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  1. I own a Blood Red JTV-89 and decided to go for the trem bar and bought a black JTV-89F, after using it a few times I realized I prefer the regular model. So I have a brand new JTV-89F for sale. Really, really new. Only a couple of lines on the back of the body made by my beltbuckle bu to one except you will see them. The price is 900 euros. It is located in paris, France. Thanks!
  2. Hi Folks, Before I begin with this, apologies for the long post. Cutting to the chase, I'm looking for some help... I expect there to be lots of schoolboy errors below and don’t really expect too many responses. I’m conscious this is really old tech and probably a lot of work, but I started this as a bit of fun to see what would happen with no expectations… Anyone who had been around the old forums for a while will probably have seen some mention of legacy Variax users wishing to make their variax fully wireless with POD X3/HD (I.e. wireless audio and patch changing). The functionality was introduced as an unofficial patch for the old Vettas but this was never released on the pods. Threads asking about the Wireless Variax/POD combination resulted in the confirmation that it would not be possible. In order to send patch changes, the POD required a physical connection to a Variax (There were suggestions that this was by design from the AES audio connection). Anyway, I started thinking about this and thought that if I connected my HD500 to an old set of 300 Variax guts that I had lying around, then split the RX+ wire (Patch change sent to Variax), it might work. So as as test, I created a cable to connect my guitar as per the following: I found the following information on the old forums regarding the Pinouts on the Variax cable on the old forums. 1 - GND 2 - PWR (7V) 3 - TX+ 4 - AES- 5 - AES+ 6 - TX- 7 - RX+ 8 - RX- Then used the above to connect as follows: The result was a success. When the guts were connected to the POD, the display shows a Variax connection (The guts). Then, when I changed patches on the POD, both the guts and the variax settings changed. So in some level of practice at least, the POD could indeed change patches on a remote variax. Using a second set of guts works around the AES limitation. Looking at the pages on Vettaville regarding the Wireless Vetta/Variax update, it suggested that the patch changes were controlled via MIDI and that a wireless midi system could be used: So I wanted to find a relatively cheap wireless midi system that was low powered. Ideally, The POD would power the sender and the Variax battery would power the receiver. I ended up finding this page about configuring an XBee to send and receive Wireless MIDI data: Once built, the receiver would be small enough to embed in a guitar (And possibly powered alongside the Variax), or modular so it could be connected to any other Variax... So I bought and built the XBee transceivers and then configured them to transmit at MIDI baud. Testing them confirmed that they were sending wireless data successfully to each other, and for the sender at least, it was powered successfully by the POD, so now I have the following: Note: If this were successful, I’d then simply replace the guitar cable with a wireless guitar system. You’ll see at this point that my transmitter wiring doesn’t match Vettaville’s PDF document. The reason for this is that when I wired as per the PDF, the Xbee didn’t transmit anything at all. However when I powered the XBee from Pins 1 and 2, the used PIN’s 7 and 8 (Rx+ and -) as MIDI data PINs, the XBee was at least sending data when I changed patches. It's at this point that my project and knowledge both break down. When I change a patch on the POD, I DO see wireless activity on the XBees, so I know that the POD is sending some kind of data through PIN 7. Unfortunately though, the Variax doesn't change it's patch... Something in the XBee MIDI circuit is modifying the signal in such a way that by the time it reaches the Variax, it's no longer valid. As soon as the signal enters the Optocoupler in the transmitter, any outputs from this, or the inverter or the XBee are not recognised by Pin 7 of the Variax, so no patch changes occur. I honestly think I could get this working if I had a better understanding of what the Midi circuit was doing to the signal on PIN 7 (Remember this single wire when connected to the guitar changes the patch no problem). If I could ensure that the signal received by the Variax from the receiver matched the signal send by the POD, I’m sure this would work. Here’s what I know: The voltage of PIN 7 from the POD sits between 2-3V. A direct connection to PIN 7 only on the guitar changes patches no problem. After the signal exits the Optocoupler in the transmitter, it’s around 0.2V and then it gets sent to the XBee. The signal from the receiver is also low, but after it hits the inverter, it jumps up to over 7V From what I gather, MIDI isn’t that voltage sensitive so I’m not sure if this is an issue, but I don’t know enough about it. So…. Questions… Is there anyone still on the forums who has successfully used the Vetta Wireless mod? Did you have to alter the wiring from Vettaville’s diagram or did it just work out of the box??? Otherwise, is there anyone here who knows a bit about electronics who could advise on where things may be falling down? Do you know what the Variax is expecting to receive from a current and voltage perspective? If so, could you advise on how I can alter the Transmitter/receiver circuits to suit? If anyone has built midi circuits, I’d love to see someone sanity check the above, especially the wiring of the Pin outs and ins. Thanks all, Mike
  3. Hello all, I am the owner of a new JTV69S in shoreline gold-very happy with it. However I cannot get it to show in Workbench HD, it appears to see the guitar, then starts to load the presets and after the first one it immediately gives the error as shown in the attached picture: One or more presets failed to load from the guitar. (Code 8000000a) Operation timed out. Curiously Workbench also shows it as a JTV59 which it isn't. I am connecting via the the supplied USB interface and both lights are on green, using the latest version of all relevant software. Guitar shows up in L6 Monkey just as "Tyler Variax" and is on the latest V2 HD firmware. Using an i5 iMac with OSX Mavericks loaded 10.9.1. The guitar itself seems to work fine on its own. Any clues? Thanks Pete
  4. With the great new firmware I have finally had a chance to play around with Workbench while connected to HD Edit and the JTV/POD/DT rig. Really happy with what can be done now. Finally realized what many had been saying about adjusting string volumes and it really helps to bring out string definition during play. However,I tried using the blending feature at the bottom left of Workbench and a strange problem has come up. No matter what model or mag combination I try, if I blend the mags in say to 50%, my D string sounds like it is actually a different model to the rest. For instance with Lester 1 and HB pup on my 69 - Play a scale up from the bottom E and it sounds fine on E and A, rich, warm, but as soon as I hit the D string it sounds like a Strat/single coil. G,B,E all back to the Lester/HB tone. Turn off the mags, it sounds Lester all the way up, turn off the models it sounds Lester all the way up, blend them together and D string quacks. Similar stiuation with other models and pup combinations too. it's not a big deal really, I don't plan on making use of this blending feature other than goofing off, but I would like to know if anyone else experiences anything similar. Other than that I am very happy with this latest update, I almost feel like I have a new guitar in my hands, it sounds that much better to me. The whole package has suddenly come to life.
  5. Hello everyone! I'm guitar player and I'd like to complain about the support of Line 6! I own an Line 6 JTV-59 and POD HD500.I bought the guitar because I saw many demos in YouTube and I really liked what I heard! At the time when I bought the guitar the latest firmware was 1.71 and I was amazed of the good sounding accoustic guitars (Exactly what I heard on YouTube)! I'd like to say,that I really love that guitar! For me JTV-59 is one of the best instruments now in the world,but...The guys from Line 6 decided to change the sound of the accoustic guitars in the next update of the firmware (I guess it was FW1.80 ) and that was a BIG problem for me!!! I really don't like the sound of the new accoustic guitars! There are a lot of people around the world who share my opinion too and there were at least 4-5 ideas in from guitar players who wanted to have the old sound of the accoustic guitars! Now I'm stuck on FW 1.71 because I can't and I don't want compromise with the sound and because of that I can't use a lot of the new futures on my guitar in conjunction with POD HD500! I wrote 2 or 3 tickets,on that issue,but the guys from support center said to write this as an idea in,so I did it,but as you can guess with no success! So I'd like to say to the guys from support center one "BIG Thanks" just keep screwing up your customers...! P.S. I forgot to say,that I've suggested the guys just to give to their customers to choose which guitars to install when they upgrade to the new FW,or just to choose for example to keep the guitars from FW 1.71 , but to upgrade only the latest functions!
  6. Ive recently bought a jtv-59 and was using it for jamming in my house run through an AC30 cc2x, as soon as I bought it I had it setup by a pro luthier I use and it played great, I don't think it had ever been updated so was running an earlier firmware, it sounded great, although some of the models were better than others. I really liked the tel, strat and lp. The mags are really nice on it too. I decided to update the variax and now the model volumes are all over the place, the LP model is a little quieter than the mags but the other electric guitar models are incredibly quiet, the acoustic models are about the same output as the mags, I cant see a way of balancing out and increasing the models to match the mags, everything seems to be at 100% in workbench, this has made the models unusable for me which kind of defeats the purpose of having a variax. can anyone help with this, I don't really want to go back, also the models sound a little thin and high endy, its a total pain having to constantly adjust the vox for each models tone and volume
  7. Does anyone know where you can get repairs done on a James Tyler Variax in the UK? preferably in Scotland? My pickup selector switch feels like its on its way out, feels like it doesnt quite latch securely in the down position even though it does stay, any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. Please tell me if there's wireless Variax cable transceiver to connect my JTV-59 and HD500X. If that's not happening, how far can I go with a ethercon Cat5E or 6 ? Thx, Mik
  9. I've recently been looking around to find an affordable JTV 69 in my area, and i came across some online sellers trading JTV 69 in a Shoreline Gold. which I love the color but given that the Line 6 Website doesn't show the 69 being available in the gold i'm a little sceptical as to whether these are legitimate or not. anyone able to help clear up the mystery? or is it just one of the many US custom colors?
  10. Hey everyone, Is there a way to connect to Variax Workbench HD only through the HD500 (without using the supplied USB-Variax Interface)? I've updated all firmware and drivers but can't seem to be able to get the Variax to sync with its editor via the Pod. Thanks for letting me know if this feature is available. Monty M.
  11. New to the Dream Rig setup, but so far love it. Found a cool way to get a direct out of the Pod HD and have a mic'd DT amp sent to the FOH via one line without any extra summing pre's, mixers, etc. Check it out. Routing Acoustic Output with Variax, POD HD500, and DT Amps There's also another option, if you're wanting to bypass the DT for acoustic presets and only run 1 line to your FOH while still using your mic'd DT.. 1.) Assign input 1 source to Variax, and assign audio output 1(left) to your DT50. 2.) Make sure your mixer is hard panned left and right in all patches you intend to use. 3.) Assign input 2 to your mic input. 4.) For electric patches, only use the top signal path for guitar effects, amps, etc. 5.) Run your mic line from your mic'd amp to the HD500 mic input, and adjust the input gain accordingly 6.) Run an XLR from the right output of your POD HD to your stage snake or mixer. 7.) If necessary, you can add EQ, Compression and other effects to the lower signal path to alter the mic'd amp's signal. 8.) For acoustic patches, route the variax to input 2, and only use the lower signal path. This does add a hint more latency for electric patches since you're processing the signal twice, but it's fairly neglegable and allows you more versatility to altering and saving your sound.
  12. Hi All, The proud owner of a JTV 89, I recently acquired a Variax 500 as well and have decided to paint the guitar. My question is thus: How do I remove the rotary push pull guitar model selector switch? Everything else seems pretty straight forward on this guitar, but I'm not sure how to remove that switch. The knob doesn't seem to lift off like "normal" control knobs do and the knurled top of the control knob seems too solid to just unscrew, thereby allowing me to remove the labeled part of the control knob and subsequently, being able to access the jam nuts for removal of the push/pull rotary pot from the body. Any help is appreciated. I've looked high and low on this topic and can't seem to find any information on how to remove these bad boys. Thanks so much.
  13. I'm having an issue with my JTV69 where the signal is clipping when I play it really hard. It's most noticeable on the 3rd and 4th strings. I noticed it when using the VDI cable and it seemed like using the 1/4" it wasn't happening. But I noticed that when the alternate tuning knob is enabled it's happening regardless of how the guitar is connected. I've tried it into multiple sources (HD500, regular amp, Guitar Rig), and I have a JTV59 that doesn't do this. So I've isolated it to a problem with the JTV69. So I dropped it off at the Guitar Center where I bought it, it's about 4 months old so should still be under warranty. I thought to check on Line 6's site today and noticed that Guitar Center isn't listed as a service center in my area. Their tech hasn't looked at it yet so they haven't contacted me one way or the other yet. I just don't want it to sit there for a few weeks to be told that they don't even do service work for JTV's. Anyway, that's a very long way to ask a short question: Does anyone know if Guitar Center can actually work on JTV's or should I have just contacted Line 6 directly?
  14. As above really. HD500x brandnew. Guitar old now. Not really used VDI till I bought HD500X. I have the Line 6 official vdi cable. Seems to cut out when I move a certain way. I have to jiggle the cable to get it to come back on. Got first gig with new band next week and now my sounds are reliant on HD500x but I can't even get through one song at rehearsal. So frustrating. Anyone else had this problem?
  15. Hi! I tried the Plex 2 tone described in Sean Halleys Blog (last minutes of the last video in the blog) where the Variax toneknob is controling the drive, treble and presence of the amp. It all works fine except that the toneknobs normal function is also activated wich really makes the tone unusable. Is there any way of cancelling that function? I have set my HD500X to lock the toneknob and as said, all the settings above works as they should so... Many regards! Olle
  16. I had a hard time with acoustic from the DT but I came up with a solution that seems to work well. This patch works amazing with my DT25 head, 2X12 sealed cab with Celestion V30s and it should work fine with any other DT setup. It may not be perfect but it works with all 5 acoustic models. This setup provides the clean, unprocessed guitar signal from the Variax straight to the DT power section without ANY amp sims... I put a flip top in channel A, centered the mixers and then mute channel A. You can use any amp model in channel A, it is just a placeholder. I use it for low DSP. We are not running through the flip top at all. We are only using it to "lock" the DT from switching to the amp in channel B and to control the physical topology. By placing no amp in channel B and muting channel A in the POD we effectively send the clean "unamped" acoustic guitar signal straight to the DT power section through channel B! I set the topology to III in HDEdit and it just gets that nice sort of resonance you would expect from an acoustic. We also have to change the input to Variax-Same to ensure that our signal is passed to channel B. You may have to turn up the mixer levels for volume matching and add an EQ for tone shaping. I use a reverb in the chain too. I also use this setup for synth tones through the DT. Place all your synth and FX blocks in the B path or the post mixer and you will get the pure synth without the amp coloring just like with a FRFR solution. Here is a link to a set list with a couple of variations of this concept... try it out and give me some feedback if you like the idea or not...
  17. So, my brand new HD500X came yesterday. I've already got a DT25 and a Variax 600. Hooked it up using the L6 Link and the Variax VDI Cable. Problem - the sounds cuts in and out. Tried it with a 'normal' guitar plugged in - no problems. Tried it with Variax plugged in - problem returns. Plugged Variax into my old X3L - no problems. Signal gets through ok and no problems with tone. So at this stage I'm thinking the problem is inside the HD500X. The VDI cable is ok because it works in the X3L, the L6 Link is ok, the rest of the HD500X is ok because the strat worked through it. Am I missing something here, or have I got a dodgy POD?
  18. Greetings! I am considering purchasing a used Variax 700. I have a POD HD Desktop and would like to ask a few questions for the experienced users: 1. The POD HD Desktop does not have a dedicated Variax line input, is the Variax 700 still compatible via the standard guitar input? 2. Do I have to purchase Variax Workbench or have to have link the Variax into a dedicated Variax line input to be able to use Variax Workbench Software? 3. What is a UXS Footswitch? Cheers!
  19. I just 'updated' my brand new, unmodified jtv69 to firmware 2.0. It's interesting that after three tries at updating the flash memory ending ending with the dreaded MIDI port error message, restarting Monkey displayed the flash memory as being v2.0...if it was...I haven't plugged it into an amp yet...(The models are all GONE!!!!) I started Workbench HD and it automatically began to download the models from the guitar. It replaced all of the named models in workbench with "????????????" with NO settings (pickups/bodies, etc) in Workbench. I restarted Workbench and the basic settings were all there until the download automatically began again... HOWEVER ALL OF THE MODELS ON MY GUITAR ARE GONE!!!!! What's happening???? WHAT CAN I DO??!?!?!?!?!?!? SOUNDS LIKE THE UPDATE TRASHED MY GUITAR, EH? (Attached File - restart Workbench, interrupted download after first model) I TRIED TO ROLLBACK THE GUITAR -- STILL NO DAMN MODELS PLAYING!!!! I DEMAND AN ANSWER OR THIS THING IS GOING BACK TO SWEETWATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Hello, brothers (and sisters) in Variax! :) I am not sure if this is the right forum branch to ask about it, but since I am the JTV user and the question is related, I'll give it a try! The question is: what would be a good tube amp to use with the JTV guitar mostly for the bedroom playing? Currently I have Roland Cube 40XL amp which suits me fine, but I always wanted to move on to the tube sound. I do not know if the difference is really significant or it is mostly the legend from the old times, but even Youtube videos show how different, vivid and rich the tube amps sound when played in "guitar straight to amp" chain. I went through the search engines to look for information and opinions differ from person to person which makes it pretty hard to understand for a person like me who has never played a tube amp before. From what I have understood, for a bedroom playing and recording straight into audio interface, even 5-10W should be more than enough. There are different brands, different tubes and so on, but what would be a good option to come along with the JTV guitar to showcase all of it's capabilities and beauty? If I could, I would get Line 6 amp, the part of the Dream Rig, but for the moment it is too expensive, so I have to look for something cheaper. In terms of sound, I would be happy to get something that could give me the VOX AC30 sound and some tones from the alternative rock of early and middle 90's, maybe even a bit grunge sound here and there. And would tube amps like Fender Greta or Crate V58 would be any good to get to know what a tube sound is? :D ;) Any advices, opinions and thoughts are welcome! -- Denis
  21. Hi! I have a simple question that I hope someone can answer for me. I just need a sanity check before sending my Pod HD Pro back to the store. The problem is that when I connect my jtv-89 to my Pod HD Pro using variax interface I get no power to the guitar. Using the battery with the guitar works fine and when I connect the guitar to a Pod X3 Pro (using variax interface), it also works fine. So, are there any special settings on the Pod HD that I need to set or something? I couldn't find any information regarding this in the manual but I just want to make sure I'm not missing something obvious. And yes, I've set input to variax. Thanks! / Mattias
  22. Hallo! I like to change my Variax's 700 the tuners to some locking one.Witch one to put, that they do NOT require new holes? Any help greatly appreciated.
  23. Hello, I am asking for a little help. I bought variax 600 two months ago. It was used but in perfect condition and everything was in working condition. Few days ago problem started. It begun to change sound by itself during the performance. The problem is even bigger. Its cahnging from normal tune (for example Les Paul sound) to different tuning (i guess from custom 2 category). The only thing i can do to solve this problem is to hit the tone change knob to the inside and it switchs back to original sound i was playing before it changed. Please help if anyone has same problem? My guitar is useless for live performance functioning in this way..
  24. If the jtv has 4 times better processor than the original variax, then why there is lag when I change pickups, even with a pre 2.0 f.w. update???
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