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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, I'm currently trying to build a rig with both my trusty POD HD Pro X and my new EVH 5150-III. Currently I'm using the POD direct to FOH and patch changes are taken care off by Cubase through the MIDI connections. As the 50W 5150 is also MIDI compatible I figured to design a rig with the POD to FOH and the 5150 for stage sound. Now I was wondering whether it's OK or not to connect the "dry out" on the back of the POD to the regular guitar input of the 5150? I know a little bit about impedances and line volumes, but not enough to judge whether solution would damage the tube amp. Who can help me? :) Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey everyone. I currently use my HD500X in my studio for home use. I am going to jam with some friends and they have an extra Marshall Head and Cab there I can plug in so I was hoping I could use my HD500X so I can get the tones I want. I am not a Marshall fan and I don't feel like dragging my EVH, and Cabs over so I was wondering if I can use his Marshall head as a preamp and just run my settings which is amp and cab simulation to get the tone I like ? Is this possible ? What do I need to do in order to get this to work ?
  3. I am new to this forum, but I have had my Helix LT for a few months now. I play 2-3 shows a week, and I have been using my Orange Head and a Carvin 2x12 cabinet for my main setup. I am trying to consolidate down a bit, and I was looking in the Radial JDX Direct Drive, so I can get a similar sound and then just going direct to the main mixer for FOH. Does anyone have any experience with this or a similar setup? My current setup is as follows: Helix 1/4 Out > Orange Head FX Return Helix Guitar IN > Guitar I then use a MIC for the 2x12 cab.
  4. Hello everyone, I 'm inexperienced, I will buy Pod hd 500x for practice and record in my room by direct to studio monitor, is it sound good? What percentage of similarity if compare to real amp, is it bad? and last question which speaker I should buy for 4x4 meter room JBL : LSR 305/230 5"speaker ROKIT 6 Generation 3 Black 6"speaker Yamaha : HS7 6.5"speaker Thanks for any advices.
  5. I just picked up a used HD500 mostly for use as a headphone practice amp. With dogs and neighbors and all, I can't fire up my real amps very often at the house. Problem is every amp sounds fuzzy. Not a good fuzzy. A digital fuzzy. No effects, some effects, doesn't matter. Clean is digitally fuzzy, distorted amp is fuzzy. I've been through the tone guide, I've been through pretty much every parameter via the edit software, I've tried everything and it all sounds horrible. Output is set to studio. I've loaded the latest firmware. Whatever I try, it just sounds cheap and fuzzy. Anyone have a solution for this? Thing is, I have an old kidney bean pod and it sounds great through headphones. No fuzz, no cheap, just warm and pretty real. How does a product several generations newer sound waaaaaay worse? You could say, Go back the old pod then, dummy, and that'd be fair enough, but then I lose out on all the power and flexibility of switching cabs and mics and effect order and values, etc. I really was looking forward to newly remodeled versions of the old amps. The old Plexi is really not a great model for a holy grail amp. It feels like it's missing the old A.I.R. II technology, which made the pod sound really good through headphones. Is that somewhere in the setup where I can't find it? Without that, it just sounds like a cheap spider amp. How do people use these for recording? I just can't get it to sound like a true amp.
  6. Hey all, Does anyone have any tips on mixing a Pod X3 Live that is plugged directly to the mixer of a PA? (EQ, etc) Thanks!
  7. Alright so I'm kinda new at this. I am running a pod hd pro through a 5150 head (my poweramp source) to a 5150 slant cab. The way I have it hooked up is a 1/4 cable from the pods Left(mono) FX out to my heads FX in. The output level on the POD is set to Line and in the settings I have it set to studio direct. (IDK why but that sounds the best for me, probably because Im not using the 4 cable method and just using all the tone from the POD). My question is, what is the most efficient way of running this setup live but also going direct? I wanna still have sound from my amp on stage but skip the mic'ing process. My concerns are the tones/patches sounding different going direct to FOH as to what is coming through my cab. If someone can give me a list of what I need as far as achieving this, that would be amazing. (certain gear,direct box, cables, methods etc). The most simplest way please and thank you I wish someone can make a video of this step by step
  8. Hi guys! I just disconnected my POD 500X from my computer as the latency was unbearable. I think I'll try connecting my KRK 6's directly into it instead, but I noticed that the outputs on the POD are balanced whereas the inputs on the monitors are balanced for both XLR and TRS. Will this be a problem ? I've read somewhere that when monitoring from the balanced outputs on the POD, the volume gets really low unless you connect to an amp, but when using unbalanced directly it's quite allright for practising...? Just wondering what kinda cables I should head out to buy on monday - cheers for any advice :) -Thomas
  9. Hello people! Long story short ive gotta get through about 2 or 3 function band practices without my amp. I have a POD X3 bean for recording. Although I don't have the shortboard pedal to switch about sounds I can easily reach over as its just practice - but how do I rig up my POD X3 bean to the rehearsal studio's PA system? Thanks guys. Lenny
  10. I have a Pod X3 Live which I am using to record guitar. My Setup is Guitar > X3 Live > XLR outs > XLR IN on a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4. The thing is I'm having trouble finding the correct setting for the XLR ins on the Scarlett. The Scarlett has an instrument/line switch for each of it's XLR inputs. So I guess my question is, are the XLR outs on the Pod X3 live line level or instrument level? Currently I have the Scarlett set to line level and it sounds fine but if there is a possibility for improvement I would like to know. Thanks
  11. I want to connect direct to pa via the xlr outputs, and at the same time, output my signal to my amplifier. I have a spider 3 amp and the sound is horrible when plugging my pod hd500x to the amp. It sounds like the mids are more emphasized and I can't get the bass sounds tinny. I've tried plugging the unbalanced out to a di box and plugging a 1/4 inch jack from the link output of the di box to the amplifier, and plugging the xlr output to the pa, but the monitor sound through my amp still sounds awful. Any suggestions?
  12. Hi all, I recently purchased a Stagesource L2T powered monitor to connect to my HD500 (and I also have a JVT-59) to create a non DT50/25 guitar amp 'Dream Rig'. I've noticed (besides the L2T smelling like weed) that whenever I connect the hd500 to the L2T using the L6 Link, that it forces the HD500 into combo which point the combination sounds like crap. I then have to go into the hd500 system edit and change it back to direct and everything is ok again. Has anyone else experienced this? is there a way to force the HD500 to stay in direct mode when I connect the L6 link cable? I know I could use the XLR connection, but then I have to fart around with each patch mixer setting (I only have a single L2T at the momment and use it like a guitar amp). BTW: sorry in advance...I also posted this in the HD support section as well. Thanks
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