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Found 4 results

  1. I bought a used Pod HD Pro X through Guitar Center that has the Metal pack installed. If I want to reset my Pod will I lose the Metal pack? How do I save the Metal pack on my PC? Thanks.
  2. Maybe a noob question, but I wonder what exactly the terms of registration and authorization are. I remember I've heard that amp packs could be authorized at a max of 4 computers using Line6 Monkey. But what exactly will happen in this hypothetical worst case: Maybe I'd authorized an amp pack on four computers. - One was a Laptop I tried and returned to the market (and forgot to de-authorize the pack) - The second might be a Laptop just for rehearsals and the hardware crashed. In both cases one has no longer impact on de-authorization and has only two packs left (which could be less than needed). Would L6 be able to solve the problem? And are there limitations on connecting the POD to different computers, too?
  3. Hey all! I hate to say this: But I just can't find the tone I'm going for. I've spent days pouring over forums, tutorials, videos and anything I can think of that'll help… And I can't find anything. So, as a last resort, I'm posting here. I purchased the bundle pack for all the new tones. Specifically I was waiting for the Insane amp to come out to match my original Pod Pro that I've had for the last 15 years. I'm A/B'ing Pod Pro vs Pod Pro HD X, I'm in the edit programs on my computer for both, all drivers updated to current, matched every setting, experimented across the board with different settings... No matter what I do, I can NOT get the Insane setting on the Pod HD X to sound anything like the Insane setting on my Pro. I'm using the same power amp, same cabinet, an A/B box for both, a Y splitter coming out of the same guitar to go into both amps… So I know it's not a difference in gear. The original Pod is throwing out the magic Insane sound that I LOVE!! But I can't get the Pod HD X Insane to sound like that no matter what I try! What's more frustrating is that, buried deep under the surface, I can hear the tone I want but I can't bring out the characteristics that I like. It's like the EQ's aren't quite working. That said, has anyone else noticed that on all the new high gain amps, putting EQ's in the pre amp position have almost no effect no matter how you spin the dials? And placing them post amp just destroys the tone. I tried finding a similar tone with multiple amps using multiple EQ's. All to the same effect of "can't quite get it". I don't suppose there's a way to directly transfer the tone from Pro to Pro HD X? Everything I read says "no" so I'm not expecting a miracle there but it's worth a shot. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! ^__^ -SZP-
  4. Hello! Can anyone help me? I have a POD XT LIVE and I bought the METAL PACK like a year ago, now I Own a POD HD500x, and I want to transfer that pack to my new POD, I already registered my gear but the license manager doesn't show me this option, Is this possible? How can I do this? Thanks!
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