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  1. Hi There, I recently updated my Helix Lt software to the latest patch, this installed with no issues and my backup was downloaded onto the helix - no issues and I packed to go the my gig. I set up and turned on my Helix and it began rebuilding the database - I'm not sure why? When this had finished, I found it had managed to load all my presets correctly but the 'Cab block' was missing from each preset. Does anyone have any advice on this? Is the database rebuild standard after a software update? Thank you so much in advance and take care all
  2. Hi, I've just tried to update my Helix LT via the HX Edit Software. Beforehand I had update HX Edit to Version 3.7, as suggested in the software upgrade guide. During the firmare update process I got a Windows bluescreen, and the message "Update failed, please reboot and try again" on my Helix display (see attached screenshots). Now I'm just getting a boot failiure on the Helix and a "No device connected" message on the bottom in HX Edit. On startup, HX edit tries to connect, though, and on the title bar it says "HX Edit - Helix LT", so the device seems to get recognized but fails to connect. I've tried rebooting both my pc and the Helix multiple times and also tried connecting to different USB ports. In the past, I have never had any issues with updates or the USB connectivity, so now I'm kind of clueless. I'll be thankful for any help, Simon
  3. Hey guys, so I've been searching for a really nice distorted punchy but not fuzzy tone, like the one in Crossfade's No Giving Up (Intro and Chorus), which is pretty much the nu metal tone from the 00's, I'll be using it for recording, I have a PRS Custom 24 and I've tried my best to work with knowledge I have, and I just can't seem to get rid of the fuzz from some of the stock cabs, I really don't want to have to buy an IR if I don't have to, but if I do it would be nice to get some recommendations from the community so I appreciate any feedback or guidance anybody could give. Here's the link to the song I mentioned
  4. The DigiTech whammy is on the Pitch/Synth section. It would be really awesome to see the Bass Synth Wah on the helix software.
  5. Hello All, I think I'm about lose my mind. When I try and set up my channel volume a foot-switch I set a min and max value. Simple. I press it on, my volume goes up. I press it off, it goes down. Except, when I change my snapshot, the setting seems to be getting confused and leaving itself on a higher volume when off and turning down when it's on. This wouldn't be a problem, except for the fact that I have other functions assigned to that switch to help boost it, so this is really, really frustrating. Anyone have any ideas how to help? Thanks
  6. Hi all, Just got my Helix and after a search of the threads I couldn't find any info on this case the Gator GT 2412. I've seen a few people have got the 2411 and seem quite happy with it. Has anyone tried the GT2412. It's more expensive but looks that bit sturdier while still being a bit cheaper than the Helix bag. Plus it looks smaller form factor which is important to me. Would be interested if anyone has tried it. The other option for me is this I live in Japan so could only find an Amazon Japan link. I'm always worried about dropping the hard case and the lack of padding transfering the impact to the device. Is that rubbish? I know the soft case won't protect it from bangs and bumps as much but would it be better in case it slips out of hand and drops a meter onto a hard floor? Also that hard case is 65mm + 20mm = 85mm. The LT is 92mm. I'm guessing that 7mm wouldn't be a problem but wandering if anyone else had experience of that snug of a fit height wise! Cheers for any help! :-)
  7. Warning: Outdated tech ahead. This may be an unusual request I have a Helix LT and a PC with Windows 10. I use Microsoft Teams on the PC with a USB Logi H390 Mic/Headphones headset which connects to the PC via USB I get very clear sound through MS teams so was wondering if I could get the signal from my Helix LT via USB connection to be part of the audio signal in the MS teams conversation ie jam ideas without going through a phone (currently without a smart phone) However, I believe Windows 10 cannot handle sound settings to accommodate the signal from both the headset and my Helix at the same time. I assume you have to switch devices on the input settings as I could only see the guitar input showing in sound settings when the Helix was connected but not hear anything in the headset I also have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 (Gen 2) connected to the PC. Obviously I can use this for separate mic/pre amp and the guitar signal However, this is a basic jamming idea in MS Teams or Skype. Does anybody have any ideas as to how to mix the headset and Guitar/Helix sounds, perhaps before the PC so that I can just have the one input to Windows/Teams sounds with my voice and guitar mixed?
  8. I just pulled my LT-based live rig out of storage, where it's been since last March due to COVID. And it doesn't sit flat! I can't remember if it did this before I put it in storage - it's been a realllly long year. Anyway, the upper left and lower right foot sit on the floor, leaving it to rock about 1/8" between lower left and upper right. I can easily shim the feet on the corners that rock, but before I do that I wanted to check if this was maybe a known problem with a simple solution (loosen and retighten certain chassis screws, etc.) Thoughts?
  9. So I have been trying to create a Metal/Metallica preset for my Helix LT and I have been having problems. Either it sounds way too over compressed, there is way too much background noise, or the tone just doesn’t sound good. Does anybody have any setting recommendations? I have seen tons of them in CustomTone that don’t sound any better.
  10. Hey Legends, can anyone help me with this please. I have downloaded the latest update (3.01) and installed this successfully to my Helix LT all through HX Edit software (MAC) However for some reason the acoustic sim is on the helix menu but not on the HX Edit software. Do I need to download anything for them to be both exactly the same? Am I doing something wrong? I appreciate your reply. Regards, Michael.
  11. Hey guys :) A couple of days ago, while playing my helix lt, I noticed a loud cracking-sound whenever I am trying to use the expressionpedal. The pedal still works as far as I can tell, but I am a bit concerned, since this cracking-sound is in my experience not normal. Does anybody have a similar problem and knows if its no big deal or something I need to let somebody take a look at? Thanks for your time in advance :)
  12. Hola, soy Fran de Argentina, he comprado mi helix lt hace un tiempo y queria ayuda para lograr conseguir el sonido del siguiente video, sugerencias de amps, delay, etc... Muchas Gracias!!!
  13. Just upgraded my Helix LT to firmware 2.92. Now when I edit a patch and select the OUTPUT block at the end of the top signal path, with the intention of sending it to the bottom signal path, it only gives me the choice of Path 2A. Options Path 2B and Path 2A+2B are now greyed out. Under 2.90, I could select Path 2A+2B to ensure I took the stereo signal from the top signal path and input it into the signal path at the bottom. Now I can only output the signal path at the top into the bottom signal Path 2A. The other options are now no longer available - why? Is this an intended update or is it a bug? Thanks.
  14. Hello, I am new to Helix and have learned a ton the past 2 months reading all the wisdom on this forum. Thank you! I would like to have a Footswitch assigned to modify 2 parameters on an Amp Block. In this case I wish to INCREASE the Drive parameter and DECREASE the Channel Volume to create a CRUNCH-like footswitch while maintaining consistent volume levels. In working with assigning multiple parameters to a footswitch, it seems that it can only toggle ALL the parameters to the Max value at one time then ALL of them back to the MIN value at one time; not one to Max while the other to Min. I understand that this may be easily doable with Snapshots, however I am still figuring out how that might fit into my live gigs based on the diversity of situations I am in given I have grown up used to stomp boxes. I will get there for sure as I know they are powerful. For now, I appreciate understanding if what I would like to do is possible with footswitches in stomp mode.
  15. Hi guys, I have recently noticed on my HELIX LT that my presets sound slightly different when I copy them to another setlist. Namely, I have the very same presets in User 3 and User 4, and the same preset in User 4 sounds noticeably less alive (as if I'd dialed presence or gain back a bit). I mainly use User 3 folder to create the presets and then copy them to User 4 in the convenient order, but I've just discovered the issue above and I was wondering if there is a logical explanation behind it. Some could easily say that it is just my ears that trick me, but I've shown it to other people and they noticed it to - so the difference between the very same preset in User 3 and copied to User 4 is not huge, but definitely noticeable. And while it is easier to notice it on high-gain presets (the sound is thinner in User 4), it is definitely there for clean presets as well. Since it is the case for basically all presets that can be found in both folders, it seems like a general difference between the folders, which is strange since I don't know about any options to set something like a general EQ which is only for a certain folder. Any ideas on this, anyone?
  16. Has anyone experienced difficulties with the Helix LT display ? Mine stopped working 2 days ago , and i purchased it in jan 2018 , and had it shipped to me , got it 2 months later too.But from then on , it was smooth sailing , until now. I do not know what to do about warranty issues and service , because i live in Suriname ,South America. is there any way to get this fixed ? also , i am very careful with this unit , it hasn't fell , or gotten any sort of bump that could lead to the screen not working. it's only been about two years
  17. So I'm in my HXEdit, I'm logged into everything I need to be, I've purchased my preset+IR, it's been downloaded and activated but I keep getting the following message whenever I import either the preset or IR. "HX Edit was unable to import this IR because the required license was not found. The following product packs are available for purchase from Helix Marketplace: * 64670" As far as I can tell I'm doing everything I should be but is there something I'm missing? Also I'm using the HelixLT and it's fully updated. And the preset in question is the Bill Kelliher Live Rig+IR pack and is compatible with my gear. Please, let me know if you have any ideas on how to fix this!
  18. I have a helix LT in great condition. Since I mostly just use for a home studio setup I would like to get a rack mount instead. If anyone would be interested in trading we could come to an agreement on me trading my LT plus some cash for your Helix Rack. Thanks
  19. I am a new HELIX LT owner, but long time Line 6 user with Variax, POD HD500X etc. Got the HELIX LT this weekend and have switched it on and tried out the factory loaded sounds. I have also connected to my PC and upgraded the firmware to the latest 2.82. Tonight I decided it was about time I learnt how to build a preset from scatch. Chose USER 1 setlist and 01A New Preset. The screen very helpfully tells me to "Press joystick to open model list" However, when I press the joystick, nothing happens. Is my brand new HELIX LT broken - or am I doing something wrong? Many thanks in advance for your help.
  20. Hi - I've been using the Helix LT live for about 9 months now, but I've barely scratched the surface of it, so pardon me if these are dumb questions. I'm thinking of adding a synth pedal (EHX Synth9 or Boss SY-1) to emulate some keyboard parts (I've been playing some keyboards on stage, but I'm giving that up). If any of you have tried this setup, how do you rig the pedal with your Helix so that you can have synth only, guitar only, and guitar + synth (with the synth not mixed into the guitar signal but as its own separate signal)? Some of these synth pedals seem quite amazing, and might help me avoide lugging around the 58 pound Alesis QS 8.1 I've been using on about 12 songs per night. Thanks in advance and cheers! J.C.
  21. Hey there, its my first thread her so be gental :D Im asking myself: could Line 6 make an future update to unlock switch 1 and 7 to be used in stompbox mode in the Helix LT. I mean in the Helix Floor its done. So they have the firmware for that. The only difference would be to place 2 additional "cubes" at the screen. That would make them a little bit smaller but i wouldnt have a problem with that. (i quickly made a picture that shows what i mean, not the prettiest but its just for demonstation purpose) What do you think about it? Cause i would love to get 2 additional stomp switches. 8 are still not enough for me. But just because of 2 switches buy a helix foor ?! dont like that thought. PLS Line 6 if you read this make it happen and you would make me and lot of others very happy! greetings from germany Jonathan
  22. Hi guys! This is my first post on this forum, and unfortunately it's not very positive. I think the known issue with the expression pedal on Helix LT happened and with my unit now. The expression pedal doesn't work as expected anymore. I can clearly see a movement (displacement) of the chassis inside the unit. The pedal squeaks when I press it by my foot and sometimes gets stuck during movement. Today this squeaking got quite destructive during a quiet part of the worship service when I played swells. I've been using the pedal only for a few months so far but the unit itself is out of seller warranty (Long & McQuade). I've already submitted a support ticket, though. Would appreciate any ideas about how to get it fixed. Youtube video:
  23. For those who are interested, here is my short cover of my favorite gojira song I used a soldano simulation with a mesa IR
  24. Just got a brand new Helix LT and wanted to upgrade it to the latest and greatest. I downloaded the latest driver, updater, and the 2.21 Installer. Whenever I run the Installer, I get the following message: Firmware Update Failed An error has ocurred. Please try again. Please follow these steps when updating your Line 6 Product. 1. Turn the power switch off, then back on. 2. Ensure the USB cable is connected directly to your computer and not to a hub or peripheral such as a keyboard or mouse. 3. Click 'Continue' and attempt the update again. Of course I follow those steps and get the same results. Now the Helix doesn't even boot - it shows some glitchy blinky logo on the screen with the message "Boot failure Entered Update Mode!" There's also a red -3 in the upper left corner. Any advice??? (I'm running a Win 7 machine and followed the steps to update)
  25. Apple's new OS Mojave 10.14, has implemented a new security feature that can block input signals if not allowed access. Once a user has launched a DAW or stand alone plugin for the first time after the Mojave update, they will prompted to "allow mic access." If mic access is denied, user will not be able to receive an input via the specified software. To manually approve your software navigate to: System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy > Microphone From this menu, user will be granted the ability to approve any software that was previously denied.
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