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Found 13 results

  1. when i try to re-install it, the installation button was disable, but it works last time env: macos catelina 10.15.7 , and the remote app version is 2.0.0, the 1.0.2 also doesn't work too. Or can i restore my device to factory setting without software?
  2. Would it be possible to browse custom tones by sorting them by tags, like genre or type, without having to search? I feel like having to guess key words really limits the ability to share original patches with the Spider V Community. For instance, I would like to try to find off the wall and weird experimental / ambient like patches. If i type in ambient, only the people who uploaded their contribution using that tag, would i only then get a match. If someone chose the word trippy, and I typed in groovy instead, we don't have a match. I just think the ability to browse the tones vs having to search for them, hoping luck is on your side. Great amp otherwise, my only gripe is the wireless g10 dongle squealing when it gets plugged into any of my active guitars. (I read the active setups trick the dongle into thinking it is charging? Who knows, that is for another thread.) Thanks in advance!!
  3. Full List and Descriptions of FIREHAWK FX Amps, Cabs, and Effects FIREHAWK FX Specs · 29 HD Amp Models · 25 HD Effects Models · 78 POD Farm Amp Models · 95 POD Farm Effects Models · 8 simultaneous effects · 128 Onboard Presets · 5 FX on/off, channel and bank footswitches with colored LED rings · 1/4" 1M-Ohm guitar input, VDI (Variax), Expression Pedal · Onboard tone controls, plus Volume, Wah, and FX Knob · USB connection to use Firehawk as an audio interface with your recording programs · Balanced XLR Main Outs, 1/4" stereo full-range balanced outputs, 1/4" Amp Out, 1/4" TRS Headphone Output · 1/4" Send, with Stereo 1/4" Returns, switchable · Bluetooth Audio Streaming and Control for playing along with your music library (compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and PC) · Detailed editing via Bluetooth® Remote app for Android and iOS · Tone Searching · Tap tempo/tuner · Power Switch · Rugged construction with bent metal chassis · Weight: 14 lbs · Dimensions: H: 3 1/4" W: 20" D: 10 1/4" FIREHAWK FX Remote app · Remotely control amp parameters to dial in your sound · Search a cloud-based library of thousands of tones · Create, save and recall unlimited presets in the cloud · Share tones via Twitter and Facebook · Automatic tone matching instantly provides the perfect tones for jamming with songs in your music library · Compatible with iOS 8.0+. Made for iPhone® 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPad® (3rd and 4th generation), iPad 2, iPad mini and iPod touch® (5th generation) · Compatible Android devices running OS v4.2 or better: Samsung® Galaxy S®5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note® Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note II, HTC® One M8, HTC One M7, Motorola® Moto® X, Google® Nexus® 7, Amazon Kindle Fire HDX, ASUS® MeMo Pad 8, ASUS Fonepad, ASUS PadFone, LG® G2, LG Optimus, LG F7, LG Nexus 4. Generally speaking, although not qualified, any Android phone, tablet or phablet will work, provided it is able to run the required Android OS version. Q: What type of devices can FIREHAWK FX stream Bluetooth audio from? A: Firehawk FX can stream Bluetooth audio from any Android device, iOS device, and Mac® or PC equipped with Bluetooth. Q: What Apple® iOS devices is Firehawk Remote compatible with? A: Firehawk Remote requires iOS 8.0 and is compatible with the following iOS devices: iPhone 6s/6s Plus iPhone 6/6 Plus iPhone 5S iPhone 5C iPhone 5 iPhone 4S iPad Pro iPad Air/Air2 iPad 4 iPad 3 iPad 2 iPad mini/mini 2/mini 3/mini 4 iPod 5 Q: How do I pair my Bluetooth device with FIREHAWK FX? A: To pair the Firehawk FX with your Bluetooth device: · Enable Bluetooth on the device you would like to stream audio from. · Put the FIREHAWK FX into ˜Pairing Mode™ by pressing and holding the Bluetooth button located to the left of the FIREHAWK FX logo- it will begin to flash to indicate it is in Pairing Mode™. · Within the Bluetooth options of your device an entry for FIREHAWK FX™ will appear. · Select the FIREHAWK FX™ entry and pair with it - the Bluetooth LED will stop flashing and become solidly lit blue. Q: How do I update the FIREHAWK FX's firmware? A: We always recommend that you run the latest firmware on your FIREHAWK FX. Your FIREHAWK FX Remote application will inform you whenever a firmware update is available, so you'll always know you have the latest version! Q: What Bluetooth version is used in FIREHAWK FX? What Bluetooth codecs are supported? A: We use a Bluetooth solution that supports Bluetooth 2.1. We only support the SBC codec at this time. Q: How can I reset the FIREHAWK FX to its default settings? A: To perform a factory reset and restore the FIREHAWK FX to factory settings, press and hold the Master Volume knob and the Tap button as you power up the unit. Unfortunately, any patches not backed up to My Tones prior to the reset will be lost Q: What can I do if I am experiencing Bluetooth connectivity issues between my Bluetooth device and the FIREHAWK FX? A: For troubleshooting steps about Bluetooth connectivity and usage, check out our Bluetooth Connectivity FAQ HERE. Q: What should I do If I am experiencing connection issues with the FIREHAWK FX Remote app when I switch back and forth between apps on my iOS device? A: An important thing to note about the FIREHAWK FX Remote app functionality is that in addition to the iOS Bluetooth connection between your FIREHAWK FX and your iOS device, there is a secondary 'sync' connection between the amp and the app. Each time you minimize/close the app, the connection between the FIREHAWK FX Remote app and the FIREHAWK FX will need to be re-established, even if your iOS device is reporting that the FIREHAWK FX is connected via 'Bluetooth'. In this case, re-opening the FIREHAWK FX Remote app will automatically re-establish the connection within a few seconds. Make sure to look at the main menu of the FIREHAWK FX Remote app and wait for it to indicate that your FIREHAWK FX is 'connected' before moving forward using the app. If it does not automatically re-connect, close the FIREHAWK FX Remote app by double-tapping your iOS home key, then sliding the FIREHAWK FX Remote app window up and off the screen. Relaunch the FIREHAWK FX Remote app and it should re-sync itself with the FIREHAWK FX. Android devices usually have a function that lists all open programs where you can slide the app left or right to close it. Relaunch the FIREHAWK FX Remote app and it should re-sync itself with the hardware. Q: Can the FIREHAWK FX Remote App stream songs that are stored in the cloud and not on my mobile device? A: No. The FIREHAWK FX Remote App can only play back songs that are stored on your mobile device. Within the FIREHAWK FX Remote App settings, you can enable 'Hide Songs Not On Device' so that you only see songs that are stored on your mobile device when playing music from your Library. The Android app does not have this setting, but still only plays back songs stored on the device. Q: How can I search for a specific tone if I don't have the song or artist in my Library? A: To search for a specific tone, go to your Library within FIREHAWK FX Remote and pick any artist, then one of their albums, and then any song. This will begin to play the song and present you with a list of tones that match the song that is playing. You can then swipe down from the top of the tone list to unveil a "Search Tone Cloud™" field where you can search for an artist or song name to find tones without having the song or artist in your library. Q: Can I use the FIREHAWK FX Remote app to load or edit tone files from my other existing Line 6 products? A: The FIREHAWK FX Remote app is only compatible with tone files created with the AMPLIFi family of products. Q: Can I use the FIREHAWK FX Remote app with a Line 6 Mobile In or Sonic Port? A: No. The FIREHAWK FX Remote app is only compatible with the FIREHAWK FX pedal board. Q: What is the USB input on the back panel of FIREHAWK FX for? A: It's used to update the unit with a Windows computer, and to record to your DAW. Q: What is the Firehawk's bit rate and sample rate when used as an audio interface? A: MacOS: 24bit / 48kHz Windows : 24 bit / 44.1-96kHz Q: Where can I register my FIREHAWK FX? A: After logging into or creating a Line 6 user account HERE, you can go HERE and enter in your serial number that is found on the bottom of your FIREHAWK FX, it begins with '(21)PTM', simply fill in the remaining digits. Q: Where can I provide my feedback or make a suggestion about FIREHAWK FX? A: We encourage you to visit our IdeaScale portal HERE and let us know about your ideas and suggestions. Q: Is there a forum where I can discuss FIREHAWK FX with other FIREHAWK FX users? A: We have a forum dedicated specifically to Firehawk FX available HERE. Q: Where can I find information on the warranty that is included with the FIREHAWK FX? A: You can find all of the available information on the Firehawk FX's warranty HERE. Q: What do I if my FIREHAWK FX is in need of repair? A: You can find all of the available information on how to arrange a repair HERE.
  4. Hello, i´m really excited from this AMP but there is still something to improve *imho - Why is it not possible to get tones from the cloud with the PC-Remote-App?? - Recording over USB with dry and wet Signal? - Dry and Wet Signal for the Direct Outs? - PODfarm-Tones not compatible with Spider-Tones. Why? - a record mode for the FBV2 to start/stop/record the Loop with the Pedal I hope there are some Ideas for the next update :)
  5. Hello all, I have an Amplifi 150. When the amp is not connected to a bluetooth phone or tablet, it has 4 "favorite" presets accessible trough the TONE button. To which bank on the remote app do these presets correspond? Bank 1 or the user bank 25 at the end of the list? Thanks.
  6. There seems to be an issue with the Firehawk Remote App for iOS (iPhones). I am part of a Facebook group that is trying to share tones using the link that the Firehawk Remote App provides. We can all share tones via link, but it seems only Android devices can actually load the tone. The problem is that iOS devices seem to have an issue loading and go to the 1A preset. Can we have some Line6 assistance here? Thanks!
  7. For all of those who, like me, are waiting for the native Windows Amplifi Remote App: there is a way to run the Android version on windows and /or OS X systems. :) Install the latest version of VirtualBox and the matching extension package (Free) and create a virtual machine running the latest version of Android that is available as x86 ISO package. Than use you google account to get the Amplifi app from Google Play and you are all done. There is one glitch: it might be that this is not working with your built in Bluetooth hardware and in that case you have to disable it and use a USB bluetooth dongle. (To get ANdroid running I mainly followed the recipe given in this blog: Thanks Vonnie!) I currently have it running on a windows 8.1 tablet (EP121) and PC. I was running the app uptil now on my Minix TV Box. Allthough it was rather cool to have the largest guitar tuner in the world on my 40" TV Screen, the none-portability of my TV is less practical. But for you who did not think of it directly (like me): there is a good chance that your TV Box runs Android and you canb simply ionstall the app on it. I am also testing on a MacBook Air.(Here disabling the internal BlueTooth needs some hard core tweaking as Apple has drifted far away form it's open approach of the legendary Apple i and II for which they even supplied the source code of the bios in the manual). And once more: dear LINE 6 People. Surprise us with a native windows app. You will not only make your windows eco system users very happy! Not only that, but you also will be rewarded soon with a huge possible increase in fanbase as your Windows 10 App will work on Windows Tablets, Windows Desktops, WIndows Phones (from cheapest of $70 to the Apple 6 rivals costing half of what Apple charges), Windows TV Boxes, WIndows Remote Controls, Windows Foot Pedals and WIndows Washing Machines for all I care, as the windows 10 kernel will be the SAME for all these devices. This also means that Windows Apps can and will not be ignored anymore by the global app makers (including you) as up til now. So I hope that you are already on it and, in trademark Line 6 style, will surprise us unanounced with a native Windows app next week. And if not: please get moving!
  8. After launch or BT connecting it happens that remote app autostarts a song from my iTunes library without me having selected it and pressed play. I cannot figure out exactly when and when not, but every now and then after launching the remote app or establishing the BT connection. It is always the same song (strange enough a song which I never played before via the remote app) , so I have to go to the tab in the remote app and stop the song manually. Any suggestions how to fix that? Cheers Peter
  9. Hello, Based on my use of the AMPLIFI Remote App V 2.50.3 on iOS 9.3.1 both with an iPhone6S and iPad 2 (when logged in with a Line 6 account), I was hoping other can confirm the current limitations I have discovered: All itunes Music will appear in the Amplifi App, as long as it is on (downloaded to) the iOS Device. All itunes Music purchased (not necessary downloaded) will appear in the Amplifi App, as long as it was purchased in iTunes (note, does not need to be downloaded to the iOS Device), as long as "Settings > Hide Songs Not On Device" is set to off.* Home sharing of itunes Music Library from a PC/Computer is not supported, and will not display that Music in the App at all. * Note, the 'retrieving tones' ability would sometimes not work on the iPad 2 when playing a music file from the Music Library displayed in the App. This seemed to be able to be worked around, by ensuring at least one song from the itunes library was downloaded to the iOS device, and played to allow a retrieve tones to occur. If other users could please confirm my experiences above reflect their own it would be appreciated :)
  10. Hey guys, Since the remote app updates today I get the message 'device not connected' I've tried impairing the device, renown loading the app and a factory reset but nothing has worked. This is on an iPad 4th gen running the latest iOS. I have also tried it on an iPhone 6s with the same result. Can anybody help? Thank you
  11. In the spirit of contributing, I thought I would share some of the challenges for a new Firehawk user. I bought the Firehawk primarily for the tone library, so I naturally dove right into trying the remote app upon opening the box. Here are some tips I would recommend for a new user. 1-Get a Line6 account ( 2-Unbox Firehawk; turn on; try it out to ensure it is working 3-Download Firehawk FX from App Store (I have an iPad) 4-You may very well need to upgrade your Firehawk firmware…so go to ( 5-I used Windows to upload software, so download ASIO driver; install on Windows 6-Download Line 6 Updater Installer; install on Windows 7-Upgrade firmware on board 8-Connect via Bluetooth 9-Try editing a tone. 10-Done NOTE: You don’t really “control†Firehawk FX with the Remote App. Think of it as a tone editor that sends edited tones to the currently selected bank. You can then edit the tone WHILE the Firehawk is in edit mode. Very cool, but different mindset. It is not like a TV remote that permits you to control the TV channel(s). Hope this helps someone.
  12. Hi, I have an Amplifi TT and I am using the android app to connect to the amp. My questions is that how do I set a Bank to the amp other than Bank 1 When my amp is paired, I can access the hardware screen In the screen I can see 25 banks I can select the individual tones that I want from the screen but how can I assign a specific bank to the amp When I assign a tone via the hardware screen and then use the physical tone button on the amp to switch It goes to the back to the tones on bank 1 Is this not possible through the android remote app? Thanks
  13. I hope this is something obvious... do I have to log in online to use my Amplifi? I get that I would not be able to use the cloud features offline, but it would seem obvious to let me program my app tones without having to be logged into Line6. Also, if it's not there (haven't found it) the app should save your login credentials and default them when you open. It seems to clear them every open/close of the app. I have not spent a ton of time with it, so this may be operator error. Also - PLEASE add a PC/Mac application with USB connectivity at some point. The iPad app works well, but hardware updates and os updates are too frequent (also, some people would prefer Android, etc.). To be a serious tool, I think you need to have a computer based application to fall back on as well. Otherwise, I really am enjoying my Amplifi 75.
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