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Found 219 results

  1. Good day, I am quite curious to know why i did not receive and iLok authorization card/number when I had purchased my UX2? I cannot run my pod farm through Pro Tools as it says "not authorized" when I tried to authorize on Line6 it tells me to type in the activation code found on the card in UX2 box. Please could some one respond. Thanking you in advance, Cimeries
  2. I run a toneport ux2 with Podfarm 2.5 (full version) on a Mac. The problem is that my guitar sounds fine for a short time, then I lose nearly all gain. Looking at Podfarm in mixer view, I can see tone A's volume slider automatically reset to around -40 db! I raise the slider using my mouse and the volume returns. But if I wait a little while longer (typically less than a minute), the volume is automatically reset down again. Podfarm appears to be getting a healthy signal from UX2 and my guitar and everything else works fine. I have uninstalled and re-installed Podfarm but the problem persists. This is a weird problem - can anyone please help? Podfarm is essentially unusable right now....
  3. Hi Guys I have a Toneport UX2 but am desperately short on desk space and am sick of the thing moving around the desk when anything is plugged into it. I'm looking for a way of rackmounting it or suspending it from the underside of my desk using some kind of bracket. Any ideas for anything that may work? My woodworking skills are awful or I would have made something out of timber.
  4. Hi I have a PC/Mac hybrid with Line6 Toneport UX2 soundcard a PS3 (with optical output). I use the toneport for all my guitar/bass amplification needs at home and also record with it via Logic Pro. I have a decent pair of PC speakers (Hercules 2.1) but cant hook the PS3 up to them. I'm thinking about getting something like this Denon Mini Hifi which will easily accommodate the Toneport UX2. It's small which is important as it'll be going in my very small home office. My main worry here is that it wont sound great; but surely it'll be far better than my PC speakers??? I'm especially worried about how the speakers might handle angry guitar tones etc. I know for a home studio setup the ideal is to use studio monitors but I don't have so much flexibility with inputs with those and I guess they are only good for work via Logic really. Anyway guys, your experiences/thoughts/recommendations would be appreciated on this. Jim
  5. I just got the POD Studio UX2 as a gift, and have been very excited to use it. Unfortunately, after setting it up onto my MacBook Pro, it hasn't been working right. I downloaded POD Farm and all of the software I needed, authorized my laptop and UX2, as well as installed all the drivers with Monkey so it's up to date. When I plug my UX2 into my MacBook, and my strat into my UX2, its two dials will light up fine, and POD Farm picks up the guitar's signal (I can tune it and the output meters will jump around when I strum). The problem is that it stops working after that. I get no sound out of POD Farm or any recordings I make on Garageband. When I use Garageband to record a line, sometimes it will pick up the guitar from the UX2, sometimes it won't, but regardless, no sound will play back when the UX2 is plugged in or unplugged. I have watched a few videos on setting up the UX2, and followed the instructions, which make perfect sense, but I'm still not getting results. I have switched the preferences on Garageband so that the UX2 is selected for audio output and input. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I just want to get to recording some music
  6. Hey all, Took a while to solve this so I thought I'd post for anyone else hunting. Persistent clicking with UX2 on Win8 x64 (AMD A10 + discrete gfx, SSD & 16G). The system runs plenty fast enough, so I was surprised to be getting drop-outs & clicks in all playback apps, especially on basic activity like switching app focus. Tried adding ASIO driver to Foobar2000 & adjusting buffers, latency and bitrates in the Line6 control panel and everything with no success. Culprit in the end: the UX2 was plugged into a USB 3.0 port. Plugging in to a USB 2.0 port fixed the problem. Unsure if a particular controller was the problem (Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4 has both native AND A85X chipset and Etron EJ168 controllers). Bought a board with extra USB3 ports thinking I was doing myself a favour -- only 2 USB2 ports on the back panel -- jeez. LOL Anyway, fixed -- hope this maybe helps someone.
  7. Hi everyone1 First of all, excuse my english because is not my maternal tongue. Im going to try to explain my problem. I bought a POD UX2 interface the other day, i installed POD FARM 2 and Line 6 Monkey. Monkey and POD FARM2 recognize the interface and i can play guitar with it. I have selected the UX2 as input and output in preferences of the system in my Mac (i have latency problems playing the guitar with POD FARM 2, but that's not my biggest problem). I want to record music with Garageband so i have selected UX2 as input in the program but when i try to record the program doesn't register any sound. And i insist that i have UX2 selected as input in my Mac and in Garageband, but it doesn't work (and i have checked every options that Garageband gives me about UX2 as input: mono 1, mono 2, mono3, mono 4, stereo 1/2 ad stereo 3/4). The microphone is fine, i have checked it in my amp. PODFARM2 registers the sound perfectly (guitars and microphone) but its like garageband doesn't receive the sound from it. What's going on? Thanks :)
  8. I'm using my ux2 interface to record a live acoustic band onto my laptop (on Cubase 5). I will have the output of the PA going into the stereo inputs on the back of the interface and a AT4033 going into one of the xlr inputs as I need phantom power. My problem is: I want a separate channel on Cubase for each wire coming into the interface (left output of the PA, right output of the PA and room Mic) but when I go into vst connections on Cubase it gives me a choice of 4 sends to choose from, can you tell me which send matches up to which input on the interface? Thanks!
  9. Hello I have recently purchased a ux2 and Im quite excited to use it, but I've ran into a problem. I bought some Behringer MS16 speakers to monitor the sound, but there is only one SPDIF output, which is used to connect to the other speaker. I have tried to connect straight from the one speaker just to see if it will work, but no sound at all. The input meter from the guitar in pod farm is moving, meaning at least the sound is being registered. I think I need to buy like a rca (Red and white connectors) to spdif cable to connect to the ux2 to get the sound out, but again Im not sure if I'm right. Could anyone confirm this is the type of cable I need to finally get my ux2 up and running, and if not, direct me to the correct type of cable to use? Thanks Liam
  10. Two days ago I baught POD Studio UX2. I register it on website and download newest drivers on Win 7. In recording it works perfectly. Problems appear while listening music in Winamp or somewhere else, after an hour of playing my favorite music (sometimes it gets exactly) the sound interrupts and nothing is playing until I reboot the system, but at the same time my record projects in Adobe Audition play and POD Farm works. I have to continue recording without listening in Winamp (music doesn't play in any multimedia software). Moreover it takes a lot of time for system reboot. All the freshest software from Line 6 installed and reinstalled for several times. Could you tell me what the problem with? And how can i solve it?
  11. Everything was working fine until i updated using line 6 monkey. Now my pod farm 2 seems to be working correctly but my reason isnt picking the ux2 up. It says no audio connections available. I feel ive tried everything from going to preferences, the tune fork button on reason, recording options. please help!!!!
  12. I would like help regarding an issue with my setup. I bought a Pod UX2 because I thought it was a great investment. I love the guitar recordings I can get out of pod farm and even bought metal shop because I love it so much. Ive become more professional lately and have wanted to get a better mic, which is where my issue is. I would like to get a Shure SM7B mic, however it requires more gain (I believe around 55 or 60 from what ive heard). and the UX2 doesn't appear to have that much. I think the ux2 has 20 and then 25 more with the phantom power? I might be wrong, id love someone to correct me on this. anyway my questions are. 1. Is there a way to get a shure sm7b mic to get preamped enough to record solid vocals with the ux2? 2. If I cant get the gain. I will need a new interface. But I would still like to use pod farm. can I buy a licence so I can use my pod farm and metal shop? or do I really have to buy them all over again. I would love help on this as I very much love line 6 products. but I need the required gain to record more than just guitar. Thanks!
  13. I just bought a used UX2 unit from Guitar Center. Just the unit and the USB cable. Now I'm hearing different stories on how I should just return it due to no CD software or I can download the proper software from the Line 6 site. So I will be using n-Track for the recording software and I have TH2 for the modeling (if I choose). What would I need to download (if anything) to just be able to plug the UX2 into my pc so I can run an acoustic guitar into the recording software? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  14. Hi! I have a problem with the analogs outs of my UX2. After connecting the output to my Edifier R2600 I can only hear noises. I can see the VU meters moving with every sound of my computer, but I cannot hear those sounds I only hear noises. I tested that the input of the edifier worked (connect the output audio of my computer directly to the Edifier). I tested that the cable works. I tested the analogs output individualy connecting a headphone, and it works! But when I connect the ux2 to my edifier using the same cable, I can only hear noises. Given that the cable is a RCA, I used two conversor from RCA to Plug to plug the cable to the UX2, the conversors are brand new (bought on a good audio store), could it be the problem? Or is something else that I'm missing? Thanks for your help. :)
  15. First off - im swedish so my spelling migh be a bit poor. I got myself an UX2. Worked fine in windows XP but now I use win7 x64. Problem is that is seems to fight with my graphic card. Only when using UX2 - the onboard card seems to handle every thing good. No stutter no choped sounds. The stutters and choped sound are not gliches or such casued by to much ASIO overload. The stutter leaves "big gaps" in the sound. I dont really know whats the problem - or if anyone else has these. Should I go back using x86 or?
  16. Hello, I own a UX2 and I have used this incredible device with my old windows machine, and also with an old Mac machine. After buying a new macbook pro and using this as my primary machine, I found a issue: When I try to open the pod farm program I see a popup that said that there is a valid license but I need to run the license manager program. This is happening every time that I open the pod farm so is kind of annoying. Anyone have some clue on how to get rid of this popup? Thanks! P.S.: I attach some screenshots.
  17. I just bought this UX2 and I follower all instruction on the yellow card to register and install and then and then did the authorizations process. The problem is when I hooked up my UX2 to my USB my computer said it was installing the drivers for the USB to recognize the device. I also seen a few YouTube videos that show the levels clipping needles would light up, mine is not, like it's not getting power. The only thing it does is the two red clipping lights are blinking back and fort. Does anyone know why it's doing this. I also use Acid Pro 7.0 and don't know how to set it up to work with Acid, if I can get the USB thing to work.
  18. Pedal Inputs The pedal inputs on the UX2 and KB37 are for momentary switches only (like the keyboard sustain pedal used with a synthesizer or digital piano). They're used to step up and down through presets or to control start/stop and other MIDI Machine Control functions (MMC) audio recording application Transport Controls. Other parameters can be controlled within the software, but to do that you need an external MIDI source (like a programmable MIDI foot controller plugged into your computer's MIDI interface). GearBox Wah Control In GearBox under Edit/Preferences/Midi tab select your midi interface ports IN and OUT. Set your midi controller pedal to CC# (continues controller number) to CC# 4. This should engage the wah function in GearBox.
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