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Found 7 results

  1. The longer and deeper I get in, trying to do the perfect setup for my JTV-59 the harder I feel that the bridge is not placed well by the factory or specs. If I try to setup the intonation well, I have to place the string-adjustment-sliders on the bridge (don't no the proper term for ist in English) back, at the very end, both on low E and A. There is no way to screw them more backwards so I am very glad, that this is the point, where intonation is okay but not perfect. I am in contact with some other players of the JTV59 and they can confirm my guesses. Besides there are some images of the 59er bridge in the web, witch indicates the same problem. Of cause there are other images where the adjustment-sliders are shown the right way but I am pretty sure not everyone is even testing the intonation. But here is also an older thread on this topic without any statement of L6 String gauges I tried... 9-46 10-46 10-52 I even tried to proof the intonation using a capo and measuring the 13. fret. Also the tiny screws at the bridge are adjusted as long as possible, without loosing the possibility to adjust the height of the bridge by covering this screws. I would like to ask psarkissian if this is a known "issue" (you don't have to call it an issue as I am sure you are not allowed) so I can stop my search for the holy grail of intonation. Otherwise I like to ask for further advices getting the bridge adjusted the right way.
  2. The pickup height on the bridge pickup is so high, and the hex wrench is too long. So how are we to set intonation on the guitar without removing the humbucker??? Also, this is yet another bad example of Sweetwater's so-called "55 point inspection" process.
  3. This may sound like a weird question, but does anybody know if it is possible to use non-standard strings on a Variax 500? By non-standard I mean replacing the normal wound strings with duplicates of the G string. The idea being easier bends and less string/finger noise on the E A and D strings. I know on a regular guitar there would be a problem with volume from the magnetic pickups, but would this be a problem with piezo pickups? Also would it cause a problem with intonation or neck relief.
  4. I've only had two Variax guitars to work with, but so far I've run into the same situation with both, and wondered if anyone else had encountered it. The nut is too close to the 1st fret, and the bridge is too close to the 12th fret. Now, I'm setting these up with light gauge strings (starting with a .008), and I'm setting the action at about 3/32 for the low string, and 2/32 for the high end (at the 12th fret). The height of the string over the first fret is okay (though that was kinda sporadic), and I can get strings 1 to 4 to intonate, but the saddles string 5 and 6 both bottom out, and that's with the set screws for the bridge posts at full extension. So about the nut...even on properly intuned strings, the pitch of the fretted first fret is sharp (and I'm being very careful to only just lightly fret them when checking, so as to not stretch the string over the fret). What I've done to rectify the issue is that I've carefully filed the nut on the neck side with a combination of flat filing, and filing with a slight angle, so as to bring the contact back as much as 1/16" or abouts (I also filed the top down quite a bit, as the strings were set pretty deeply into the nut, and there was a lot of extra nut above them)...and for the bridge, rather than pulling the posts, and plugging and resetting them, I have temporarily used some longer set screws and pushed the posts out to just short of losing their widest contact. It works, and it sounds much better now. So has anyone else encountered this? Maybe Line 6 needs to check their jigs? Ken
  5. Help needed and appreciated. On my jtv 69s, after changing gauge from original 10s to 9s, I lost completely the intonation of the E string (the 09 mm) I lower the action as much as possible, and extend the piezo as much as possible. The E string sounds on the 12th fret 1 tone down (flat)
  6. Hi! First post here - I'm a pastor, been playing acoustic guitar for over 40 years (Martin HD-35, lately into a Yamaha acoustic stomp pedal board, into our PA - Presonus board, Nexo amps and speakers), and decided to trade in an old Yamaha 12 string on a Variax. I ended up with a scratch and dent 69 (humbucker, two single coils, upgraded to HD 2.0 firmware) from Sweetwater - also a POD 500X and L3T. My preferences and experience is with acoustic, so I'm looking first for great acoustic sound - and I find the Variax a little "thin" - not quite there. I read on Sean's blog where he insisted that stringing it with 11's is the way to go for acoustic sounds - mine came with D'Addario 10's. I also haven't been able to get into the POD 500X much yet. So - a basic question - are people happy with 10's on the 69, and are able to make it sound great with the 500X? Or should I go to 11's? I downloaded Sean's patch and will try that. I plan to get into it in a big way this weekend and over the next couple of weeks. Following on that - what adjustments need to be made to the guitar to accommodate the 11's, and how do you do it? I've never actually changed gauges of strings on a guitar - I had mine set up by Martin when I ordered it, and have stuck with basically the same strings. I did have some trouble with intonation on it and had a luthier set it up with the Buzz Feiten system - MUCH better. Is it advisable to take the Variax to a luthier to be intoned and set up? Thanks so much, Larry
  7. Being new to Floyd Rose-style string locking systems and lacking any documentation about such from Line 6, i found this Graph Tech link useful:‎ It covers changing strings, tuning and intonation. Happy Allen wrenching :)
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