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Found 7 results

  1. This post explains one cause of firmware updates/recoveries failing for the Line 6 POD Go. Hope this can help someone. TLDR: prior to updating firmware, shutdown any and all applications that could conceivably use audio. I rented a POD GO a couple of days ago, and the firmware was still at 1.40.1, so soon as I connected to POD GO Edit, it prompted me to update it to 2.0. Unfortunately the firmware update failed. POD Go Edit said it "updated successfully", but the screen on the POD GO device itself just continued to say "Updating..". I'm a software developer, and I know interrupting a firmware update is a big no no, so I went away and came back 30 minutes later. It was still stuck on "Updating..". At this point I sighed, turned the unit off and on, and it wouldn't boot past the "LINE 6 POD GO" screen (still shows firmware at 1.40.1). I tried a factory reset, but it doesn't get past the "Will reset Globals, Presets, IRs..." screen The steps I took were as follows: installed Lined 6 Updater It doesn't see the device. Also tried another USB Cable and alternate USB port. Tried booting POD GO holding "Page >" button. Line 6 Update now sees the device, but the firmware update fails. Will try a different computer later. Tried a different computer. No luck. (this is actually very interesting, which will become apparent later) The solution: Actually read the instructions presented in the Line 6 Updater (I know, I know, RTFM!). The first instruction provided by the Line 6 Updater is: "Shut down any programs that use audio or connect to your POD Go device, like DAWs, iTunes, Spotify, video games, etc." So I opened task manager, and saw that Spotify.exe was actually running in the background, so I killed that. I also killed MS Teams and WhatsApp Desktop. Tried the Updater again, and it worked! The reason I mentioned earlier that it was interesting the update failed on the other laptop, is that it didn't have any of those applications installed. It did however have Discord installed. I suspect that was the culprit.
  2. Hi Everyone, I know that this issue has been posted about before, but I have tried all the suggestions from previous posts and nothing has worked. I was updating from 1.30.0 to 2.0.1, and the Pod Go got stuck on the "Updating..." screen, even after my computer said it had successfully updated. It never went off the "Updating..." screen, so I started following the steps to reboot it from this forum. I turned it off, installed Line 6 Updater, connected the Pod Go, which the updater could recognise, and tried to reinstall the software. However it disconnects every time I try to install it using this method, and the update fails. I have tried this on every USB port on 2 laptops both running Windows 11. So, since this wasn't working, I tried to factory reset, yet it can't even do this. It just gets stuck on the Line 6 logo page and won't do anything. It recognises I'm trying to factory reset, yet does nothing. I'm out of any ideas and can't find any info on more potential fixes. This is my only way of playing guitar, and I cannot buy myself another Pod Go for the foreseeable future, so this is quite a deflating experience. I really appreciate any help I can get. I have logged a ticket with support but thought I'd shoot my shot on here too.
  3. USB connectivity is a common issue with a failed update process: Make sure to check all cable connections, and USB ports for proper connectivity. The Pod Go should be connected directly to the laptop or computer with USB 2.0. No hubs or secondary connections. If it's a desktop computer (standing tower), then you may need to connect to the back of the computer near the power source. Proper USB 2.0 ports will provide enough USB bus power for your POD update. For Windows PC users: with all newer updates, it's always helpful to install the latest Pod Go Edit software FIRST, before you continue. This will include the latest Pod Go drivers for proper USB connectivity. Download here: 1. Disconnect the USB cable connecting the POD Go to the computer. 2. Boot the unit into "Update Mode" Press and hold PAGE > (page right) and then power on POD Go 3. Reconnect the POD Go to the computer, preferably trying a different USB port than before. 4. Launch Line 6 Updater. 5. If POD Go connects, it will appear in DFU Update Mode and you will have to select POD Go from the list. 6. If the unit does not connect, close Line 6 Updater, connect to a different USB port on the computer, preferably with a different USB cable as well, and relaunch Line 6 Updater. 7. If the unit then connects, reinstall the firmware. 8. If the unit does still not connect, there may be a configuration issue with the computer. Please try a different computer. Another common solution: If you're having trouble installing the latest update in Line 6 Updater, you may want to revert back to the previous update version. Install firmware 1.40, and then once the Pod Go is booted up again - install Pod Go 2.01 firmware with Line 6 Updater.
  4. We recently saw a few cases where after updating a G10TII transmitter, it became non-operational. We believe the root cause is this: Line 6 Updater 1.19 unexpectedly identifies G10TII devices as G10T devices. Due to this, it is possible that one could load G10T firmware 1.06 on a G10TII product. If one ever gets into a state where they incorrectly load G10T firmware onto a G10TII, as described above, the issue can be remedied by downloading and installing the latest Line 6 Updater (version 1.20 or later – the latest version is now 1.23) and using it to re-update the G10TII back to the G10TII firmware. As of this writing, the only G10TII firmware release is the initial public firmware (2.00.0). NOTE: If the G10TII does not appear in Line 6 Updater after a few seconds, try un-docking/re-docking the unit a few times to see if it might then be recognized.
  5. Hi I have tried to update my DT25 to the ver 2 firmware. Before this the amp worked perfectly well. The update failed - Error 8000000A, which seems not uncommon judging by the forum and other places. The current firmware (as detailed on L6 Monkey) is now "This item is installed but its version cannot be determined". The amp now does not work. Can turn it on, and most of the lights are on, but cannot select channel A or B (light indicating B is lit), cannot select I, II, III or IV (none are lit), Pentode and Triode are both lit, Low Volume is lit regardless of where the switch is set and cannot select Class A/B or Class A (neither are lit). I have logged and updated a ticket with Line 6 but so far to no avail - the suggestions have made no difference (probably all detailed somewhere on this forum previously from what I've seen). The three day turn around is frustrating to say the least, with "fixes" that don't work. I have tried to update with both Mac using the M Audio Uno (purchased on L6 recommendation to sort this problem), and on good spec modern W10 PC using the same interface plus my L6 Pod 500X and my Steinberg UR242 interfaces. Have tried with the amp in normal and safe modes. As some on the forum have said they had the same problem, but some seem to have made it work after many attempts, I have tried MANY times so far. None of these things made any difference and I currently have a "brick " of an amp. Does anyone have any other suggestions please? Thank you :-)
  6. Was updating the firmware last night when my iPad suddenly crashed, went to the boot screen with the apple logo and restarted. Since then my amplifi has been a complete brick. When I turn it on all 4 tone lights flash continuously. If I try to restore the amp to factory settings, the lights all light up solid. I can't use anything, Bluetooth won't work, volume knob won't work, guitar won't work. Anyone have any suggestions?! Desperate here because I am supposed to record all day tomorrow.
  7. Hi there I purchasef a used DT25 112 combo 2 weeks ago. It was working perfect, no issues at all, but I decided to install firmware version 2. So this morning I tried to upgrade but failed with the code 8000000A error and the amp is not responding now. The steps I followed were 1 Connect the amp via an Alesis USB-MIDI cable to my Mac running OS Sierra 2 Launched Line 6 Monkey, which detected the DT25 with firmware 1.0 3 Clicked the update button and after a short time I got the 8000000A message 4 When restarting the amp and Monkey, the amp does not get detected anymore. I googled for problems and decided to try it again with the dowloaded file. No succes, same error. Now the amp is useless. I searched and tried the safe mode with channel B toggle, the pinching topology and pentode switches, but nothing restores the amp to its default. I tried several times to upgrade, even on a windows 10 computer, but the problem does not get solved. Anybody here that can help me with this ? I loved the amp as it served as a practice amp that was not too big and versatile enough.
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