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  1. Very poor from Line6. it's a year meanwhile since my last wish for a Variax as a Lefthand... they bring out new stuff en masse, Firehawk, Firehawk 1500, Helix, but what can i do, i still can't use the best of it, the handling with a lefthanded variax... so, i start ebay next weekend and sell the whole gear... 2 piece of DT25, HD500, and perhaps the Firehawk FX.... very poor strategy of Line6...
  2. I have a Variax 500. Being lefthanded, getting a newer Variax isn't possible. But I look at all the new Variax's available, and I'm jealous of the fact that they don't require the VDI cable to power the guitar. They have rechargeable lithium ion batteries. I realize the battery housing is different, but in theory, is there any reason why a new Variax power supply couldn't somehow be retrofitted into a Variax 500?
  3. I've downloaded the spank 2 preset from a message in this forum (thanks, Derek32999!), and I see the 89 high-gain guitars have been posted for 59 and 69 users. Is anyone hosting a place for Workbench HD files while we wait for Customtone to feature a Variax section?
  4. Hi folks, I have just got into the X3 live world (OK, behind the time curve - forgive me!) and got myself a Variax guitar as well. I'm really keen to find my way to tones other people have made on by the type of tone it is, rather than by reference to a particular guitarist or song. Is there a forum where people discuss / recommend tones? If not - can anyone at least get me started with any suggestions for:- - A good general purpose tone for accoustic simulations on the Variax. Just a nice accoustic amp / EQ, maybe a good reverb. Not adverse to a drop of chorus, but like a fairly natural sound if possible. - A good general purpose crunch tone for 60s rock type sounds. Thanks for reading.... Very happy with my new purchases. Major upgrade from my old Korg AX1500 and a Squier strat. They've served me well, but nice to have a new and better quality overall sound as I'm getting into home recording and the AX1500 was a bit 'not-great' in the amp modelling stakes.
  5. Can the firehawk 1500 amps do all the orange amps because I just need one amp for gigging. All my orange amps are heavy to bring around so can the firehawk 1500 do that.
  6. I have an issue with excessive hum and the jtv59. I'm running guitar via VDI cable into a HD500. I'm using the magnetic pickups and the modelling at the same time and using a panner to switch between them. For example: Acoustic jmodels and panning into a heavy magnetic-based tone. I'm running XLR right out to a EV monitor on stage and XLR left out to board. I'm getting a horrible hum now. It has happened before but seems to have gotten worse. I switched inputs in the presets in the pod to just the variax (right before the gig in a panic) and the buzz is gone. Trying to brainstorm causes and solutions. The hum sounds like a typical ground loop. I've tried the ground lift on the pod and it seems to have no effect. This venue has bad power (as does a lot of places we play). Getting a few furman SS-6B filtering power strips that may help. I could just run to the board and the send guitar back to wedge. Thought about getting the pyle PHE400. Thought that is maybe a grounding issue in the JTV. If this was a normal guitar, I would gut it and foil and ground the pickup cavity. I'm a little hesitant to dig into it but will likely crack it open soon and take a look. I saw the pickup diagram that is flowing around. Afterthought: I don't know if switching to the magnetics would bring hum back. That would be a great test. Any help would be most appreciated.
  7. Hi. I just received my new Variax JTV 69 and when I connect it to the Helix, I only get the magnetic pickups. Is it necessary for the battery to be charged and installed in the Variax? Can it be a malfunction? I will continue to do tests, but I think it is not normal. :(
  8. I have had major issues with my JTV 69 staying in tune. It will not stay in tune for more then a few minutes (usually goes sharp). I have a replacement neck from Warmoth (that I love -- all maple Vortex with stainless frets). I had a guitar tech look at it and he recommended a Super-Vee Mag-Lok. I think this has addressed the tuning issue, but I hate the way it makes the trem feel. It's difficult to use it subtly (it would work okay for dive-bombs, but I am more of a Bigsby type player). Is this a common issue with this variax? I have also replaced the pups with Lace Sensor Rainbow pack and also love the mag sound now. I really want to stay with the variax, should I sell it and buy a new one? Do I need a USA version? note: Using Nanoweb 10's
  9. Hi. Just in case anyone like to have models of JTV-59' magnetic-pickups, here is my first try. This gives you the possibility to switch to custom-tunings with the sound of your mags. Of course the tone-results may differ from guitar to guitar, but with my '59 I am 95 % there. 2017-01-01 content of the ZIP-file are three presets, no bank or bundle HAPPY NEW YEAR :)
  11. I thought this might be of interest to any Variax owners out there!
  12. Hello, I have a somewhat special question. I use the POD HD500X with a 4 cable method over a tube amp (ie no modeling) and a Strat. For some songs, I use the Variax with sitar and acoustic guitar sounds. These sounds should of course not go through the amp, but with some effects directly into the mixer. Question: How do I have to configure the POD so that the Strat signal will only go through the Amp (not the Mixer) and the Acoustic Sounds into the mixer (not the amp)? Somewhere I've read something, with a configuration of the two channels left and right, but does not know how that goes ... I would be very glad if someone could help me here. Thanks and Regards Martin
  13. Hello All, I've tried researching this topic myself but to no avail so I humbly come to the forum asking for help. I recently purchased a Line 6 Variax Standard (white) about 10 days ago. Three days ago, I finally got some time to explore the guitar. That's when I noticed that most of the alternate tunings when played through multiple amplifiers / heads give this horrible, screechy, octave, feedback when played. Standard works fine. Open G ("Blues G") works alright, except for the A string. Anything else, even 1/2 step down is unplayable. I really don't want to return the guitar as, when it comes to the model and playablity, I love it. What I've Done So Far 1. Downloaded Line 6 Monkey and reinstalled all firmware updates 2. Downloaded the workbench Are there any other patches / installations that can fix this, or is it a hardware issue that I will not be able to fix by myself? Overall, I think the guitar is awesome, but I can't look past the alternate tuning not work...even though I will, 99.9% of the time, play in standard. Any help is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Mike
  14. Hi everyone. I am new here. New Variax Standard does not work. Out of the box I played guitar for 40 - 60 minutes and then suddenly stopped, the silence :(. I checked the batteries = OK, I checked the cables = OK. Knobs shine :). Progam Worckbench recognizes and responds to the guitar. Magnetic Pickup = OK guitar playing. what can I do ? can you help me somehow? Adam p.s sorry for my English. Greetings from Poland
  15. I am interested in hacking an old Pod (or whatever) to provide a simple 1U (or smaller) unit that can be midi controlled. Basically it's a way to build my Variax VDI Idea so I don't have to wait for Line 6. What is the smallest / most hackible Variax controller that can work with my JTV and output both mags + model? Can you order just a mainboard from Line 6? This would be just for controlling the models and providing both feeds as inputs to another system.
  16. I have had a JTV-69 for almost three years and have a somewhat love hate relationship. I use it a bunch to play with bands because of its versatility but am not the biggest fan of its play-ability. I have a fleet of various other guitars and I have to admit I am more a Les Paul or PRS Custom 24 fan. I love the Strat sound but not the biggest fan of its neck feel. I also love my Ibanez shredding guitars but play a different style of music. The JTV-69 doesn't give me higher register access and I just don't get a great feel for the neck. My question is -> is it worthwhile picking up a JTV-89F for its play-ability, neck feel and upper register access? I know it will have the same modeled sounds but it mags will be completely different but I use the guitar mostly for the modeled sounds anyway...
  17. Hi fellow variax freaks, I have a conundrum, and wonder if anyone may be in a position to help out in return for some unwanted piezos from Variax 300 and 600 - see piezo details below. *** I enquired at a local (Australian) Line 6 distributor regarding buying a jackplate assembly for a newly purchased second hand vaxplant, which has the original variax 300 jackplate assembly, (which requires surgical precision to get the little rubber boot provided to cover the RJ45 connection), and I figure since I already have two other vaxplants, I may as well buy two, so I have a spare. I already bought two, (around three years ago), for less than $30AUD each, though as it turned out, (legacy version no longer available), they were the bass versions, which are interchangable with the 300-700 series (with a little chisel handiwork). See link.. Yesterday, the local supplier quoted me $100 each, and they would be for the JTV69 model version - apparently also interchangable....(?) So, I'm a little old fashioned, in so much as I'm not really that interested in lining people's pockets in arbitrary ways, such as this kind of price hike would suggest is occurring, and it would appear I can't order from Full Compass, cos I don't reside in the requisite 50-odd states.... So, it brings me to this random, weirdo request for someone who may may fancy some 2nd hand L R Baggs piezos (14 in total - (new RRP circa $13US each - ), worth around a hunjee in anyone's terms, in exchange for acquiring a couple of the jackplate assemblies, and sending them to me in Australia. I'm happy to despatch first, via registered post, and send you an email showing tracking information. In fact, I have other hardware, eg unused variax 300/600 bits I could throw into the equation also, just to inspire some mutually satisfying trans-global weirdness. ***I upgraded to Ghosts while doing transplants, and have unwanted (but still fully functioning when removed), L R Baggs piezos - a total of 14, including 2 brand new, unused, that I bought as spares. I initially thought that two piezos were failing in a second hand 300 that I bought, and upon installing the new graphtechs, while I did a transplant, the problem disappeared for a short while, but soon returned. The first E and B piezos take some time (15 minutes) to wake up, after the variax is plugged in. They then become fully operational, and because the same problem still exists, it must be a problem with the PCB, not the piezos. I get around it, by plugging it in, while I continue my setup at a gig, and as such is a non-issue. Yours, in weirdness, Ian.
  18. Thanks for viewing my Post. Heres my issue with as much detail as I can possibly Muster. I have started this specific thread because I am connected only to a MAC computer (compatible SierraOS) I DO NOT have a POD, or any other connected device and only seem to find threads with issues to connect to other devices or threads that get derailed / go nowhere. Trying very hard to be Patient as the Guitar plays like a Dream just doesn't Model ;) Here we Go: 1. I have a New JTV59 with the Included Battery, Charger and USB interface (VDI?) and accompanying "ethernet" cable, Pilots Handbook, Allan wrenches etc... 2. I have Charged the Battery Fully (Over twelve hours with slow red blink on charger) 3. I have 4 Green LEDs on the back that stay on for 3 seconds and disappear when the Battery is placed into the Guitar. 4. I have Sound working with Magnetic Pickups only (like any regular guitar would) through 1/4" jack 5. I have Monkey Recognizing the USB interface 6. I have Installed the Latest versions Monkey and Workbench HD (as monkey prompted me to) 6. I have the 1/4 inch Jack and VDI "Ethernet" Cable attached to the Guitar Despite attempting all the different suggestions on this Forum 1. I do not have any LEDs lighting under the Modeling or Alt-Tuning Knobs 2. The Four Green LEDs on the Back flash a few times when pressing the little Circular switch then turn off 3. Monkey Does not recognize the Guitar 4. WorkBench HD does not recognize the Guitar 5. USB interface Is Green (computer side) and Flashing Red (Guitar Side) 5. I do not hear any "Relay Click" when the 1/4" standard guitar cable is connected (With or Without VDI connected) 6. I have no Modeling sound whether through an amp connected to 1/4" I have tried adding pieces of Paper to the inside of the Modeling Knob (Which 1/100 times will "Click" when pressed down) I have tried Switching the "Tone Switch" to Position 3 and 5 with Modeling knob in position Custom 1 I have tried to wear the battery down a bit and reseat it numerous times. I have tried to check the internal Contacts of the Battery Case with a multimeter and see expected voltages being provided by the Battery. The three contacts from battery to case are firmly seated. I Have tried using a different "Ethernet" Cable (This is the last thing I've tried) I am in Mexico for two months and do not have the ability to simply return the Guitar for a replacement. Happy to provide any further information / Photos / Video!!! Truly Hoping someone on this Forum can help a Guy out! :D Much Appreciated :D
  19. I know people took issue with the odd look of the first gen Variax models (what with the missing pickups and all that), but hear me out: I think the next generation of Variax guitars should go back to that look again. I feel like putting the technology into a normally-functioning guitar that can operate independently of said modeling technology turns it into an afterthought and risks making it seem like a gimmick. The Variax should embrace it's strangeness and just be what it is, a guitar that accurately models other guitars digitally while being something completely new to the music world. Furthermore, I believe that the Variax models themselves shouldn't physically be modeled after famous guitars, such as the James Tyler take on the Les Paul and the Standard's take on the Strat: doing so can cause a bit of a cognitive dissonance with the player, because you're looking down and playing something that looks like a Strat but sounds like a Les Paul and it almost feels wrong at times. The 700 model, with it's PRS-like vibe, was the most logical design of all of the models we've ever seen because it wasn't a ubiquitous design associated with a specific sound, and the Variax guitar absolutely deserves to be a guitar of it's own.
  20. Hello, I'm absolutely new to the POD HD500X and Variax JTV69s. No matter if i plug the guitar in with the Variax Digital Input (VDI) or the 1/4" guitar Input and listen in headphones from the POD it sounds really bad. All dist sounds are razor sharp digitally and unpleasant and not very much difference when switching sounds either, only more or less dist and bass/treble. I'm not 100% sure if my output is Studio/Direct (have to check that tonight) but everything is default as i i just bought the POD. Maybe i should change the JTV69s to a regular JTV69 or 89 instead? I tried connecting it to computer with USB and it sounded just as bad and i also got 1/2 sec delay on everything (headphones in the POD). Would it be better to connect the POD analogue out to an external soundcard like the PreSonus Audiobox iTwo or Scarlett 2i2 and use external monitors for listening? I'm living in an apartment so i can't use a real amp/speaker. Thanks
  21. Hi. I switched from Variax 600 to JTV-59 TSB and find some problems for which I hope somebody can enlighten me. Using input 1 "Variax Mags" and input 2 "Variax" seems to lift the signal, so I have chosen "Aux" on second input path. Same on all patches which are using the modeling exclusively (bank 2). I use just one centered path, so path B is muted at all. But there are questions appearing... is "Aux" the best choise for a deaktivated signal-path? what happens in case 2 when I play 1/4 and batteries are weak? Is there still a mags-fallback, even if the second input is deactivated? My first bank is optimized for the mags. My 2nd bank is optimized for modeling. Both banks are configurated path-wise as described above... ...but why is the modeling-knob on the JTV enlighted, when I chosse patch C and D in my 1st bank? They seem to be configurated the same way as A and B :wacko: In my 2nd bank it is patch B where the light is off :unsure: :wacko: :blink: I am really confused at the moment :mellow: This behavior can be reproduced with or without USB/HD Edit connection.
  22. This summer i baught a variax guitar (variax standard). I love the accoustic presets and have a lot of fun messing about in my homestudio, but lately ive seen tons of vids on youtube etc.. where people use the workbench to sorta make new guitars, tweaqes etc.. And i would LOVE to try that. Once i got the guitar i installed both the workbench and the linemonkey, but havnt tried any of them until today, and i cant get it to work :( So i was hoping someone could tell me what im doing wrong.. My set up is: The guitar is plugged into my "focusrite solo" with a standard electric guitar cable, the focusrite is plugged into my computer via USB. I have the guitar "on" with the lights glowing on model and tuning and fully charged battery. *I doubleclick the variax workbench symbol on my desktop and get a grey thingy that pops up and says "MIDI port error, the midi port you have selected could not be opened"- I dont think i have selected a midi port, but maybe my settings elsewhere is wrong, in my DAW i use the "Focusrite ASIO" (simply because it works well on my guitars, mics and even my midi-keyboard so maybe that is something? I then click "configure" and up comes a handful of drawings of guitars with an "X" and next to it it says " Microsoft GS wavetable synth" on OUT and "No device detected" next to the ones that doesnt say "variax". I have also downloaded and installed the USB driver called "Variax USB Interface Driver v1.0.7.2 Installer.exe". But things remain the same..Am i missing something? I had hoped it would pop right up after my guitar was plugged in and turned on.. Thanks in advance RobertAllan
  23. Just picked up a helix this weekend and so far I'm loving it! First order of business was to recreate my main patch that I've been using for years on my HD500X. It's based on a Dr. Z model and I've been really happy tone wise. Quite honestly it was the additional features, routing, options, etc that drew me to Helix. I wasn't unhappy with my tone at all. So anyway I built the patch in Helix and thought it would be fun to A/B them. Here's a link to it on Soundcloud. Dr.Z amp and cab, some reverb, delay, and a couple of tube screamers. I'll take a few guesses on which is which before I say what's what, just for fun :) Technical bits: Used a Variax via the VDI. Captured the dry signal via USB and reamped, so it's the same performance for both tracks.
  24. I know - there were some threads dealing with that. But I would like to talk this up again in a more moderate way :P I am still owner of the 'old' dreamrig: JTV (Variax) --> POD HD (500) --> DT amp. POD HD is connected to computer via USB. This signal chain and workflow is really amazing! I can edit edit every part of the chain via PC and hear the 'final result' at once without regulary interrupting (annoying plugging / unplugging) the signal flow (no USB interface needed for editing Variax models). So, please :wub: (guess what...) :rolleyes: I know, it's on the Helix checking off list (as DI called it). To me, it'll be a wonderful christmas present - so this is on my 'Helix wish list' this year!
  25. I'm a newb....just got my JTV 69 this week, so I hope this is just a stupid mistake on my part; I'm unable to access guitar models on positions 2 and 4 of my 5-way selector switch! I know according to the manual I should be able to access them on all positions. I'm able to assign models to those positions in work bench but on the guitar, when I switch to those positions, I still hear model 1 on 2, and model 3 on 4. Anybody have a clue what this is all about?
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