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  1. My JTV-69's middle pickup has quit working. :( I opened her up to see if there was a loose wire that had become disconnected, but couldn't see any problem. Has anyone else experienced this or a similar problem with your magnetic pickups?
  2. First of all, a big Thank You to Line 6 for giving us another free firmware with more goodies for us to play with, yet again! I am having some problem with the JTV69 (VDI cable) which was not there in the previous firmware. The volume pot does not completely cut off when rolled off to zero position, hence sound passes to the Helix. On selecting the Variax tab, in the input section, and then manually forcing the "Volume Knob (Global)" to any number, and then rotating the JTV69 Volume Pot on full and then on OFF, Helix Edit shows a 0.2 instead of 0. This value is enough to bleed sound through and I can see the Helix input light up green. Has anyone had the same issue? Is there a way to recalibrate the Volume on the JTV69? Is this a Bug on the 3.15 firmware? Thanks.
  3. Can't seem to find 2 factory spec measurements for my JTV69 or my Variax Standard tremolo rear edge height (as in pic - for a Fender it's 3.2mm) string height at 12th fret Yes, I know, I can just make it to whatever I'm comfortable with that doesn't affect playability or intonation. I'd like to be able to set it to factory standard though. Anybody know where I can find this information for the JTV69 and the Standard?
  4. Hi to all, I want to buy a JTV69, I saw a used one on Reverb website, the seller says it's a 2010. Are there any differences between an old and new model ?
  5. For anyone wondering if it's worth it to swap the neck out on a JTV, it is :)
  6. Hello, i just recently purchased a variax-jtv 69s from sweetwater. I am currently using a Spider V with the FBV 3 foot board. I'm wondering if is possible to control the variax from the FBV3 like the helix floor can? Thank you.
  7. I've seen a couple of guys that posted on Facebook and Youtube (links below) where they had replaced the standard tone block under the tremolo bridge of their JTV-69's with a custom "Bell Brass" version with great results. Has anyone else done a mod like this? Would this type of mod be possible by modifying an existing brass tone block that's currently being sold (FU-Tone, Guitar Fetish, etc.) and if so, does anyone have the specs on the standard tone block being used in the JTV-69 (overall dimensions, attachment screw spacing, etc.). I know that modifications would be required on anything that would be existing (6 spaces for Piezo wiring, spot for Piezo interface circuit board, etc.), or would it be better to start from scratch with a Bell Brass bar and have a machine shop replicate the original? Not sure that this mod would be worth all of the effort, but was curious if anyone had any experience with this type of mod or thoughts on the subject. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Alberto Pfeifer - Hello, i love my Variax JTV 69S, and... | Facebook (92) Variax JTV 69 upgrades an comparisons - YouTube FU-TONE.COM, OFFICIAL BIG BLOCK PERFORMANCE UPGRADES FOR YOUR GUITAR! ( Upgrade Steel and Brass Tremolo Blocks (
  8. I've got a Pod Pro HD X and am considering an investment in the Helix Native software. I've been looking for information in the manual and elsewhere that would let me know whether Native can preserve settings of the Variax family of instruments per patch as the Pod Pro and Helix appear to to be able to do and I've yet to find an answer to the question. Can anyone here shed some light on this question please? Thanks!
  9. Hello, I was thinking about buying a JTV69 one day and try and convert it to a Bass VI by replacing the stock neck with a Warmoth Baritone Conversion neck (28.625 scale length) and changing the strings to a much heavier gauge (19-82's. Maybe even heavier depending on preference). The question I'm wondering is it this possible or would I have to go through extensive modding or is it just not possible at all? I'm not worried about anything about the neck (including nut and tuners) since I already am gonna replace it. One thing I found might be an issue and am worried about is when looking up pictures online of the bridge assembly, I'm worried an 82 gauge string would sit ON TOP of the piezo pickup because of how thick the string is and how narrow of a spacing the piezo pickup/bridge gives, and thus wouldn't detect any movement of the string and not work.
  10. So, my e string sounds low volume. Im using pod xt live. It can't be sorted out by lowering the other strings. The signal is just weak as well. Im in Bulgaria, no service there. Also saving from workbench to the JTV is not working by HD. Using a mini laptop. To weak? What can I do.. Order some parts? Which, where..
  11. The lead input on my JTV69 variax has broken. Is this a difficult part to replace and does anyone know where I can get parts in the UK?
  12. I have a very strange problem that has surfaced after the Helix 2.30 upgrade. And everything worked with the last version of firmware which was version 2.21. I have a JTV69 at firmware revision 2.22, Helix Floor now at 2.30, and the new 2.30 HX Editor. The Helix upgrade to Version 2.30 worked fine without a hitch. But now the 5-position model selector switch no longer changes guitar models on my JTV69. Interestingly - the bank select knob works. But not the 5 position switch. If I am at preset 1-3 on the Variax and change banks - I get preset 2-3 correctly for example. But trying to use the 5-position switch inside a bank does not work. This all happens when using the JTV connected to the Helix with the VDI cable SO ---- to make surety JTV was ok I tested the guitar with my old HD500 - everything works fine. Using the same VDI cable Tested the guitar with my Firehawk floor board. Using the same VDI cable - everything worked fine I put a battery in the guitar and connected with an old tech guitar cable - everything works fine. I have concluded from this that the JTV is fine. Also - if I start Workbench HD or the HX editor or both - I can force model changes on the guitar connected with VDI to the Helix by double clicking on the model in Workbench HD or changing it in the HX editor input block. Not sure what to make of it all. I have filed a support ticket. Has anyone else seen this? Or is it just my rig. Would love to hear from anyone or especially Line 6 - I am baffled and at a total loss as it all worked perfectly with Helix 2.21
  13. Ok, this has been bugging me for a while. I finally got around to recording the warble noise I hear on my jtv 69 when using alt tunings. This example was recorded direct, with no speakers on during the recording. I have the current version firmware version installed on my jtv. I start out with no modeling, using pickup setting 2. From there I turn on the modeling (spank, standard tuning) and scroll through the various tuning modes (drop d, 1/2 step, drop d flat, one step down and baritone). I have tried dampening the strings behind the nut as well as dampening the trem spring. The warble remains. The guitar is tuned to standard using 10 gauge strings. The trem is not floating. I think the warble/pulse is clear to hear. Let me know if you hear it to.
  14. This is my JTV69 to a Strat transplant. I sprayed it Lake Placid Blue with 4 clear lacquer coats on top. It's a Warmoth Swamp Ash body that I had them leave out the jack route and I routed the body for the end jack plate for the VDI / 1/4 jacks as well as routing for the alternate tuning switch. Then I cut the pickguard alt tuning hole with a electric coping saw, I got the pickguard from Warmoth and ordered it with no control holes so I could drill it for the JTV controls I also routed the back of the body for the PCB Board, I left out the battery compartment as I only use the VDI cable. It has Guitar Fetish lipstick P/U's in it, they sound ok but mostly use the models. AAA Flame Maple Warmoth neck with wizard profile and compound radius. 1 5/8" nut, abalone dots, 6150 SS Fretwire, Sperzel tuners. Original Floyd Rose that I put Graphtech Ghost Floyd saddles on and milled the plate for the P/U wires. I chipped the finish on the front of the body so I Brad Point drilled it and inserted a blue jewel in the spot, Oh Well... Plays excellent and sounds like a JTV69
  15. Hello, Please help me figure what it the best way to configure this setup. This is what I have: Variax JTV69 - HD500X - L2t These are my Questions: 1.- What would be the optimum output mode on the HD500X when using with the L2t? - Studio/Direct? - should I always use the PRE amp models? 2.- What would be the optimum speaker mode on the L2t when using with the HD500X? - Does the L2t auto select the speaker mode depending on the preset? it auto selects Electric guitar - Are this speaker modes able to be saved in the HD500X presets? 3.- What would be the best Speaker mode of the L2t when using the Variax acoustic models thru the HD500? - How can I Best reproduce or send this sound thru the FOH? Your opinion and advice will be Greatly appreciated.
  16. Hello all! Anyone have any experience with the Area 58 in neck position. I am looking for a hum cancelling option for neck and middle position replacements.. any suggestions? thanks!
  17. hi - i am new to this type of gtr so understand my situation after losing a day to understand how that work! i bought a jtv69 from MF that i got today - i plugged (without charging) the battery inside, i plugged a 1/4" ts cable into my console and nothing turns on (not modeling not quick tuning) - pickups sound rad, so the gtr is amplified. i am charging the battery but it flash between 25 second sometimes 1 light and other times 2 (not a continous red light as line 6 say on his tech sheet- mf doesnt know what to say nad gear heads seems never touched a guitar before) i connected the workbench-usb interface but this flash red light too. mf doesnt know what to say and gear heads seems more lost than me ( thanks mf for the great tech-support you have!!!!!) do you guys think it's my missing or a bad battery? thanks -fc
  18. I have got a JTV 69 in July this year to replace a JTV 59. I used a lot of the models from the 59 for recording but thought that the 69 would work better for also using live, I use the trems quite a bit. I got a 69 and the model selector switch was not working and loose so i tightened a nut inside (as much as i could without taking it apart) it is now not loose but does not alway engage or needs a really firm push to activate. Not really the best solution for live work. Also the model sounds all have a sitar like buzzing overtone to them and nothing like the 59. I have tried Line 6 support via the ticket route and was told to talk to the dealer. Did that and still waiting for help 8 weeks down the line. Tried phoning Line 6 UK. Held on for 10 mins even though I was told that I was No.1 in the que. Is it me or is Line 6 support really bad. It is now starting to lollipop me off that I have so much money invested in a guitar that I cant use. It is also making me think negatively about Line 6 products. I am not a moaner but expect prompt customer service in the event of something not working properly. Has anyone had this experience with a 69, is the overtones due to the Trem where the 59 was a hardtail?
  19. Hi there. I just bought my JTV 69 and started updating the flash driver. After it stayed like 5 mins and downloaded very slowly, the massage appeared saying that the connection is lost. Since then the dap just doesn't work. When I press on the Varian button it just activates the pies pickup but nothing happens when I switch between different guitar models or different tunings. How can I update or re-install the driver on the JTV?It's now just a regular guitar. Please help! :((
  20. I am selling my beautiful black JTV-69S. I love the smooth tremelo, the comfortable play-ability and, of course, the awesome Variax tones! I also have a JTV-59 that just seems like a better fit for me, so I've decided to sell the 69S. Please see the attached photos of the actual guitar for sale and take a minute to view the listing over at PM me if you have any questions or need more details - thanks!
  21. I am selling my beautiful black JTV-69S. I love the smooth tremelo, the comfortable play-ability and, of course the awesome Variax tones! I also have a JTV-59 that just seems like a better fit for me, so I've decided to sell the 69S. Please see the attached photos of the actual guitar for sale and take a minute to view the listing over at PM me if you have any questions or need more details - thanks!
  22. So does a variax guitar model sound exactly the same on a different model JTV - have a listen and decide for yourself. JTV59 and JTV69 both at fw 2.1 as supplied (not tweaked in Workbench HD) and using SEMI position 5. Both played via VDI into same HD500 patch and recorded in Sonar X3 without any post production. Same chord sequence. Are these samples identical? If not - what differences can be heard? And can you tell which sample is the JTV59 and which is the JTV69? Recording can be found here:
  23. Hello everyone I think I finally found a rig that can do pretty much anything I need for my one man show. I'm very excited because it's so friggin convenient and it does sounds good. I still have a few quirks to iron out so hope that with this thread you can help me and a few others have a 100% Dream Rig system. 1. I'm going out of my HD500x via L6 to the L2T XLR out of the L2T to my Bose L1M2B2 Tonematch small console. Doing in it this way I'm getting the exact same sound of the L2T is getting and switching from acoustic to electric presets. I'm getting a Hum on the Bose from the L2T XLR that I need to get rid of ASAP Any ideas how to do this correctly? 2. I can also go XLR out of the HD500x to the Bose Tonematch console but the signal level drops BIG time and the hum goes down too. Still getting the L2T sounding great via the L6 cable and all the switching from acoustic to electric just fine. 3. Is there a better way in doing this and to control the volume on the L2T? 4. I'm getting great tone even direct from the HD500x to the Bose T1 console and I'm all about convenience and be as lightweight as possible Are any of you with me on this?… plus I can save myself some $$$ returning the L2T and have one less box to carry. The convenience of having a dedicated GTR monitor is great too I'm just asking because from another point of view I think is good to have all the sounds coming out of one source in this case the Bose L1M2B2 system. 5. Is there a way I can control the volume of the L2T other than the Master knob on the HD500x? Just want to know all the options available to have full control of the system and don't be slaved to knobs all over. 6. It would be great if you can explain your signal flow, system setup [ipads…etc…] Pictures or videos can make a big difference explaining things so I would appreciate if you guys can do that. thanks a lot for your help regards, Charles
  24. Hello all, My JTV-69 fell down and broke off a tuner. :-( I have a few questions: 1. Can I can get a replacement Line 6 JTV-69 tuner assembly (i.e., just one)? Is there a part number and store that anybody can recommend? 2. If not, do any of you have recommendations for a good replacement brand/model? I've been told that Gotohs are good. Is there a model that works well for JTV-69? Thanks in advance! ++Rajesh
  25. I just 'updated' my brand new, unmodified jtv69 to firmware 2.0. It's interesting that after three tries at updating the flash memory ending ending with the dreaded MIDI port error message, restarting Monkey displayed the flash memory as being v2.0...if it was...I haven't plugged it into an amp yet...(The models are all GONE!!!!) I started Workbench HD and it automatically began to download the models from the guitar. It replaced all of the named models in workbench with "????????????" with NO settings (pickups/bodies, etc) in Workbench. I restarted Workbench and the basic settings were all there until the download automatically began again... HOWEVER ALL OF THE MODELS ON MY GUITAR ARE GONE!!!!! What's happening???? WHAT CAN I DO??!?!?!?!?!?!? SOUNDS LIKE THE UPDATE TRASHED MY GUITAR, EH? (Attached File - restart Workbench, interrupted download after first model) I TRIED TO ROLLBACK THE GUITAR -- STILL NO DAMN MODELS PLAYING!!!! I DEMAND AN ANSWER OR THIS THING IS GOING BACK TO SWEETWATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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