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Found 148 results

  1. Hey guys. I'm having a bit of a volume issue that I'm looking to sort out. As we know, the Vox AC30 preamp on the POD is drastically more quiet that the full version. However, topology 3 on the DT (with no HD500 connected) can go very loud - as loud as all other topologies on the amp. My question is how/whether I can use the amp to model the AC30 preamp and simply use the HD500 for effects. It's just that the AC30 preamp on the POD is so damn quiet. By this logic, the Vox will be a lot louder, with my HD500 still connected and in use. Is it doable, or are we herding cats here? Thanks! Nick.
  2. Recently purchased a 500HDX because my old 500HD started having issues with the volume pedal control. Now with my new 500HDX installed I am having different volume issues? Basically anytime I program the expression pedal to control a perimeter that perimeter freezes up in one position? It isn't mechanical because I see the same issue with my Mission expression pedal as I do on the POD? It can't be a damaged POD because as previously stated I had similar issues with the expression pedal on my old POD. I suspected a corrupted firmware download but I have reinstalled firmware several times. Even rebooted back to factory settings with no success.
  3. Has anyone had success in connecting the Sonic Port to studio monitors for sound output? I can hear fine through headphones. I have KRK Rokit 5's. They have a volume knob on the back and if I crank it I still barely hear anything. The product description implies this should be possible: "You can even connect powered studio monitors via the 1/4†mono/stereo guitar/line-level output." Has anyone had success trying this and how?
  4. So, my brand new HD500X came yesterday. I've already got a DT25 and a Variax 600. Hooked it up using the L6 Link and the Variax VDI Cable. Problem - the sounds cuts in and out. Tried it with a 'normal' guitar plugged in - no problems. Tried it with Variax plugged in - problem returns. Plugged Variax into my old X3L - no problems. Signal gets through ok and no problems with tone. So at this stage I'm thinking the problem is inside the HD500X. The VDI cable is ok because it works in the X3L, the L6 Link is ok, the rest of the HD500X is ok because the strat worked through it. Am I missing something here, or have I got a dodgy POD?
  5. I got POD Farm a while ago with my UX2, but it has always had a bad sound. It sounds like it's being played through one of those little 9V-battery-powered amps, rather than a professional, high quality amp, even when the volume is turned up. No matter how much I turn up the gain (I've even boosted my treble to the max and cut the low-mids out), it still sounds like it's muffled, and it sounds really bad. Even when I plug the cable into it and it makes the buzzing sound that usually happens, even that sounds muffled. It sounds like I'm plugging it into a $15 interface rather than a professional guitar amplifier. NOTICE: I play different songs on YouTube that have the same settings as I use, and the songs I listen to there have a high-quality tone. So I'm almost certain it's not the speakers. HERE IS MY EQUIPMENT: -MacBook Pro (Mac OS X 10.8.5) PROCESSOR: 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo MEMORY:3 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM -Creative Inspire T3300 Speakers (They have a 1/8" input jack that I connect to the "headphones" input on the UX2 using an adapter) -High-quality guitar cable -Agile Interceptor Pro 930 with 30" scale and active pickups -This guitar is HIGH-QUALITY and has a very bright tone, and it should have one on POD Farm, but it doesn't. Is there a reason for the tone sounding really bad? Are there settings on my computer or something that I can change? OR could I upgrade my sound card?
  6. Hi all, quick question: I'd like to be able to activate my Wah via a footswitch instead of useing the expresion pedal toe switch. I like playing live with my volume pedal around 80% it gives me some room to boost when needed and such. My problem is that in order to switch over to WAH useing the expresion pedal toe switch, I have to max out my volume pedal in order to activate it, then i'm stuck at 100% volume for my Wah when what I really want is about 80%. Is there any way around this? I've tried setting the Wah to be controlled by a footswitch but it doesn't seem to work the way that I was hopeing for. Thanks for your time.
  7. It used to be, that I could change which stage the volume control actually effect, pre and post stages. pre would control volume, post would control tone, this was with a spider valve that actually did this with, is this possible with the pod hd pro?
  8. Hi, I have had a POD XT Live for several years now but I have never gotten into using it live as I originally intended because I find that the volume levels from tone to tone are so inconsistent I am afraid of blowing people out or being too quiet when I switch from one factory-preset tone to another. I can't understand why, for example, if I go from the Treadplate tone to, say, the That's All Right Mama tone, it changes volume from blown-eardrum nuclear bomb level to whispering from two towns over level. What gives? is there something wrong with my device? Am I doing something wrong? I know I can go into each tone and save new levels but I can't believe they wouldn't just set them consistently in the first place. Does anyone else have this experience and problem, or is it just me?
  9. I've had my HD 300 for a year and I truly do like it a lot. All of the reasons that I tried to come up with to justify upgrading to an HD 400 or HD 500 don't pan out for me. I don't have to have an external pedal, and I don't need extra foot switches to go up and down through my banks. The HD 300 is an awesome powerhouse. Well that's my promo. What I really wanted is to get a survey on what the optimal channel volume and master volume should be? Thanks
  10. I am using hd500x plugged in directly via USB to a Macbook pro. I get the sounds. Both the guitar and the computer playback sound fine. However, volume controls on the mac does not seem to work. I tried the slider under the sys preferences > sound (hd500x selected as output device), but that does not change the output level either - mac's volume change effect plays each time I play with the slider, but its volume is always the same.. Volume knobs on the pedal are set to reasonable levels. master volume knob just turns up everything (computer + guitar), while amp knob adjusts the guitar. Even when I max the amp volume out, guitar output is much quieter than the computer, which means I need to turn the computer down, which I cannot do. Does anyone have this problem?
  11. I wanted to get the IV 120 watt model, but i hear with the bigger amps, there is an audio delay changing patches, which would make sound quality live, bad. How many experiences have you heard or experienced with this? If I was playing with a band, wouldn't this delay be drowned out by the band, and secondary guitarist, if the patch is changed and timed right, not at the last possible millsecond?
  12. I have the Spider IV 30 -- the old model, with just four presets. When I change from one preset channel to another, on some channels I get hum/buzz/static, which disappears when I fiddle with the channel volume/drive knobs. Is this just one of those things that everyone experiences or can I adjust something to eliminate/minimize that? I also noticed that the volume differs from preset channel to channel -- goes way up or down as I switch. Any way to standardize the volume so that it remains the same as I change channels?
  13. I'm having issues with volume from different sources back to the headphones out on my hd500x. I would like to simultaneously output to headphones attached to the hd500x: Guitar (guitar in on hd500x) Mic (mic xlr in on hd500x) Mac Mini (via USB to hd500x) including iTunes, drum machine software, recording software Occasionally, iPad drum machine (via CD/MP3 In) The problem is all volume levels coming from my Mac are unbearably loud. I've tried dropping my Mac volume controls as low as possible but it takes away all balancing control. My volume and master volume and guitar volumes are all set at near max volume. I have looked for input volume options on both the hd500x and my mac to no avail. Any help is appreciated. My only thought at this point is to get a second mixer to run the Mac and HD500x through and then plug the headphones or monitors into that. Thanks, Scott
  14. Hi guys, I recently bought a Pod Hd Pro rack off of a friend and I'm running this through a ART SLA-1 Power amp (100watts@8ohms) and into an Avatar 8ohm cab (120 watts) with celestian V30s. I was practicing with some guys the other day, and for some reason, I have to crank the master AND channel volume all the way to the max to even hear it at a decent volume compared to everyone else(Drummer+6505 guitarist). Are there any settings I should be changing on the pod pro so that it is used for live amp use? or perhaps maybe the power amp is just not that strong?..
  15. Hi, I own the jm4 since 2010, and have a problem that I can not record anymore. The recording session does not start even I press on the Recording footswitch (I can hear the click!) This problem starts earlier this year were I could record with the 2nd or 3rd press on the switch, but today the footswich is not activating. I do not feel that there is a mechanical problem. Is there anybody with an idea? In additional, the volume is also sometimes increasing without any action while playing ? - Any idea? Thanks!
  16. For those of you using the HD500(X) directly into a PA, I am just curious what kind of volume settings you are using. Here is what I have been doing. Just looking to see what the "best practice" would be for this and see if I am on the right track: I am using the Left(mono) 1/4" output into a direct box and then to the mixer. The direct box is set to "Instrument", which seems to be a louder signal than "Line". I turn up the Master Volume dial all the way on the HD500X unit. The volume level on my amps is typically set to around 60, give or take depending on the amount of drive being used and which amp it is. While creating patches, I make a practice of switching between a bunch of them to ensure that my volume levels are fairly consistent. I am also setting the L and R mixer settings to "Center" for all patches, which definitely increases the volume level compared to the default where they are panned fully left and right, respectively. I am not concerned about stereo since we are not running a stereo mixer anyway. One thing to note is that when I am creating the patches, I am using my speakers at home (headphone output) and have the Master Volume at about 1/3 since maxing it out would blow out the speakers and be way too loud for comfort. Basically, I am trying to pump a decent signal level to the mixer, have consistent volume levels between patches and not produce any clipping. So far, my method seems to work. I have tested things out over the PA and actually stood out in the seating area of the room (using a long enough cord) to listen to what it sounds like. I have not noticed any clipping problems over the PA. Let me know your thoughts on this and what methods you are using. Thanks.
  17. Evening all - apologies if this has been covered elsewhere (but I can't find it...) I'd like to be able to control the volume on my POD HD500 with my Variax (JTV69) control knob. I've read that you can do it, but one of the links I've followed make it work. Has anyone a simple step-by-step guide I can follow? Thanks Paul
  18. I was wondering if there are any users here that have a Boss FV-500H next to their M-series. Thing I'm curious about, is that if u use this pedal as an expression pedal, will it also still function as a volume pedal. (not the volume of the m5/m9/m13) And how does this work? If no effect is selected the pedal just works as the volumepedal it's intended to be? Or do you have to make some sort of alteration to it. Thnx ps. I know the Ernie Ball is great...but i'm not paying over a hundred bucks for a volume pedal.
  19. I've got the channel volume all the way up, I've adjusted the level to +12 dB, but no matter what, the preloaded songs, the microphone, the other guitar settings like metal and crunch are WAY louder - makes it really hard to use the clean setting at all, which is too bad, because i like to lay a rhythm with an acoustic guitar. When i do so, I have to turn the master volume up so high that there is a lot of hiss and turn whatever other tracks i'm adding way down in order to get any sort of balance. Very frustrating. Any ideas?
  20. While I'm jamming with my band, it's like my tone starts to fade into the background. I'll turn up, and i'm good again for about a minute, then start to fade away again. Boosted the mids, and again i'm present in the mix again, but then seem to fade into the background. Thought it was the poweramp, but have tried two different poweramps with the same result. I vaguely remember this topic on the old forum, but I could be imagining that. Does anyone know what's going on with my HD Pro?
  21. I've been reading about the volume issues with the DT50 212. Too loud, etc. Before I say anything else its the real deal amp. I'm blown away with the HD500 integration. The Solo models are to die for!!!! Here's what I do to deal with volume issues: Each amps output can be set to the expression pedal without using DSP. Watch for how to do this. I've taken my amps/tones and used this technique to lower the overall volume (around a maximum value of 50-60) while keeping the master volume on the high power position (pushed in). Keep the master at about 12 o'clock (or what you like) and use the output settings to level each amp (patch) to each other and to lessen the output. This can be done with dual tones as well, just set both amps to similar parameters, and same expression pedal. Do you lose sound? At 50-60 ... no on most amp models. Some amp models lose slightly, but low volume is merely, usually practice. Is this the perfect fix? Probably not. However, your amp/patches will be leveled, properly loud, and get full use of channel volume and master volume mixes. When playing live a quick touch on the master can work wonders. Let me know how this works out if you try it. His advice (see link above) for wah pedals is spot on too. If its too loud ... move! LOL Happy jamming! bribrew1968
  22. Q: How do I go about bypassing the amps and cabs in my Vetta? A: The amp models can be bypassed on any preset channel, simply turn the amp model knob to the left to amp model "1" this is amp model bypass, then "Save". With the amp model in bypass the cabinet model will follow, "No Amp, No Cab". Q: How can I set the volume pedal on the FBV or FBV Shortboard to be "always on"? A: All you have to do is "Save" it in the on position into each preset. Simply go into each preset, activate the volume pedal and press SAVE. Q: Can I load Vetta II presets into my original Vetta? A: No, Vetta II presets loaded into your non-updated Vetta can cause your amp to freeze up if they contain amps, effects, or other features that are not in the original Vetta. If this happens, simply turning the amp off and back on again should bring things back to normal, but you probably want to avoid that, especially at a gig or session. Q: Are the post effects in the Vetta routed after the cabinet modeling? A: Yes, the Post Effects come after the Cabinet Models. Q: Does the Vetta have an Acoustic Simulator? A: The Vetta does not include an acoustic simulator but it does feature two amp models that were designed to be used with acoustic guitars with piezo pickups and electric guitars that feature one of those fancy, newfangled bridges with the 'acoustic' pickup built in. Q: If I have a Variax plugged into a PODxt Live or Vetta, can I run Workbench and Line 6 Edit at the same time? A: No. Due to the MIDI connection between the Vetta II and the computer, there are some messages sent when running both programs that do not allow them to be run at the same time. Q: Is the Vetta Midi controllable? A: Yes. please consult the manual for the midi implementation list. Line 6 Manuals Q: Why doesn't Vetta do delay spillover? A: For delay and reverb trails to work correctly, you would need an entire second processing engine (or most of one), and a separate signal (or data) path. Let's take an simplified example from a PODxt: You've got a screamer and tube delay pre with 2 repeats, a Blackface Lux model, a Rotary Horn and a light plate reverb post. You switch to a different patch that has the delay switch to a digital in post with 6 repeats, shuts off the mod, but changes it to a U-Vibe and moves it pre, changes the reverb to a heavy Medium Hall, and switches the amp model to Insane. If you just take the delay buffer and dump it out, you get the sound of a tubescreamer (since what's in the buffer actually gets processed by the tube and wow and flutter models as it leaves the buffer) with none of the delay tonality, amp tone, no modulation, no reverb. Or, you run it through the new models and get something completely jarring. To make it sound reasonably natural, you need to process the buffer through the tube delay model, through the Blackface Lux model, through the Rotary Speaker, and through the plate reverb model. In other words, just about the exact same amount of processing that it takes to do a whole sound anyway. So, you have to have a second processor, just as powerful as the main one, that is only used to do this when switching patches (because if you use it to do anything else, you might not have enough horsepower available to do all the processing required. In other words, a second XT, lying fallow, except for those few seconds a night that you might need it). It's like buying a second car that you constantly have on a tow bar behind your regular car, just in case you run out of gas. Not very practical.
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