doesn't read "send 1-2" and "send 3-4" during recording dual tone (mic & instrument) on gearbox. I use line 6 ux2 and gear box, I've tried installing diffrend drivers but so far without resoults (In addition I can say that separetly mic and instrument work, but when i try record instr&mic my recording software record for example only instrument or vocal on one path) . Please help me I am being tried since for 3 days make it work ;/
  18. After recently purchasing a POD UX2, I discovered a VERY unnerving issue. I use the latest driver and optimized my system for audio recording. System: Windows 8.1, Intel i7, 8GB RAM, 512 GB SSD. DAW: Ableton Live 9.1 When running the UX-2 as ASIO-device, every 30-60 seconds during playback / recording, Ableton Live 9 crackles while displaying "Initializing MIDI in- and outputs" for 5 seconds. During this, the mouse is not responding / Windows-being-busy-mouse symbol. Before using the UX-2, I used FOCUSRITE (Scarlett) and STEINBERG (UR-22) ASIO-interfaces on the same machine with the same configuration and NEVER encountered any problems like that. I use a NOVATION Impulse 49 as master keyboard / midi controller BUT it seemingly makes no difference if its plugged in or not. I always plug the UX 2 into the same USB 2-Port (no Hub!). Only use the original USB-Cable that came with the UX-2. Already tried disabling midi in the windows system settings / line 6 audio-driver settings as well as disabling any midi device in my DAW. Google search and Ableton forums for troubleshooting didn't give any results. This issue so annoying and I would be VERY grateful for a solution! CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP?
  19. I bought new line6 ux2 and I install drivers, license and authorized, and install pod farm2 My problem is 1. in farm2 signal is up and down when i play guitar 2. no output sound.... I check windows speaker setting... how can i fix it?
  20. I currently have a Toneport UX2 but I have a chance to get a good deal on a HD Pro X. Im just wondering will I get better tones out of the HD Pro or will it be the same tones just a different interface ?
  21. Sorry I having this minor annoying problem that slowly becoming a huge deal When changing the Driver Format in Pod Farm from 16 bit/44k Hz to 24 bit/48 Hz the driver will change automatically back to it default setting when accessing any problem related to the microphone example audacity, OBS maybe even sony vegas. Windows 8 is the cause to this problem. How do I know? People who are running the same setup but in windows 7 are able change the Driver Format and have no problems. The Damage I received from this I bought Windows 7 OEM CD and it crash my second computer and it won't work now (Also lost my files) When Streaming through OBS to Twitch the audio is static unless change through drivers format but when closing OBS or loading another problem during stream the microphone goes back to static Please people of Line 6 can you please take a look at this problem and fix it. [ I run a UX2 through Pod Farm 2.5.7 with the latest drivers]
  22. Hello, I just bought my first audio interface today (the UX2) and initially I ran into problems with the installation. 1. I downloaded the Pod Farm 2.5 2. didn't plug the device 3. picked the UX2 driver in the installation instructions 4. I plugged it in after it instructed me to do so. 5. No driver installation window appeared. I checked Device Manager and I saw the UX2 in the Unknown Devices with an exclamation mark icon; the problem: drivers were not installed. 6. Uninstalled the software completely and searched these forums for about 30 mins. Someone mentioned in a post on a thread to install Line 6 Monkey first (I really can't find the link anymore :( ). 7. Did that. He couldn't find the device even though it was plugged. It reported that UX2 driver was not installed and other things: USB Firmware outdated and the pod farm software and others. 8. I clicked to update the UX2 driver. It installed and after a few seconds it miraculously worked (and it seemed it updated the USB firmware as well. And that's it, then basically you can install whatever you want. This might work for other Pod Studio devices as well.
  23. My UX2 came in a few days ago. I got some decent Bose headphones with a 1/4 inch adapter so I could hook it up to the phones jack, and I noticed something strange. When I plug it in all the way there is no sound or it is at extremely low volume. I've checked knobs and settings and it doesn't make sense why it isn't working. But then, I noticed if I plug in the phones about 3/4 of the way in I can manage to hit a "sweet spot" where the sound actually comes in, but this is bothersome as it doesn't always like staying in place. EDIT: Resolved. It was just a crappy adapter.
  24. I've had my UX2 for about 6 years now and I use the UX2 as my default playback device and with headphones. Lately, I have been experiencing this annoying and constant throbbing sound. This occurs even without Pod Farm open, without anything but the USB cable plugged in, with the "Phones" input knob all the way off, and with my PC volume muted. When I move the UX2 certain directions or placements on my desk, the throbbing noise decreases temporarily, but usually comes back. I've tried 3 different headphones, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, and I have tried a Focusrite 2i4 so I don't know if it's just faulty hardware at this point, or something else. The throbbing doesn't pick up when recording, but it's super annoying.
  25. Hello everybody, I was recording my guitar as usual with mi UX2 interface, and suddenly there was no sound entering in both lines entries. I was using a dynamic microphone to the interface, then I tried to change to the guitar directly and nothing changes. I actually updated POD Farm 2 with line 6 monkey to the latest version, but nothing happens. Does anybody had the same problem? There was no fall, no hit, no nothing! I was recording normally and suddenly there's no sound entering anymore. Help me please, I'm seriously thinking something happened inside both line entries. What is the next thing to do?? I'll be waiting for your comments!
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