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Found 25 results

  1. I have a problem where I think I made a beginners mistake: I'm trying to use my HD500X as a midi controller to start and stop playback in Cubase. It is connected via the MIDI-out from the POD to the MIDI-in on my Steinberg UR-22 Interface I have 4 buttons (FS1-FS4) assigned for next marker, previous marker, play and stop. The device is working with the DAW, but every input (or better yet the execution) is delayed for about 2 seconds. The weird thing is that I see the press of the button immediately on the midi-in statusbar. As soon as I press the button it flashes with the amount of input I chose (127) on the device. Then the play button is colored green but it takes 2 seconds until it actually starts playing. Same thing with every other command. When I used the keyboard commands it starts playing immediately. It feels like I missed something pretty simple, does anybody have an idea? Bonusproblem: Every time I load Cubase, the settings for the channel and the commands associated with the POD are wiped and I have to set them up again. Is that a Cubase related problem or is there something I forgot to set up with the POD? SOLUTION: It was a beginner's mistake. Be sure that when you choose how Cubase handles the MIDI signal, it's set to "COMMAND" in the device manager. I had it set to "TRANSPORT" - which was causing the lag. Since I wanted to communicate with the transport, I thought it was the obvious choice and didn't read any other items from that list. If you choose "COMMAND" there will be another column where you can select "Transport" and any command like "Play / Stop" or "Jump to Marker". Works like a charm. Thank you everyone for reading this post.
  2. I really like my HX STOMP and I need a pedal to control it. I saw the Xsonic releases a new controller AIRSTEP, It's looking good! Looks like it can control a lot of things. Any idea for me? what about this pedal for my HX STOMP.
  3. Hello guys. Has anyone tried using HX stomp with Singular Sound Midi Maestro? Looks like it's a nice midi controller but can't find any single example of someone using it. It's cheaper than MC6 and more comfortable imo.
  4. Hello ! I wonder if the fbv 3 work (in USB or MIDI) with the helix cause the controller for the helix do not have a pedal expression... Thanks in advance !
  5. I'm not sure if this topic has been discussed already but I'm desperate. My type of music requires me to change from clean to dirty channel more often. The clean channel has delays and such and mostly the dirt is just straight up. Lead channel needs to have delay and reverb. POD on pedalboard mode and connected via 4CM. The problem is, every time there is a need for me to change channels on the IRT, I have to tap dance to be able to stomp effects that's in the POD. I wanted to use the POD as a channel controller for the IRT if possible. So that I can set the POD to ABC mode and just stomp in one footswitch to access the clean channel + effects (in the POD) then another foot switch to access the dirt channel. Makes it easier that way. I'm thinking of using the MIDI controller in the POD but I'm not sure if it's compatible as the IRT's footswitch is kinda different. Need your help if there is another way to hook this two so that it will support my needs. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi all, For all those who have the HX Stomp (or any other midi device) and need more control, you might check out the Voes MX-6. Several templates for easy setup using both devices. More info on
  7. Recently came across this issue. I tried setting up my HX Effects with a Decibel 11 Switch Doctor to switch presets and snapshots on the HX Effects via the Switch Doctor. Every time I tried to switch to a different preset, it would automatically switch to the tuner when selecting a new preset. Also, I couldn't get it to switch snapshots correctly using Midi CC messages. As far as I can tell, all my settings are correct. Is anyone having issues or doing anything special to switch to snapshot presets via a midi controller? Anyone else having this issue with a Switch Dr? Upgraded from an M9 and didn't have any issues at all. Super bummed right now. Thanks
  8. Wondering if anyone has information on whether it is possible to connect the FVB port of a Line 6 Spider V240 HC to the midi output of an AXE IO interface so that it can be controlled in tandem. We are using the amp out feature of the AXE IO to send signal over to a Line 6 Spider V240 HC and we would like to be able to control presets to change together with a single control unit - which in our case is the FCB 1010 Midi Foot Pedal. Don't really wish to do extensive programming; just want to be able to step through the various numbered preset changes simultaneously in AmpliTube on the AXE IO and send signal via midi from that interface with something like a DIN to RJ45 connector over to the Line 6 Spider and have the corresponding numbered presets on the Line 6 unit change in accordance to those being changed on the AXE IO. Hoping it is just the matter of making a single connection and won't require additional interfaces to create anything as complicated or expensive as an RTP-Midi network. Is this possible? New to this.
  9. I'm wanting to connect my Line 6 KB37 toneport to my iPad Air 2 so I can use the midi keyboard to control the keyboard sounds in garage band & use the line inputs. Has anyone got any help / experience / advice? I think I'm going to need to Apple camera connecting kit but not sure if this will do what I want it to. Help please!
  10. Hi experts, I purchased the HXFX to become the control centre for all my effects & presets etc. The H & K has it's own midi controller pedal which I am trying to replace but I can not get the HXFX to communicate to the Amp. Does anyone have any experience / ideas / solutions? I really don't want to return this unit. Cheers everyone
  11. Hi I have Line6 Pod Hd500x as a multi-effect unit when I play with my guitar. At the same time, I want to use Ableton Live 10 during live performances to launch midi clips (e.g. a Violin part). I know how to map midi keys from controllers or laptop. So, I know how to do this using a dedicated midi controller (e.g. M-AUDIO Keystation32) or my laptop keyboard. My question is can I also map the knobs of POD HD500x (e.g. FS2, FS3 etc.) as midi “keys” in Ableton so that I don’t have to use a separate midi foot controller for this purpose? Has anyone done this with Ableton Live and Line 6 POD HD500x? Thanks in advance George
  12. Is it possible to plug in a Digitech MC7 midi footswitch into the midi in of the pod hd to control it? For example, I need to change presets quickly on stage and I've had this footswitch laying around. I have searched for hours on the subject and there is very little information regarding it... Thanks for any help.
  13. Hi, One question, In my computer with helix selected as my midi/audio interface, what if I connect a USB controller like a novation launch pad, can I control parameter on helix? I have done this via regular midi straight from the controller to helix and works perfect. All new controllers that comes with lots of knobs (which are cooler) are USB only, they are not including the regular MIDI, those with regular USB/MIDI ports are expensive compared to all new lines of USB controllers. Can I control my helix with a USB controller connect through my computer with helix as my interface? Unfortunately my USB controller is damaged, so I cannot run the test, and I need to get a new controller with more knobs... Hope anyone can help, Cheers!
  14. All! I have a HD500X and an Android Tablet with an ORG synthesizer install. I have OTG / USB midi cable plugged into my tablet. The sound coming out of my amp is only from my HD (As if the synthesizer did not exist). How do I make the guitar sound process on the tablet synthesizer? Is there any hardware? Is there another setting? I do not want to buy a Roland G55 for this. Adriano
  15. Some time ago people were discussing this issue on the forums. It turned out that x3 works fine as preset footswitch, but the question was open on how to control the effects, set the expression pedal to work, etc. And no one seems to have found a solution, at least I didn't find it anywhere. So just in case someone's still interested, yesterday I got my x3 live work just great for that, and here's how. First off, how to assign the onboard buttons like 'stomp', 'delay' etc, to turn the corresponding fx's on axe-fx. With your line6 turned on and connected to axe-fx via midi cable, press I/O button on the axe-fx, go to 'control' page. This is where the midi control message numbers are stored. Scroll down to any effect or function needed to assign, then press enter button. The "learning' message will go flashing on the screen. Now press the desired button on your line6 and buy me a beer )). Likewise you can assign your onboard pedal to work as input level controller, use onboard knobs to edit corresponding parameters on the axe-fx. Let me know if anyone needs this information.
  16. I've made two tutorials on controlling basic parameters of the SourceAudio Nemesis delay with the Helix. Controling Common Nemesis Delay Parameters With The Line 6 Helix Changing to specific Nemesis Delay preset numbers with the Line 6 Helix. Enjoy.
  17. I'm trying to use the POD HD Pro X's midi controller functionality to control other devices down my midi chain. Mainly, I would like to assign both of my expressions pedals to any of my devices in my chain even though all the devices are on different channels and the pedals' CC and their values are only transmitted on channel 1. I'm using a Behringer FCB1010 midi foot controller plugged to the POD's midi in and can use the foot switches and expression pedals to control the POD's FS and pedals' links on midi channel 1. I can also send Program Changes and single CC changes from my foot controller to my next rack (Digitech GSP1011) on channel 2 (going from the POD's midi thru into the Digitech's midi in) with my foot controller, but only because these are assigned to channel 2 in my foot controller. I can also use the POD to send program changes to this device by turning the preset dial on the HD pro when both racks are on the same midi channel (which is the reason I have to have them on different midi channels, I don't want this). What all this means is that, A) I can control the POD's FS and expression pedal links with my foot controller, B ) midi thru is enabled, and C) Program Change commands can be sent from the POD to my other units down the midi chain. I understand how to work the midi controller options in the HD pro, have read the manual for this so I'm assigning the correct midi channels and CC values in this screen for the corresponding FC and pedal links. Yet, these are not being sent through midi out. I tried troubleshooting by connecting the HD Pro's midi out to a Midi interface's IN port to capture the commands using MIDI-OX, and what I found is that there is a incessant amount of random midi messages coming out of the POD so I cannot troubleshoot this way. Am I doing something wrong? or should start to think there is a problem with my unit?
  18. I own a POD HD500 and use it for church performance. Since I lead worship near the pastor's podium, the HD500 is just too large for me to keep up front where I can change it, so I've just been using one setting at all times and using a wireless system. I purchase an FBV Express MKII because I thought I read that it was compatible with the HD500, however, before it arrived at my doorstep I realized that it in fact was NOT compatible. I've seen many posts about using the HD500 as a MIDI controller to control other things, but I haven't seen anything concerning using another MIDI device to control the HD500. Is it possible to control it using another MIDI device? If so, any recommendations on a small MIDI footswitch with expression pedal? The FBV Express MKII would have been the perfect size if it had been compatible, but most of the MIDI controllers I see with expression pedals are as large or larger than my POD. Thanks for your time!
  19. I own a Pod hd 500 and I'd like to use it as a midi foot controller for my rig. I need to use buttons FS 1-4 to switch external effect on and off via CC toggle. I program the cc toggle for each button and it works fine but the leds of the buttons never turns on, they always stay off whatever my effect status is. This way, the cc function is pretty useless cause I don't know if my external effect is on or not. Is there anybody that have experienced the same problem? Thanks Roberto
  20. Hi everyone at Line 6 I have to say that I am extremely disappointed in the issues I have been having with regard to updating the firmware of my M9 Stopmbox Modeler, I have very happy with the pedal and when I purchased it second hand was at firmware v1.01 and after checking for updates it was recommended that the pedal be updated to v2.04 to enjoyed the included enhancements and extra effects. On investigation I have to shoot to the store and get a USB to MIDI interface and at the time thought what the hell, why wouldn't you build this with a USB interface thought about it a little and thought it was probably something to do with the internal mechanism and formats so accepted this. So anyways up I go to the local music shop and picked up the interface $29.95 brings it home and loaded the drivers etc and plugged in the MIDI parts to the M9 and from there had all manner of problems. I struggled through and used 4 different computers and the same issue occurred M9 Update Failed error code 8000000A try again. Try again I did many times and nothing, had a look through the forums and started to see many others having the same problem and the advice given you need a high end controller..... I am thinking at this point why, the equipment should work with any USB to MIDI interface and I didn't want to pay $60.00 for a controller to do a firmware update. So I called Line 6 support in Australia and they couldn't help me, at the end of the conversation I was told just keep using it with the V1 firmware or you can bring it to us and we can quote you to update the firmware (I didn't ask how much). Love the pedal, hate the fact I can't update the firmware as I should be able to with a significant cost to me for a TOP end controller.
  21. Hey, I really REALLY like the Line 6 POD Pro X, because it's unbelievably affordable and sounds great. But, I don't like the Line 6 controllers very much. Can I hook up a normal midi controller to it? Also, how many other midi devices can I control at the same time? On an unrelated note, I play 8 and 10 stringed guitars, and will this be able to handle that kind of low end? Does the chromatic tuner work that well? Thanks!
  22. Hi there, I've been using a TonePort KB37 for a while, but I have recently upgraded in MIDI controllers. I am hoping to sell my KB37, but have the following concerns for a prospective buyer: As the product was previously licensed/activated by me, will another user have any issues authenticating it on their own system? (It is just the controller, with none of the special model packs.) Thanks, john
  23. I am trying to map program changes sent to the Timeline. Currently the Timeline sees 1-to-1 from the Pod, meaning as I step through my Pod presets the Timeline will follow sequentially. I don't want to have to match the position of the Timeline's presets to that of any given Pod Playlist that I'll be using for live performance - I'd like to map each Pod preset to a Timeline preset by sending a simple program change. I have followed the POD Advanced User Guide to the letter, but it persists in sending program changes to the Timeline sequentially. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks in advance for any help!
  24. I am hoping that someone can help me. I've had an HD500 for awhile now and have only just tried to use it with my old midi controller (Yamaha MFC10), and can't for the life of me get it at all to change presets on the POD. I am beginning to think that the midi input just doesn't work on the POD and never has (faulty), unless someone can tell me that there is some sort of hidden setup required to enable me to do this. All I want to be able to do is change the presets on the current setist. From what I can gather, it should be as simple as patch 0 = 1A, patch 1 = 1B, patch 2 = 2B etc. I also believe that it should be done using midi program changes = 0, 1, 2, etc, you only need midi CC's to change the setlist. I have even tried connecting the Yamaha to the POD, and then using the thru on the POD to connect to some other external midi devices to see if it is taking the signal and passing it on and it isn't. The cable and floor controller are fine when I plug it into other rack gear. I've checked midi channels (I believe the POD is supposed to receive on channel one) Using the POD as a midi controller is fine, the midi out works correctly I have updated the HD500 to the latest firmware and still the same. The reason I want to do the above is the lack of midi control from the POD. I want to sit my POD on top of my rack and control it and other rack gear from a dedictated midi controller so I can do more complicated switching for the other rack gear that can't be achieved using the POD as a midi controller. Many thanks
  25. I've recently discovered the great idea of double preset switch on HD500, and I was wondering whether I could use my Behringher FCB1010 midi foot controller (I use that to control Ableton live) as Pedal 2. The FCB1010 has two expression pedals and it could save me the trouble of having and more piece of equipment...
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