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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there, i hope somebody can help out here, I really don´t know what to do anymore. I´ve read a lot about issues with "HX Edit problems " But i do not find any solution, and here´s the wierdest thing: On my computer everything is working fine,but my Notebook shows "No device connected". I can compare Computer/Notebook Helix software I installed and its identical.My computer and my notebook both run Windows 10. Also if i go to device management it shows the same functions as on my computer, and status shows " working" on every icon. When i open HX Edit it says "Connecting..." for about 5seconds and then it shows " No device connected", the program does not crash or close, it stays open but says "No device connected" Windows detects the Helix Line 6 on my notebook as an Audio Interface and also selects it as In and Output as soon as i connect the USB,and i can hear the sound coming from the notebook whatever i play through the helix via phones ouput, so it´s working until this point , but it doesn´t communicate with HX Edit. My Notebook model is named Clevo NH50AC CPU : AMD Ryzen 9 3900 12-Core Processor 3.1GHz RAM : 32,0 GB GPU : Geforce 1660Ti Disk: NVMe PNY_CS2130_2TB_SSD Helix Floor with Firmware 2.92 Sofware :HX Edit V2.92 Driver:Line 6 Driver2 Helix v1.95 but i also tried others ( older version ) to download "HX Edit v2.92 Installer" : -I downloaded Firefox because of the Smart Screen problems they mention before the download -I deactivated microsoft defender -I deactivated Smart Screen -No Antivirus was running -To install and run i open as admin -I´ve tryed different usb ports ( USB 3,USB2,and i even tried with an USB HUB) as well as different cables, even though i can tell the cables are fine since it´s connecting with my computer. -I also tested HX Edit 2.8 to see if it somehow works, but ofc it didn´t. -I checked energy saving USB options, they are all deactivated -Rebooting windows many times -Uninstalled / Reinstalled everything many times ( If anyone knows how to delete / uninstall Helix Control Panel which you find if you go to system settings on windows, please let me know) also i found in other topics: -Drive number / Disk 0 checked - WMI connection is consistent. I also found something about to unplug SD card....Since i can´t open my new notebook due to warranty, I was only able to deactivate Card-Reader in device manager, but it´s still not working. - Update : I used the Windows recovery to a certain point option to restored everything to how it was 3 days before. So way back before I was installing any of the helix SW / Drivers. That's how I was able to remove the Helix Control Panel out of the system. So I thought there was hope , by doing everything from the scratch again while taking care of checking all the things which could have caused any problems...but ... it still doesn't work... I spend the entire day , researching , reinstalling , plug and unplugging through different ports and cables , tried everything I was mentioning already and it didn't help. -Don´t know what to do anymore besides crying, what doesn´t help either :( Is there any other program which is needed I need to install in order to make it work? Does it matter that I only have one drive which is a SSD M.2 instead of having a sata Drive ? If anybody does have any idea, i would really appriciate and be very thankful.
  2. Hello, I've noticed a bug while using HX Edit. If a user were to expand the window to show the setlist while the screen is maximized then the window is partially cut off because it goes offscreen (image 4, highlighted in blue). This would make it inconvenient for a user because they cannot see the path outputs, nor the parameter values unless they resize the window. I believe the fix for this would be to resize the "main view container" when the setlist is expanded/collapsed instead of resizing the whole window. Would someone from line 6 support be able to review this? Please see my notes below. Thanks, Steps to Reproduce Maximize the HX Edit window with the setlist expanded (image 1) Collapse the setlist (image 2) Maximize the HX Edit window (image 3) Expand the setlist (image 4) Parameter values and path outputs offscreen
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