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  1. I just got a HX Effects (firmware 3.71) and was excited to use the Ext Amp jack to control the Vibrato and Reverb effects of my Fender Deluxe Reverb. The amp uses a standard Fender 1/4" TRS dual footswitch to control the Vibrato and Reverb, and the footswitch included with the amp works fine. I actually have two Deluxe Reverbs, so I was hoping to get this going on both amps, one from each jack! However for the benefit of the first test, I tried a single amp, but had no luck! I set both pedal jacks to Amp mode in Global Settings > Prefs . I then connected one of them to my amp's footswitch jack with a TRS cable. The act of plugging in the TRS cable automatically turns on the Vibrato effect on the amp, and unplugging it turns the effect off. However there's just no way to program it to turn on and off with a command. There's also no way to control the reverb. I tried all the various settings for tips, ring, latch, etc. Nothing worked. Is this not possible?!
  2. Hi there ! Trying to use the HX Effect with my 2-channels amp. No problem with clean channel. No problem when using line6 HX effects internal distortion or OD amazing tone When I engage my amp lead channel, HX Effect cause some noise problems with the amp. - I know that gain must generate some noise - My amp is usually quiet - This is a groove tube amp with high gain capacity but I keep gain relatively low - Other setting WITHOUT HX effect with pedal in front that are not true bypass don't generate this noise - This noise is NOT 50hz hum ground-loop noise, single pups noise, but more shhhhhhhh kind of noise (noise of snake not happy with modern jazz) - When testing, I mute all the effects - The unit is plugged in front (I plan to use the FX loop when this issue is solved) - I compare bypass and engaged tone, Huge difference with noise when HX effect is in line - All the input/ouput are set to instrument level. Is there anybody having the same issue ? Do you think this is the classical noisy HF effects syndrome ?
  3. I just got a brand new HX Effects the other day and I am going to use it at my church. To get started on some presets, I purchased some worship presets off a website that was particularly made for the HX Effects. I updated the firmware on the HX Effects to version 2.71 and I also have version 2.71 of the HX Edit. When I open up HX Edit and click import preset, once I click yes on "do you want to overwrite the existing preset?", HX Edit automatically closes. I am using a Macbook Air running macOS Mojave. I've tried restarting my laptop several times as well as restarting the HX Effects and it still does the same thing. Before I contact Line 6 Support, I thought I would ask you guys.
  4. Hi all. I know they are barely out, but wondering if anyone has tried using the amp/pedal switches (and snapshots/command center) on the HX Effects to toggle channels on the new Boss IR-2? In theory it looks like it should work, but I haven't been able to get my hands on a Boss unit yet. If it's like the switching on other Boss pedals with an external switch input, I assume it would be fine? Thoughts welcome!
  5. Hello. I`m new in this Line6 universe. Just bought a HX Effects with the firmwire 2.51. Now I want to update to the newest version 2.82. I have downloaded HX Edit and Line6 Updater to my pc. Now, when I run the Updater a black screen appears with a writing says: “Select device to update”. And no options.? I have the device turned on and conneted with usb cable. Can anyone help me? Jakob, Denmark
  6. I'm a long time line6 customer, but this is my first forum post. I recently purchased an HX Effects unit and I love it, mostly. I've noticed that the unit changes the base tone of my rig pretty substantially. I feel like there is a huge low end drop and the signal is a little hotter. The tone on my neck pickup is a lot thinner. Its like the neck pickup looses its gooey softness. I first noticed this when I had the unit all hooked up, Guitar -> Hx Effect In 1 -> Front of Amp, but the HX effects was off. I was playing through the unit bypassed then decided to turn it on. I could hear the unit turn on and could instantly hear the tone of the chord I was playing change. Its like there is an always on EQ. I was playing through a fresh preset with no effects blocks. The same happens when I enable bypass by pressing Mode+Tap. You can hear the tone difference. I started searching the web to see if anyone else has had the same issue and only came up with one result. Someone in another forum did a tone match between true bypass and non bypass. When I saw the EQ curve I was like "Thats It"! Exactly what I hear. To be clear. This is the EQ you would have to add to the non-bypass signal to compensate for the bypassed signal. I've tried changing the input and output line levels. I really want to keep the unit, but my clean sound just doesn't feel the same. My HD500, XT Live, and Zoom units don't do this. Does anyone know of a workaround that would get more of my base tone back?
  7. Hi all, New HX Effects user here. I've been using a Bespeco 18L Exp Pedal with my LIne 6 M5 with no problems and just assumed it would work with the HX Effects. Hooked it up last night to try it and can't seem to get it to work. First question is, can anyone confirm compatibility with the Bespeco 18L? - it's a 20k pot I believe If so, what am I doing wrong?! If not, what are the alternatives - can't seem to find a list of compatible pedals for the HX Effects. Many thanks
  8. Hi, Always keen for a healthy discussion, and would love to also hear from Line 6 experts like @Digital_Igloo ! Its always so exciting when Line 6 drops a new update, reading through the new features and updates, etc., But as a HX Effects user, I have noticed that every update brings less and less for HXFX users. I am loving what Line 6 is doing in the Helix range, new amps and cabs, etc., and often I wonder… wouldn’t it be wonderful if HXFX could offer some amps and cabs? My setup has changed over the years, where I was using an amp, but now I go direct with Simplifier for amp models, but using the HXFX for its IR capability. I love my HXFX, for me it’s the perfect size and form factor, and often I think it’d be amazing to use some amp modelling on board the HXFX, and I don’t want to downsize to a HX Stomp or upsize to the big Helix range. Understanding that Line 6 is maybe not able to comment or indicate future ambitions for the HX Effects, do you guys think that we will see some new effects and capability/functionality come to the HXFX or has the attention moved away to all the other HX/Helix products instead? There’s lots of exciting new FX coming out to the wider (non Line 6) market, some from Strymon with new reverbs, lots of other quirky and cool mod/filter effects, I wonder if Line 6 could explore expanding the effects range inspired by what’s coming to the market. As a caveat, I think the HXFX is awesome, and we should purchase a unit based on its current capability, not on potential future capability, and even if Line 6 never added anything further to the unit, I’d still love it and recommend it. Always keen to hear everyone’s thoughts!
  9. hello, I would like to control the HX Effects with Reaper (DAW). In fact I would like to create a midi track in my Reaper project (I work with a drum machine in Reaper) and insert tags that automatically trigger the effects of the HX Effect during the song, so that I don't have to use the footswitch when i play guitar. Has anyone done this kind of programming before and could help me? Thanks in advance
  10. I am considering buying a HX Effects unit for use with a Mesa Boogie Mk IV using the 4-cable method, an I need some pre-sales advice. Currently I'm using a Lexicon MPX-G2 multi-effects processor that sits in a rack immediately underneath the amp so that all connecting cables have lengths of 1 m or less - that works fine. Since the HX Effects is a floor unit, I am a bit concerned about what will happen to my tone when cables become longer, as they inevitably will. Since I assume that many of you will be in the same boat with me, what is your experience? (How much / in how far) does this affect the tone of the guitar? Is there audible degradation in terms of dynamics or 'richness'? I am particularly concerned with the pre-gain part of the circuit, i.e., with the cable that goes from the HX Effects Send to the input of the amp are there noise issues to be expected, and how do you deal with them? Is an (external) buffer needed, or is there a buffer already built into the HX Effects? What types / lengths of cables have you been using successfully in this setting? Maybe a bit off my own topic: Which expression pedals (except those from Line 6) work well with the unit? Which pot impedance should be used? Specifically, has anyone got experience with the Ernie Ball VP pedals together with the HX Effects?
  11. Dear all, I've assigned a Midi CC to a block to control it from my midi controller. Is there a way to send out the state when loading a patch, snapshot or just simply toggling the state of the block on the HX effects itself? I would like the controller to know the current state so it can display and send out the right toggle command. Assigning a CC toggle to a footswitch won't work, as the HX Effects only has 6 foot switches and 9 blocks. The CC toggle and block state can also get out-of-sync if you switch the block state but not the CC state. It would be nice if the state of the parameter with a CC bound to it would also send out the value set by the HX Effects. Cheers! Harold
  12. I've been using my HX Effects live quite a bit and love it. The modulation and delay effects are pristine. No noise and they just do what they are supposed to. The distortion/overdrive patches have a huge 60 cycle hum. I had a similar problem on the same board with my old M5, but it wasn't quite as loud. Before I jump into the great ground loop rabbit hole, could the placement on my board be the issue? Here's how it's set up: Dunlop volume pedal > Vox Wah > Xotic BB+ > Vertex UltraPhonix > HX Effects > to amp Could that chain cause the problem? Right now, I use it a lot with a TrueTone OneSpot power supply. I've tried reversing polarity (unplug & replug swapped 180) and it doesn't help. I have heard, recently, an Ebtech hum eliminator will help, but have yet to try that. I also have a PedalSnake set up to run it when I have the time to set that up. The power supply is similar, but from another manufacturer. I use the same power supply from my rack thru the PedalSnake. Same issues. Overdrive & distortion patches have hum... nothing else does. I have not modified the output volumes, so they are as when it came out of the box. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi, ive just got a brand new Hx effects and used it for 30 mins and now all the menu buttons at the top have stopped working. I had updated it to the newest firmware before using it and I’ve also done a factory reset. is there something I’m missing or you reckon it’s broken?
  14. I created a bunch of patches for an upcoming gig (first time live with the HX FX). Some patches are merely a clean sound with a compressor, others add a pitch shifter to that, and yet others are more complex with a Fuzz, Overdrive and Distortion. As most of the individual effects have one or more parameters to set their individual volume (or level or drive), not all effects have the same overall volume level. I want to save the sound engineer from a heart attack each time i change presets so i was wondering if there's an easy way to set the same output volume for all those patches. Now i attempt to balance the parameters of the different effects separately, but i'm afraid it's not good enough like that. Any suggestions? TIA PS this is for an active bass guitar, and I don't use any expression pedals.
  15. Hi everybody. As I've mentioned in the title of this topic, after the last update of my Hx Effects unit I cannot download any of the customtone patchs and the following message appears in HX Edit - Failed to import setlist file (invalid or unrecognized file (code -8101). Anyone who knows where is the problem...?
  16. My Helix is my main MIDI controller and my HX Effects is on MIDI channel 1. I'm trying to get the Helix and the HX Effect's snapshots to coordinate. I can set the CC 69 messages to change the HX Effect's snapshots on the Helix's stomp switches that works fine. But if I try to set them to the Instant slots (so they send with the snapshot change), the HX Effects seems to ignore the CC messages. Any ideas on how to resolve this?
  17. Hi people, I've recently added a Boss Sy-1 synth pedal to my setup, and I'm trying to send it out to a separate speaker. I have my amp running in 4CM. I'm then using the HX send 1 > Boss input > Boss output > to PA speaker. The problem I'm having is that I'm using the Send 1/2 on Path B, so I can add effects to the synth separately. But when I add a reverb, delay, etc, the reverb on Path B comes through my amps signal. I've panned Path A hard left, and Path B hard right on the merge mixer, yet the effect on Path B still bleeds to the other path. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  18. Wireless MIDI Controllers for IOS - AUGUST 2021 UPDATES! Based on the new MIDI implementation from Firmware 3.10 Includes SAVE button (All models) Includes MODE button (Helix Floor, Helix LT, Helix Rack, HX Effects) Includes VIEW button (Helix LT, HX Stomp) Helix Floor/Rack (main view) Helix LT (main view) NEW layout! included with the HELIX Floor/Rack layout HX Stomp (main view) HX Effects (main view)
  19. Anyone have any slick tricks for doing a boosted lead channel, when using a hi gain tube amp with lots of gain on the rhythm patch? Basically looking for the best way to keep the same basic sound as my rhythm, but boost the crap out of the volume for solos... E
  20. I'm curious if anyone has tried using the effects from a POD HD500X into an HX Stomp? I seem to remember that the POD had pretty good effects overall. I have one sitting around collecting dust and you can't get much for them on Reverb. I guess it would be a poor man's HX Effects and if it works it would help out with the DSP. Any settings adjustments needed from using it straight into an amp?
  21. Hello Line 6 Collaborative Community! Got an HX EFFECTS Windows 10 64bit 32Gbs RAM Last June 2021 I, tried to use FX Edit - but kept getting error -8212. Wouldn't load the patches to edit - I could see the patch names though... Support said to upgrade FW to 2.82? but couldn't get HX Updater to back up my patches - kept having errors. I did it anyway... Still couldn't get HX Edit to load my patches - same error -8212. Support said I needed to factory reset my system. Didn't have the heart to lose my patches, so I left it alone. Tried again this week (June 2022) - same problem, but I upgraded the FW to 3.15 - same -8212 error code Decided to bite the bullet and reset the system to factory (Power On+ FS6 + Tuner) - watched it reset and watched my patches GO BYE BYE STILL GOT THE SAME ERROR -8212 Any ideas or solutions that other folks have found? Thanks in advance
  22. Hi All. First post here. Have read lots of good stuff on here since buying my HX a month or so ago. I do love it and don't miss my Boss ES-5 setup with Mobius and other assorted pedals at all! I'm pretty good with MIDI (from my 90's days when all my synths/effects were outboard!) but have some observations and thoughts on MIDI instant command/Snapshot/Preset interactions that I'd be interested in feedback on. To my mind, it should (logically) work thus (and I'm only dealing with PC messages here...): In Preset mode, you set up your MIDI messages using the Instants in the Command Centre. These would be the default MIDI messages for the whole preset. Within a snapshot, you should be able to change the instant, or have it default to the ‘Preset’ one set up above either by having no instant at all, or a "preset default" option. I use Midi (for my H9 and Elektron Analog Drive) and snapshots (I use one preset per song and the snapshots for the different sounds within a song) and it doesn’t seem to work in a consistent way for me. For instance : I set up one snapshot as a default for a song and copy the snapshot to make changes for different sections. The Instants do not copy across. If I remove an instant from a snapshot (as the snapshot doesn't need to change any MIDI values) the Instant MIDI command is removed totally across all snapshots and the preset. I'm quite sure this is just me not fully understanding how Instants and Snapshots interact! Anyone got any definitive answers on how Snapshot Instant’s work. I’ve fudged my way through (checking each snapshot’s Instant values) and have the unit setup as I want now but would like to now the official line on how it is supposed to work for future programming. Ta, David.
  23. I am considering buying an HX Effects that I would like to connect to my amp using the 4-cable method. Reading through user reviews, some complain about tone degradation and noise issues, particularly when using a 'hot' preamp in a loop of the HX Effects. I also noticed that most of these critical reviews were from 2018/2019, shortly after the unit was introduced. Have these issues been mitigated in the meantime? Are there still noise / tone degradation issues with 2022 units and firmware?
  24. Hi...I noticed for the first time today that my #1 parameter knob (HX FX) will not let me change values. It I press it it goes to learn mode, but it has no effect when just using it in rotary fashion. I don't think I changed anything; if I did it was by accident. I updated to 3.01 back in December. Any ideas? Thanks, Jeff
  25. Bonjour, Je lance une bouteille à la mer ? Suite à ma recherche pour controler les canaux de ma tête Laney Ironheart via le HX effects j'ai finalement décidé d'acheter le "Voodoo Lab control switcher" qui me parait la solution la plus confortable. Pour info je me suis renseigné auprès de Voodoo Lab (échanges de mails) et on m'a bien dit que je ne devrais pas avoir de problèmes pour controler ma tête avec le switcher et le HX Effects. Chose importante : l'entrée footswitch de ma tête d'ampli est un "DIN 5 Pins" mais en aucun cas une entrée midi. laney J'ai donc commencé à connecter tout le matos, et la première étape est ok ! : Le "Voodoo lab" arrive bien à faire switcher les canaux de la tête d'ampli via la sortie MULTI (DIN 5 Pins également) quand j'appuie sur les boutons de devant : voodoo [/img] Mon problème est que je n'arrive pas à envoyer le signal midi du "HX Effects" vers le "Voodoo lab". Dans "Command center" du HX Effects je ne sais pas si il faut que j'utilise MIDI CC ? ou Bank PC ? Il faut que j'utilise "Instant 1-2-3-4-5-6" ou "Footswich 1-2-3-4-5-6" ? Et ensuite comment envoyer le signal ? Midi ch, CC# etc... ? Quel numéros ? J'ai vu dans le manuel du voodoo lab qu'il y des canaux CC# 80-83, 84-87 etc.. mais je n'y pompe rien, de plus il n'y à la le numéro "value". J'en ai vu certains qui utilisaient des "Snapshots" pour faire changer les canaux de leur ampli et je n'arrive pas à comprendre à quoi cela sert vraiment. Bref, j'ai essayé plein de combinaisons mais je n'ai pas réussi à envoyer de signal Midi vers le Voodoo Lab. Pour info, j'ai bouffé plein de vidéos youtube (pas trouvé ma config) ainsi que des recherches google à n'en plus finir mais impossible de trouver la solution (et je ne pige pas grand chose en ce qui concerne le MIDI du HX)... J'ai également lu le manuel du HX et du Voodo Lab mais rien n'y fait. Je ne comprend pas bien les "snapshots" et les "instants". Un énorme merci d'avance si quelqu'un s'y connait au niveau du midi du HX effect et peu m'aider à trouver une solution Ma config et les manuels : - Ampli Laney Ironheart 60 : - Line 6 HX Effects : - Voodoo Lab control switcher : La chaine avec les cables midi : 1er cable midi : Sortie midi du HX effect => dans le IN Midi du Voodoo control switcher. 2ème cable midi : Sortie MULTI Voodoo lab entrée (5 pins également) => Sortie de la tête d'ampli DIN 5 pins. Merci d'avance !
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