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  1. I've run into a frustrating limitation when using the tone knob to control parameters on the HD500. Setting it to lock the tone control doesn't do so completely. The HD500 firmware is 2.2 and the JTV firmware is 2.0. Here's an example I ran into: I have the tone knob set to control the amp drive control. At maximum knob value the gain is at 60% and at minimum knob value it goes to 100%. Tone knob lock is set to preset not global, but I've found this happens in both instances. When playing and turn the tone knob everything behaves as it should. However whenever I change pickup positions or banks on the JTV the tone is rolled off. Even if I turn the tone knob back up the tone stays rolled off, but the amp parameter is still affected. I have to run the tone knob back up to maximum and change pickup position or bank to get it to tone back to maximum. So what is happening is that whenever I change pickup positions or bank the guitar recalls the tone setting for where the physical knob is set. However I'm then unable to change the tone setting because the tone knob is locked. The only slight work around I've found is going into workbench and saving the tone knob position to 10 on each model. The problem here is that now when I change pickup position and/or bank the amp gain setting follows the preset saved value. So if I have the knob at minimum and the amp gain is at 100 when I change to another pick up position it goes back to 60. This is very frustrating! I don't mind if the HD500/JTV don't have the ability to work together like this, they didn't when I bought the HD500. But don't add a "feature" that only half way works. I've wasted the last hour trying to get this to work in the way it logically should. I can see no good reason for designing this feature to work this way. If this is just something I'm doing wrong PLEASE someone point out how I need to set it up and I will gladly recant my anger with Line 6 programmers. Thanks
  2. Had a patch that was boomy as hell with my JTV59 Variax into my POD HD500, regardless of the guitar model it seemed. The patch itself was a dual tone, comprised of a Bright Channel Plexi and Normal Channel Deluxe. A 63 Spring Reverb and Bias tremolo were pushed into both amps and a volume pedal at the beginning of the chain. I screwed with amp parameters til I was nearly frustrated, and then thought "EQ the signal in". So I put a studio EQ right after the volume pedal and adjusted down the low signal going in and Viola! Makes me wonder what else EQ can do for things elsewhere now...
  3. I have a Variax and an HD500 I play through a pair of Tech21 Power Engine 60s. There's no doubt that I can create a whole lot of great sounds using this setup. I also have a pair of, and soon a third Fender tube amps (DRRI, Vibro Champ and a PRRI soon), a bunch of high quality analog stomps and an MIA Strat and Tele that I simply love the sound of, often just guitar into amp truth be known. So after a year fairly involved with my POD, I realize that I kind of have to be in the mood to go to all the effort to create a patch because let's face it, it is an involved process. Just getting the amp "just so" takes long enough, and then you diddle about with effects and finally the guitar choice just to play one song in a semblance of a perfect tone for it. Now understand, I'm not complaining about having this kind of power at my disposal. It's very cool and when I AM in the mood, I often go "wow" at the end of that process. But there are other times I just want to PLAY, you know? Minimum of fuss and maximum of being in the moment of playing. Anyone else experience similar? My friends that I play with are all tube amp, stomp box traditional guitar types so they can't relate really, or maybe they can and just realized long ago to just play. Want say ye Line 6 Commune?
  4. Man, I didn't really think about the possibilities avaible with such a simple add on. Like having a volume swell and mix level on chorus readily available -- or a hundred other things I haven't even thought about yet. Gotta say that sometimes the simplest things can give you a big boost in creativity.
  5. I have had the HD500 for a year or so and have just added the JTV59P to my setup. I was wondering if anyone can suggest the best workflow for creating models in workbench (or loading patches found on the internet) and storing them in patches on the HD500 for selection from the floor when playing live.
  6. English: The POD HD500X does not have the ability to connect to the Variax Workbench software (v1.75 and older). Development for NON-HD Variax Workbench software has ceased meaning functionality with the POD HD500X will not be added. Please use another VDI-equipped device for Workbench 1.75 and older, as spelled out on the Variax Workbench release notes at Works with: James Tyler Variax POD HD Pro POD HD500 POD X3 Live POD X3 Pro PODxt Live Variax Variax 300/600 Variax Acoustic Variax USB Interface Vetta II Combo Vetta II Head Français: Le POD HD500X ne peut pas connecter au logiciel Variax Workbench. (Version 1.75 et ancien) On a cessé le développement de la version pas-HD de Variax Workbench que veut dire qu’on n’ajoutera pas une fonctionnalité avec le HD500X. Utilisez un autre appareil avec VDI pour Workbench 1.75 et ancien s’il vous plait. Deutsch: Das POD HD500X kann sich nicht mit der Variax Workbench Software (Version 1.75 oder älter) verbinden. Die Entwicklung für die nicht-HD Version von Variax Workbench wurde eingestellt was bedeutet, dass POD HD500X Unterstützung nicht hinzugefügt wird. Benutzen Sie bitte ein anderes Gerät mit VDI fïr Workbench 1.75 oder älter.
  7. We're looking at adding a couple DT-25's to our stage rig and are curious if it's possible to get good acoustic voicing through the DT-25's? Or, is the DT-25 pretty much just an electric guitar amp? We use JTV-59's and do acoustic and electric guitar voicing in the same set (currently run direct to FOH). Thanks in advance. GT
  8. So I am a relatively new Variax owner (JTV-59), and I like the guitar a lot. I also bought a new HD500X at the same time. I do like and use the JTV's acoustic models & alternate tunings, and I have read a number of posts on this forum saying that some people think certain acoustic models were better on the old variax acoustic 700. I recently found a used one for sale in my area, and although I should not even think about it right now, I can't help but think about buying it. I haven't had a chance to see it in person yet, and am just thinking about it now, but if I was to check it out & consider buying it, what things in particular, outside of general condition & playability, should I be checking for in a used variax? Any telltale signs that I should look for in a used instrument of this particular model? :unsure: I don't know if anything else is included with the guitar, like a case, or the power supply box at this point. I also don't know what kind of condition it's in except for what I can see in one fuzzy picture. I'll have to go see it in person to find out. The seller wants $350 for it. Any thoughts on buying a used variax 700 acoustic from anyone?? Thanks! B)
  9. I have a Variax 700 acoustic for sale. I've recently purchased a JTV, and while it's not quite as good for acoustic instruments as the 700 acoustic, I find that I'm not playing the acoustic as much. Here's a link to the ad: Thanks
  10. I have a JTV-69 that I purchased from Sweetwater on 8/18/13. I have another thread where I have described problems I am having with ghost notes in alternate tunings. I have to decide in the next few day whether or not I am going to: 1. Return the guitar - get a refund. 2. Swap out my guitar for another JTV. 3. Keep current guitar and wait for Line 6 to come up with a fix. Here is my question. Who out there has a JTV that they feel works perfectly? (both the models and especially the alternate tunings) Your feedback will help me with my decision. Also, if you want to chime in pro/con with your experiences with Line 6 support, that would be helpful - especially if I choose option #3. Thanks again! Steve
  11. Anyone heard of installing a kill switch on a JTV? I would think the easiest would be to tap into a lead on the magnetic pickups. But where to drill? Just wondered if anyone had done it successfully and beg them for tips.
  12. I've have a JTV-69 and a HD500 that are both about 2 years old. There seems to be some kind of bug this behavior is only when I'm using the VDI cable (doesn't happen with 1/4"). So often I will do this sequence of events: Turn the volume down on the JTV-69 Press and hold the "Tap" button on the HD-500 to switch to the tuner Turn the volume up on the JTV-69 Tune the guitar Turn the volume down on the jtv-69 Press the "Tap" button on the HD-500 to leave tuner mode bump the strings, make a lot of noise, because for some reason my guitar is up 100% even though the knob is set to 0. turn the tuner slightly back up and down to 0. Now it is actually set to 0 Please note that this happens on patches that have no variax settings configured (I.e. tuning, volume/tone settings, models, etc. and the tuner is set to mute on my HD500 at all times. Can anyone else confirm this is a bug? If so is there away to submit it to L6? It's annoying as crap, because even though I'm aware of this behavior. I get burned by it. I'm usually playing at an event and will be tuning while there is someone speaking, or while something else is going on, and a random guitar noise is pretty annoying for everyone else involved. Thanks!
  13. i'm really upset with line6, after changing a piezo, spending time and money i found why sometimes i cant ear the sound of a cord. as you can see from pic1 there is an almost fully cut between letters A and N of the word BANDO from the other side you can in pic2 what line6 did, instead of changing the part (that i think it cost about 0.20$), they made this: thank you line6!
  14. Ater using the HD upgrades for a couple weeks now, I am generally very happy with the improvements in sound. However, I do find that the Semi models lack the mid-range punch of a semi-hollow guitar like the 335. I do not remember how the earlier firmware sounded like but I do not recall not liking the models before. I feel that now the bridge pickup version of the Semi sounds better than the neck pickup. FYI, I am using same amps before and after the HD upgrade. Anyone has similar observation?
  15. "Paul Hindmarsh from Line 6 shows us how the Line6 L2t Loudspeakers can be used alongside the POD HD500 to create an amazingly versatile setup that can be used in variety of scenarios" This Video was the Reason I upgraded my setup to include a L2t, I wanted to be able to get the amazing electric guitar sounds from my HD500X and the Amazing Variax Acoustic sounds in one single setup, I do own a DT25 Which I love but I have never figured out how to get a decent Variax acoustic sound to the FOH Mixer. Now that I have this setup, I have issues and questions to make it sound right. My main concern here is to find an answer or best advise on how to send a signal to the FOH Mixer for both the Electric Guitar Sounds and the Variax Acoustic Sounds. In a real life situation ( Live Setting ) When I connect the HD500X to the L2t via L6 Link, the default behavior HD500 to "Combo" and L2t to "Electric Guitar". - I am sure this is for a Reason. On that Video, Paul talks about programing both units for the desired sound behavior, for example: - He was using the L2t as an Electric Guitar mode and when changing to acoustic the L2t would reconfigure to Acoustic Guitar Mode. - I wonder what would be the ideal Output mode on the HD500 for this.. One thing that confuses me the most, he was MIKING the L2t!!.. So, This is telling me that there is not an easy way to get the best of both signals ( Electric & Variax Acoustic ) from the XLR outs of the HD500.. My questions is How can I Realisticaly use this setup in a Live situation and get the best of both worlds? I know I have already posted about this topic but I must be persistent and be able to figure something out based on the opinions and advise of what I think are some of the finest knowledgeable users and experts. Please Help.
  16. Haven't gotten the chance to play around too much with the new firmware, but so far I really like it! I thought I'd post a quick clip I made last night: I thought the Strat sounded so good it made me dust off some SRV licks and play some blues :) I was running the Strat neck pickup into a HD500 straight into an audio interface. I was using the Dr. Z model with no external processing. Overall impression of the update was that the models were way more dynamic and lively. I even noticed that on the acoustics. I know they had already gotten the HD upgrade in a previous firmware, and it could be my imagination, but even they seemed to have a much wider dynamic range than before. I'm digging it, especially for a free update!
  17. Deutsch Français Workbench HD is the companion editor for the James Tyler Variax HD firmware update. The all-new Variax Workbench HD software lets you mix and match body styles, pickups, components and more to create unique instruments or revered classics. Thanks to a variety of customer-requested features, you have even more control when tweaking existing HD instruments or creating new ones from scratch. Think of it like your own personal custom shop for James Tyler Variax. Workbench HD is available as a download from the Line 6 Download page or the Line 6 Monkey update utility software. Workbench HD works with all James Tyler Variax guitars with Variax HD Flash Memory 2.0 or greater. The Variax Workbench HD installer and Variax Workbench HD software provide instructions for setting up your computer, Variax, and the included hardware and software. Please run the installer or the Variax Workbench HD software to view those instructions. You need to be connected to the Internet to perform this installation. ***The James Tyler Variax must be connected to your computer via the Workbench VDI to USB interface in order to use Workbench HD. Known issues: - Workbench HD does not support computer connections via POD HD devices. You must use the Workbench VDI to USB interface only. Variax Workbench HD: Versionshinweise: Workbench HD ist der Begleiteditor für das James Tyler Variax HD Frimware Update. Die vollkommen neue Variax Workbench HD Software erlaubt Ihnen das Mischen und Anpassen von Body Styles, Pickups, Components und mehr um einzigartige Instrumente oder verehrten Klassiker zu erstellen. Dank der Vielfalt an neuen, von Benutzern gewünschten Eigenschaften haben Sie sogar noch mehr Kontrolle beim optimieren von bereits existierenden oder entwerfen neuer HD Instrumenten. Sehen Sie es als Ihren eigenen kleinen Custom Shop für James Tyler Variax. Workbench HD ist erhältlich als Download von der Line 6 Download-Seite oder per Line 6 Monkey. Workbench HD funktionniert mit allen JTV Gitarren mit Variax HD Flash Memory 2.0 oder neuer. Das Variax Workbench HD Installationsprogramm und dies isntalleirte Software an sich bieten Anweisungen dazu, wie Sie Ihren Computer, die Gitarre und dazugehörige Hardware und Software konfigurieren müssen. Starten Sie einfach das Installationsprogramm um diese Informationen zu erhalten. Sie müssen eine Internetverbindung haben um die Installation durchführen zu können. Achtung, die JTV Gitarre muss an den Computer via Workbench VDI zu USB Schnittstelle angeschlossen sein damit Sie Workbench HD nutzen können. Bekannte Fehler: Workbench HD unterstützt keine Computerverbindungen via POD HD Geräte. Sie müssen die Workbench VDI zu USB Schnittstelle dazu benutzen. Variax Workbench HD: Notes de version: Workbench HD est l'éditeur compagnon pour la mise à jour du firmware James Tyler Variax HD. Le nouveau logiciel Variax Workbench HD vous permet de mélanger et assortir des Body Styles, Pickups, Components et plus pour créer des instruments uniques ou classiques révérés. Grâce à une variété de fonctionnalités demandées par les clients, vous avez encore plus de contrôle lorsque l'ajustement des instruments existants HD ou lorsque vous créez des nouveaux. Pensez-y comme votre propre boutique personnelle James Tyler Variax. Workbench HD est disponible comme téléchargement sur le site web des téléchargements de Line 6 ou via le logiciel Line 6 Monkey. Workbench HD fonctionne avec tous les guitares James Tyler Variax avec Flash Memory 2.0 ou plus nouveau. Le programme d'installation de Variax Workbench HD et le logiciel Variax Workbench HD fournissent des instructions concernant le setup de votre ordinateur, la Variax et le logiciel et hardware inclus. Démarrez le programme d'installation du Workbench HD pour voir ces instructions. Vous devez être connecté à l'internet pour effectuer l'installation. Attention, la guitare James Tyler Variax doit être connectée à l'ordinateur via l'interface Workbench VDI à USB pour utiliser Workbench HD. Problèmes connus: Workbench HD ne soutien pas les connexions ordinateurs via appareils POD HD. Vous devez utiliser l'interface Workbench VDI à USB uniquement.
  18. Over on the Ideas page I posted this; A possible solution to expand existing units and provide us with all the functionality we are requesting. Please contribute any ideas you have for such a device. Think as big as you like!
  19. Hi, since the old forum post is now locked ( I want to share these videos again to be able to answer some questions you might have. So, here's 2 videos I made with my JTV-69:
  20. Hi guys, I'm a little confused about the bridge color of the JTV. I found several pictures with 'chrome' or 'black' bridges, but I can't find the difference in the models. Even on the model description page there are different colors: I prefer the black bridge. If it's a model update, that would be perfect :-) Thank you for your help.
  21. The LINE6 L3TM SPEAKER BAG arrived today. I like to share some pictures with you and discuss a feature for these bags. Overall the bag looks solid enough to handle the L3t speaker wherever I play. But sadly somebody at Line6 missed to design a feature I did expect to come along with the bag: A lot of musicians play HD Pods with the L3t speakers because it´s a great sounding and very flexible combination to play live with. -- > Bass/Guitar->HD POD->L6->L3t --> :-)) When I ordered the bag I did expect that you can open the front of the bag when playing a gig or jamming someplace as well as the top of the bag. Why? Because you don't have to unpack the L3t speaker when plugging in your HD500 (via L6 Link Cable). But as you can see on the photos: You can`t open the front. And you can´t customize the bag because you then have to destroy the the speaker protection material that is inside the bag. Flip your screen an take a look at the photos. Maybe you see what I am trying to say: Will Line6 change this / add this feature if only enough of us are asking for this?
  22. Is it just my JTV-59 or does the open tuning function work less well on the JTV than on the old Variax 300? When I retune a model by more than a couple of frets it sounds like the original untuned note is breaking through into the amplified sound (this is through the amp, not just the odd effect you get from hearing the guitar acoustically). The untuned note is relatively quiet but it gives an almost twelve string effect and makes it unusable. The same thing happens with the baritone model. I still have a 300 so compared it - and that definitely does not have the problem. I don't know if this is a fault or something that everyone's experiencing. Any thoughts?
  23. I have a JTV-89 and POD HD 500. Since I do a lot of cover music I am looking for specific sounds - like AC/DC "Shook Me All Night" guitar sound, and Bon Jovi "Livin on a Prayer", etc.. I know I can create these, and I have done a few, but is there a library out there (or can we start one) to share???
  24. While not technically a post about the JTV, this post exists because I bought a JTV :) I'm selling my acoustic 700 if anyone is in the market for one. I'm located in NC. Here's a link to the ad: Thanks
  25. I just bought a JTV-89 to use with my Pod HD500 - I updated all the software on the Pod and Guitar and It is a great rig. I use the VDI cable because I want the guitar setting to be controlled by the Pod HD500. I send a MIDI Program change from my sequencer and it sets up not only the Pod HD500 but the guitar also. I just hate the cord. I know I can use a guitar wireless rig thru the 1/4" analog output and get the sounds from the guitar but I do not get the control of the settings like you do with the VDI cable. It is soooo easy to save a new Pod HD500 Program with all the Variax settings and when you start your new song on the sequencer, you don't have to touch any controls on the guitar. Any plans on wireless VDI???? Also, a while back I wrote to see if you could use the MIDI CC 7 (volume control) on the Pod HD500 and that was not implemented yet. Does anybody know if that has now been implemented? I would like to control the master volume of the Pod HD500 from the sequencer sending MIDI control signals. Thanks, Joebar23
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