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Found 9 results

  1. Hi there - long time Line 6 user, new poster... I recently purchased a Helix LT and PowerCab Plus 112. What I'm trying to do is set up all my patches so they could be used with any of the following: * XLRs would have cab sims/IRs. * Headphone out is monitoring the XLRs (already found and set this in global settings) * Digital - goes to Powercab through L6 link. No cab sims * 1/4" outs - might run into a poweramp and guitar cab, so no IRs/Cab sims I have the split path thing down, but can only choose 2 paths, each with a target output. So I can set up path 2A with no cab sims going to Digital and path 2B going to Multi, or just XLR, but then I don't have a way to specify which one 1/4" uses... And when I specify 2A is digital and 2B is XLR, I'm still getting the non-cab sim'd setting into headphones, even though I specified that phones monitors XLR in the global settings. Am I missing anything? I searched on YouTube and through this forum a bit and can't find anything definitive. Am I just exceeding the capabilities here?
  2. Is there any way for a Pod Go to control the speaker selection on the Powercab or Powercab+? Can the PowerCab speaker types be part of the IR? Or do you need to change speaker types manually?
  3. haven't found the instance mentioned anywhere in documentation, or posts in this forum (or else, actually), so i can only hope in a reply by any actual owner: • do PowerCab 112+ and PowerCab 212+ have internal cooling fan(s) for the amp(s) that are housed inside, or just a passive heatsink somewhere? • and, if you know that one or more fans are in there, can you actually hear it when the PowerCab is being miked in a studio setting, when idling in between takes or phrases? i'm seriously considering either of them for purchase, but i'm worried that they may have been designed for their real killer application: providing the ultimate guitar amp experience, in connection to a Helix device, loud and live on a stage, or louder – at which a whirring cooling fan wouldn't be heard at all. in an otherwise typical setting, alternative but real, such as a recording session, together with one koto- and one shakuachi player, only a fanless design would make it usable – or a quite smart logic function behind a colling fan, one that seriously drives it at high speed only when at a very high SPL output). can any owner / user share this piece of information, please, with this humble newbie here? wholehearted thanks in advance for your feedback!
  4. Hi all, I think the answer is "no" but wanted to make sure. After using the speaker models for the last year, I'm thinking I just want to use a few of the Helix / HX Stomp cab models. I know I could load some IRs but I'm tired of chasing tone and know what I could use from Helix. Thx!
  5. Does the output(s) of the Powercab+ include the speaker emulation / cab / IR from the Powercab+ ? I am considering using one if it will allow me to not use a cab or IR in the HX Stomp. Having said that, would I be saving any / enough DSP when using an amp only block as opposed to an amp + cab block (or amp block and cab block) in the HX Stomp? Even when using mono blocks, I often run out of DSP after using 4-5 blocks. Ideally, I would like to have a preset such as: dist comp dist phaser amp trem delay reverb. Lastly, if the Powercab+ can send a cab or IR through its output, can it simultaneously send a speaker emulation to the speaker? Also, any general comments or advice regarding the Powercab+ would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hi I have a helix LT running latest software 2.92 and connected via a Klotz AES cable to the line 6 link on my powercab 112 plus - the sound is fine but I cannot change the the speaker models on the power cab in HX edit. The name changes but nothing changes in the sound. If I walk over to the pwoercab and change it manually then there is a clear change in the sounds between presets. I really want to be able to change powercab speakers through my helix presets but am struggling - any ideas out there? Many thanks for any advice
  7. I just bought a brand new PowerCab 212 Plus to go along with my collection of Line 6 gear. I plugged it in and tried to connect it to my POD HD 500 via L6 Link. Unfortunately, I can't get the L6 Link to work at all. When I power on the POD, I hear a few momentary clicks & pops in on the PowerCab, but no audio. I can connect via the analog outputs from the POD to the PowerCab, and that works fine, but I would much prefer to run a single digital cable instead of two analog cables. I opened a ticket with Line6 support, but unfortunately we are out of ideas to try. The things I have tried so far to get the L6 Link connection working are: Several different AES and XLR cables, including a brand new AES cable Connected two different POD units to the PowerCab, a POD HD 500 and a POD HD 300 Updated firmware on all of the units to ensure latest version Different power up / power down sequences and connection sequences Different settings within the POD HD 500 for outputs (page 4 of 12 in settings): Studio/Direct, Combo Front, Combo Pwr Amp, Stack Front, Stack Pwr Amp Different settings within the POD HD 500 for L6 Link Audio (page 9 of 12 in settings): Amp #1 Left/Right, Amp Model A, and Amp Model A/B Performed a full factory reset on the PowerCab 212 Plus via the settings I know that I likely won't be able to control detailed PowerCab parameters via L6 Link with the POD HD 500 or POD HD 300, but basic audio should work over L6 Link. Even trying everything above, I have not been able to get any sound, only a handful of faint clicks & pops when the system first powers up. Has anyone else been able to make this work? Any other things I could try? Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Also, just knowing that someone else has successfully connected a POD HD 300 or 500 to a PowerCab via L6 Link would be good information. Thanks! Carl
  8. Just bought Helix and Powercab+ to use with my Strat (at home). Loving the combo so far, but looking for others who have a similar set up and who want to share ideas, patches, etc.
  9. Hi Guys I'm finding the lack of L6 Link output control from Helix to Powercab+ mildly annoying.. To get the same output level from L6 Link as all of the other outputs, I have to raise the output block for each patch by 10.0dB and raise the Powercab input level by 10dB. Helix & Powercab+ are both fully updated. I'm using Helix to one Powercab+ with a 110ohm L6 Link XLR Digital Audio Cable for L6 Link connection. I can use XLR or 1/4 outputs, but the idea is that when 2.80 arrives I want control of the Powercab+ speaker models via L6 Link ( currently using midi which is quite time consuming if you want to control a lot of presets).. The digital output can be raised in Global but this has no effect on L6 Link output So I'm currently using both XLR Analog and L6 Link to Powercab+ with normal output block settings, with the Powercab+ input gain set at 10.0dB. This helps reduce any phase issues as the l6 Link connection is roughly half the volume of the XLR Has anyone else had similar issues ? Thanks Paul
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