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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all! About a year ago, I was using an MXR 10-band EQ in the FX loop of my amplifier and it sounded amazingly good. I noticed it was giving me some bad hiss though, so I switched it out for a Source Audio EQ2 about 6 months ago, which also sounded good. I wanted to add delay, reverb, and an amp modeler into the amp's FX loop along with the EQ, so I ultimately decided to sell the EQ2 and put an HX Stomp in the amp's FX loop to do all of this. Currently, this is how my HX Stomp functions and here is my signal chain: Guitar > front of amp effects > preamp > FX loop send > HX Stomp 10 band EQ > HX Stomp digital delay > FX loop return > power amp The problem is that upon switching out the EQ2 for the HX Stomp, when I set the Stomp's 10-band EQ parameters to what the previous EQ's were set at, I realized there was an extremely noticeable jump in some of the frequencies. The signal immediately sounded very nasally. Through messing with the frequencies, I realized there was a boost in frequency right around 1K Hz. To give an idea of how different the frequency hike is, 1K Hz on the old EQ was set at +2 dB (I run a little hotter for more gain in the FX loop). On the HX Stomp, I have to run this same frequency at -2.0 dB to achieve a comparable sound. However, running this frequency this low on the Stomp's EQ is causing some fidelity issues; coming out of speaker, anything around 1K Hz sounds like it coming out of an AM radio. You can imagine this is frustrating. Has anyone had this issue and/or does anyone have any thoughts, suggestions, or advice on how to fix this? Thanks in advance.
  2. I am still a user of your Variax Bass and a Variax 500 together with their respective Pod XT Lives. In order to upgrade my sound and lighten my equipment I am thinking about replacing the Pods by a Pod 500X. But there seem to be much less amplifier models, especially for bass. Did I miss a model pack like the ones you were offering for earlier models or would replacing the Bass Pod against a 500X mean to lose a lot of sound possibilities? Thx in advance Uli
  3. Hi, i have a HD500x and have a lot of great distortion tones. My complaint is about clean tones.... Looking at the amp models the hd500x models, for me there´s really only one that can have a pure clean sound (the blackface - fender twin reverb)... All the others have at least a little crunch even with very little volume. I really think L6 should offer for us at leat one or two more really clean amps. I feel restricted when i want to create a very clean sound as i only have one option as amplifier and even with the blackface, when i want more output so it doesn´t sound a lot lower than the distortions, it gets a little crunchy. I am doing something wrong to get clean tones from the other amps available? Does anyone have any hints on how to get a good variety of really clean sounds on the HD500x?? Thanks.
  4. Where is the demo of this amp? I know it's brand new, but I couldn't even find it on the Line 6 products page. Look under the Amps section ( and DT Series? Check; Spider Series? Check; Spidervalve MkII? Check; Amplifi? Ampifi??? It's simply not there. But if you go to Products/Amps, you can find it. Looks like it's on the homepage as well. Good for me...or so I thought. The demo video which I was quite anxious to see and hear, will not play. Every time I hit the play button, I get an "error #2035" message. Next, I went to Youtube. After a protracted search, I finally found a small snippet of "demoing" on a NAMM video. Not enough to really give you a good snapshot of just what this amp sounds like and its capabilities. All told about 20 secs of a couple of guys jamming and that was it. After that I tried a Google search using the words "Line 6 Amplifi Demo," which yielded precisely nothing in terms of a demo of the amp. I'm like WTH? Where in God's name is it? You'd think if this new line is so great, there'd be demos out the wazzu of this thing prior to rolling it out. I want to hear the damn thing. Where are the cool demos of Line 6 legends, Joost Vergoosen and Sean Halley showing us what these amps can do? I'm amazed at the apparent gaping marketing hole left by Line 6 in its own product launch. If it's as amazing as Line 6 is telling me it is, then why can't I hear it? Geez c'mon guys; help me out here. I can't be the only one who's feeling the angst on this. The price is right; I just want to hear the amp....period. Please help a bruthuh out. This should be easy, right? Thanks.
  5. Over on the Ideas page I posted this; A possible solution to expand existing units and provide us with all the functionality we are requesting. Please contribute any ideas you have for such a device. Think as big as you like!
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