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  1. Hey guys, Here is a quick video comparison between the AMPLIFi and the POD HD500x's AC 30 Top Boost Amp Models.
  2. I have seen this issue reported in other threads, and I have just experienced this problem with Workbench and my Variax 700. I was simply trying to create a new version of one of the Lester models in a drop-D tuning. At first, when I changed the tuning on the low E string to D, I couldn't hear any result. Ah, I realized -- you have to click the Enable button above the tuning chart. That changed the pitch of the low E, but it also introduced a VERY noticeable distortion (like a "bark" at the beginning of the sound) into the A-string -- only the A string, and only when I hit it a little harder than usual with the pick. Note that this distortion only occurs when the "Enable" button is lit up -- if I click again to disable the alternate tuning feature, the A-string distortion goes away, regardless of how hard I hit the string with my pick. The distortion is clearly tied to the "Enable Alternate Tunings" feature. Has anyone figured out how to solve this problem??
  3. Hey Folks - First of all, I apologize for the newbie question with this one. I'm just getting in to this live music environment... So, I just added to my rig and wanted to ask for the best method/design to hook it all up. The list of equipment is here... the only real question I have is about the L6 Link. The speakers are the only devices to have both Male & Female connections with the passthrough, while the other two devices have only Male connectors. Is there a Female to Female L6 Data Link cable or adapter to make this work? Or what is the preferred design to make sure I can use both the StageScape mixer and the 500X effects? Variax guitar <Variax Cable> POD HD500X (L6 Link: Male) L2m Left (L6 Link: Female IN; Male OUT) L2m Right (L6 Link: Female IN: Male OUT) StageScape M20d (L6 Link: Male) Thanks for any input or suggestions. Thanks, Damon
  4. I’m using a HD500x with a JTV-59. Both inputs are set to Variax. I’m planning on plugging the SP/DIF output into my PC (Windows 7) and monitor the output from the HD500x going into to two KRK RP5 studio monitors. Alternatively I might go from the POD via XLR to my Focusrite 2i2 audio interface and then out to the KRK monitors. Does anyone know of a simple piece of software that might run standalone (i.e. not a VST plugin so I have to open Cubase or some such thing) that will monitor the input and I can have almost like a widget on my Windows desktop? I’d like something that would visually show clipping i.e. a red light or whatever. Sometimes its hard to hear when a distorted sound starts to clip, so I find a visualisation useful. I had borrowed a Fishman SA220 PA from a friend and whilst very sensitive it has little red lights that flash when the input is clipping, I have been plugging directly via XLR into that, but I need to give the Fishman back so a software based solution that does the same thing would be good. Any ideas?
  5. Hello. Not sure if this the right place for my question. But I want to know if the Us custom variax is still made, and how do you order/purchase these guitars? Is there some kind of form I have to fill in? And how does it take 'till its ready and shipped to europe? Thanks.
  6. Hello, Has anyone already setup the DT25 to sound correctly with the Acoustic sounds of the Variax, through a POD HD500 ? Simple question though complicated to get it working coorectly for me. I own L2M's & L3M's but they are used by the band for the overall set, therefore, I am eager to get this set working with my Amp only. Easier to carry also during rehearsals... Thanks for the help, Alain
  7. So I'll be on a 12-hour flight next month and will be bringing my JTV-89F Variax with me. I have a hardshell case with TSA lock so I'm thinking of loosening the strings and bubble wrapping the guitar until it's snug inside the case, and then I'll check it in. Or I could use the soft gig bag, hand carry it with me and politely ask one of the flight attendants to stow it for me. Has anyone here brought their Variax on a flight? If so, hand carried or checked? Either way, what did you do to the lithium battery, left in the unit or removed? I've heard about the new restrictions on carrying lithium batteries and I'd like to know how you guys actually did it. Thanks!
  8. I mistakenly read between the lines when researching the JTV Variax guitar and assumed that its ability to simultaneously use alternate tunings and emulate a 12-string guitar would allow me to use intervals other than octaves for the latter. The Workbench graphics for Tuning and Parallel Pitch look so similar that I figured you can enter a "Parallel Pitch" value other than 0 or +12. Not so. Here's a tuning I'd like to use: E2/E1 A2/A1 D3/A2 G3/D4 B3/F#4 E4/B4 Since my ancient Roland VG8 could do this using its Polyphonic Pitch Shifting feature, I'm astounded this limitation exists. Any idea if Line6 will add more granular control over Parallel Pitch tuning in a firmware upgrade? I realize I can mix in the mag pickups and achieve the same tuning without involving the "Parallel Pitch" feature but that's a compromise.
  9. I've found a couple threads here on hooking up a guitar synth to HD500 and Tyler Variax, but using the roland hex pickup. Seems redundant, since Variaxes already have individual string pickups. Any ways to leverage a guitar synth utilizing the existing Variax pickups? Some way, maybe through the CAT5 out of the guitar to an adaptor/converter to the pin connector Roland uses, etc.? Any way to bypass using an HD500 or the like? I currently use Variaxes through a Flextone III Plus. I'm looking to use the guitar as a synth for some simple lines where the keyboardist in our group is already using every appendage (lol). Not looking to blend guitar w/ synth or anything like that, just switch back and forth between the two. Hoping for a possible and most direct path of least resisteance. Thanks!
  10. Hello everyone I think I finally found a rig that can do pretty much anything I need for my one man show. I'm very excited because it's so friggin convenient and it does sounds good. I still have a few quirks to iron out so hope that with this thread you can help me and a few others have a 100% Dream Rig system. 1. I'm going out of my HD500x via L6 to the L2T XLR out of the L2T to my Bose L1M2B2 Tonematch small console. Doing in it this way I'm getting the exact same sound of the L2T is getting and switching from acoustic to electric presets. I'm getting a Hum on the Bose from the L2T XLR that I need to get rid of ASAP Any ideas how to do this correctly? 2. I can also go XLR out of the HD500x to the Bose Tonematch console but the signal level drops BIG time and the hum goes down too. Still getting the L2T sounding great via the L6 cable and all the switching from acoustic to electric just fine. 3. Is there a better way in doing this and to control the volume on the L2T? 4. I'm getting great tone even direct from the HD500x to the Bose T1 console and I'm all about convenience and be as lightweight as possible Are any of you with me on this?… plus I can save myself some $$$ returning the L2T and have one less box to carry. The convenience of having a dedicated GTR monitor is great too I'm just asking because from another point of view I think is good to have all the sounds coming out of one source in this case the Bose L1M2B2 system. 5. Is there a way I can control the volume of the L2T other than the Master knob on the HD500x? Just want to know all the options available to have full control of the system and don't be slaved to knobs all over. 6. It would be great if you can explain your signal flow, system setup [ipads…etc…] Pictures or videos can make a big difference explaining things so I would appreciate if you guys can do that. thanks a lot for your help regards, Charles
  11. Hey, So bought a new Line 6 Variax 700. Love the tones. But when i connected it to my workbench i've had a strange problem. First let me explain how i connected it. Variax 700 electric to my pod xt live using a rj45 cable. Then, via usb to the computer. I have updated all my firmwares and software. Now, heres the strange thing. My guitar is detected via the pod xt live perfectly, but when i try to change a tuning the fret board works upside down. Eg. When i drop my lowest (6th string) To a D in order to make it a drop D tuning, it changes my highest string (The high E or 1st string) to a D. While the easy and obviously way to get over this is just find out how many frets to drop each string by. There is another issue. When i drop my highest string in the software (which is my lowest string in real life) The note doesnt transpose properly. I.e. it misses the note and buzzes and stuff like that. What is the problem. I'm pretty sure that if i fix my fretboard being upside down in the software, it'll fix the problem. P.S. I've reinstalled the firmwares and drives and tried the same thing on my laptop as well as desktop. PLEASE HELP! :( :( Thanks in advance.
  12. I love my JTV-69. However, I have felt like the E and B strings just don't sustain like they should. They sound fine, just don't sustain well. I've tried adding sustain with compression with a little success but still not right. I've also played with the height of the strings. If it helps, I ALWAYS use the VDI connection to a HD500x because of the ability to store guitar models in the patch. Any suggestions?
  13. I'd like to download a ukulele tone to my JT Variax 69. There aren't any so I thought I might try modifying a mandolin tone. Maybe it's just me or maybe it's the lack of organization of the material on this site, or just possibly one can't download new tones to a JT Variax. But if someone would let me know if it's possible and, if so, how it's done, I'd appreciate it. Also, I just looked at the software downloads and note that the Variax HD upgrade is not available. Did they take it off the shelf because it's that bad?
  14. Take a gander at these 4 tunes... All guitar work is mic'd through the DT50 using a JTV 69 and a Pod HD 500 All songs written and performed by yours truly on my Mac. I am learning how to use Logic Pro 9 and believe you me, there is a lot to learn! Baby Mama= * The chicken scratch guitar is the f hole Tele body with lip stick pickups through the Blackface pre on the hd * The guitar that doubles the horn is one of the hollow body guitars (sorry cant remember which one) with a single neck P-90 through a Gibtone * The Chunky guitar in the middle is a Gibson Lp with a classic pickup in the bridge through a Gibtone with a tube driver Cadillac= This one was fun! Lot of stuff going on so I'll stick to the highlights. * Intro is the Baritone Guitar through the Gibtone and tube screamer * All of the spacey guitar sounds are a sitar reverbed to the max through the vocoder * Clean rhythms are the JTV 69 mag pickups through the Blackface Pre. Though I think I went direct on this one (No DT) * I'll have to get back to you on the lead 'cause I can't remember * There are a lot of samples and crap going on, Its hard to remember what is what. Rooter Tooter = * Clean rhythms are the stock semi that came with the JTV 69 * Lead is the Gibtone and tube driver using the JTV Neck pickup * The outro bass and guitar doubling is the JTV Bridge pickup through the Dr Z and The Park * The picking at the end is through the Rickenbacher model using the blackface dbl. My Wife = * The clean is Rickenbacher model with lipstick pickups through a blackface dbl. * The lead is the JTV 69 Neck and middle (not at the same time) * I used the exp pedal to control the delay volume toward the end of the solo. see if you can hear it! I'm sure I left out a lot so if you have questions, Fire Away! Grab yourself some good headphones, Crank it up! I Love my Dream Rig!
  15. Situation: Bought a black JVT-59 on eBay. Workbench HD recognizes it as JVT-89. The guitar model dials do not correspond to the sounds coming out. Flash memory has been applied (though no lights flash red or otherwise) and no change. Models change in Workbench HD but do not stick. This may also be why the 2nd on 4th positions don't work (with push of tuning knob) as I understood they should. I am accessing through POD HD 500x (Dream Rig) and a MacBook Pro. 10' VDI cable from guitar>POD HD>Laptop I have followed all reset instructions, flash memory and have scoured this forum. Any help would be great.
  16. I was just checking out the videos on Youtube and I thought I heard the guy mention that my POD HD Pro could activate the Acoustic model on my Variax and redirect the output to a PA. Great video, but an explanation would be nice. If my POD HD is normally connected to a stereo Mesa amp, would it be possible to connect an acoustic amplifier also and have the output go to that amp instead of the Mesa when that particular patch is selected?
  17. Folks, here are a couple of videos to introduce you to Workbench HD: Introduction to Workbench HD Software for Variax Guitars Introduction to Workbench HD software for Variax Guitars (en Espanol)
  18. Hey guys, Check out this recording I did today using the HD500x, JTV-69, and Variax 700 bass with Addictive Drums 2. Tell me what you think. Thanks.
  19. So I'm currently playing through a Pod HD Pro. I was initially able to find some serviceable tones, but was honestly a tad bit discouraged. Then I found out about the "Input 1-Guitar Inputer 2-Variax" thing and holy lollipop, it worked like a charm. However, I stumbled across a thread from someone stating that using this method also lowers the volume. I tested his observation, and found it to be true. I don't quite remember the specifics, but I think it had to do with the Pod's pre-chain area being 2 mono signals rather than 1 stereo. So when you set input 2 to Variax, the Pod somewhat averages the Input 1 signal and Input 2 signal, and since Input 2 is essentially set to 0, the overall signal is reduced. Does anyone have any experience/insight on this matter? Is there a way to get the desired sound of "input 1-guitar input 2-variax" without having the drop in dB? thanks!
  20. Hi. I'm new to this (forum). Has anyone had any luck trying to get anything similar to a Gibson SG sound? Any tips? It seems to me that this is the only card missing from the deck. :ph34r:
  21. I've just completed my Dream Rig with the purchase of a shiny new L3m, no DT. I was playing around to get my patches to sound right when it occurred to me that there are a lot of you guys who have already gone through that pain and nailed their tones. I have looked through Customtone and a lot of the Dream Rig patches are to be used with a DT amp so are only of limited use. It would be great if there was a resource for us 'Stagesource Dream Riggers'- there is no apparent way to search for this type of thing in Customtone so how about sharing in this thread? I will get some of the patches I have tweaked on the thread when I get home from work. I'm currently on a (ahem) break......
  22. There has got to be a better way to plug in my HD500 and JTV 89 and edit. Yesterday I was in the studio and had some clicking issues when changing patches and I also wanted to write a DADGAD patch for my JTV. So when I got home... I started Monkey and had to update several things. I forget exactly what I needed to update, but it took a while. Then I needed to open Workbench. So I opened the program and realized that it doesn't work with JTV, (but I need to keep it because I still have a Variax 500.) So I opened Workbench HD. I can't find the JTV Interface and cords. I search for about fifteen minutes and it is where I looked the first time! Oh yeah, I have to have a 1/4 cord plugged in to the guitar jack. Oh no, my battery is dead. I have to charge it overnight... Today, battery charged and ready to go. Everything is plugged in. I open Workbench. It seems to be working so I do some edits and I get a message saying it can't send the preset to the guitar... I go to Line 6 Support and do a search for the exact words of the error message and nothing comes up. I do another search and I'm searching within my current results, so I back out and try it again in the forum, in the knowledge base... Nothing. Am I the only one having this problem? So I try the "Error Code." No luck. I put my problem in my own words and finally get a result that seems to apply that isn't in Japanese or German. The guys ultimate solution was sending his guitar back and getting a new one!? Somewhere in the responses someone mentions a JTV firmware update. I go back to Monkey to see if I have the most current firmware for the guitar. Now the interface is only showing one green light and one red light. I unplug. I plug. I remove the battery. I put the battery back. Somehow I get Monkey to find the guitar. But in the process I realize that I'm now installing the midi interface, which I don't need, and it is telling me I'll need to reboot the computer to complete the installation. Rebooted and read to check Monkey! I have 2.0, I need 2.1. Now Monkey isn't recognizing my guitar again. I unplug. I plug. I remove the battery. I put the battery back. Two green lights! I update the guitar! I go to Workbench HD and it works! ...Almost 24 hours later. "Elegant and user friendly, this is not," said Yoda. I don't even remember why I wanted the DADGAD patch and I'm too frustrated to play even if I could remember. Then end result is fine. I'm a big Line 6 fan. Nice guitar, great versatility, but there has to be a better way to integrate all these updates. I'll bet you Line 6 guys know I'm right and you probably wish it was better as well. I'll bet you'd have a lot more customers. $$$
  23. Hi, I purchased a JTV 69 from a shop (display model) the guy said the battery had run out so couldn't see the Variax mode. I already have a Variax 500 and so a flat battery didn't seem much of a problem. Since then I've charged the battery and on power up the Model selector knob and altered tuning knob flash red continuously . I've looked through manuals and online threads and appears simply pushing the model select knob should be enough but not matter what i try the flashing just continues. I've tried different power sources (DI box and batteries) and powering up with 1/4 inch while having model select knob pressed down and pickup selected in the middle but still no result. I will be contacting line 6 tomorrow but in the meantime has anyone got a solution or suggestions?
  24. Apologies in advance if this has been addressed before. I tried several keyword searches and did not find this discussed here. I use a different brand of floor multi-fx and amp modeler, because I almost always use two guitars during shows or church services; I appreciate the simplicity and repeatability of a single signal chain. I create "from scratch" presets for each guitar, then use "stomp box mode" to layer individual fx as needed. I recently bought a JTV-59, which I love. It has become my main electric. I'm intrigued by the added possibilities of connecting it to an HD500 or 500X using the Variax input. However, I prefer my "real" acoustic guitars over the Variax, so I still need to switch guitars. My question: can I use the multiple inputs of an HD500 or X to switch between guitars, without any additional outboard gear? Specifically, I want to connect the JTV to the Variax input, and an "analog" guitar to the Guitar input. When I activate a Variax preset, it would mute the Guitar input. When I activate an acoustic preset, it would mute the Variax. I would also need access to the tuner for either guitar, with the output muted while tuning. Does anyone know if this is possible? And is there a difference between the oriinal 500 and the 500X in this regard? I've read through the HD500 & X product info, Pilot Guides and Advanced Guides, but they all seem to assume that you only connect one guitar to the POD. There is almost no info about how to make effective use of the Pod's multiple inputs. Thanks, Rob
  25. I was just playing around with workbench and HD edit and I thought of something I think would be a cool idea. Add HD500(X)/JTV functionality of assigning controls to certain positions of the JTV's pickup selector. For example you could assign a distortion box to the bridge position of the JTV patch. When you switch from the neck pickup to the bridge pickup it automatically would turn on the distortion box. There are countless more examples you could use with this functionality, but I think this explains it. If anyone thinks it's a useful idea here's the link to the ideascale page.
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