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  1. Hey, Line 6!? I am a long time user of your products, (have not registered them all yet though.). ha but.. my new Firehawk 1500, ...(had for 6 months or so)... love this amp.. i use it for everything.. Deal is.. it is a great piece of kit... But.. I think we REALLY need an editor on our computers, (mac or pc) not just mobile.... can you provide that? I mean... that is all i would need to keep this in my little studio. It is a versatile piece of equipment. i use it as is. (models amps fx etc) as well as an FRFR with Kemper and various plug-ins in the daw. through fx loop etc. even mix them all.... Its just the hardware features looked I dropped $1000 for this amp via Sweetwater... (and mistakenly assumed from your previous products that i'd have driver/interface support with an actual computer, like with the UX2 etc) its modern, and the mobile client is great.. but.. please give me an interface to use on the mac/pc... hell.. if nothing else.. ..hell i am coder of 20+ years.. in every language... drop me some dev assemblies and i'd write it for you. ok? thanks.. dedicated fan since the original pod, pod farm - 2.5... and all the nicely polished stuff you guys put out.
  2. Hi all I recently acquired a FH1500 and it performs as expected, but have come across an issue. When I adjust the Mid dial on the top of the FH and turn left towards the 9 oclock position, the amp cuts out completely, and the message "Thermal Shutdown" scrolls across the LCD. Sometimes, after a few seconds, the amp comes back to life, sometimes it requires a reboot. It only happens on the Mid dial (so far as I can tell), and at any volume, after any time. So I'm fairly sure it is not actually a heat issue, it's a glitch. I've tried the downgrading the firmware to 1.0 and then back up to 1.3. No change. Anyone seen this before? Any fixes? Is it serious?
  3. Does anybody know if you can use the FIREHAWK FX as a foot controller for the FIREHAWK 1500? I really don't want to drop an additional $250 for a foot switch when I just dropped $400 on the FX and am considering getting the 1500. In transparency, I'm hoping to use the 1500 just for amp models (not the stomps) and plug my regular pedalboard into the front of it but I want to be able to change amp models/channels on the fly. I really wasn't big on using the 4 cable method w th firehawk and a traditional amp. Too many cables and hassle. THANKS
  4. Dear Line 6, Is the FireHawk 1500 support or enhancements dead?????? You have such an awesome underdeveloped product here. The majority of the needs are in software and editability settings and with the FVB 3. I love the amp but it is a 63.14 lb. Living Room Brick. Because of the lack of editing for live performances. Please step up and enhancement the product. You have very skilled people on your team that are real players. They know what is needed. Guys isn't all about the Helix, Helix LT, Helix Stomp, Helix Effect. You won't get us to buy any of these or future products when you ignore our other stuff. PS I've had your stuff from the very beginning. You are bring in all these new product and your attention to the other products had slipped. There hasn't been an update or enhancement even on your Varaix other than the Suriken. Absolutely nothing for a very long time. People spend the money on your type of products because there is an expectation of enhancement. Both by design within software and electronic. FH1500, JTV-69, FVB3, X3Live, POD, POD farm
  5. Here is how to update the Firehawk 1500 step by step: Note: The versions of the drivers and software may have older versions. Make sure to always select the latest versions. For Windows 7, 8, or 10 systems, please start with step 1. For OSX 10.8 and up, skip to step 8. 1. In order for your computer to see the Firehawk 1500 you will need to install the driver for the device to your computer. Open a web browser and navigate to and select Product: Firehawk Software: Drivers from the drop down menus at the top of the page. 2. Pick the top selection from the next page by selecting "Get Download". 3. Accept the terms. 4. If in Windows, choose the run option and run the installer or navigate to the downloads window and run the installer. Pressing Control + J will bring up the downloads menu in most windows browsers, alt + command + L for Safari on Mac. 5.Disconnect your Firehawk from the computer if it's connected via USB and run the installer. 6. In the installer make sure the drivers from the Firehawk have a green check. Click next until the installer completes. 7. Reconnect Hardware when prompted and let Windows assign the driver. Now your computer will be able to communicate properly with the Firehawk. 8. Now, let's download the updater utility. Open your web browser, navigate back to and select Line 6 Updater under the software drop down menu. 9. Select get download under the top selection, the latest choice will always be at the top. 10. Accept the agreement. 11. If in Windows, choose the run option and run the installer or navigate to the downloads window and run the installer. Pressing Control + J will bring up the downloads menu in most Windows browsers, alt + command + L for Safari on Mac. Or the installer will be in your downloads folder. 12. Run the installer for Line 6 updater. 13. In the installer make sure Updater has a green check, click next until the installer completes. 14. Run Line 6 updater from the start menu on WIn 7, Applications Folder on a Mac, or C:/Program Files (86)/Line 6 on Windows 8. 15. Accept the agreement. 16. Login to Updater with your username and password from the Line 6 website. 17. Select the Firehawk. 18. Select the latest version of flash memory. This is always the top selection. 19. NOTE: This part of the updater explains how to reset the Firehawk if it should fail. You can refer to the image here for instructions if that should ever happen. Click Next to Proceed. 20. Wait for the progress bar to complete. 21. Updater will let you know when the update is complete.
  6. Is there a list of the Firehawk 1500 presets somewhere? I can find a list of the Firehawk FX presets online but the first three banks are different when I factory reset my Firehawk 1500. The online list says bank 1a should be "HD Rhythm" but it is in fact "Plexi Lead 100 N"
  7. Hi there (LINE 6)- I bought a Firehawk 1500 with FBV3 foot pedal about a year ago, I have loved the purchase - the amp has a great range of sound and kicks on any previous amp that I have had previously. I also like that I am able to use the Firehawk Remote app to modify sounds. That said - I have issues with the Firehawk Remote app because it doesn't allow me to move the Reverb before the FX LOOP in the graphic effects routing screen. I have an external looper with digital drum kit that inevitably has to be before the Reverb as I switch between guitar effects causing the drums to sound different on every change. Very annoying. LINE 6 - Could you update the Firehawk REMOTE so that the FX LOOP can be at the end of the router or at least after the LOOPER? Please??? As you can see in my image - the REVERB can only be moved to one location and I want to be able to have it after the AMP but before the FX LOOPER. As you can see in my graphic the FX LOOPER can only be moved backward in the sequence. Also - are there software updates for both the Firehawk 1500 and the FX REMOTE?
  8. Hey all, noob question here. What is the best method for getting the authentic amp sounds to the mixing board? XLR or mic the amp? If mic is better, how many mics and position them where? Thanks!
  9. Volume Controls The overall volume is the Master Volume control. This is controlled by the 'big knob' when the LEDs are red (the default state). All of the other volumes happen before this one and it's ultimately how you control the output level while keeping everything relatively balanced by using all of the other controls. This is a global control. The Guitar Volume happens just before the master and is how you balance the guitar level against the Bluetooth streaming audio that is coming into the unit. This is also a global control and is accessed by pressing the big knob until the LEDs are white. The Channel Volume is like a Master for just the amp, and it is stored with the patch. It adjusts the output level without affecting the tone (like the 'Gain' control on the amps would). This is the control you use to level your presets relative to each other. The slightly quirky thing here is that it does live in the amp processing slot, so it happens in the signal chain before the post effects. In v1.1 firmware and later, pressing the big knob until the LEDs are pink acts as a short cut to accessing this control without the app. The Gain on the amp panel is the per-patch parameter that affects the tone of the amp (also referred to as 'Drive'.) The Volume Pedal is an additional real-time control whose value is not saved with the patch. You can see in the app where it lives in the signal path. The Master control on HD amps is considered a 'deep edit parameter' (like sag, hum, etc.) that is saved with the patch and is exclusive to HD amps. It's the output level of the preamp to the power amp. When you load one of these models, the stored value is "right" for that amp in the default state and it's usually best to leave it where it is unless you are going for a very specific effect. Speaker Modes on 1500 These modes are accessible though the app. Bluetooth streaming audio is effected by the speaker mode selection as well. Mono; Top Horn, Center Speaker. Stereo; Left Coaxial, Center Speaker, Right Coaxial *Note A Limiter is present on this mode to maintain a full stereo image. You will not get full volume in this mode. Stereo Wide; Left Coaxial, Center Speaker, Top Horn, Right Coaxial.
  10. Hello, Are there any plans to update the Firehawk 1500 / Firehawk Remote tuner so it can tune to A=432Hz ? Love my new Firehawk 1500 but missing out on my tuning of choice. Thanks! :)
  11. I'm trying to determine the best connection scheme for my Helix to feed the Firehawk 1500 in order to utilize the amp STRICTLYas an FRFR stereo amplifier (i.e., NO Firehawk amps/effects). After researching in this Forum (and the Firehawk 1500 Forum), I've seen & tried several appealing variations on how to do this. However, it still seems that people are still 'searching' for the best way to marry the Helix with the Firehawk 1500 in an FRFR situation. Possibilities include: Scenario 1: Helix 1/4" Stereo Outs -> Firehawk 1500 1/4" FX Stereo Returns, (with an UN-EFFECTED Neutral Patch). This provides a stereo amplified output. Scenario 2: Helix Stereo XLR Outs -> Firehawk 1500 XLR Monitor Ins (which are controlled by the Monitor Gain Level Control). This provides a better/stronger level stereo amplified output, and is not affected by anything AFTER the Firehawk's Stereo Returns (other than a Global EQ). Scenario 3: Helix 1/4" Mono Out -> Firehawk 1500 1/4" Guitar In (with an UN-EFFECTED, Neutral Patch) PLUS Helix Stereo XLR Outs -> Firehawk 1500 XLR Monitor Ins (again, controlled by the Monitor Gain Level Control). This engages use of the Firehawk 1500's mono horn, which apparently is not engaged in Scenario's 1 & 2. Using Scenario 3 - running the Helix both in Mono (Guitar In) AND in Stereo (Monitor In) - seems to have the most promise, but there is an odd behavior with the Firehawk 1500's Monitor Gain Level Control. Rotating from 0% to 50% causes the output to actually DECREASE (sounds like a phase cancellation issue between the Guitar In and the Monitor In). Continuing from 50% to 100% brings the gain back (plenty loud!), presumedly because the XLR Monitor In gain is over-taking the Guitar In gain and making the phase anomalies less noticeable. I have checked my cables (especially the XLR's), and all are wired correctly to maintain correct phase relationships. Has anyone with the same gear had a similar experience, or a better connection suggestion? I'll admit, I've been apprehensive on the whole FRFR thing live (up to this point), but I'm hearing a LOT of promise in getting the Helix amplified with this setup. The Firehawk 1500 is quickly making me a believer, other than the odd behavior I've cited. Having my own amp control is essential, because I do not want to just hand-off the XLR outs of my Helix to the FOH/Monitor guys. I play in many different scenarios and cannot rely on different FOH/Monitor providers for a consistent sound. Consistency does not exist in that realm for the variety of live gigs I play (corner bar gigs where we hire the sound company, to Festivals where sound is provided and there's a 15-minute changeover between bands).
  12. Just thought I would throw this out there since the Helix HX Stomp is brand new and the Firehawk 1500 is oft mentioned as an FRFR option. I have the Firehawk 1500 and have the Helix Stomp on the way (hopefully) and I am still a little fuzzy about how to complete the connections from the Stomp which is a complete but slightly limited I/Os and the Firehawk, which has a myriad of I/Os which effect the amps speaker outputs. I have sent inquiries directly through L6 support tickets and I have some confirmation concerning these hookups, but I do not know exactly which I/Os to use on the new Helix Stomp to get the W/D/W response from the amp. I'm just looking for some clarification since everything published on this so far has not mentioned either the Stomp specifically or the Firehawk 1500 specifically. Below is the question I posed to L6 in the support ticket section and their response. Me: "Ok, simple question. I assume that since the Firehawk is a stereo amp and the Monitor inputs are L/R, that the 4 cable method would now be a 5 cable method with the Helix stomp L/R outputs in the back going to the L/R monitor in on the Firehawk and that the guitar would then go into the Mono input in and then out from the side panel send to the guitar input of the amp. Would this activate all the speakers on the Firehawk and give a W/D/W sound from the amp?" L6: " You are correct, you are free to utilize the stereo inputs on the back of the Firehawk making this a 5 cable method of sorts. You are also correct as running an input to these monitor ins will be a dry, unprocessed signal and will only take the modeling from the HX Stomp itself." As you can tell, informative, but not specific. Hopefully, I can get some input that will help anyone that happens to already own the Firehawk 1500 and is considering upgrading the preset capbility to that of the Helix via the aquistition of the Stomp. It would be really helpful if anyone could include the diagrams since those in the new Stomp manual do not mention the Firehawk 1500 connection option.
  13. Hi I've had my Firehawk 1500 for about 3 weeks now - it sounds incredible, but I have been having problems with the amp freezing when changing patches. It initially happened when I was browsing patches on the iPad app, but has since done it when using the FBV shortboard MkII, with Bluetooth switched off on the amp. It seems completely random as to which patch causes the problem, but once the sound has cut out, I have to turn the amp off and on again. I found a thread with people experiencing similar problems with the Firehawk FX unit, but haven't seen any reports of this problem with the amp. I have installed the latest firmware, removed everything from my tones (there was nothing special in there!), and performed multiple factory resets, but if anything, it seems to be getting worse. I wonder if I just have a bad unit? .. I am going to see if the supplier will exchange it as I am still within 28 days of purchase. Any ideas?? Cheers
  14. I'm having trouble recording using the Firehawk...I've tried both using the direct connection through USB and using the balanced outputs to a recording interface. I'm using Windows 10 with Ableton software. Ableton recognizes the Firehawk and can configure either as an MME/Direct input or ASIO. The problem I have is that the signal coming out from the Firehawk is WAY too loud. It comes in pretty much clipping even when I'm not playing loudly or when the master volume is low. I use a looper so as I add layers it starts to clip and distort and it just sounds awful. What comes out of the speakers sounds great, so it's nothing to do with the processing on the front end...I just can't figure out how to turn down the signal on the USB or direct outs. I should mention that when I run the direct outs, I have tried turning down the output volume on the interface, so the "volume" coming into Ableton is lower but the actual signal is still clipped. Similarly, I can turn down the individual track volume within Ableton but it doesn't make a's the original signal that is messed up.
  15. I've been trying to revert my Firehawk 1500 back to Firmware 1.00 (from 1.01). The reason is, I'm using it strictly as an FRFR amp for my Helix, and I'm plugging the Helix into the XLR Main Ins on the FH1500. The newest Firmware (1.01) does not pass thru the XLR Main Ins to the XLR Main Outs (which is how I want to feed FOH). Regardless of the reasoning, I'm struggling getting Line 6 Updater working with the FH1500 via USB. My Windows 10 USB sees the FH1500. I choose the Local File (Firehawk_1500W_v1_00_00.tmf) then select 'Update,' I get to the Software License Agreement screen and click Accept. It looks like it's starting up, but then gives me a Firmware Update Failed message, stating an error has occurred, and please try again. It infers that there's a USB issue, but I use the exact same setup and USB port to update the Firmware on my Helix, as well as use the new editor. Is anyone else having problems updating or reverting to old Firmware on the FH1500?
  16. I just bought a Firehawk 1500 with the FBV 3 floor pedal, and I'm wondering how to properly hook up an external loop pedal. I'm running a JTV-69 into the Firehawk 1500 via VDI cable. I have my FX send on the back of the FH1500 going into my loop pedal's input (boss RC300), and then my loop pedal's output is going back into FX return. With the current setup I have, I can hear my previously recorded loops through the amp, but I can't record anything new through the guitar. The loop pedal is only recieving the FX, not the input from my guitar. Is there any way to make this work as I want it to? I haven't been able to figure this out. Thanks.
  17. It would be helpful if it could manage patches properly in a completely stand alone manner between the amp and the local android device. (i.e. copy/move/import/export/etc like Line6 Edit used to do.) The app is great while line6's cloud is available, but it's patch management is quite crippled without connectivity to a line6 account. I don't know how everyone else feels, but I would rather not rely upon line6 continuing to support the product or the "cloud". (I've sent an email to the android team requesting this.) It would be interesting to gauge support for this.
  18. I have a set list that mimics the first 16 banks of the Firehawk. All is functional and named in pedal. Don't know if I can share a set list with anyone but would love to. I'm currently working on the next 16 banks for full control. Effects vol and wah all work from pedal with a single midi cable . Any one interested let me know. Flash
  19. This is the factory set of presets in the Firehawk FX/1500. Firehawk FX Factory Presets - English.pdf
  20. I have to say, I am absolutely overwhelmed by the Helix in combinatination with Firehawk 1500! At first I used my DT-25 and was very happy with the sound but had trouble cutting through the mix in the recordings made at rehearsals with a Zoom. I had trouble with my Variax 89F again and was about to get my 3rd new one and decided to trade for a Firehawk 1500 (had the same price). Bax music shop agreed. The sound I'm getting from this setup is really increadable! It's really very transparent and cuts through the mix unlike anything I've tried before. Now, looking back at the sound from DT-25 it was pretty smudgy actually, although I was very satisfied at the time. So, if you're thinking about Firehawk or another FRFR, don't hesitate. It really is the way to go with Helix and probably any modeler. Anyways, that what I think.
  21. I posted this in another thread by accident. Received my Firehawk 1500 yesterday . Only had about nan hour with it as I had to update and learn some basics . Over the next three days I will be digging in further. Will try the helix two XLR outs into the two FH monitor ins and the 1/4 helix out to the guitar input of the FH and see how that works for me as well. But that might not be for a few days as I really want to get my Firehawk tones created and saved without the helix first as I want to use this amp independently as well as try it out as an frfr cab. I found one preset with the tread plate HD I believe and really liked it. So I tweaked it and moved some things abounds, used it More for lead playing notes, reduced some gains and other tweaks, but so far that is the only one I made as my own preset so far. Obviously there are a ton of amps and going to be awhile before I can scratch the surface. A few things up front within my limited experience: My FBV 3 seems to have all greenish colors except for mod. My stomps, reverbs, seem to be green like the delays. Anyway to change this ? Also, my laptop did not recognize the amp. Line 6 updater doesn't show it in the window, I had to update via app. (Thank goodness for that feature ) EDIT, I DOWNLOADED THE LATEST DRIVER AND IT SHOWS UP NOW IN BOTH LINE 6 updater and in my computer. FIXED see above ... However, the same USB cord and port, instantly recognized the FBV for upgrading . So right now, my FH is not showing as an audio interface. I might reset the amp to factory default and see what happens. I didn't hear difference with mono, stereo and wide stero settings, maybe I am doing something wrong ? from the amp, so not sure if it was just the patch or if this actually has little effect on amp and more effect on the outs to PA ? It looks like it came in perfect shape. Have not inspected it 100% yet in full lighting, but I didn't have the panel board glue issues and it seems that everything physically is in perfect shape, thankfully . Fixed now More thoughts and maybe recording direct if I can get it to be recongnised as interface. I can record via out to my focusrite 2i4, but I want this thing to work as an interface and record direct that way as it should be able to. Fixed and works fine I hope I don't have a bad USB on the FH side. Will try a reset and another laptop just to see Any suggestions would be appreciated Thanks Jerry
  22. I would love to see the models of line 6 bass products become available for the Firehawk 1500. Everything from the lowdown, Bass POD, and the expansion pack. I am sure that some might be redundant because some were probable shared over a few pieces of gear. I have submitted to ideascale; so, if anyone else like this idea please vote.
  23. I apologize if this topic has already been addressed. If so, please help and direct me to the information that was discussed. Thank you! When connecting my Firehawk 1500 via the Main XLR outputs on the back to my PA system (Behringer X18 iOS Live Sound Console), I am getting a clipping sound through the PA speaker. As I play and listen simultaneously to what is coming out of the PA and what is coming out of the Firehawk 1500, the clipping sound is only coming out of the PA speaker, not coming out of the Firehawk 1500. I will say that I first experienced this issue while running a mono output from the Firehawk 1500, but there should still not be any clipping even if I run a mono output feed. I have the gain on the mixer turned down very low to where it is almost off and there is still a clipping sound. This is not a grounding issue so I do not need the Ground Lift activated. I already checked that while troubleshooting. I troubleshooted with other XLR cables; all still with the same clipping result occurring. It is not a cable issue. If anyone has had any issue similar to what I am currently dealing with and had a resolve, please let me know exactly how you solved this issue. I will answer any questions that are posed. Thank you! Charlie
  24. Firehawk 1500 arrived this morning. Very impressed. Default patches a bit eurgh, but have dialled in some nice ones of my own already. However, headphone output seems to be mono-only even when the output is wide stereo. Same headphones yield Stereo on my HD Pro X... Anyone else experienced this?
  25. Does anybody know if you can use the FIREHAWK FX as a foot controller for the FIREHAWK 1500? I really don't want to drop an additional $250 for a foot switch when I just dropped $400 on the FX and am considering getting the 1500. In transparency, I'm hoping to use the 1500 just for amp models (not the stomps) and plug my regular pedalboard into the front of it but I want to be able to change amp models/channels on the fly. I really wasn't big on using the 4 cable method w th firehawk and a traditional amp. Too many cables and hassle. THANKS
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