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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, Is there a way to use a real amp head in the signal flow of a HX stomp such that the cabinet is emulated by the HX and the real amp make no noise other than in my headset ? I live in an appartement in NYC and I can only play with headphones. So I was wondering if I could send the signal to a JCM 800 (main input from hx fx send and jcm cabinet output to hx fx return. Is there a risk of blowing up the Hx ?
  2. I know there are lots of threads about using the 4CM with tube amps but I couldn't really find what I was looking for, so, here goes another one. The idea is this, I have a marshall JCM 2000 DSL100, I want to use my marshall's preamp for distortion and the pod hd500x's preamp for my clean sounds. I'm connecting my guitar to the pod's guitar input, the pod's main output to my amp's fx retunr, my amp's fx send to the pod's fx return, and the pod's fx send to my amp's input. For my dirty tone I basically created a pach with basically a noise gate, a wah, and a tube screamer, I leave the amp block empty and after the mixer I put the "FX loop" block and after that a delay and a reverb. For my clean channel, I put the Fx block at the very start of the signal chain, after that, a chorus, phaser, a fender amp (without the cab sim) and after the mixer, delays, reverb, etc. So, my first problem is that while I was testing this configuration today, I realized that the "clean" tone sounded a lot louder than the dirty channel, my amp's preamp (btw, I also noticed that after putting the pod in the signal chain there's a general volume drop in the amp, but I don't mind as long as it sounds right) so, the things is, I can lower the clean amp (pod's amp simulation) but when I do, it affects the amp's simulation tone, If I lower the master volume, my dirty channel loses input so it lowers the distortion, so: 1 - What would be the best way to approach this problem and get balanced levels without affecting the tone too much? 2 - Is the order I place the effects (for both the dirty and the clean patches)correct or is there a more recommendable way to do it? 3 - Also, in the back of my amp, there's a loop level switch (-10/+4 effects) where should I leave it? 4 - If I'm not using any external effects, should I set my pod's out to stomp or line level? because for me it makes sense to leave it at "line" but I've read a few topics where people recommended to leave it at stomp with amps and stuff like that anyway. Thanks! :)
  3. HI there, I got my Helix few days ago and until yesterday I was in exploration mode using headphones. It was very cool to hear some of those amps behave and feel like real tube amps. Thumbs up. It was a pretty good sounding with some patches, and I expected to get somewhat similar results with my real tube amp. Yesterday I decided to give it a try with my AC30 amp, and PA–both tried separately. So, this is where my story begins, or any other newbie story. A little background. I use to use my pedals and mic the amp when playing live (when necessary). It aways felt too cumbersome to have multi fx pedals. They are cool and should be easy, but I used to spend hours (with GT 10) trying to edit sounds on it instead of just playing my guitar. This was true until I saw Helix. I really fell in love with simplicity of editing, and all the options of using it together with both amp and PA at the same time or take it to studio. 1. So, last night I tried hooking up Helix directly to Normal channel of my AC30, and sound was pretty harsh. I was watching some Glenn DeLaunne videos and in one of them he said that it was fine just to plug it in front of the amp and use it that way. The result wasn't really pleasing. The sound came out as harsh digital, with some ice pick highs. Some patches were more usable than others, but that was the overall feeling. I was playing Gibson LP Traditional + (all stock). 2. When I plugged it in the PA result was pretty different. Everything sounded too low, and bassy. I used the same channel on my board where I used to mic my amp. I know that I will have to work on the EQ a bit on this channel but it wasn't even close to what I expected. I tired turning off subwoofer completely but that still didn't get me a good clean sound. Today I bought Glenn's Custom Patch Set for Helix, and I will give that a try and see how does that play with my setup. Anyway, I'd really like to get some help with direction on what to do to set it up properly for both practicing and gigging. My goal is: To be able to get nice sounds out of Helix using my AC30. To be able to get nice sounds out of Helix using my PA. To use Helix to record into Logic X. To be able to take Helix to studio without a need to lag my super heavy AC30. How do I get there? Do I need to decide between using AC30 and PA and just take that route? If I use it PA, do I need to have a good monitor (in ear or floor–I have Behringer's Powered 250W monitor)? BTW My PA is Presonus Studio Live 16.0.2, set of EV ELX112P, and EV Powered subwoofer. Guitars are '59 Tele Hot Rod reissue, Gibson LP Traditional +, and Gibson LP Traditional with Floyd Rose. Sorry for a long post, and I appreciate you reading this far, let alone helping me out. :) Peace.
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