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Found 6 results

  1. Buenas, estoy teniendo el siguiente inconveniente, actualice mi POD GO a la version 1.21.0 y cuando lo conecto a la PC y quiero trabajar los patches desde POD GO EDIT 1.11, no me aparecen las actualizaciones incorporadas en la versión reciente (ejemplo: Cuando entro al menu de amps -desde la app- no toma el Fender Princeton) y si aplico la selección desde el POD GO si aparece en pantalla (en la pantalla del POD GO) Adjunto captura de pantalla de la vista actual desde POD GO EDIT.
  2. Going into regular amp using helix amp or preamp WITHOUT cabinet or IRs Experimenting because I feel like there's already a real speaker in this scenario and an emulated one can make it sound muddied or 2nd generation. The sound feels more present just using real speaker, not modeled. I do like some of the qualities that come with the cabinet, eliminating some harshness produced by an amp on its own. Appreciate any musings on EQ or FX that would be nice after the Helix amp and before the real amp. I've been playing with eq and compressors I'm going into a Roland KC-550 and KC-500 stereo, and a Egnater Tweaker through a Carvin 212. Straight in on the Rolands. On the Tweaker still playing with input vs effects return. ~cheers
  3. I would be grateful if you could confirm if my configuration is correct to use my simulations correctly. MY TEAM: POD HD500X POWERCAB 112 PLUS 1- My POD HD500X is connected to the POWERCAB 112 PLUS through the L6 LINK ports of both units (I understand that, in this way, the data transfer is done digitally). 2- The MODE setting of the SETUP: OUTPUT page is selected in Studio / Direct. Is it the right selection or should I select Combo Power Amp or Combo Front? 3- I select an PRE AMP MODEL (for example the Brit J-800 Pre) Is the selection correct or should I select the full amplifier version Brit J-800? 4- I select a CAB MODEL (for example the 4x12 Brit T-75) Should you not select any CAB MODEL and select a Speaker Mode or a User IR Mode on the POWERCAB 112 PLUS? Should I select a CAB MODEL in the POD and also a Speaker Mode or a User IR Mode in the POWERCAB 112 PLUS? Should I select a CAB MODEL in the POD and also FLAT MODE (Speaker emuation is disabled) in the POWERCAB 112 PLUS? If you use Speaker Mode or User IR Mode on the POWERCAB 112 PLUS, could you change them automatically, according to the preset used on the POD HD500X, via MIDI cable? 5- At POWERCAB 112 PLUS, currently, I select FLAT MODE and Voicing LF Solo ((LF Raw). Is the MODE and Voicing adequate? Thank you very much for your time. Enviar comentarios Historial Guardadas Comunidad
  4. Hello everyone and warm greetings from sunny Baja California Mexico :D So, here's the deal ... after discovering that I can no longer use Custom Tone downloads with my older Sonic Port, Mobile Pod and iOS when I bought my latest guitar ... I am considering the VX. I have Pod Farm 2 now installed on my Macbook Pro, I want to use Pod Farm 2 to manage, download and upload custom tones from the Line 6 communities. I want to connect a guitar to the VX while it is connected to the Mac and use the mac the way I used to use my iPad to select tones, adjust settings and knobs and pedals and such. Here's the rub (for me) ... how do I get the output back in to my external VOX amp? Bonus question ... if you used a VOX amp in this way, how would you set the amp to be as 'neutral' as possible?
  5. Hi everyone, I have questions about some configuration on the HD500X, 1 - Is this possible to Lock the AMP knob ? let me explain : you configure your preset. you move on stage and, bad luck, your guitar cable move one of the HD500X amp knob. It happens to me a lot of time. so i want to FIX\lock my preset knob (master include) 2 - Is there a delay bypass like those on the Stompbox DL4 ? With the DL4 stompbox after activate the bypass, when you switch off the delay, the effect still continue to his end, it s very usefull because when you juggle with lots of preset, it will not cut your delay effect. actually, i managed to handle this with delay + reverb preset. but it s not always simple to configure. Thanx
  6. Hey! Could someone point me to how to set up both a volume and wah pedal? I don't want to rely on the toe switch, I find I have to really lay into it and sometimes it is finicky when switching (it makes almost a crunching noise which is unnerving). Is it possible to use the switche(s) to toggle between the wah and volume pedal? I typically use the HD500 application to edit. If there is a customtone available I'd appreciate it. In an ideal world, I would want one switch to toggle between wah and volume...not sure that is possible. Thanks, Rick
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