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Found 21 results

  1. With iPadOS 13.5, SonicPort VX and mobilePOD I have a high latency even if I select 2ms as AudioBuffer Size... This latency disappear when using GarageBand built-in amps...
  2. I'm running the latest version of iOS (version 6.1.3) on my iPad 2 and have the latest update of Line 6 Mobile POD (version 1.5.0, Audiobus compatible). Recently I've found that that the Mobile Pod app does not recognize my Sonic Port device, even when it is properly connected. I've followed the Sonic Port FAQ page suggestions and attempted resetting my iPad to factory settings and then restoring it to a previously saved restore point. I've made several attempts and used several previously saved restore points to get the app to work with the Sonic Port again, but all attempts have failed. I was able to be successful only once, about a month ago when I first got the Sonic Port. Now, the thing is worthless. Unfortunate because the tones in Mobile POD are really good. But, if you can't use them, no one cares. Not sure how much effort Line 6 put into development of these products, but as I said, who cares now? If anyone has a solution to this, please advise. And then I'd suggest selling your advice to Line 6!
  3. Q: What are Mobile In digital input adaptor and Mobile POD® app? A: Mobile In is a digital input adaptor that connects your guitar or a stereo line-level audio source to your Apple® iPhone® 4S, iPhone® 4, iPad® (3rd generation), iPad® 2 or iPad®. Also works with iPhone® 5 but requires an Apple-branded Lightning to 30-in adapter cable. Learn more Mobile POD is a free app that lets you rock anytime you want with 64 fully tweakable Line 6 models. Hear them in action Q: Why doesn't Mobile In work with my iPod touch 4G? A: At this time, iPod touch 4G only works with digital audio interfaces that include both audio inputs and audio outputs. This limitation is built into the iPod touch and nothing that the interface manufacturer can affect. Some digital guitar interfaces for iOS devices, including Mobile In and models from other manufacturers, contain inputs but no outputs and as a result aren't recognized by iPod touch 4G. This is why Line 6 does not list iPod touch 4G as a supported iOS device for Mobile In. Q: Will a Lightning adapter work with Mobile In? A: As it stands, we do know that using an adapter works. It is not packaged with the unit because we cannot assume that all users will need it. Q: How many models are in Mobile POD app? A: There are 64 fully adjustable models based on celebrated vintage and modern gear. 32 guitar amplifiers, 18 stompbox and rack effects, and 16 guitar cabinets. Learn more Q: What kind of inputs does Mobile In have? A: Mobile In has two inputs: 1/8-inch guitar input with 110 dB dynamic range and 1/8-inch stereo line input with 98 dB dynamic range. (One high-quality 6-foot guitar cable with 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch ends included.) Mobile In supports up to 24-bit/48 kHz digital audio. Q: Can I use Mobile In with other CoreAudio apps beside Mobile POD app? A: Mobile In works with many other apps besides Mobile POD. It's compatible with any app that uses CoreAudio for audio input, starting with iOS 4.2.1. Q: What Apple® devices are compatible with Mobile In and Mobile POD app? A: Mobile In and Mobile POD app are compatible with iPhone® 4, iPad® 2 and iPad®. Q: What does Mobile In come with? A: Mobile In comes with everything you need to get great guitar tones (or capture any stereo line-level audio signal with pristine quality) right of the box: Mobile In digital input adaptor and a high-quality 6-foot guitar cable with 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch ends. Q: Where do I download the Mobile POD app? A: Mobile POD app can be downloaded for free directly from your Apple® devices using the App Store app. Q: What kind of cable do I use to connect my instrument to the Mobile In? A: To connect a instrument to the Mobile In, use the included 1/8" to 1/4" guitar cable. Connect the '¼' plug into the output of your instrument, then Connect the 1/8" plug into the 'GUITAR IN' on the Mobile In adaptor. for a video tutorial on Mobile In Connections. Q: What kind of cable do I use to connect my stereo line level keyboard or mixer to the Mobile In? A: To connect a stereo line level audio source such as keyboard or mixer to the Mobile In, use a 1/8" Stereo Male to Dual 1/4" Tip Sleeve Male cable. Connect both of the '¼' Tip Sleeve connections to the left and right outputs of your audio source, then connect the 1/8" Stereo Male end of the cable to the 'LINE IN' on the Mobile In adaptor. for a video tutorial on Mobile In Connections. Q: What kind of cable do I use to connect my stereo CD/MP3 player to the Mobile In? A: To connect a stereo CD/MP3 player to the Mobile In, use a 1/8" Stereo Male to 1/8" Stereo Male cable. Connect one end of the 1/8" Stereo Male to the output of your CD/MP3 player, then connect the other end of the 1/8" Stereo Male cable into the 'LINE IN' on the Mobile In adaptor. for a video tutorial on Mobile In Connections. Q: How do I use the Mobile In with CoreAudio Apps like GarageBand? A: Check out our instructions on using Mobile In with GarageBand here. Q: How do I use the Mobile POD app with the Apple's Inter-App Audio? A: Check out our video tutorial on how to use the Mobile POD App with Apple's Inter-App Audio HERE. Q: How do I use the Sonic Port with the Audiobus App? A: Check out our instructions on using Sonic Port with Audiobus HERE. If you want to use the Mobile POD app to process the sound and then record the processed audio into a third party app then you'll need to purchase and use the Audiobus app. For a list of all of other current Audiobus compatible apps CLICK HERE. Q: How can I play along with songs from my iTunes® library? A: Launch Mobile POD, tap the 1/8th note icon in the lower right hand corner of the app. The in-app player will launch, tap the 'playlist' icon located on the bottom left hand corner of the app to choose which song from your iTunes® library you like to play along with. After selecting your song, the app will return to back to the normal amp screen at which point you can play, fast forward, rewind, and loop the track. Q: Does Mobile In interface work with the AmpliTube iRig apps? A: Sorry, no. It appears that the IK Multimedia apps only work with the low-fi analog audio input on the earbuds jack, not the high-resolution digital audio input on the dock connector that Mobile In uses. Q: What should I do if my Apple® device is not recognizing the Mobile In adaptor when it is plugged in? A: Check your iPhone or iPad to be sure the latest version of the iOS operating system is installed update if necessary, instructions to do so can be found here. Disconnect the Mobile In adaptor and reconnect it, making sure the Mobile In adaptor is firmly connected to your iPhone or iPad's device's 30 pin dock connector. Check Settings > General > Accessibility, and then turn Mono Audio off. If the adaptor is still not being recognized by your Apple® device, it may be necessary to backup and restore your current iOS installation using Apple's instructions located here. Q: Can I use Airplay or Bluetooth headphones with Mobile In? A: The current version of Mobile POD does not support the use of airplay or bluetooth headphones. Q: Does the Mobile In work with Android products? A: Many of you have asked why Line 6 mobile products only work with Apple devices, not Android. Since many smartphone and tablet manufacturers support the Android operating system and have different connectors, it is unfortunately very difficult to develop and support products for these various hardware configurations. Apple devices share a standard, 30-pin dock connector which is why we're able to create a single hardware solution for these devices.
  4. Just got my Sonic Port (regular, not VX), so this is likely a dumb newbie question. I can play my bass through it just fine using GarageBand (so long as I've turned on monitoring). When I try to play using Mobile Pod, nothing comes through. I've double checked the inputs (using Input 1, but also tried Input 2). In Mobile Pod settings, the Sonic Port device shows up (and the first time I plugged it into my iPhone, I got a message saying the capabilities are unlocked. And if I use the Audition Current Preset capability, it works fine. Any ideas or guidance is appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  5. Hi all i have been trying to find reviews of the pod x3 versus mobile pod software with sonic port into an iPad? i wanted to know if the sound quality of a dedicated pod Iike the x3 sounds better than mobile pod on iPad. Anyone got any advice or has tested this comparison. Thanks.
  6. I would recommend backing up your earlier version if possible before updating. I downloaded the update and don't like it for the following reasons: 1) GUI is completely different - way too modern, Ableton? Prefer the effects and amps to look 'real' But more importantly....... 2) You cannot switch effects of by tapping them. You have to select the effect first, then select on/off from new window. So there's no 'stomp' switch on the effects. So that's 2 actions rather than one. Compare with Tonestack where I can turn multiple effects on/off with one press. Apart from the Audio Energy beam there is little difference. I had no problems with the old interface despite using it on an iPad mini and I'm not very good generally with touch screens. Plus point - you can change buffer size inside the app.
  7. mobile pod crash every time when i click "music", dose anyone has the same problem? device: sonic port vx and iPad
  8. On my iPad the test tones in the upper right corner doesn't give the option to choose a riff. I have tested anything, even clicking positions out of the regular focus. On my iPhone everything works fine. Can someone please proof this behavior?
  9. hi guys! love my mobile pod and have pretty much only used the provided tone presets. however i'm starting to branch out a bit and am trying to recreate a tone that was created in real life (though not by me) by a mexican strat into a compressor pedal and an orange guyatone OD pedal into a traynor mark 3 amp. the pedals are pretty easy (plain ol' compressor and overdrive) but i'm not familiar with the traynor mark 3 and unsure what mobile pod amp best represents it. would appreciate your suggestions! for those curious, i'm trying to get the tone heard here on the intro:
  10. Will I be able to continue to use my Mobile In with my iPhone 4s? It worked at one time but now it says is incompatable or something like that. What gives? I had the Mobile In plugged in and opened up Mobile Pod and a message pops up about buying the app and or restoring a purchase? Do I need to "Retsore a Purchase"? Since it was working. I suppose things have changed while my "Mobile In" was taking a break. I suppose the updated IOS was the cause of most of it.
  11. Still very surprised that there is still no phaser in Mobile Pod. I was hoping for one in the update - a version of the MXR Phase 90 would be nice. Just surprised that there is no phaser of any kind in Mobile Pod - what does everyone else think?
  12. Hi all, I purchased the Mobile POD software to run with my Focusrite iTrack Dock. It is displaying some annoying audio pops and clicks and problems saving my custom tones. When you go to save it will turn certain effects off. In my case, I added a noise gate to the effects chain. Every time I tried to save, it would turn the effect off. Exiting the user tone and then going back to it doesn't resolve the issue. Sometimes rebooting the app will correct this, but the darned thing is so flaky, I never know what it's going to do. The pops and clicks issue is a big problem as well. Sometimes killing the app and restarting will resolve this. Often it doesn't. I sure would like to get some help on this, as apparently, there's no way to contact support about this issue. I'm concerned that Line 6 isn't even developing this app any more in which case, I paid for a broken app and I want my freaking money back. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  13. Hoping to make a suggestion to allow Mobile Pod to work with Videos the same way it works with songs. Would be nice to practice and or learn along with some of my Hal Leonard videos using my Sonic Port and Mobile Pod. May not be possible but thought I should ask the Line6 guys...
  14. Dear, I am new to the forum, and just signed up in order to request some support from line6. Here is my need: I am using the Mobile In device with a 64GBm iPAD 1, with iOS 5.1.1 (latest possible on that device). After a stolen laptop and a reset on my iPAD, I do no longer have the Mobile POD application on any of my devices. I have asked support to provide me with a version that would support my equipment. Here is the official answer: =================== Hallo und danke für die Anfrage. Das ist leider nicht möglich, ältere Mobile Pod Versionen stehen nicht zur Verfügung. Viele Grüße Olaf Schildt Technischer Support Line 6 Support Europe ----- and my translation ----- Hello, thanks for your request. Unfortunately this is not possible, older Mobile Pod versions are not available. =================== Thus, I am left to bin my Mobile In device or source the application (ipa file) via an alternative channel. Can any of you help me out there? Your support is greatly appreciated. Best Wolfgang
  15. Are there any plans to create an Android version of Mobile POD? I just purchased a Sonic Port VX as a recording interface for my PC and am pretty satisfied with it so far. However, I have never been a fan of iOS, so it would be really cool if there was Mobile POD app for Android as well. Just curious because I noticed that Amplifi recently came out on Android.
  16. Hi, On the last weeks, I can't play guitar anymore on Mobile POD and Sonic Port VX on my iPhone 5. I've had the VX for 2 months and it worked fine initially. Now, when I start playing, the VX output starts to saturate (it takes sometimes minutes, sometimes seconds) until it delivers pure white noise. I suspect that some of latest Mobile POD's and/or iOS's updates have led to this behaviour. I haven't tried on both microphones options. The switch is most of the time on the guitar position. Here's the setup: iPhone 5, iOS v8.1.3 Mobile POD v1.7.2 I've also tried with Amplitube and get the same noise. Sonic Port VX still works fine when connected to the Mac for Pro Tools I/O. Thanks in advance for your help! JM Sola
  17. We have a sonic port and an iPad running iOS 8.1.2. We have downloaded the mobile pod app and created a line6 account. It cannot get the app to recognise any input from the guitar. The app has not been linked to the line6 account? Do we need to do this, and if so how? Any tips to get this working would be gratefully received - we are all getting very frustrated with it!
  18. I've recently purchased a Sonic Port for use on my iPhone 4 running iOS 6.1.3. At first connect, the error in Mobile POD said something like 'Device not supported' (or something similar), this never showed up again. Ever since I get a 'Device not found' error, whenever I try to cennect the SP to my iPhone. Tested the SP today with my brothers iPhone 4 running iOS 7 and it works. Is it the iOS version? The APP Store info still says compatible with iOS 4.3+ :huh: . Any ideas anyone? Please let me know before I HAVE to update to iOS 7 (which I have stayed away on purpose so far). Cheers, Claus
  19. Hi Guys, I like very much loop called "classic rock" in Mobile Pod. this is one of the 4 loop you can try while choosing an amp in Mobile Pod. I am wondering if any body created a tablature of that riff ? Thanks
  20. I have my SonicPort/Mobile Pod set up as such: IPad2 Graphic Equilizer, No Amp, No Cab Delay Chorus Reverb Then into my tube amp. When using a built in amp and can outputting to powered speaker, it all wotks fine. Last night I had my first practice with my band where I used the sonic port and with two notes only the fundemental did into come through, only the octave. First fret B string ©, and first fret low E string (F). When I "toe tapped" the chorus out of the signal, the fundamentals showed up. Anyone else had something like this happen? Cheers.
  21. We have tested the following Line 6 iOS software to be compatibile with iOS 7: Mobile POD StageScape Remote MIDI Memo We have tested the following Line 6 mobile hardware with iOS 7 and found no problems: Mobile In Sonic Port Mobile Keys 25 Mobile Keys 49 MIDI Mobilizer II
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