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Found 8 results

  1. I purchased an ux1 the other day and I've still not been able to get my mic to connect. I previously had a behringer um2 and it worked perfectly fine with my at2035 and still does. I've already checked my input on the mixer and yes it's set to mic 1. I've looked all over and haven't found an answer so please help.
  2. Hi Everyone, Hopefully someone can help me before I have to turn to another application to support my needs. Problem statement: Severe Latency when using POD FARM 2.0 or POD FARM 2.59 with POD Studio GX connector. I have tried multiple cables (USB and Guitar Cables). My guitar is an Fender American Standard Strat but same problem with my other guitars. Computer is running Windows 10 Home version 1709 OS Build 16299.371 Computer Brand is MSI Processor is Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz Installed RAM 32GB with 31.9 Usable All 64 Bit. I have PODFARM configured to use the toneDirect GX In audio options I have playback speakers set as Realtek High Defintion Audio with 16 Bit 44100 Hz and set as default. I have recording device set as 2-Line 6 GX and set as default. I have it also using 16 Bit 44100 Hz. The only way I get any sound is to check the box to "listen" on the listen tab for the properties of line 6 GX recording device in windows audio settings. I also have it set to playback through the speakers realtek high definition audio. Latency is bad. I try to play Blackdog and I get out in front of the playback and get lost because of the delay. I can't see to resolve this problem. Any ideas? Any information on how to configure window 10 audio for this type of setup?
  3. Hi, everyone, Hoping for some help here. I have recently purchased a POD UX2 for home recording, replacing an older pair of PODs for bass and guitar. I am slowly getting my tones dialed in where I want them, but am having trouble with one thing in particular. I have a great bass tone with some distortion on it to get a grindy, almost Mötorhead kind of sound from my 5-string, and that's what I want to use for most of my bass tracks. However, I also need to get a good, "clean" bass tone as well with no fuzz or distortion for quieter parts. My problem is, no matter what amp model I choose and no matter what cab, settings, or effects I use or don't use, I'm just not getting a completely clean tone. If I play at normal velocity, either pick or fingers, the output sounds "clipped", like a harsh, buzzsaw sound overlaying the smooth bass tone. I'm checking the line in levels before the effects, the output levels, and the ultimate output level in my DAW (which is GarageBand for the time being), but I see that I'm nowhere near clipping anywhere; I've got at least 6-15 dB of headroom, depending on where I'm measuring it. I can lower the "drive" setting on any of the amps and dial it mostly out (mostly, it's still there if you really dig in), but then the output is so low as to be almost inaudible. I'd like to know if this is just a matter of finding the right amp and cab combo, if there's something I need to be doing on the instrument end, or if this is just an artifact of how the amps were modeled, and there's just clipping somewhere in the chain I can't get rid of. I've tried this with four different basses -- a Rogue P-Bass with passive pickups, a Kramer Baretta with dual-rail passives, an Epiphone Thunderbird with stock passives, and an Ibanez SRC6 with passive EMG-HZs and an active EMG-based preamp. Regardless of settings, bass, or anything else, whenever I get anywhere near a volume that is comparable to any of my other tones for guitar or distorted bass, I get that buzzing, clipping noise again, but again, I'm not seeing anything near clipping input levels anywhere in the chain. Is this something up with my UX2, or am I just not understanding how the models work correctly? Thank you, Rob
  4. Hi, I bought Podfarm 2.0 years ago, updated it to 2.5, and now I had to reboot my computer. Podfarm 2.5 of course disappeared from my computer, but not completely. Licence manager says I have it as a add-on, but in reality I don´t. I´m really surprised that I can´t download it from anywhere in line6 , and I can´t even give it to myself as a gift. Is there anything I can do? I tried to send mail to line6 but it also seems to be impossible. Any help would be really appreciated! -Antti
  5. Hello, I wanted to bring attention to my current issue with my UX1. Basically when I load in the audio from my microphone, there's a loud static noise made with it. I made a video to hear it: If anyone knows how to help it would be much appreciated, thank you.
  6. Hey everyone! Need some other people's point of views on the situation in hopes it can be fixed. :P I have a UX1 w/ Podfarm 2.5. I usually use it for voice recordings, no instruments. I've spent a long time editing settings, still unable to get perfect sound for my microphone. I use a lot of noise gates because for some reason there is a lot of background noise I presumed were fans from microphone pickup. I always thought this was weird since this room is practically sound proof, and I can barely hear the fans, but I always shrugged it off. Well today when I was testing microphones I made a discovery. I was in the middle of switching them out when I noticed after I unplugged one, there was still the same fan noise with nothing plugged in... For some reason, there is this constant noise being created in the device. It gets louder when I adjust the input of the device, which is horrible since I need it at the "bad" level for my microphone to pickup anything. I've been doomed to bad audio since I have to turn on multiple noise gates to somewhat block the strange noise, but of course it degrades microphone quality. The background noise is constant with something plugged in or not. I use the device as my entire sound card as well, for input and output. So my question is, can anyone help me? I'm down for any advice you may have, or maybe you guys have presets for your pod farm you think might help that I should try. I hope I haven't been sold a faulty UX1. I'm using an AT20-20 microphone XLR'd to a PHP1 Phantom Power Supply, that is then XLR'd to the UX1 that is then USB'd to the PC. Spec ----------------------------------------------------------------- CPU: FX-4850 4.0 GHz 8 core processor RAM: 16 gig OS: Windows 10 64-Bit I've also left in an audio clip of what the constant noise sounds like, thanks again!
  7. Hello, sorry if this is a sorta double post. But I thought that I might try here for help as well. I purchased a UX1 and got PodFarm 2.5 with it. I have the UX1 set as default in Playback and Recording. I can hear playback of the microphone whilst monitoring. But here's the issue, when I go to record things, I either get an error, or no Audio out. Using skype, setting the interface as the microphone creates no audio. Audacity on launch gives me a "no audio devices" error. Adobe Audition has an MME error. And OBS, when trying to record/preview/stream, forcefully turns off the mic option telling me that it is unplugged, or not working well. Let me reassure you that it is plugged in, up to date on drivers, and windows says it's running perfectly. Please if you could help me, that would be great! I just want to know where my audio is going, and how I can fix this :P Specs: CPU: fx-8350 OS: Windows 10 RAM: 16 gigs
  8. Hello i've been using podfarm 2.5 almost as long as i have been playing guitar, through my UX-1, but my ux-1 is slowly on its way out (not working all the time) and i've gotten a bigger interface for my band that we use when we record our stuff. I've already bought some add on packs. I was wondering if there are any discounts for the hardware independent version of podfarm 2.5 standard, sense i've already spent the money on the original ux-1 interface and have spent money on the add ons to it. I would rather not have to find something else and loses everything i've invested in podfarm once the ux-1 dies, plus it would be nice to free up a USB port and not have to have 2 interfaces plugged in (one for the original license and the other for recording 5 people).
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