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  1. Hi all, I just got a refurb FBV Express MKII controller to use with my POD HD Pro X. I plugged it into the POD, the tuner lights blink showing that it's receiving power, but after that none of the lights on the pedal turn on, patches won't change, expression pedal or tuner functions do nothing. I then went through the calibration procedure (with no issues) and after pressing the D pedal the final time to exit, still nothing. When I connected to my computer, the pedal is responsive as it should be. It's just not doing anything with the POD. I've tries turning the POD off and back on after calibration, disconnected and reconnected the pedal, etc...basically anything I could think of. I've read through the manual for the FBV Express MKII and the controller section of the HD Pro X manual and can't find anything to help me figure out how to address this. Am I missing something? I scrolled through the board and none of the FBV/POD HD Pro threads I've looked at seem to address this particular issue. Thanks
  2. Some users have reported getting an error message when installing Line 6 product drivers on Windows 10 or 11. The error message will mention that Line 6 drivers are not being recognized or are being blocked after installation. The best workaround for this is to disable Memory Integrity under Windows security settings. You can find this feature under Windows Security > Device Security > Core Isolation details. See this article from Microsoft for further details: This is a known issue to our team, and for now the best option is to disable Memory Integrity as a work-around. We will continue to monitor this issue for our driver releases.
  3. Hi, i’m trying to find a way to bypass the soundcard on the POD HD500X and use my audio interface (Arturia Audiofuse) as the soundcard. The reason for this is, i want to take advantage of the better converters and preamps in the Audiofuse. My first idea was to do this by using digital connections, but this led me to some questions: 1. Would this be possible, if i connect the VDI to one of the Audiofuse’s USB-ports via a converter (VDI USB Interface Kit)? If not, what about the S/PDIF out or the ADAT out? Here's an illustration: 2. If the previous isn't achieveable, would it then be possible to do this with a POD HD Pro X, since it has S/PDIF in and out? 3. If one of the two can be done, would i then be able to route fx a mic to one signal path and a guitar to another?
  4. Hey gang, I usually use my pro hd in my recording rack... but I have a live gig coming up, so I through the pod into my live rig rack, and realized I have no way of switching my user presets without the computer in front of me.. I have a Roland FC-300 midi footcontroller, which I hooked up to the POD HD... but the patches default to the "Best of HD setlist" and even when I load the setlist manually on the unit, the second I hit the 1st pedal on the controller, it switches all the way back to the "Best of HD" setlist patch 1... Anyone have any experience or theories on how to get around this? I literally only need 2 channels to switch between, or be able to controll the effects So I can have 1 standard rythm with distortion, and an another that's the same but boosted, with delay and verb for lead guitar.. Thanks in advance!
  5. I have a question and am wondering if someone knows this answer: I have a Katana MK2 100 Watt Head and 110W Cab, I'd like to run my POD HD PRO X through the Effects loop to take advantage of the additional effects. How do I use that in conjunction with my modeling amp? Is there a foot switch that will allow me to switch between presets on the Katana MK2 and the POD or how would I do that? I'm new to effects processing and so could use all the help I can get. Thanks in Advance...
  6. Well I decided to updated my 13 years old laptop and upgrade to a Macbook. Seems like the recent updates on the page have no effect on scanning my device. Honestly my device was working well in my DAW application before I decided to download the license manager and pro x edit. Now no device shows up. Anyone else still use this rack unit and have or have had the same problem? I did uninstall and re-install but nothing seems to work..
  7. Hi. I have been trying to get my POD HD Pro X to fully function using a Behringer FCB1010 midi board. I have it changing the Pods presets and it's passing the command to the next midi effects unit. The issue is getting the expression pedals to work. I have programmed the FCB and it works perfectly for Wah and Volume with a Behringer V Amp pro. I have read manual after manual, the forums, and tried every combination. Selecting Vol and Wah in the preset, correct channel, in the Pods set up, I have tried all CC's inc 7, 1 and 2. The pedal appears to be connected, certainly, on pressing the pedals its numbers change from 0 - 127. Clearly, I am doing something wrong. I can find all manner of info with the FCB board programming, but nothing so far for a walkthrough to enter the correct information into the Pod. Been messing with it now for 5 days. Any advice or pointers would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance. Tony
  8. I bought a used Pod HD Pro X through Guitar Center that has the Metal pack installed. If I want to reset my Pod will I lose the Metal pack? How do I save the Metal pack on my PC? Thanks.
  9. Can you assign cc's to specific effects in the Pod HD Pro X? I'm trying to set up a Behringer FCB1010 with the eurekaprom 3 chip installed. No problems with changing patches, but I can't figure out how to toggle effects off and on in effects mode.
  10. After some price-drops in the last few weeks Thomann offers only the Line6 POD HD Pro X. The POD HD500x is no longer online and there is no upcoming stock information. Seems that the HD-Line is going to leave the market forever now. A pity especially after this surprising comparison… I will keep mine until it's death (and already bought a backup for 170 USD) :wub:
  11. Hey all, I'm having trouble activating my looper mode on my POD HD Pro X. I've just purchased the FBV MKII pedal and was delighted to see that since I now own it, I can activate the looper mode. The guides talk all about the fact that I can do it but don't ever explain how exactly the activate it! Absolutely killing me. Any pointers?
  12. Hi i have a bran new pod hd pro x and a fbv3. the fbv3 works for about 5 min then all the light on it turn off and the function light turns red and it locks up. Any ideas as to whats going on?
  13. Hi, I've just bought a brand new Pod-HD-pro-X but as soon as I've put it on my desk I've found 2 little things not working in a proper way: 1) The 4 way nav pad is not firmly fixed. Let's say, it moves "softly" too much (mostly in the up-down directions, less in left-right). I can use it and push the 4 arrows and it works, anyway it is annoying in a brand new product. Is it normal it works this way? 2) When I push the Tap button, it remains stuck for a while before it comes back. Obviously it's a BIG problem trying to Tap a correct tempo. Are there DIY workarounds or have I to ask for a replacement? (Video attached) EDIT: I cannot upload video file, sorry.
  14. I recently purchased the pod hd pro x and as part of the promotion from the website i bought it from i got the hd fully loaded bundle for free, but i'm not sure how to acquire it, i'm sure ill need to show my receipt to someone but i'm not sure who to contact
  15. So today I discovered that the "Dry-Out" output on my POD HD PRO X doesn't work when I'm connected through Variax input. If I plug-in through the front "Guitar" input it'll work just fine. Am I missing something here? perhaps some configuration in the menus that will allow me to mirror Variax dry input straight to the "dry-out" output on the back of my POD HD PRO X? I'm hoping to use this output aside from both the L-R outputs for a live setting. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  16. Does anyone else have an issue with the POD HD Pro X (or other POD versions) overwriting patches seemingly randomly? This has happened to me on multiple occasions and it's kind of annoying when the only way to get the patch back is to restore it to defaults. I don't want to have to keep doing this. It seems like it happens when switching from one Set List to another, but there might be other factors, and it happens so sporadically that I am only just now coming to this conclusion after having the device for almost 3 years. For example, say I'm in the "User 2" on patch 5D. Then I switch to the "Best of HD" setlist and the 5D from "User 2" will now be the 5D there. Does this happen to anyone else? Is there a solution for it? It's really annoying and seems like something that should be patched.
  17. I have read ALOT of reviews/comments on connectivity issues with LogicProX. My main concern and question is, how well does the POD HD PRO X work with Logic via USB? Reviews have said M-audio interfaces/devices are not recognized anymore with the current updates in place. I know M-Audio is a totally different brand than Line6, but i have read that other audio interfaces have had the same problem, Logic recognizes them as an output device not a input. I would hate to spend so much money on something that does not work properly or as desired. I know this could also be a question for the Logic forums, but I'm sure some one out there can help answer these questions.
  18. So i got the Pod HD Pro X today, but I cant get a sound out of it. My headphones are plugged into the Phones input at the front, the guitar in the guitar input of course. As input mode i selected guitar and as output Studio/Direct. The Pod HD is connect to my PC via USB. I have installed all drivers/software and the monkey does not show any new updates available. I can change the effects in Pod HD Pro x Edit and the pod hd is also reacting but i still have no sound (when playing music and stuff) and no guitar sound... I used the Line 6 UX2 before and I just had to plug in the guitar, the headphones and the USB and I had sound when watching youtube videos and stuff and guitar sound when I opened Pod Farm... Help me please! Greetings :) Edit: i dont know what I did, but i hear the sound the PC makes now, but still no guitar sound, although the signal is shown in Reaper and the Tuner is also working
  19. Does the FBV Express MKII work with the rack-mount POD HD PRO X to capture presets? I am primarily bass, so maybe 2-3 head, cabinet, effects combo presets as well as rhythm guitar with another 2-3 combo presets through the A-D pedal toggles after getting the settings in the POD HD PRO X. I would be using the volume/wha primarily as volume. Greatly appreciate any experience insight. ttrenchj
  20. Hi! I'm trying to configurate my FCB1010 (UnO chip) with the software but i can't really make it work with my gear (Pod Hd Pro X). Do you have any guide that could help me? (already checked on the UnO website and also on Line 6 forums but unfortunately i didn't find something that helped me) or maybe a working Sysex file for the Pod HD Pro X (or also the Hd Pro) that i can send to my Fcb1010 ?? Many thanks in advance to everyone!! :)
  21. I have been trying for about 4 hours now to purchase the HD Model Pack bundle from the store and each time I get sent to my account dashboard after clicking on the "Proceed to Checkout" button. I can't find anyone who knows how to purchase this and it's really irritating. I've never had anything like this happen on ANY website. I just want to buy this pack but it's the same stupid problem over and over and over again......If anyone knows how to help then please help me out here.
  22. I'm trying to use the POD HD Pro X's midi controller functionality to control other devices down my midi chain. Mainly, I would like to assign both of my expressions pedals to any of my devices in my chain even though all the devices are on different channels and the pedals' CC and their values are only transmitted on channel 1. I'm using a Behringer FCB1010 midi foot controller plugged to the POD's midi in and can use the foot switches and expression pedals to control the POD's FS and pedals' links on midi channel 1. I can also send Program Changes and single CC changes from my foot controller to my next rack (Digitech GSP1011) on channel 2 (going from the POD's midi thru into the Digitech's midi in) with my foot controller, but only because these are assigned to channel 2 in my foot controller. I can also use the POD to send program changes to this device by turning the preset dial on the HD pro when both racks are on the same midi channel (which is the reason I have to have them on different midi channels, I don't want this). What all this means is that, A) I can control the POD's FS and expression pedal links with my foot controller, B ) midi thru is enabled, and C) Program Change commands can be sent from the POD to my other units down the midi chain. I understand how to work the midi controller options in the HD pro, have read the manual for this so I'm assigning the correct midi channels and CC values in this screen for the corresponding FC and pedal links. Yet, these are not being sent through midi out. I tried troubleshooting by connecting the HD Pro's midi out to a Midi interface's IN port to capture the commands using MIDI-OX, and what I found is that there is a incessant amount of random midi messages coming out of the POD so I cannot troubleshoot this way. Am I doing something wrong? or should start to think there is a problem with my unit?
  23. Hi guys, Trying to sort out reaper sending midi CC's to my Pod to turn effects on and off. We run backing tracks from Reaper live and I want to use CC51 + to turn on and off blocks. I can do this fine. Problem is when our drummer skips through the set list on reaper I have to reset the patch on the pod as the effects turn on and off depending on the last state. Any way I can send say, CC51 Velocity 127 for effect on, and CC51 Velocity 0 for effect off? OR is there any other work around for this apart from resetting the patch each time? Cheers Ash
  24. Here is a patch I made using the JCM 800 Model. I made it for this mix but it ended up sounding pretty good for other things as well, so I thought I would share.
  25. Hi We are using our DAW (reaper) to change presets on our POD HD Pro and POD HD Pro X through MIDI during our live performances. Now we would like to add some looper-functions and give us the ability to get the sound of 3 guitars simultaneously which would be awesome! I've found all the looper MIDI-values necessary i the manual but from what I've understood you can only access "Looper-Mode" when having a FBV-pedal connected int the POD?! Is this correct? In that case, is there any workaround? It would truly sting if we were forced to buy a FBV just to be able to use the looper-function since we'r already using MIDI to control everything else..
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