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Found 14 results

  1. The BUNDLES and PRESETS files which can be saved and loaded to and from your computer using "Spider IV Edit", have the exact same parameters structure (that I won't detail here), at the EXCEPTION of ONE SINGLE DIGIT in both BUNDLES files (.s4b as file extension) and PRESET files (.s4e as file extension). The BUNDLES files for the Spider IV 75 have "02" as exadecimal value in the 12th position from the beginning of the file, and the BUNDLES files for the Spider IV 150 have "04" as exadecimal value in the 12th position from the beginning of the file, as shown in the scre en copy about BUNDLES. The PRESETS files for the Spider IV 75 have "02" as exadecimal value in the 20th position from the beginning of the file, and the PRESETS files for the Spider IV 150 have "04" as exadecimal value in the 20th position from the beginning of the file, as shown in the screen copy about PRESETS. You can export a PRESET or a BUNDLE from on amp to the other, BUT, you have to edit the PRESET or the BUNDLE file in order to have the appropriate value in the position previously mentioned. After exporting, you will have to edit the "volumes" of the presets, because both amps have a different responses in terms of "balance of volume" between different amp models.
  2. Greetings, I purchased a Spider IV 75 off Craigslist and for a year, it served me quite well. When I turn the amp on now, I get a loud static like hiss. The hiss is present with both volumes turned completely down and it hisses even when a guitar chord is not plugged in. I did a reset and the static went away while during the reset process. Once the reset process was complete, the hiss returned. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. My Spider iv 75 has just lost all power , I built a whole new casing to hold the brain and speaker was working ok but seemed to lose all power nothing lights up
  4. If I hit the manual button, I have nothing. I turned all knobs, even volume and master volume to max and still nothing. I thought "maybe I have to save to a preset", so I tried to do that. Still nothing. Just silence when I select that preset. What am I doing wrong? Recap: I have no sound when going to manual button or trying to save any settings while in manual setting.
  5. Hey. I bought a FBV Express MK II and I wanted to update my Spider IV 75 from 1.04 to 2.0. Now the problem is the Line 6 Monkey either says "error opening the midi port" or it just stops responding. Anyone knows how to fix it ?
  6. Hi I'm relatively new to the guitar and I have a Spider IV 75 amp. What I want to do is find a good tone for playing power chords on my electric. I thought I would use the clean channel (red/green) and then manually increase the drive. This does not seem to alter the sound that much, certainly not to the extent of the sounds I hear on you tube videos on the subject. Most were recommending a clean setting with a bit of fuzz, but I can't seem to replicate it. Any help greatly appreciated Cheers Graeme
  7. Newbie here. Just bought a Line 6 Spider IV 75W & FBV MKII Shortboard. I've downloaded dozens of .s4e custom tones to my Win 7 PC but have no idea how to load them into my Amp and MKII Shortboard. See attached file of one of the custom tones in .s4e format. I downloaded the Line 6 FBV Control app but when I do a File/Open it only appears able to address .fbv files. Have scoured numerous sources and have not seen this addressed. Stumped. Rikki
  8. Hi there, I bought a spider iv 75 w and a mkii express 2 and a half years ago. Both have been working great till 2 months ago. Now, when I plug the mkii to the amp it make a wierd noise, kinda distorted/ fuzzy and kinda tremolo too. I think this may be 1 of 3: - cable is not good, which I already tried to change and nothing changed, so no; - amp port is not working good; or - mkii is not working good. The amp alone works fine. Can anyone help me with this? Have anyone had this problem? Thanks in advance.
  9. I tried all possible ways of involving Spider IV to a computer and can not to.Monkey says "No device ..." I have Windows7. Spider I complained nor seller could not connect, even different model Line6 Spider. Monkey is simply broken, Spider IV Edit also does not work. Can you advise me what to do? Otherwise I will have to return the product and buy combo from another manufacturer. It also bothers me that when switching channels is always turned on maximum volume, it is a big strain on the hearing. I do not see how anyone can set the following in production. It's not a glitch?
  10. I've had my Spider 75 for nearly 4 years. I decided to add a POD HD300 a couple years ago due to needing a gear set up to play in a situation that does not allow guitar or bass amps/cabinets on stage. I've now upgraded to an HD500x, but I still have my Spider 75 and use it for various performance or recording situations. My question is, does anyone have any advice or tips on how to re-create the Spider 75's incredible "Demented Mind" preset in the HD500x or at least come as close as possible? I don't have the FBV pedal so I can't connect the Spider 75 to my computer to use the edit software. Thanks
  11. I have a spider iv 75 amp with FBV shortboard connected. Can someone tell me why the volume is so high when I turn it on? I have lower and raise the pedal to get the volume back under control.
  12. While I was able to update my Spider IV amp successfully, it seemed the update firmware for the FBV Express MKII is somewhat buggy. Somebody had mentioned that the issue starts happening once you access the Spider Edit w/ the pedal and amp connected then to the computer. If only I read the previous topic about updating the firmware of the pedal, I wouldn't update my pedal in the first place. Just like with the experienced of another user, I'm having the same now. I even tried to re-installed the fw thrice and re-calibrated the pedal but no joy. I'm using Cat 5 cable and have a cable tester. Cable has no issue. Here's the excerpt description from previous user that Im having too. first things worked fine. These two communicated, my cables are all good no problem. Then I decided to upgrade the firmware and try to use Spider Edit. That was the begining of the end. Using a new Sony Vaio Win 7 laptop, the firmware update went fine for both the amp and FBV. I could read settings from the AMP and edit in Spider Edit. But, as soon as I disconnected the FBV from the PC it stopped working. I got funny sounds and the FBV was useless, then amp acted odd too. At this point I factory reset the amp (hold "A" and powerup). The amp is now working fine. The FBV was still dead, just flashing LEDS. I could not calibrate. It would not talk to the amp or pc. Finally after much random powering up and cable in/out I managed to get into calibrate mode and then it would work again with the amp. Encouraged, I was dumb enough to plug it into the PC again. BAM, back to dead flashing LED mode. Atthis point the FBV is not recognized by the PC and not controlling the amp at all. It just flashes its LEDs. If I click the wah/vol button the flashing stops, but still dead.; this thread was in 2011. I'm using an HP Elitebook w/ Win7 OS. Now, what I'm thinking I need a computer w/ an XP OS and will try to revert the updated FW back to the 1.00 version the original factory version. Hope it will work. But the question is, where can I find a PC now that has windows XP? Line6 should have posted a disclaimer to users along w/ the new Fw update about its issue. They haven't replied yet on the ticket i raised almost a week ago.
  13. can someone point me to the correct place to find the artist preset settings for the spider iv 75? i am trying to see the actual settings for each individual artist. i.e., bass, treble, flanger, delay...and so forth. is something like that available on line? thank in advance.
  14. Hello all, I'm very sorry if this has been asked before. I'm at work and do not have a lot of time to search.....sorry. Can someone please tell me the latest updates/patches for Spider IV 75 and the FBV Shortboard? Thank in advance, Randy
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