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Found 87 results

  1. I have the P180 AND the P360 paddles for my XD-V75 systems. I ALREADY KNOW that I can use either set of paddles with the XD-V75 AND I can even use the XD-AD8 to use ONE set of paddles for up to 8 XD-V75 systems. What I am asking about is COMBINING both sets of paddles to 2 XD-V75 (rackmounted side-by-side in my rig). I KNOW (and already have configured) the 2 XD-V75s can share the antenna inputs. I am looking for a 2.4Ghz antenna combiner with BNC connectors, so I can use all 4 paddles together. The P180s for on stage and the P360s for audience coverage. Has anyone tried this? Issues with doing this? Thank you!
  2. Hi - I recently bought a Spider V60 mkii and am looking to get a wireless transmitter. I wondered if any other transmitters other than the GT10T will work with the internal transceiver built into the amp. I know that is the recommended one and supported one, but wondered whether others will also work
  3. I'd like to know if there's someway to connect my helix lt to my pc wirelessly? The usb cable is becoming a pain to deal with....I was wondering if there were any hardware solutions to extend usb wirelessly? Cheers
  4. Hi all, I was 99% settled on selling off my amp, cab and pedalboard in favour of a Helix, until I realised I would still want to use my G30 wireless system. I'm currently using a TC Electronic G System, which has four super convenient 9v power outputs for powering pedals in it's various loops. I was frankly amazed at what looks like a huge oversight in the design of the Helix, that while it is designed to be an "all-in-one" solution it does have the option to loop in other pedals yet has no solution to provide power to them. I'm really obsessive about cable management and having everything as neat and tidy as possible on my pedalboards, so the absolute last thing I am willing to do is have some ugly power strip on the back of a pedalboard not only wasting space but also cluttering it up just for the sake of 1 9v power adapter for my wireless. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced product which might offer a tidy and effective power solution to both the 240v Helix requirement, and a single 9v requirement?? Huge thanks in advance!!! Liam
  5. Icon G-board for HX STOMP (iPhone version) https://gum.co/ALVVU New Premium MIDI Layout for MIDI DESIGNER PRO 2 ( IOS App, sold separately) - Works as an enterely wireless MIDI controller (using the yamaha or the Quicco MIDI-BT wireless adapter) - Also works with USB cable (using an Apple CCK connected to the HX STOMP USB) - Provides full hardware support for the iCon G-Board (MIDI footcontroller), including the eight onboard LEDs. Requires the Apple CCK USB3 and the Wireless MIDI-BT device to work. Main Screen: - Covers almost all HX STOMP MIDI implementation. (the "Play Once" button was deliberately ommited in this version) - Adds memory for 8 banks (A-H) of 4 Presets. (no more running correlative presets Up and Down!) Performance Screen: - Once you have set your banks in the main screen, load this Performance view to have a real Head Up Display for your HX STOMP. Includes the most relevant performance controls and a funny icon for each Bank! Icon G-Board: - Upper row: FS 1-4 (selectable Presets on the iPhone Screen) X 8 Banks (A-H) 1/4 LED active - Lower row: Snapshots 1-3. Super FS momentary footswitch (selectable FS 1-5 function) 1/3 LED active + 1 momentary
  6. Alright, this is a bit of a stretch but I'm curious what the people here have to suggest. Here's my situation : I use a G55 right now. I managed to custom made fit it under my pedalboard with antennas hanging out. I got the G55 because I compared the system to the G50 and the G70. Both the 50 and 70 had less operating range than the 55 in the same building with the same conditions, etc. I play in different regions in the world (that's why I went with 2.4Ghz) mainly North America, Europe, Japan. The main act is somekind of circus performance, sometimes I need a good clean 100' of operating range for my performance. I'm often far from my pedalboard or suspended in the air. Other gigs are more standard but I still run in the crowd and around changing rooms away from my gear. Both the distance or bodies and walls contribute to a potential dropout I know that. The WiFi strength sometimes are through the roofs everywhere and the channels are almost all filled. But even if there is a lot of potential interference. When I perform under 15-20' range from the antennas, everything is 100% fine. My concern is if I add something like an BNC extension cable between the antenna and the G55 in troublesome venues and I temporarily tape the antenna as close as I can to my performance would it be a savior ? Just to reduce the distance and get away from other wifi stuff An extension like this : https://www.itfactory.ca/mmnox-ex03s-3-meter-antenna-extension-cable-black?gclid=Cj0KCQjwjOrtBRCcARIsAEq4rW6KmiEaao97SFHuFHkW0lyZHPL6Vm1fT4L-xmwLIVSyVHjYI5RcjacaAqmWEALw_wcB#fo_c=79&fo_k=c1421b29a422f7162abc66fe28cbd452&fo_s=gplaca Would it work ? I don't know the electrical voltages that goes in these antennas but adding a resistance (the cable) could affect the functionality ? Also, would I need to do this to both antennas ?
  7. I have a spider v 240hc. Looking at a Harley Benton 212 cabinet. Cab specs are 120w @ 8ohn mono and 60w @ 16ohm stereo. Can I safely plug in without damaging my amp? I am almost certain it ok but want to double check. Really don't want a 412 at this time. Also if it does hook up will or how much power/quality will I lose? side question. Is the wireless system ok with active pu?
  8. What goes wrong inside a G10S when it will work from a USB source but not the factory 9V supply... I checked the supply with a volt meter and it seems ok. Only had the unit a few months...
  9. Hey guys, I'm going to be playing live a bit in the near future, and I like to move around a good bit while playing. Naturally, a wireless system seems to make the most sense. What is the best wireless system for guitar -> Helix? My main guitar is a Jackson with passives, but I also have a guitar with actives, so that is probably worth a consideration (the guitar has a 1/4 inch out, not a Variax). What is the best wireless system for my needs? It looks like the Line 6 G10 is pretty decent, but I have read some not great reports about signal dropout inside the 75 foot range and some loss of the high-end frequencies. I am not a "huge" stickler for tone, but I really like a mean attack from the pick (play mostly hard rock/thrash) so losing attack is a big negative for me.
  10. Hi to whomever I am speaking with, I would REALLY appreciate any help on this... So I have used my Line 6 G75 Wireless Guitar System a few times over the last six months but then when I went to use it last month it lost signal between the transmitter and the receiver. I switched it off and on, auto scanned it and reset the scene for my bass which worked and then it played fine again for several times after that. But then this problem happened a few times until ultimately the system stopped recognising the transmitter saying 'NO Tx!' permanently. I gathered that it must be due a firmware update so I loaded version 1.05 to my RT516 unit and version 1.03 to my TB516 G which I believe are the most recent updates, still the same problem. I have gone through and tried auto scanning but it just comes up 'No Tx found', I have also tried manually setting the transmitter in accordance with the G75 manual to no avail. I have carried out a factory reset, loaded previous firmware's and shouted at it all to no avail. It is currently set back to versions 1.05 and 1.03 and as it was when I first opened it in regards to settings. I love the kit when its working but I need to have confidence in it, I am hoping someone here may have had something similar and can assist me?! Any help is hugely appreciated. Kind Regards, Ash
  11. Hey guys, I recently bought a G10 wireless. Now, i've used it live, worked perfectly and was actually very happy with it. But I got home and the damn thing will not work. The receiver is just flashing red (on the halo) about 1 flash a second, when I plug the transmitter in. The transmitter does not turn on, at all, I charged it for 4 hours, then tried it, nothing. I tried it overnight, then nothing... I'm at a loss i really am. Guitars tried: Ibanes RG8 Dingwall NG2 (this was what it worked with live) Fret King Corona Ibanez SR505 Ibanez S420 Legator Ghost 7 string with EMG 707s Any advice would be greatly welcomed right now! Thanks!
  12. Updating Your Handheld Microphone THH12 Updating Your Handheld Microphone THH06
  13. Hello all, A common problem with the Relay G70 unit that many Line 6'ers seem to be experiencing involves the belt clip and the fact that it snaps off so easily. As some have noted, when the clip snaps off it scuffs the transmitter. I'm looking to sell my unit but I'd like to paint the scratches the broken clip left before selling it off. I'm wondering how I should go about this. How does Line 6 paint their transmitters? What do they use? What might you used, or what have you done to remedy this problem? Thanks for your consideration, Luke
  14. Got this from GC: Line 6 Relay G75 Now: $299.99 Regular Price: $499.99 Save: $200.00
  15. Hey guys. I am using 7 xdv75 with headset mics in a musical. They're all great, but ONE of the packs has feedback...all the time. After full troubleshooting - I know that it is just the pack. Anyone ever have this issue? Love
  16. I have been testing the Kentli rechargeable batteries for use in our XD-v70 wireless microphones. We were throwing away batteries when they got down to 3 hours and it just seemed wasteful. I was wondering if anyone else has tried these batteries and what their results were. They are available from Amazon. These are Lithium-ion batteries that must have a voltage regulator in them to supply the normal 1.5 volts. I just recharge them when the microphone shows a drop in the amount of time left. Due to the voltage regulator, I believe that they would provide the full 1.5 volts until they are almost dead. Any thoughts?
  17. Just wondering if anyone has tried to use the headphone out connected to a bluetooth transmitter like this: Amazon.com: Bluetooth Tranismitter Then, simply pair it up to your Bluetooth headphones and you have a cheap on-stage/rehearsal in ear monitor for yourself? Would that work?!? **EDIT** I found a solution that works for me, see my detailed reply below
  18. Wanted to share pictures of my Helix Rack because I haven’t seen or been able to find pictures of people sharing their’s. SKB Roto Rack 6 space deep rack Shelf Shelf Shure ULXP wireless Helix Helix Helix On the back I have a patchbay with D Series connectors. I got the rack piece from Full Discount/FDW Corp. I wish I would have gotten a 2 space rack piece with the d series connectors vertical instead, but it’s alright. I’m also hoping to wire up a PowerCon port as well, but haven’t ordered one yet. Currently I have the Control, open, Left XLR, Right XLR, Left 1/4, Right 1/4, open, strap, Mic in, Aux in. I did all the soldering and such myself using scraps of wire and ends from deinstalled sound systems. The shelf on the top is a deep rack shelf that I got from work. We pulled it out of a rack that we were putting in a church. I put it in from the back as the back of the shelf (now the front) is slotted and then I had something to strap my control down to without cutting the shelf. The opposite piece of Velcro is looped around the rack piece for the d series connectors. The wireless was one that we pulled out of a church when they bought new wireless. Minuscule repair, I had a working wireless. Someday I’ll probably upgrade to a Shure ULXD, which I will purchase through work. We install those and they have been fantastic. It’s kind of heavy and bulky, but the rack has wheels and since it’s only ~14 inches tall, I can put it vertically into the back seat of a vehicle. It is lighter than most guitar amps and can be lifted with one hand, but I wish it was lighter. I now come to gigs with my rack rolling in one hand and a guitar case in the other. Then have to make a second trip for monitors (which I’m looking to upgrade to Bose S1’s because they are light and small compared to my Mackie SRM 450s). I will probably add an octave pedal in the rack on the shelf sometime, and maybe a drive as well, but for now this is what I’m using. If you have any questions, I’ll try to answer them!
  19. Hey Folks, thanks for your help! I would love to know, if the output of the Relay G30 Reciever is a symmetrical or unsymmetrical Output. Is it a Stereo or a Mono Jack? Kindest regards from Germany, Johannes
  20. Hi everyone. I'm getting a G10 to use from my guitar to the Helix and was wondering if I could add yet another G10 to the chain. Out the Helix to the G10 and from that going wireless to the mixer. My goal is to have zero cable here and there and avoid the hassle of connecting and checking conections every rehearsal/gig. Do you guys think this: Helix > G10 > Mixer would work? I mean, with a decent audio quality? Anyone already doing this that can share experience/s? Thanks
  21. Hey guys. New to posting, but not to reading these. This is a long one...but I've spent a lot of money on these things so I would LOVE some insight. I have an unusual situation with the XDV-75's. I have 8 of them. Doing audio for a musical that I produce. Midtown NYC. Small 80 sq foot room. 7 actors on stage at a time. 1 system for backup. Have been running RF-1 with daisy chained antenna's (4 and 4). Still getting at least 8 or so dropouts within the 75 minute show, on a good day. Sometimes one of the channels just drops out for minutes at a time. Sometimes a channel is completely red when right next to receiver. Just tried RF-2 tonight with no better luck. SO I bought the XD-AD8 antenna distributor. It's a LITTLE better, but still getting drop-outs. There isn't a WI-FI router in the room by the way. Some channels are solid for the whole show, some just aren't. 1. Is this normal, and the best I can get in Midtown Manhattan? OR should I get the p180 for a stronger signal? I am well within the 300 foot range (50 feet max from actors to receivers). Does the p-180 just give a better, stronger signal that will benefit me, even if I don't actually need the increased range? 2. Does the XD-AD8 make that much of a difference? It's 550 bucks - and I still get dropouts 3. Can I even use the p-180's WITHOUT the AD8? Will the normal xd-75 receiver power the paddle antenna, and then allow me to daisy chain it to the other 7 systems? I know I can do better things like putting mics on belts, instead of in pockets - like some of the men have them in now. Does that make a huge difference? Also, the antennas are front mounted - facing me - but the tips of them are over the rack - line of sight to actors. Thank you SO MUCH for any help - Hal
  22. Is there a reversed G10 in the pipeline? I mean an inexpensive digital wireless in-ear system? Please make it - it would be excellent. Love my G10!
  23. We use a Behringer XR18 mixer and BandHelper, both of which use tablets/phones & wifi extensively. Some of these are 2.4HGz units. Can anyone tell me if a G10 is likely to wipe out my 2.4 tablet (or more than that) at about 3 feet away, with the router about 20 feet away and everything else in between? I realise that the G10 won't be joining the network but that could be worse because the router can't tell it to shut up. Also, the only thing ON a network which would be streaming data would normally be the router, not some 'rogue' other device in the room. Thanks
  24. G70 will not update. Progress bar never gets beyond 80%, sometimes it times out with an error at 0% and everything in between. "Firmware Update Failed An error has ocurred. Please try again." Done this probably 50 times, downloaded the update locally and tried updating from there. No luck, no help. Any ideas?
  25. I really like the idea of the G10, but the problem for me is that there is no foldover physical configuration like the Guitar Bug. This is a deal breaker for an acoustic guitarist like myself, since it extends vertically from the base of the guitar, inviting an accident with the input jack. Line 6 should make a transmitter like Guitar Bug; I returned my G10 to purchase an xVive U2, which works great and has foold-over for both xmitter and receiver AND four channels, so one could purchase a second receiver and go into two amps (not that I would ever want to do that, but it is there....).... That said, as soon as L6 makes a "guitar bug" configuration for the xmitter of the G10, I will consider a purchase as a backup....
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