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  1. Hello, Im interested in seeing if anyone else is having these problems. I've seen some older posts but no answers. I have a couple of variax guitars, a 300 and a 700 that have worked flawlessly for years. When I upgraded workbench (I had to for OS 10.8 mac) I went in and edited some alternate tunings on both guitars. Now both guitars are sounding ghost notes (I'm hearing the altered pitch and the regular string). I am absolutely positive that I am not hearing the strings from the guitar itself as I cranked it through headphones and also recorded direct. I contacted Line6 but have not heard back (it's been a few days). They said they had to research and get back with me. In the meantime they told me to re-flash one of the variax. This didn't solve the problem. It seems to me that it is a software issue as both guitars started mis-behaving only after editing with the upgraded workbench. I tried to open an older workbench but it freezes up. Has anyone else had this problem. Any fixes? Thanks! Variax 300 Variax 700 throughh pod xt live Mac intel OS 10.8.5
  2. Hi interwebs. Weird issue with my JTV-69. With the battery charged (the green indicator lights confirm it is), when i plug in a standard guitar cable, the models do not function. The passive pickups are fine but when I try to engage the models...nothing. If I plug in the VDI cable through my HD500, they engage and work fine and I can toggle between models and passive pickups. So with VDI still connected, I tried plugging in the 1/4 inch cable at the same time and then unplug the VDI and presto...the models stay working and functioning. So basically, in order to get the models mode working, I need to give it a boost by plugging into the POD via the VDI. The battery is fine as I swapped it into my JYV-59 and the models worked as they are supposed to with just a 1/4 inch plugged in. Anyone experienced this? Any fixes? Thanks!
  3. Helix Rack Noob again. Still in my learning curve, and I'm reading a lot about the advantages a Variax brings to the equation. I've never been exposed to one, but I have had several guitar synths, so I have a general idea about what synthetic guitar sounds like. My question for those who use a Variax: how is the latency? In a Roland COSM device, analog to MIDI has more latency, but the COSM modelling is virtually free of any delay. If the same thing is true of the Variax, I can foresee one in my future. Of most interest is the ability to change tunings without latency or audio artifacts Your thoughts? Thanks in advance for any information you can provide. This is a great community, full of smart people. Lots of good information being exchanged here.
  4. I went to use my Variax with my Helix today and it didn't work. It happened before and I'm not sure wh. First I checked if another car 5 cable worked. I tried a guitar cable along with the Variax cable. It connected. To see if the cable was providing power I took out the battery and I was able to select instruments on the Variax. So the cable is powering it, but not transmitting signal. I have a JTV-69S and Helix floor. I suspect one or the other may need a reset or something. Any suggestions welcome.
  5. I have managed to get a really good sound with my JTV-89 and PODxt Live. It took hours and hours of research and testing to get that awful "Tin" or "Highly compressed" palm muting sound to go away. Once I got rid of that; I must say that I am HIGHLY pleased with this guitar! My only real complaint at this time is that as soon as I plug in the VDI cable, my sound goes right back to crap :( ...Is there any possible way to be able to match the resistance of the VDI to a real guitar cable? Is there any way that this could be implemented in the firmware or Workbench? I want so bad to be able to use this guitar live with my POD so that I can switch guitar models. At this time it is totally unusable that way. Any ideas?
  6. I have a JTV 69 made in Korea and when I use a Variax cable with Helix or HD 500 it changes the sound of the magnetic pickups. Sounds to me like a bit of piezo quack. When I use a guitar cable the pickups sound natural. I'd like to be able to use the variax cable but I'd also like to be able to use the magnetic pickups. Has anyone else run into this?
  7. Where can I buy a James Tyler Variax 89f? I am not able to find a store in Europe that sells it.
  8. The Helix and the Variax are a powerful combination. I know I can change the tuning of each individual string and volume of each string for each preset. I'd like to add a bass octave to the E string, but *only* the E string. In theory I'd like to take the bottom track and use it exclusively for modeling the lowest string to add a bass effect and then the top track for everything else. However, it doesn't seem that this is possible. I was wondering if any of you knew how I could maybe achieve that?
  9. I have a helix and a variax. I want to use snapshots so there won't be audio ramp-up when you switch presets. I want a Strat sound on Snapshot 1 and a Banjo on Snapshot2, for example, but it appears that inputs can not be changed between snapshots on a preset. Is there a way to alternate variax tones (under input) between a given preset's snapshots? I'm looking at using two separate paths in a preset, but am not sure how to select paths in a snapshot.
  10. Hi I have bought a used Onyx Limited Edition, but I have got no papers. Is there any SW method to see the serial number? Perhaps looking at some window in a menu of Workbench. Is there any physical place of the guitar where is printed the serial number? Thanks! Regards Pablo
  11. Hi, got my first variax standard yesterday and blown away with the models. Not so with the Alt tuning which does not play isolated Alt tuning notes but a blend of original and Alt note/s. I’ve tried thru a helix lt and direct to amp (quilter tone block frfr) and on daw monitoring and it’s the same. However the recorded sound in the last instance was just the Alt notes. What’s going on? I ran monkey and can see, and have updated workbench and the supplied vdi-usb interface but monkey does not see the guitar as a device so no info on firmware or opportunity to flash etc. However, Workbench does download and update the presets to the variax and I have set custom presets with my 1/2step down setups but the same effect. The model/mags balance is set to 100% model for sure in all these examples. the only oddity I recall when unpacking was the model select knob fell off and had to be pushed back on but seems to do its job. Any advice please as I don’t want to give up on it just yet as I had high hopes.
  12. While searching the internet for Variax related information I came across this tutorial on advanced editing in Workbench relating to tone. I am not sure if it has been shared here before, but I didn't find it doing a quick search of the forums. The information may be useful to other Variax users so I thought I would share it. If you are interested in resonant frequencies etc. and how to set the capacitor value and pot values this is a good resource. Thanks to the original creator. The only reference to go on is WB Tutorial 6 290107.pdf
  13. So I recently got a Variax limited and have been using it for a few weeks now, today I go to plug it in and there’s nothing. So I check the battery and found that it wasn’t charged so I charged it, I come back and try it and still nothing. The magnetics work but the modelling doesn’t, I tried with a battery and 1/4 cable, I tried with a battery and a variax cable, and without a battery and a variax cable, still none of the modelling works, and the magnetics don’t work through the variax cable like usual, basically everything variax has stopped working. I’ve never had this happen and the instrument is still new, I don’t remember anything weird happening, as far as I remember I played it last night just fine with the modelling. What can I do to try and fix this and what can I do to try and diagnose the problem? thanks so much in advance! to note: workbench hd is also not recognising the guitar.
  14. Hey guys, I have a JTV variax but I have no USB interface to change it's parameters, and I have no other interface (POD, helix, etc.). The interface by iytself is 150$ here, which is absurd. Would this cable make the Workbench HD see my JTV and allow me to update firmware/upload patches and change params? Thanks!
  15. Hi everyone. I have an Helix Floor and I use to connect my JTV69 on it directly by VDI and record on Logic Pro. sometimes I would like to record or play without my Helix Floor but just With Helix Native and my Variax. The question is : how to connect the Variax by VDI without the Helix Floor ? thank you.
  16. hello everybody, i have variax 600 guitar and i can't find a way to connect with mac os mojave software , can't find varaix workbench or workbench HD , what can i do .. kindly if anyone can help me for this lollipopen lollipop .... Or I will sell it
  17. Hey guys, I have a Variax JTV but I don't have the USB interface in order to use it with the Workbench. If you have a Variax USB and don't need it anymore because you have the Helix or another unit that interfaces with the Variax, I would appreciate if you would be willing to donate it or sell it for a reasonable price. The brand new unit is too expensive for me. Thanks.
  18. I know this has been posted but I've been digging for an hour and can't find the post I read a while back on how to clean the pickups. Any tips?
  19. I wanted to ask a question because I've not seen anything about this anywhere else. When you change models, or if you have a model with a switch setup that goes between different pickups, is there a noise gap?
  20. Hello! the 4th string on my variax shuriken makes no noise when i turn on the modeler unless i go into workbench and set the magnetics to 100%. If the variax is turned off and i play, there is no issues with ti. any idea what could be causing this?
  21. Looking for any input from someone using a Taylor T5Z with Helix. I currently have a JTV59 and JTV89F along with a VAC700 and all sound great through the helix. I am primarily trying to give myself a kick in the butt into playing more and have been looking at the Taylor T5Z. Any insight would be appreciated-Leftzilla
  22. Hello. I bought JTV-59 this month. The modeling sound works perfectly on Helix, and there were no other hardware problems(maybe) But the problem is, I can't connect to Workbench HD. My USB interface has a green light on my PC, but Variax in side has a red light.(blinking..) I think there is a problem with the USB interface because the modeled sound is coming out well in my Variax with Helix Has anyone experienced the same problem as me? Please give me some advice. Summary 1. JTV - RJ45 cable - USB interface - PC, but Variax in side is blinking with red light. 2. The JTV turned on the power using a 1/4 jack. 3. The volume is 10. 4. All firmware has been updated, but Flash memory is not visible (probably because it is not connected to Variax) 5. We connected the extra CAT5 but it still doesn't work. 6. The modeled sound of the guitar comes out perfectly. 7. I can set up JTV in Helix Edit and POD500X Edit. 8. USB interface is a black model/ 9. When the Workbench is operated on a PC through JTV-Helix-USB, the following phrase pops up. <The connected Variax is not compatible with workbench HD. You must use a James Tyler Variax version 2.00 or higher. Thank you in advance for your help.
  23. Does anyone know if it is possible to bend the pitch of individual strings up or down on the Variax by use of the Helix expression pedal or using a momentary switch? Similar to another product by another company. Bending the string controlled with expression pedal as if using a finger to bend the string.
  24. I'm curious about the various techniques people use to create custom guitars using workbench HD. Is there any kind of tutorial anywhere online, where people explain how the created a Texas Special Stratocaster, or a Paul Reed Smith, or a Fender Mustang? (Just three random examples) I'm interested in trying to build a Kurt Cobain Signature Jaguar, which has a PAF in the neck and a Super Distortion in the bridge. The best plan I have is to listen to clean sound samples of the guitar, and keep playing around randomly with workbench until my Variax sounds the same as the sound sample. Anybody else recommend a better technique, or recommend a starting spot? I was thinking of putting 89 pickups in the bridge and maybe a les Paul neck humbucker in the neck. Not sure what body.
  25. Q: I am receiving a java error when I try to run Line 6 Edit 3.0 or Workbench 1.5 on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7/8? A: Line 6 Edit and Workbench require Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5 to operate correctly, and will experience a "Java Error" if JRE 5 is not detected on the computer. You can manually download and install JRE 5 from the following location on the Oracle website: JRE 5.0 Update 22 Download Page . Please note: This workaround pertains to 32 bit Windows OS installations only and will not work with 64 bit Windows OS installations. The Mac legacy installers are found at
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