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  1. Hey! First post here. Been using a Helix for my full live rig for about 6 months. I run it Danelectro > Helix > EHX mag 44 > 2 x 12 cab. (As well as running it as a vocal comp and preamp) That being said, I’d love to get more out of the variax side of the Helix. It’s obvious to me that i can’t convert the dano in to variax which has led me into seriously considering picking up a JT variax. My question is, if there was a point that i wanted to convert the JT to a baritone using a Warmoth 28†inch neck, would that effect or even possibly damage the digital components of the variax system. Thanks again, Zane
  2. Well recently in another discussion I ran across an Idea to help eleviate some of the sympathetic resonance that occurs with the variax guitar.Link here (quite amplified do to the Full Range of the Variax and HD500 capability's). I expanded on his Idea and chose to add vibration relief on the Bridge also. (there are pictures showing what I did on the other discussion). I wanted to express my extreme satisfaction in the results I am getting. Over the last few days of practice I am amazed at the sound quality of the modeling. (greatly improved I think from the lack of sound artifacts being modeled along with what I was playing). Also the quality of the alternative tunings I used to never use the 12 string models cause I thought they sounded terrible at times especially tuned down. Now they sound phenomenal no warble sounds, just true to what I was playing. I am not kidding I sat for about an hour going through the different models and tunings amazed at how great they sounded. ( the last time I was ever impressed by a piece of gear was about 16 years ago I bought a 5150 combo and fell in love with tube distortion, just loved the sound of it.) made me enjoy playing. I am hoping that others try this technique and have the same results (Truely I do).. Thanks for Others in these forums that have always been helpful for me...
  3. Hi All Ok So i am losing my mind trying to get Helix and Variax JTV 69 working. I installed a brand new Windows 10 install and no matter what always get 'The connected Variax is not compatible with Workbench HD. You must use a James Tylers Variax version 2.0 or higher' so I go and disconnect the Variax completely and get the exact same error so it appears that really the message is bogus. I have the supplied VDI cable and have tried several CAT 5 and Cat 5 E cables still always get the same error. Does any know exactly why this doesnt work? Does having Line 6 POD HD 500 installed as well as helix cause this? I did not try uninstalling Line 6 monkey but did disconnect the line 6 POD 500. I just cant figure out how this doesnt work and why my system only FYI Line 6 Support says they have no idea and it 'should work;! Here is my Black Friday recording with 2.30 firmware help help
  4. Is Variax being discontinued? There are heavy discounts on the JVT-69s at Musician Friends and they say that model is going away. Does any one know if Variax is dead, being revised, or if something new is coming?
  5. Recorded Live on Recorded using Helix 2.30 and Variax Last session for 2017!. Hear this epic rocks from beginning to end, non stop action, Hear it in 96k! SuperMassiveMomentum is a live performance improvisational group that plays live over the internet from 2000 miles apart. Hear how three musicians come together to create an epic adventure in Guitar, Bass and Drum progressive coolness! Session: Three Players Distance 2000 miles apart Latency Reported 29 mS Streaming at 512 kbps (stereo) Frame size 1 mS using experimental settings in jamkazam Mastered at 96k
  6. After upgrading to Helix 2.30, Workbench will not recognize my JTV-89.
  7. Hiya, Can we hope having at some point Variax collaborations with some other guitar brands ? or some kind of custom shop line6 to adapt existing guitars with variax system. I would buy a real fender "variaxed" or a Chapman one for exemple... The actual range of variax choice isn't attracting to me yet. The variax sounds and concept though , I really like. cheers Olivier
  8. Hello all, I am tweaking patches for a church gig today, and find one of them needs the volume lowered to be leveled with the other songs in the set. I am using my HD500 through a DT25, with a JTV 69. On the HD500, I move the volume control to the level I want, noting that the "notch" on the LED shows the old position. I click "Save" twice to save the settings. I then can see that the notch has moved to the correct place. super. However, when I switch to another patch, then back, the notch (and volume level) have moved back to the original location. Why can't I save over the patch? Any ideas/suggestions? Anyone else having this trouble? Dave
  9. SOLVED ! Greetings, I have a jtv 89f 2.22 updated and plugged with a variax cable in a HELIX 2.21 updated, just when I plugged it, the sound apear to be realy low and increase slowly by it self ... the only solution to fix the volume is to block it in the helix ... does any one have this problem ? See the video â–º
  10. HELP!!! I have a Variax 700 bass with VDI cable, it does not work with HD500x pod or pod XT live bass. Connecting to the XT Live pod freezes the screen. Until the cable is unplugged, it will restart. With the HD500x pod, I connect a regular RJ45 cable and work for a while but then the HD500X pod restarts. The VDI cable works well with JTV59 variax Can anybody help me?
  11. I love the ability to let the preset change the Variax Model. But once you've stepped on this path, there is no turning back. Meaning: To get to know all the guitars I play all for some time with all my presets; turning the knob on the guitar itself. When I now force a preset to use Lester-1, I cannot go back to the guitar where the knob is currently on, unless I explicitly tell other presets to force the one I'm currently on, or turn the knob back and forth again. I get that "Don't force" shouldn't change a thing on the guitar. The wording is clear here. "Don't touch it at all, no matter what" Though, (at least my) general expectation is "Don't force = go back to the position where the knob is". Once a guitar model is forced, there is no going back; Search brought me only one other thread with a similar issue, but I still don't understand how this all works. How do you guys deal with this? And if there is no way to achieve "only force the model in this one preset, all other presets force back to the model where the knob is": What do you guys think about a new parameter value named "Force to Knob" / "Back to Knob". Thanks
  12. I purchased a JTV-69 Variax about two years ago. Recently, the pickups are not working when the modeling isn't engaged. Has anyone else experienced this issue? It was reassuring to know that I had the option to switch between using the pickups or modeling.
  13. Hey, all— I love my new JTV59, and use it for almost all of my gigs. However, last night I played an outdoor gig where the heat index was about 104F, and the modeling wouldn't even turn on. I had charged the battery just prior to the gig, and checked it before I left the house (full charge). When I say "the modeling wouldn't turn on", I mean I got exactly the same results that I would get as if the battery was dead or not in the chamber. I checked the battery level indicator, and it briefly flashed 3 LEDs, but it went off a lot quicker than it usually does. Generally speaking, those LEDs stay on for about two seconds, and last night they only stayed on for about a half second. I pulled and reseated the battery four times, but no change. Got through the gig just fine with the mag pups, but I missed having the alternate tuning functions :( Took it home, plugged it in this morning to check it, and everything works just fine today. So it's either the battery doesn't function when it's too warm, or the electronics fail when it's too warm. Any ideas?
  14. After about six months of hovering over the "Add to cart" button at, I've finally ordered a Helix and should have it tomorrow. I've been entirely software based since moving on from my old Pod XT Live some years ago, but I still have my small family of Variaxes: an original 500, an Acoustic 700, and a 705 bass. The acoustic probably sees the most use these days because as much of a pain as it is to wire up the PSU/DI box with the TRS cable, it's still less hassle than micing up my Larivee when I just want to put down a scratch track. Anyway, I've had a dig through the forums, and I haven't really found a definitive answer on this: To what extent are these guitars compatible with the Helix? To be clear, I'm not overly concerned about controlling the guitars from the Helix - or vice versa - but I'd hope to be able to at least power the guitars via the VDI input and send audio. I'll happily tweak settings manually on the guitars themselves, and I don't intend on getting into any deep editing, so I'm okay not having Workbench. Thanks!
  15. I just bought the Helix and I'm loving it. In fact, I've been having so much fun with it I forgot I had a variax, I pulled out the Variax and I can make changes on the guitar but the software is not connecting. Has anybody else seen this problem that has a solution? Before you answer please know that I have the Helix set up for "Multi - Guitar, Aux, Variax" -Ron
  16. Has anyone run up against this issue?... I lost my Variax USB Interface Device and contacted Line 6. Was told they do not sell the device directly, and gave me links to dealer sites. All dealer sites are selling the Interface Device ONLY along with the Workbench software... for a "mere" $100. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!!? Come on Line 6, you make a wonderful product, but this is ridiculous! Anyone else run in to this or similar issue? Anyone know where I can buy just the USB Interface Device... FOR A REASONABLE PRICE??
  17. How does one go about making the connection between the names of the sounds assigned to the variax various settings and helix seeing them correctly. When I try to assign a specific sound to a patch, all I see are what I assumed default variax settings and nothing specific to the Shuriken or even anything I create on the workbench.
  18. Sorry for the clickbait-title but it is true! Never understood why the slots are so restricted and there is no playground-area which could be used to try custom models. Please give your vote to this idea :)
  19. My variax standard came with the Strat type bridge flat against the body. Is it ok to set it up for floating, as I'm using Floyd Rose on my other guitars, with my playing style I use a lot of pull ups on my trem?
  20. Hi All Losing my mind here..Helix and Workbench HD, Variax JTV 69 cant get them talking... -2.21 Helix installed. Line 6 Monkey will see JTV-69 (1.74) and flashed it with 2.22 Flash memory. I run Workbench HD 2.13 and I get an error, 'The connected Variax is not compatible with Workbench HD. You must use a James Tylers Variax version 2.0 or higher.' If I disabled MIDI in Helix (Global-MIDI-MIDI to USB on) I only get a blank scan dialog and no Variax is seen. I went nuts trying to get this working and even installed the old Variax Workbench connected VDI to my HD 500 and it was seen as expected. I am using the VDI barel plug ethernet cable. I even tried a normal Ethernet cable and that connected to Helix just fine (I guess its the correct pin out) but in no case have i been able to get Variax and Helix + Workbench working together. Workbench HD just inst seeing Variax through Helix. What the heck am I doing wrong?? Is the Variax JTV-69 (blue) not really supported with Workbench HD? Anyone out there who knows whats going on please let me know. Windows 7.
  21. Hi, Now that my beloved Variax 500 is working again (thank you Line 6!!), I'm looking to connect it to Workbench and adjust some of the guitars and pickups. I no longer have the old USB interface, but i do have a Helix LT. Question - can a legacy item like the Variax use the Helix LT as an interface with the older Workbench (As I don't think the Workbench HD would work with my older guitar) thanks in advance!
  22. Thought I would share my cable that I built to replace the cheap one provided with my JVT 89 Guitar. I got the Neutrik connectors from Parts Express part # 092-181. The cool thing about these connectors is that they can be installed on existing RJ-45 cables. The actual cable came from listed under "Aurum Cables - Cat5e Network Ethernet Cable (75 Feet - Red Braided)". I shortened it to 25 ft by cutting it and adding an RJ-45 connector. Total cost was about $30.00. It is much better than the supplied cable and works great.
  23. Greetings, I'm wondering if anyone has used the Variax/HD500 (and maybe DT) to simulate an On-Board Effects Loop. The purpose of an OBEL is to bring the post-effects sound back into the guitar in order to keep the effects sound consistent and not subject to the output volume of the guitar. Put another way, when you typically turn the volume on your axe down, the lower output cleans up the signal from the effects. Using an OBEL means this won't happen, and the volume now controls the output, post effects. An OBEL was famously used by Jerry Garcia. Here's a good explanation of OBEL: On the Variax, you can use the HD 500 to assign the guitar volume control to operate the amp volume rather than the guitar pickup output (when using modeled pickups). I think this would achieve the same effect: the output of the Variax to the effects remains constant, but the post-effect output volume varies. Has anyone here used this method to achieve a similar result?
  24. Hi. Can someone please verify the behavior of the chosen input-type of a patch. I have a traditional e-guitar, a Variax 600 and a JTV-59 and I have recognised a strange behavior, I would like to understand. For every type of listed guitar I have a setlist with similar patches and every setlist contains patches where the input-type (guitar, variax, variax mags) is chosen on the level of the preset (not global). I thought this would be necessary to get the different guitar-types to work. Today I recognised that I was playing in a wrong setlist on my POD HD500 (backup-device, no X) using a VDI-cable. This was my main setlist where I have selected "Variax Mags" as the on and only input (2. is the unused "Aux"). So I wondered why there ever was a tone and I could switch models too? So I like to ask if there is a fallback logic which I can count on, so I can reduce the needed setlists to a minimum. I recognised that "Variax Mags" allows a fallback to "Variax". But what about playing with Input "Variax Mags" and storing a chosen model and/or tune when playing my JTV? Does the stored state overwrite the chosen input-type on a preset-base? And is there the possibility to fallback to "guitar" if I play a "Variax" or "Variax Mags" preset too? Unfortunately I am not able to test this by myself because I have left my POD HD500x and my two other guitars at rehearsal and just have my POD HD500 and my V600 in reach for the next week. I always play VDI-cables on both Variax. Thank you in advance, Sascha
  25. I know this is a legacy product, but any insight would be super appreciated. I have a Variax 500 that used to work just fine, but recently stopped producing any sound. For the record, I'm strictly running off batteries at this point but this Variax did use to also work fine with a Pod XT using the variax cable. When I noticed initially the 500 wasn't working, all I got was occasional weird wooshing, spacey sounds, but absolutely no guitar sounds. I checked all the connections, made sure the batteries are fresh, and now I get no sound whatsoever. It doesn't matter where the knobs and switches are, there's just no sound coming out of this guitar. The online research I've done points to "maybe" the bridge cable being bad (it looked fine when I looked at it), but is there anything else I can try and fix to get my 500 working again? thanks!
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