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Found 5 results

  1. Hei. I have been latelly experiencing that my jm4 is having and odd behavior. The Lcd screen suddenly shows that the volume is being moved while playing. Evenmore, it can happen while trying to hit play or stop on an overdub not allowing the action to take effect and even not allowing to record while it happens. It also happens very often, I would say with intervals of 10 to 15 secs or less but it is not a fixed time. I have come to the idea that the volume knob is damage. I am wondering if somebody else is experiencing the same problem? Eventually if this is due to the volume knob where could i posiblly get a replacement or what type of knob should i get for this equipment Thanks Jan
  2. Hi ya'll! My hd400 changes volume on its own....i'll be playing along and suddenly the volume will drop, and then another few seconds later it will shoot back up again(without me touching anything). It does this sporadically....for example it might operate perfectly for 5 minutes, then the volume will drop for 10 seconds, then it will kick back up to the original volume....wait another random amount of time and repeat the process. It does this whether hooked up via usb or not, but when i'm using as audio interface, the sound from the computer(backing track, DAW) also drops volume along with the guitar volume. Things i've tried: reinstall driver and firmware, recalibrated volume pedal thanx!
  3. I've had my Spider Valve for a couple months now, and today it started to drop in volume randomly, like I had a volume swell pedal hooked up. At first it would fade out to a low volume and then come back up to where it's supposed to be at. Now it stays very low and randomly blasts at full volume. I have to have the master volume at about 11 o'clock to get any decent volume out of it. Then it randomly gets deafening and fades back down. Can anyone help me diagnose this problem? I don't want to have to buy new tubes if that's not the issue.
  4. Hi, I've been having this problem with my head, recently the volume has been spiking drasticlly when I try to higher it or it will decrease drastically when jiggering or lowering, and this is on my channel volume knob only. I finally pin pointed the source of this, but I don't know the problem or how to fix it, turns out when I move my treble knob it changes the volume of my channel, like my treble is my channel knob so I have two channel knobs in a sort of sense, it may sound confusing but I'm trying to put it into words in example lets say my treble is half way, and my channel is all the way up my head will read the treble and put my channel half instead, another ex, if I have my channel all the way off and my treble half, I will still get volume and it will read my channel as half, and on my preset screen it will show the channel volume move with the treble when I just move the treble knob, can anyone help me with this!! And let me know if they know what the problem is!!
  5. Hi! I have been reading this forum for a long time now and now it's my first post. So a big hello to everybody and thanks for the great infos I found so far. From all the great comments I saw, I decided to buy a DT-50 head with the 412 cab. It's been 2 months now and I can't get the good sounds you seem to have. It's my first tube amp, so I don't really know what to expect. But the real problem I have, is with topology I. The volume is alot lower than the other topologies. I upgraded the firmware and no changes. I submit a ticket and they told me it's normal. But I can't understand why the sound is so loud on all the other topologies and not on the first. There is no way I can stand just in front of the cab with the volume at 12oclock in topo II, III and IV. But in topo I, I can put the channel and master volume all the way up and it's not breaking my ears. And the things that bother me the most is the volume is louder with the master volume pulled out..... With volume knob pushed in, there is almost no change in volume level from 5 to 10... And it's only in topo I. In the other topologies, if I am in full 50watt operation I can wake up everyone on the street :) I opened the back to check if the lamps where all seated. I removed and reput the in place. I saw the left EL-34 looking different than the right. The filament is not protruding on the top, I don't know if it's ok. And it's seems to get burn marks inside the tube. Is it normal? I used the amp for no more than 6-8 hours since I bought it new. During operation, the right lamp (looking from the back) emit a blue haze but not the left. This blue haze get brighter with more input from the guitar. Check the video on youtube I put another video too where you can see and what I am talking about if I was not clear. It's start in topo I with knod pulled out. Check the volume is almost the same with knob pushed in, but only in this topo... Anyway, I would appreciate if you can tell me if the amp is not operating like it should. In that case, I would submit another ticket. In the left tube the heater filament is a lot shorter It's difficult to see, but the glow seems to be better in the right tube Is this normal "burnt" marks? This amp was on not more than 8 hours in total. The left tube is weird looking, no? Could it be only a bad tube that is causing my problem? Or the tube got bad because of an amp trouble?
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