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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, I'm thinking using DI box for Helix. I know Helix has XLR out to mixer. But the manual tell us that mixer should not provide phantom power to Helix. However, other instruments might need the phantom power from mixer meanwhile, therefore, for this case, I can't use XLR cable for connecting Helix and mixer. To use TRS cable for connecting Helix and mixer, the length of TRS cable can't be too long. Therefore using a DI box between Helix and mixer is a good way to do so. 1. Which type of DI box works best with Helix (active or passive)? 2. Does someone familiar with Radical DI products? I just need a DI box for connection Helix and Mixer (no amp or cab effect by the DI box as I will use the amp and cab effect from Helix). For connection will be like this: Guitar-->Helix (effects, amp, cab)-TRS->DI Box-XLR->Mixer Thanks for your help. Shiloh
  2. I recently bought a second hand M9. Signal chain will be mostly be: Guitar > shure GLXD16 > M9 > mixing desk/PA.. Occasionally it will be: Guitar > shure GLXD16 > M9 > Amp Do I need to put a DI box into the mix, after the M9 or does it not matter/need one? (I will be using this with an acoustic guitar)
  3. Good Day Everyone. Been recording with my pedal successfully for years using the USB out on the pedal. Need to start recording using a 2nd DI box track but have not purchased one or small interface yet. I have an older P.C. with no capture card. Just USB and the standard 1/8" audio and video jacks Can you record your tone track and a separate plain tone track simultaneously to two tracks(on your recording software) from the line 6 pedal using just the USB out? If not Opt#1(without DI box) just interface Is it possible you can send the tone signal via (1/4" out) to an interface, then send a separate signal via (XL out) to the interface, then to the P.C to record on two different tracks? Or will i have to buy both the Interface and the DI box to accomplish this? Any incite will be greatly appreciated. Cheers Rick
  4. Hello, Yesterday I had rehearsal with my band and we tried a new studio. The technician of the room connected the XLR output of my mighty Helix to a XLR connected to the wall. He said that from there the signal was going directly to the room mixer. Doing like this there was a lot of ground noise! The technician then placed a DI box between Helix XLR and the XLR plug wall, and so the noise went away and I played without any problem. I am worried about experiencing the same problem again in different rooms and - especially - during live concerts. Do you know why this happened? Should I buy a DI box and keep it always with me when using a Helix? Many thanks!
  5. Hello guys, I was looking for such a topic, but could not find. If it exists, please give me a link and kill this topic.. Just bought a new POD HD500X. Could you tell how can I mute one channel entirely? In presets I have 2 parallel amps, and mixer, 100% left and 100% right, one amp gets muted by a control. Output goes from unbalanced channels to amps. I use it on live gigs, had Morley di box before. When I press the control on POD HD500X, I still hear the clean sound from the muted channel. Could you tell if you know how to make it properly? Maybe you have a tone with such function? Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, I was wondering how to use my UX1 for live use. The UX1 has 2 analog outputs (left, right) so my queston is: Is correct to exit from an output (for example the left), enter in a DI Box and go straight to the PA System? Or, can I take a 1/4" jack--XLR cable like this ( and go into the stage box?
  7. Hello I just bought a DI Box and I have a problem with getting a wet signal with it. I want to record a tube preamp through it and to have the advantage of easy editing. So I want to record it with the preamp connected and I want to keep that sound but to have a waveform that is easier to edit. The problem is that I dont hear the preamp at all, Reaper is recording just the dry signal. Could somebody tell me how to set it up ? Am I missing something ? Connection: guitar=DI Box IN preamp=DI Box OUT->preamp IN interface=DI Box->XLR->Mic In of my Tone Port The DI Box is a Palmer 01, recording is set up for mic input 1.
  8. Hi, I’ve had an XT live for years now and always gone straight from the Left jack to a line input on our desk and not used a DI box, nor bothered running two jacks to the desk. The POD has always been set to Studio Direct. Now I want to know how to maximise the PODs potential and get that sound you get in your headphones, but through the PA. So the questions are: Should I use a DI box? If so, does it need to be a stereo DI box running from the jacks into the DI and then XLR to desk? Can I just run a jack from the Headphone socket to the DI, then XLR to the desk? Is there anything else I need to setup on the POD to maximise the sound potential (ignoring EQ on my sounds or anything like that)? Not that relevant I don’t think, but I mainly use a Variax JTV-59. Thanks in advance
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