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  1. Good Afternoon, I've fallen into the cycle of firmware update failure that I've seen posted here numerous times. I was coming from a very old Firmware (Could have been the first, don't think it's ever been updated). Following the suggestions I've ready here, I've downloaded the Line 6 Updater as well as the latest firmware, and attempted to update it through that. I get the update has been successful and that my Helix will reset. In doing so, I get the ""Boot Failure, Entered Update Mode!" Restart a few times and same thing. So, I enter the device into update mode (holding 6 and 12 buttons) and attempt do to the update again. Still, same thing. Updater says successful, Helix says, "Boot Failure, Entered Update Mode!". I've even tried to install an older firmware, all resulting in the same results. Any ideas? Thanks so much in advance for any advice that is given. Respectfully, -Pen
  2. Hey everyone, I’m new to both the Helix and DAW’s, and I’m having a really frustrating time trying to get started with REAPER. I have Windows 10 and the most recent REAPER (6.77) as well as Helix 3.50. I believe I’ve got the proper Global Settings as far as ins/outs and routing. I’ve also got the Native plug-in running and open in a track within Reaper, recording armed and record monitoring on. I feel like I’ve matched as many preferences and numbers as I can as far as I can between the system settings, reaper settings and ASIO Helix settings. I think I could just use a reset and some serious help getting started. I’m sure posts like this have been made, so I greatly appreciate any patience and willingness to help. I hear this is an awesome community and I’m excited to be a part of it! Looking forward to hearing from you!
  3. I've opened a ticket about this but want to hear from any other Windows 11 based DAW users who may have ran into the same issue. The latest Windows 11 Pro 64-bit OS update a couple of days ago caused a hole in security due to Line 6 driver incompatibility on my hardware DAW, a DELL XPS 8940, 11th Gen Intel i9-11900K processor (8-Core, 16M Cache, 3.5GHz to 5.3GHz), with 64GB RAM, running Windows 11 Pro 64-bit. Its a stripped down system optimized for audio production. The OS Memory Integrity switch cannot be toggled to on due to conflicts with these Line 6 drivers. (see screen caps attached) I6Helix_AvsFilter.sys I6HXStomp_AvsFilter.sys (for some reason has 2 instances) I6PodHd2_AvsFilter.sys I have related problem on a Surface Book 2 laptop that I previously used as a DAW and uninstalled all Line 6 software on but it did not successful remove all Line 6 drivers, specifically the I6HXStomp_AvsFilter.sys file which I cannot find to manually remove. I have parsed through Microsoft documents for deleting unruly drivers but the system still thinks the driver is installed.
  4. Hi, I am developing an app to control my HX Stomp on my tablet (android) There's any documentation regarding the protocol used by hx edit to for example: download/restore a backup/setlist upload an ir file get the parameters and informations? Is any of this accessible via midi? (maybe with a syshex message?) In another thread a Line6 developer was talking about the fbv protocol... If anyone wants to help also... Cheers, Nick
  5. I've had my amplifi75 for over a year now and it has some nice features as a stand alone amp but I can't seem to be able to use my Helix Floor along with it. For the past year I've had to use a separate amp with my Helix Floor and the Amplifi75 to play music I am practicing with because the Amplifi tones and Helix Floor patches seem to clash. Essentially the Amplifi75 has become a glorified bluetooth speaker for me. How can I use my Helix floor patches through my Amplifi75 without the tome clashing (having the Amplifi75 add effects on top of my Helix patches)
  6. Just now trying to get my Windows 10 PC (Surface Pro) to connect to my new (awesome!) Helix. The driver is not working. I installed version 1.87 (the latest version of the driver). I've done a fair number of installs, and eventually did a full uninstall and then reinstall, rebooting each time in between (and having the Helix not plugged in). That appears to be all the advice in the forums available. I'm using Chrome to download, so don't have the issue about driver signing -- I think. In the Windows Device Manager the Line 6 Helix driver shows with an error exclamation point icon. The error text says: "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39) {Bad Image} %hs is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try installing the program again using the original installation media or contact your system administrator or the software vendor for support. Error status 0x" I know my way around a Windows PC pretty well (worked at Microsoft for the past many, many years). Any suggestions? I'm dead in the water. Can't do any design work, download anything, update the firmware, etc... :( Thanks, David
  7. Has anyone tried Helix into the Amplifi 1/8" Aux in jack? I searched this forum and didnt see anything on the pair. It seems like Amplifi could be a good at home (maybe even jamming at friends or small bars) solution at a fraction of the cost of Firehawk 1500 but similar stereo design, albeit scaled down. I know these can be had pretty cheaply with new discounts or used. I just replied to another user asking about good at home solutions and he was talking about buying a ZT Lunchbox or using acoustic amps. Immabouta take Helix to GC and try it out with a 1/4" L/R Y-cable to 1/8" stereo adapter. The suspense is killing me.
  8. Here is a free preset from my Modern Metal Pack. This one is based off of the Driftwood Purple Nightmare sizzle channel FULL PACK AVAILABLE HERE
  9. Hi all! I recently purchased the Helix Floor and cannot get it to communicate with my 2020 MacBook Pro that is running Big Sur 11.4. I made my line6 account, registered my Helix, confirmed my email...all that stuff. I've downloaded and installed the driver, license manager, updater and HX Edit. When i first plugged in my helix to the USB via a hub to my thunderbolt 3 port and installed software, i had to press 'allow' in System Preferences > Security & Privacy. It then instructed me to restart my comp, and after doing that it doesn't detect my Helix AT ALL on any software. PLEASE HELP! I contacted support and have looked into unblocking the driver with this link: I have ensured via 'Disabled Software' that the driver isn't disabled by the system. I have also opened a ticket with support but haven't heard back for a handful of days so thought i'd try my luck here. Hopefully will hear back from them soon! I can't update it or anything and can't find a similar issue in the forums. Am i missing a download or something? The only anomaly I can find is the serial number for my Mac in 'About this mac' is different to the one in the License Manager. I cannot find a way to change this and it fills it automatically. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  10. I'm writing a song that uses a square or saw tooth tremelo effect synced to the beat with a 100% intensity for the primary rhythm element. I've found that though you can sync the tempo to the track, you can't control the start of the tremelo cycle with the DAW to sync it up with other elements. This means that each time you start the track, the phase of the cycle may not be what you expect. That makes it very difficult to sync up properly... For example, I've set up a sine wave generator, then an instance of Helix Native with a single Modulation > Mono > Tremelo: I've then set up my DAW to enable the effect at a particular spot in the "song" so that the effect would theoretically start the cycle the same each time. Then, I rendered the same section of song 3 times and added them to the project. As you can see, the first bar is the solid block sine wave, and then the tremelo effect is kicked on. You'll notice that the phase of each cycle is quite different, even though they all are turned on at the exact same time. (Three may have been me accidentally leaving one unmuted before the next render) Next, I attempted to bypass the Helix plugin entirely, rather than just the tremelo effect block. The same behavior is exhibited. The start time of the cycle is entirely unpredictable, and appears to simply be running non-stop after you load the plugin into memory or something. As suspected, this is true for other Modulation effects as well. Here's the same test using a whole not with the Script Mod Phase effect: Helix Native needs to honor the Host Sync's start event (assuming that actually exists) to reset it's LFO for Modulation effects. Otherwise, results are unpredictable and potentially unusable during rendering. :( I haven't tested the Helix Floor pedal to see if the bypass/enable of a trem effect resets the LFO, but I wouldn't be surprised if it had the same basic problem...
  11. I have some stereo presets I purchased that I absolutely love. They were before 3.5. The only problem is the limited DSP because the 2 amp/cab setup takes up so much. Any tips for adjusting these with the 3.5 so I can add more pedals? Does a patch/preset like that automatically get more DSP now? I'm not the most technically sound guy with the Helix but am hoping to get better. Any tips or answers appreciated!
  12. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone can help me ... So live, I currently automate snapshot settings using CC#69 (I believe) using the laptop in Cubase. I was just wondering is there any way to also change presets / banks using midi messages? Can't seen to find a clear answer searching google and the forums. My plan was to have my helix set out like a setlist so each preset would be named after a song then each song would have it's own sounds and fx etc. But I need it all to be fully automated with the laptop as we play to a click with iems etc. TIA Mike \m/
  13. The new cab upgrades are really great and they start to make to sound the Helix IMHO really realistic. The new reverbs are nice. But me as someone who picky in the beauty of sounds, especially regarding the 3D dimension (sometimes I think I would not be the worst tone engineer) I miss somehow a lot of abilities of the reverbs in the Helix. I know, if you want to make something better, you should start with eliminating the mistakes or telling, what should be better. One HUGE mistake of nearly all reverbs from the Helix is, that they DON'T mute/damp frequencies in a natural way. It challenges me all the time when I try to make a preset with a realistic sounding dimension (ambient, room, hall). You can take a look at how I struggled in the uploaded Helix presets "No ACDC:crunch!" and "No Ston: Crunch2". It would be possible make a downsize compatible discrete parameter like "damping profile". Just to give you inspirations for this: low frequency waves are having much more energy at same felt loudness. They are the way harder to damp. The damping could have a hull curve, simulating different room situations. Tiles will have a different curve than wood and a room with a lot of high or mid frequency traps would sound different like a Club, where maybe at least some lost of bassy waves come at last back as low mids. It would be really nice, if the damping in the reverbs would work somehow realistic, because IMHO it doesn't. The other thing is: The existing reverbs sound nice in stereo. Not so very nice anymore in mono. I really wish all reverbs would have a Spread parameter (to reduce the stereo width). I do not want to ask for to much, but only to let you know: after the ability of determining the spread of the reverb it would be great, if someday the panorama position of the reverb spread center could be controlled. It would lead IMHO to what such modern DSP-devices should be: Not guitar-to-speaker-mic-simulators, but Guitar-to-master-record-simulators. Imho such DSP devices should be able to simulate up to direct recording.
  14. I'm really struggling with a solid USB connection to the Helix. I use the cable provided by Line 6, in the back of a Mac Mini, with nothing else plugged into any of the ports. I've never been able to update the Helix on the first try, it usually takes 4-5 attempts for an upgrade to happen, and in the meantime I lose all my presets. I only use HX Edit when I want to load Its, but after copying 4 or 5 Its, the connection drops with "Connection Interrupted" at the bottom. I've never had such an unstable connection to a device, especially one that has integral power so isn't drawing power over USB. What can I do to solve this, as this is an incredibly frustrating situation.
  15. I've got a little MIDI problem I'm having trouble with... I have a Reaper project set up for the set list of my band. In it I have a MIDI track that is routed to my Helix Rack via a USB connection. There are MIDI items for each song. And within each I'm calling a preset via Program Change on the Helix. Then I'm using CC messages to select snapshots in different parts of the song. Most of the time things work fine, but the Helix pulls up the wrong patch in the middle of a song sometimes - like it was sent a bad message and reverts to an earlier one. Or like the MIDI item in Reaper is programmed incorrectly (but I'm 99% sure it's not...). Anyone seen similar issues? Not sure if this is a Reaper or Helix problem, or both...
  16. Some users have reported getting an error message when installing Helix/HX or POD HD product drivers on Windows 10 or 11. The error message will mention that Line 6 drivers not being recognized or are being blocked after installation. The best work-around for this is to disable Memory Integrity under Windows security settings. You can find this feature under Windows Security > Device Security > Core Isolation details. See this article from Microsoft for further details: This is a known issue to our team, and for now the best option is to disable Memory Integrity as a work-around. We will continue to monitor this issue for our driver releases.
  17. Out of curiosity will there be a way to import or load HD500 or HD500x patches? Just curious if I am going to have to rebuild my HD500 patches if/when I purchase the unit. Just wishful thinking on my part.
  18. I was rehearsing with my band and suddenly my Helix went silent (no sound coming out from the ¼’’ output). Tuner doesn’t respond either so I assume there is some kind of problem with the input. Tried to connect different guitars and various cables in order to make sure there was signal feed in the guitar input of the Helix. All features and menus seem to work fine. I can navigate through presets and settings. I created a support ticket and I am waiting for a reply. I also tried to reset the device and updated the firmware. Still no sound. Any ideas?
  19. Hey there, I've just updated my Helix to the 3.50 firmware thinking this would solve my issue, but unfortunately it hasn't. Whenever I use the Helix looper and start recording loops I noticed that everything gets recorded under the playback volume knob and the overdub volume knob is rendered useless. So I loop something and then add a second layer on top of it (overdub), but then I cannot adjust the volume of my second loop separately which I thought I could given that there's a "overdub" volume knob. Is it just my Helix or is the bug generalised? Does anyone know how to solve the issue? I appreciate the help! Jonathan
  20. I would love to be able to select a preset from another setlist... or just go to another setlist by hitting a stomp button. Is there something like that available? I was thinking about trying something in the command center... if I can assign a button to a preset in another setlist, then maybe I can create a preset that has a preset from each setlist... then clicking on that would take me to that setlist. Going to try that tonight. Would love to know if anyone else has done this. Thanks.
  21. Hey, long time, first time :) So I really vibe with modern hard rock tones. Specifically I love the live sound of the (now defunct) band, Santa Cruz....specifically Johnny Cruz's tone. To my ear, it's f'n perfect. His cleans, rhythm and leads just are exactly what I'm looking for. Any suggestions on where to start crafting this type of tone? I know there are tons of options, but looking for some general ideas on where to begin. Ty all in advance!
  22. Here are some recovery steps if the update fails when using HX Edit, or Line 6 Updater on your system. Make sure your laptop is connected to power, or be sure to check your USB cable connections. If you're on a desktop system, we recommend connecting to the rear USB ports near the power source. 1) Download and install the latest version of HX Edit BEFORE you run the update. If you're on a Windows computer, it may be helpful to restart after the installation. 2) Put your Helix into update mode, by pressing and holding buttons 6 and 12 while you power on the Helix. For the HX Stomp, press and hold down the RIGHT page button while power on the device. (You may get a blank screen that is white, or black - this is normal for the HX Stomp) 3) Then use the Line 6 Updater (NOT HX Edit) to run the latest firmware update again. Make sure only the Line 6 Updater is running during the update, close all other recording applications. (If the Helix is in update mode, it should show up on the screen when updater is open after you sign-in. If the Helix doesn’t appear, try re-booting the Helix normally, you should also try different USB ports on your Mac or PC). For further info on the update, please check out this page:
  23. Title says it all. How this would not be there in the first place is completely beyond me. To compare the two cabs you're mixing requires endless page-jumping. Pretty bad in HX Edit already, getting abysmally bad on the hardware, especially on a Stomp. Seriously, this is another episode of "how to turn something that'd be absolutely trivial into something pretty convoluted". So Line 6, please bring up a mix slider that is available regardless of the selected cab block.
  24. Does anyone know what sort of tweaking i would need to do and what inductor to use in order to get the chrome custom sound in my v845? i also have a cry baby standard i could use for some part swapping if needed. thanks in advance just in case i miss you.
  25. Would it be possible to add cutomize function In Command Center to the Tap Tempo switch in an update? My red Tap Tempo LED is failing, so I performed the LED test on start up (switch 2?). The red Tap Tempo color was off or super weak. The other colors tested fine. If we could customize the color, it might save a repair? Repair ticket # 384384 Thanks all.
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