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Found 32 results

  1. Hello! First time posting here! I had bought a Pod X3 Live a couple of years ago but never went on with using it that much due to lack of time. I now have more time to dedicate to it so I tried incorporating it into my setup, I have some questions about the software in the computer however. As I understand, Gearbox is the GUI editor for the Pod series that changes, in real time, the parameters on the Pod, which I can monitor through an amp or with headphones. Other than using the outputs into the inputs of my soundcard, is there any other way I could monitor it through my computer rather than having to plug the headphones on the pod? Also, how can I set it up as a soundcard, in order to transmit either the clean or the processed signal of the guitar/bass/vocals etc? I suppose through the USB connection, right? Finally, what exactly is Podfarm? I understand that it is not a real-time graphical editor for the Pod but rather something like a software version of the Pod's processing capabilities, like a "Pod in a computer". In this case, is it any different than the X3 series? How is it meant to be used together with the Pod X3? Thank you in advance for your help and sorry for any stupid questions! Regards, koudis226 PS: I'm using Reaper within Windows 7 and Mac OS X Mavericks (currently using both, trying to fully migrate to OS X)
  2. Hello, Can anyone advise me on the POD Farm plug-in, my x3 Live shows all model packs and a podfarm 1 license, although I cannot seem to get POD farm to work in standalone mode when the X3 is connected, all the packs show up as installed on the splash screen then I get told that there is no compatible device connected. I have also tried the plugin from withing Ableton Suite and nothing shows up in the plugin section. Thanks for looking. Shane
  3. Hello POD experts! :) I have a POD X3 Live which I bought about 4-5 years ago. Maybe 2 years ago I stopped playing it, because I somehow wasn't happy with its sound. Now I have used a POD 2.0 of a friend of mine and I found the sounds great! Compared to them my X3 Live Sounds are a lot thinner and less powerful - the basses are too weak somehow and the higher frequencies it is not so defined. (that is true for any of the sounds - also for the preset ones) Do you guys have any idea what might be the reason for that? I guess the X3 Sounds should actually be at least as good as the POD 2.0 sounds... I already tried to use earlier versions of the Flash memory, but that didn't change anything. I appreciate any advice that could be helpful here! Cheers! Airbus
  4. Hi, i left my x3 live in the bar i played for a couple days. When i go back, i saw that all my tone 2's became a tone called "Bad". How can this be done? Is it something technical? I don't believe that one of my friends in the bar could delete all my tone 2s and paste the tone Bad. Can anyone help me? the proof:
  5. I'm tryin to download some new presets to my pod using line 6 monkey 1.65 (also i have latest software on pod) - but there is an error: invalid tone file specified some files are working, some not, what's the problem? format of file is .l6t as always on x3 live look at screenshot below
  6. I have my X3 Live mounted to a Pedaltrain PT-2 (I think); the one that comes with the metal attache case. The case is padded, but not very much; maybe a half inch or less. While loading in, it fell off my cart onto the concrete walkway... about 18 inches or so. Nothing appeared to be broken and there weren't even any marks on the case. Set up for the gig and plugged it up. Everything worked fine, except the footswitches for the Stomp, Mod, & Delay. Stepping on those switches does nothing. I can go down to the control panel and turn them on and off, but that is quite a pain during live perfromance. Would a reset/reflash/whatever fix it? All the other switches on the top row work fine. I don't have the money to get it fixed if repair is the way to go, so I'll have to figure something out. Thanx
  7. Hello everybody, I have been wanting to boost the quality of my recordings, so I was wondering if it is possible to have the following set up guitar >>> POD X3 Live >>> POD Farm 2.5 >>>> Cubase? What i want to do is to use the hardware in the X3 Live *WITHOUT* the sound emulation options, plugged into the computer. The sound emulation would come from the POD Farm 2.5 and, with Cubase 5 on, i would be able to record my stuff. Have the sound come from theguitar, use the X3 Live has an interface to transmite the sound signal into my computer, mod it in POD Farm and then be able to record it with cubase. thank you very much for the help.
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