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  1. Did an open mic night and used JTV Variax>Helix>FOH, except for a Digitech Jamman Stereo for playing backing tracks. It went great and was totally happy with my tone!! Totally hassle free :)
  2. Looking to repaint my 700 when I get it in a couple of months, and I found a site that offers amazing prices if you ship it to them: the only catch is they want you to send it to them the guitar body with no hardware or electronics. Which wouldn't raise concern if I wasn't a complete novice with guitar disassembly/modding, but alas XD Now I'm not expecting guitar disassembly/reassembly to be rocket science, but just how difficult and risky is it to go through with a procedure like this? Don't want to wreck my Variax just to change the color here, being a guitar tech noobie with a modeling guitar and all.
  3. I love my JTV-89F. It's one of the best guitars I ever had. But, IMO, EMG active pickups are the best. I use EMG 81 and 85 and they sound great. So I decided to install those in my Variax JTV-89F. After searching the Internet I could not find any source of reliable information regarding this topic. So I decided to share my experience. I made a video documenting the process. You can find it on Youtube. !!! WARNING !!! If you do this, you'll void your guitar warranty. After installation all the Variax models are working perfectly. Also tuning and custom tuning. Issue #1: The EMG pickups do not allow to split coils and the Variax uses a 5 way switch. While in magnetic pickups mode, position 2 produces the same sound as position 1. And position 4 the same sound as position 5. 1 = Bridge 2 = Bridge 3 = Bridge + Neck 4 = Neck 5 = Neck When you activate the modeling mode, all the positions continue to be independent, as in stock mag pickups. Issue #2: When the active pickups are powered, the volume control acts almost as an on-off switch. At 1/5 of a knob turn you start to hear sound already at almost 80% gain. Bellow 1/5 of a turn, no sound at all. Issue #3: Tone knob seems to produce no noticeable effect. That's it. To me, now I have a perfect guitar. I don't use much the tone knob, and I can control volume with my volume pedal.
  4. Hi interwebs. Weird issue with my JTV-69. With the battery charged (the green indicator lights confirm it is), when i plug in a standard guitar cable, the models do not function. The passive pickups are fine but when I try to engage the models...nothing. If I plug in the VDI cable through my HD500, they engage and work fine and I can toggle between models and passive pickups. So with VDI still connected, I tried plugging in the 1/4 inch cable at the same time and then unplug the VDI and presto...the models stay working and functioning. So basically, in order to get the models mode working, I need to give it a boost by plugging into the POD via the VDI. The battery is fine as I swapped it into my JYV-59 and the models worked as they are supposed to with just a 1/4 inch plugged in. Anyone experienced this? Any fixes? Thanks!
  5. Just got my Helix, plugged in my variax via the VTI cable (or whatever its called) and nothing. The inputs are set correctly. It works fine on my POD HD500X. I can play the variax with 1/4 inch and battery but not with the ethernet cable. Tried a factory reset and all firmware on JTV 59 and Helix is up to date. Help
  6. Doing some tests I found out the audio with the VDI cable is just awful. With the regular pickups it sounds bright as hell, and at a lesser level it will dull the variax models. Using a regular cable makes the Variax experience much better IMO, witch is frustrating, because I got the Variax with the Helix because I wanted to be able to change my Variax settings through Helix, as well as the benefit of not having to worry about the battery. Is there a work around or am I stuck?
  7. Working up an instrumental version of Little Wing to perform for an upcoming open mic night. Thought I'd lay down a version for practice and see how it's coming along. First few sections I play like the SRV version and then deviate. A lot of improv so I never play a "perfect" version, but it is what it is :) Signal chain was JTV Variax Strat neck position pickup into Line 6 Helix recorded directly over USB into Ableton Live. No processing done in Ableton whatsoever. I'd love to hear any feedback.
  8. I want a preset to always be saved with the Preset Variax Model set to Don't Force, even after using the Variax guitar's controls to change the Variax model. I usually test preset changes with several Variax models, but I don't want the Variax model saved with the preset. I am using a Variax guitar and Variax cable with a Helix preset that has the Input, Per Preset, Variax Settings all set to Don't Force and the Global Variax settings all set to Don't Force. Using the Variax guitar's controls to change the Variax model also changes the Helix Input, Per Preset, Preset Variax Model to the same model. Then when I save the preset, the Per Peset Variax model is saved with it, and any time I load that preset, the Variax guitar is forced by the Helix to use that Variax model. I don't want this; I want the preset to always be saved with the Preset Variax Model set to Don't Force, even after using the Variax guitar's controls to change the Variax model. My work-around is to change the Preset Variax Model back to Don't Force every time I save a preset, but that is very tedious when I'm saving often. Is there a way to make the Helix always saving the Preset Variax Model as Don't Force after using the Variax guitar's controls to change the Variax model? Thanks. P.S. I love the Helix! Great job, Line 6, and thanks for an excellent support forum and for continuing development even though you are probably already working on the successor to the Helix that we'll see five years from now.
  9. I am looking to use a one of the Helix footswitch to call a certain guitar model stored in my JTV Variax? Thanks.
  10. Hello, I just purchased and received my first Variax (Standard) Sunburst. First of all, it's a beautiful guitar and plays very well and feels great. I bought this guitar because I really needed a guitar that I could take to a gig and have so many different guitar types and tuning available like I'm sure many of you are thinking alike. Well, I was getting to know my new guitar absolutely stoked out. It played good for about 3o minute then it made a quick screeching sound and I just shrugged it off as it is working with some complex modeling systems and I kept playing. Well, maybe 10 to 15 minutes later this large airy noises started coming out of the guitar. When I turn the modeling system off and just use the regular SSS (Single-coil) system it fine but every time I push down on the modeling pot to on that guitar modeling system it starts that airy sound again. It's pretty loud and something I can't get by with. I also notice the 4th string (D string) is quite softer then the rest. I guess a new set of strings and setup might help with that but I'm totally bummed out with the noise problem. Please anyone of you can help me please let me know. I'm thinking that this could be a common situation but not sure. Much aloha from Hawaii and mahalo (Thank You) in advance.
  11. Hey all - I recently picked up a JTV-59 and love it. I run it into my POD HD500 and Marshall JCM900 using the 4 cable method. For any of the modeled presets it sounds great. I run these into the effects return on the Marshall.. Before the JTV, I ran some presets through the "front" of the amp using the FX loop block in the HD500 and the 4 cable method. Now with the JTV running into the HD500 through the variax input/VDI, I get serious feedback when I try to engage the dirty channel. Basically the FX loop doesn't work. I tried to a/b the output from the HD500 (one to effects return on amp, one to front of amp) and only the effects return works. Anybody have this problem? I want to run the JTV through VDI to control models and supply power. But want to option to bypass HD500 amp models and go into front of Marshall for the dirty channel tone. Advice much appreciated. steve
  12. I run a HD500x and a L3t I record with it and it is my main amp... I have Four Electrics I play my ESP and my new Epiphone Silverburst Custom Les Paul mainly... However I have a cool Epiphone ES339 Ultra with Acoustic pickups and a USB port and a G&L Asat Bluesboy Semi hollow which is cool but collecting dust... The local guitar center has a Sunburst JTV69 with the humbucker and a Cherry burst 89.... After dealing with them and for a while they for some reason lowered the price on them and they are willing to go STRAIGHT ACROSS for the ES339 and the G&L for either one of the Variax... What do you think?
  13. I have an "open box" JTV-69 on the way, but it doesn't include the USB interface. Does anyone know if this version work with it?
  14. Personally, I have a Variax 59 JT , and when plugged it in HD500 by RJ45 cable could use it without the drums and playing normal, now of nothing if euconectar it only by cable RJ45 , she just connects Variax more no sound no to work must connect another cable p10 to output the sound , and yet she is having a hiss , something that previously had not when he called simulations , someone knows what might have happened? thank you
  15. When I tweak a Helix preset, it automatically loads the current Variax model when I save the preset. This did not happen with the HD500. The Variax model is not saved with the Helix preset Am I doing something wrong, or can this not be changed? When I want to use several different variax guitar models with a Helix amp model, I don't want the Helix to save the currently loaded one.
  16. For those who, like me, want to memorized all the possible Variax HD models/presets available. Enjoy!
  17. Hey I now have MY dream rig (at least for now). Helix, Variax JTV and decent set of studio monitors. I would like some suggestions for cool ideas to integrate Helix with Variax. question, -when using Variax with Helix: a)should I be using both cables (VDI and 1/4")? and sending both inputs simultaneously to my effects loop? b)should I be able to VDI to my Helix and my Helix to my computer to recognize the Variax (I think that works for POD) Please shoot me your Helix/Variax integration ideas! Thanks!
  18. In the November issue of Premier Guitar there is an article about Tone and Volume Pots and Capacitors and the effects of modifying them; essential information for anybody wanting to get into tweaking their Variax using Workbench:
  19. Hello, Im interested in seeing if anyone else is having these problems. I've seen some older posts but no answers. I have a couple of variax guitars, a 300 and a 700 that have worked flawlessly for years. When I upgraded workbench (I had to for OS 10.8 mac) I went in and edited some alternate tunings on both guitars. Now both guitars are sounding ghost notes (I'm hearing the altered pitch and the regular string). I am absolutely positive that I am not hearing the strings from the guitar itself as I cranked it through headphones and also recorded direct. I contacted Line6 but have not heard back (it's been a few days). They said they had to research and get back with me. In the meantime they told me to re-flash one of the variax. This didn't solve the problem. It seems to me that it is a software issue as both guitars started mis-behaving only after editing with the upgraded workbench. I tried to open an older workbench but it freezes up. Has anyone else had this problem. Any fixes? Thanks! Variax 300 Variax 700 throughh pod xt live Mac intel OS 10.8.5
  20. Variable patch change with vdi does not seem to work, i.e. changing patches on Helix has no effect on Variable patch. I set the patch I want but my JTV doesn't change. Perhaps I am doing something wrong. I saw some traffic about this being part of the update but could be wrong. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  21. so i just bought a new variax standard to use with my pod hd500. everything seems to be working fine other than i can't save any guitar models to the presets on the pod. for example, if i wanted to change from a lester on one patch then switch to acoustic on another. the tunings change, the knobs can be assigned to certain effects, but for some reason, i can't change the guitar models. any idea why this might be? thanks!
  22. I have a HD500x. Just brought home a Variax Acoustic 700 Natural. It appears you cannot use workbench with this combination. Workbench version 1.75 - No support for HD500X It doesn't look like anyone cares about fixing this because they've brought out the wonderful: Workbench HD - No Support for Variax Acoustic Am I missing something or is this combo just not gonna work. It seems Workbench 1.75 came out 3 years ago so I'm guessing it's safe to assume there's no upgrade in the works. Seems a Line 6 but can't keep up with buying the very latest of each piece of gear just to be sure they're compatible. Fortunately haven't had to pay for this Variax Acoustic yet and not likely I will keep it as I haven't really managed to find the right sound yet and was really hoping the workbench might help me with that.
  23. I discovered something quite disturbing this week. In order to put stomp box pedals in front of the HD500, I was testing my Variax JT69US and HD500 by plugging in both the VDI and 1/4" cables to the guitar and setting the HD500 to accept only the GUITAR input. The result was an electronic sounding noise bed so loud, it was unbearable. This happened with both the Mags and Variax PUs. Unplugging the VDI connection and operating on just the battery works fine with no noise. There's obviously electrical interference causing this issue. Has anyone else experienced this or can reproduce it on their rig? Any Line 6 techs have an explanation and/or fix for it?
  24. My JTV-69 has developed a serious noise issue when playing with mags. I was getting a lot of noise with mags and it seemed to vary depending on where my hands were, where I had the guitar positioned, like it was totally intermittent. Last night I finally isolated the problem. It only happens if any part of my picking hand touches the humbucker pickup trim ring. No issues touching anything else, bridge, knobs, trem, all good. But while I am playing, if my pinkie resting on the pickguard touches the trim ring or my palm on the other side of the strings, I get a loud hum with static. This only happens when I turn off the modeling. Modeling on, no noise ever. Modeling off, it happens every time I touch the trim ring. I am connected by VDI to my HD500, with a fully charged battery. Any suggestions on where to begin with this?
  25. Just got done refinishing one of my 500s with nitrocellulose purchased from Guitar Re-Ranch. This is Fender "sea foam green". The pick guard is from Chandler. Not finished yet. Still need to c-sink the pick guard screws but you get the drift. Prepping another body now that is going to be TV Yellow with the original black pearl pick guard.
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