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  1. I have a HOTONE Ampero Control Sending MIDI to a Timefactor and then THRU to my HX One. Currently PC messages and some CC messages are working fine, but I cannot get it to respond to CC64-127 (tap tempo) or CC93-127 (enter tap tempo). I have tried everything I can think of... MIDI Clock RX off, on, auto. (When set to on or auto, MIDI clock is working fine -- Clock coming from Timefactor) As I said above, other CC messages are working fine, but can't get anything related to tap to work properly. Wondering if this might be a bug. I am on software 3.71.0
  2. I have a helix floor and stomp xl. Been using Line 6 stuff since the first pod. Been reading this site for years and have enjoyed most of the conversations and have learned a ton. Thank you! For some of my patches I have a delay (or trem, or Chorus, etc.) and i have recently changed the timing to use the tap tempo. I would love to know how some of you are doing this. do you have it set to 1/4, 1/8??? which is easiest to change when playing live. I know this is a very open question, so let me explain why I'm asking. I have a hard time setting the time using the tap tempo live. For example, if I want it to get to 120, I can't really do that. I have not figured out the best way to make the adjustment by tapping. Let's take a slap back on the delay. I used to set it manually at 130 to 150. now I have it set to tap tempo 1/8. the thought being I could change it live depending on what I want. I know I need to just dig in and keep playing with it, and I will. I would like to hear how you guys have it set up. Is it easier to tap what you need when it is set to 1/4 instead of 1/8? Things like that is what I'm looking for. Thanks....
  3. I use my HX FX in preset mode generally. I have different tap delay times in each of my presets. What I used to be able to do at practices was lightly tap on the tap tempo button and dial in a tempo if as a band we needed to change things. I did NOT hit the save button and when changing presets and going back to the original preset the 'new' tempo would still be there. I have updated the firmware a few times over the year and realised that this feature no longer happens unless I deliberately hit the save button before existing the preset. I have checked that global settings for tempo are set to 'preset'. Can I get this feature back?
  4. Hey! I am helping a friend set his stomp up and he wants an external tap tempo switch. I was able to reassign button 3 and then use at TRS cable to set up the external switch but the tempo isn't responding. If I press hold, it goes to the tuner. otherwise, it goes from 0 to 8000ms if I press or let go. I have 3 switches I am trying, just in case: an MXR tap, a strymon mini and a boss Boss FS-5U (momentary) Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, very happy HX Stomp user atm. But since I don't need the tap tempo function for my current live sets, I'm asking myself if there is a way to assign the FS3 to something like "Tuner Only", where I don't need to hold the Switch to get access to the tuner. Holding down the footswitch costs several seconds which can be annoying during the short breaks inbetween songs during a gig. Thanks so much in advance rakali
  6. I use my Ipad with the App OnSong for Note-sheets and also to change the Presets from the Helix Floor. When connected with the usb-cable and the camera-adapter from the ipad it works perfectly. The Helix receives the bpm from the App and the delay works. Then I wanted to get rid of the cable and found the wireless adapter from yamaha MD-BT01. Connection works and the presets also change - BUT the tap tempo is very irregular. Some information comes, but not nearly in time. And so the delay always skews the tone so i can't use this. Does anyone have an idea? thanks for your help!
  7. The tap tempo on my hx effects and the flashing red light don't seem to be synchronised. For example, if I set the tempo to 60 bpm, the delay is exactly in time with my watch but the red flashing light is is faster than 60 flashes per minute. Is this normal? Is there anyway I can fix this? I'd like to use the light as a guide but as it is, it's kind of useless.
  8. Is there a midi tamp tempo that anyone would recommend for the line 6 HX stomp?
  9. hello, with a simple delay, i wonder why when i changed tempo by tap tempo switch, the red light is following the tapped tempo, but i get no changed tempo on sound. delay stayed with the same time as before. can you help me?
  10. Hi ! I'm using pod farm 2 on my ux8 for live sound with a dual footswitch connected at the back of the ux8. I would like to make it so that on one patch (and on this patch only), one of my footswitch is assigned to tap tempo. The problem is I didn't find how to do it, I can only set it globally which is a problem because this footswitch has other usages on other patches (including time related effects :/) Is there any way to have the tap tempo assigned to a midi control but only for one patch ?
  11. New User Here, I am purchasing a Helix LT in about a month and have a use case that I cannot seem to find any help with answering "can Helix do this?". As a setup dinosaur and to effectively be able to turn on and off an entire effects loop (as the amps I have do not have such a select-able option), I have been utilizing a Boss Line Selector on "B-Bypass" in order to have effects hard bypassed when I don't want them and to be able to select which effects turn on at one time when I engage the Line Selector. In the Line Selector loop, I have a Boss DD-6 that essentially is in Tap mode all of the time except for when I need the loop to not have delay. For me, this is super-convenient as it allows me to dial in the tempo before the pedal is even engaged. My cover band does not play to a click so for me, going back to a configuration, whether it be by preset or snapshot, where a tempo is defaulted and then having to adjust the tempo after the delay is engaged with the tap tempo is a step backwards. I have read the manual, watched videos, and read threads and I do not see a configuration in which tap tempo can be set as a "global" tempo that overrides any default patch or snapshot tempo when a patch or snapshot is engaged if I wanted to setup the tempo prior to engaging said patch or snapshot. If anyone out there has any knowledge or thoughts on this I would appreciate it! I really hope I just missed it somewhere :) However, after an already seemingly exhaustive search, I feel this may be heading to Ideascale before I even own the unit and am dreading the idea of having to cart around the DD-6 and a power supply to use in the Helix's loop :(
  12. rafilziks125


    please, put the BPM information on the MAIN SCREEN, i never know what bpm my TAP tempo is running ... and it's not practical to do a soft touch on the TAP Switch on a live situation, thanks for the attention ...
  13. Hi guys, I'm trying to set up my Pod HD so that the delay is controlled by tap tempo. My settings are: - Global - Tempo (under Setup) but the tempo is currently showing 181bpm and my delay unit is set to 500ms. I want it to be 1/4 note or 1/8th note but nobody explains (neither does the manual) how you switch from a time setting to a tempo (delays per beat) setting in the delay unit. So, how do you do that?
  14. Pfadzy

    Tap Tempo

    I absolutely LOVE the Helix. I have one question with it though. I am a worship leader and have really enjoyed the snapshots mainly to change my tempos for delays and what not. I like to try and have all of my tempos preset so it's one less thing I have to worry about in the moment. The thing I'm not fond of is that when I touch the tempo and then use knob 6 to set my tempo, that it takes so long to actually get programed in. I don't have this quite as much anymore now that I'm using snapshots, but when I am initially setting it up it does take a while. Is there a way to have it so that when you turn that know that it will cycle through bpm in whole times and not by the tenth? Is there a setting somewhere or can Line6 develop that option? I don't know about other people, but I rarely play at a 96.3 bpm, so I would rarely dial in a tenth. Having the option to would be nice, but not needed for my application. Thanks!
  15. What happens in this scenario Lets say in a bank I have 4 presets: 1. Clean 2. Crunch 3. Lead 4. Speciality Lead/FX I am playing live with my band. Because we are human or the drummer is a doofus we are playing faster (or slower than normal). At the beginning of the song I have a clean sound with some delay, so I tap tempo on the firehawk switch to get in sync. But...what about the other 3 presets (2,3 and 4) I want those presets to have the same tap tempo as what I just tapped for the intro/first preset so that when it comes time to hit on the lead patch, the tap tempo is the same. From what I gather this is not possible? As an does tap tempo work if the line 6 switches are on release? I find you have to be more 'tappy' with your foot to try to get it in time?
  16. Hi Guys, anybody tried synchronizing tempo on Helix with MIDI CC from DAW? I used to this with POD HD and it worked fine but doesn't seem to work with Helix. Here is what I do: Helix manual says Tap Tempo is MIDI CC #64 with values 64-127. So I assume any value in this range is fine. As DAWs often don't send the same CC value repeatedly, I send values 127-126-127-126 etc. in sequence. Nothing happens, preset tempo stays the same. Just to check on something more obvious I change the CC to 57 (FS10) and voila, now the footswitch diode blinks rhytmically. So my setup seems fine, sending CCs works fine for #CC 57 but #CC 64 doesn't seem to affect Helix. Anybody tried and succeeded or has any hints? I'm on the latest firmware 1.10 and drivers (coming with Helix app 1.11). Helix is connected via USB to my Win 8.1 laptop. I tried sending the MIDI CC messages from FL Studio and Cubase, the same result (i.e. nothing...). Thanks for any help. I think I'm gonna raise a support ticket now...
  17. One press on the Tap switch restarts the modulation fx cycle without changing the tempo itself. Works on POD HD and I've been missing it since upgrading to Helix as our drummer uses click and I have the same tempo saved in my (per song) Helix presets but need to sync the start of the mod cycle (tremolo, flanger...) with the drums...
  18. Am I missing something or is there no way to use tap tempo with the Optical Trem? Thanks! Dave
  19. I am thinking about investing in the M5 mostly for filters and modulation effects, I was wondering if I connect an external tap tempo to the expression socket will that work? I have a Boss DD-7 on my board and I was thinking it could be pretty cool to have a global tap tempo to sync both pedals. Has anyone tried this? Thanks for your input.
  20. When you tap in a tempo, the light should continue to flash on the DOWNBEAT of the tempo you just tapped. HD500 did this, HD500x did this, my Timeline does this, etc etc. Currently, it flashes on the UPBEAT instead. I often am tapping into a click and after tapping you (NORMALLY!) get see the light flashing in sync with the click and you have quick visual confirmation that you tapped in correctly. It's completely backward on the Helix, and the only reason I can imagine for it being this way is a couple lines of bad code that need to be corrected! It's hard to see exactly what it's doing wrong with quarter note taps, so if you want to examine for yourself, I recommend tapping half notes (tap on the 1 and 3 of a 4 beat measure.) The light will faithfully flash on the 2 & 4. Cmon guys, you had it right for 5 years with the HD500… please fix this in the Helix.
  21. Is there a way to use any of the mod effects like phaser, chorus, flanger with tap tempo? I set "Tempo Select"='Global' but my mod effects don't seem to follow it. Many effects with "Rate" could have a parameter to indicate "Tap" or "Preset" which would determine if the "Rate" is to be set according to the tap tempo or the preset's "Rate" setting. That way all of the effects and delays could follow the tap tempo where desired. Is there a way to do this?
  22. Hi everybody I know this has been a problem for a lot of people and reading on here I know it relates to dodgy micro switches. Mines been a pain in the backside constantly changing while playing so I have stripped it down and sprayed the switches with switch cleaner as per some suggestions on here ..... which has cured the problem temporarily at least. While it was disassembled I noticed a difference in the four switches on the bottom row starting at the Tap Tempo. These four switches had no definite click, in fact it is hard to even know if they are moving. All the other switches click as you press them down and seem to have a spring return. There is no spring return on my tap temp switch or the three immediately next to it ( probably the four most used in my set up) My first question is .... is this normal ? are these four switches a different design to the rest? they all operate and since being cleaned the unit hasn't switched over to tuner on it's own anymore however I have a big gig coming up and am slightly worried it could start again. You can hear the others click even when the unit is assembled, but not those four so would be grateful if someone could confirm if this is normal or they are all faulty (but still working somehow) My second question if they are faulty is.... where can I get good quality replacements that won't do this again in a hurry, does anyone have a part no? and/or can I buy that whole circuit with six switches on anywhere ???? Cheers for reading!
  23. Hi all, I was wondering if any of you are using the tap tempo function with the FCB1010? I've tried and failed multiple times to set this function up. I'm trying to set up Button 10 to send the tap tempo command to the Pod HD Pro X. Can any of you advise how to do this? Many thanks! Ash
  24. Hello all, I just received my brand new M9 in the mail. When I hit the tap tempo/looper button, there is a staticky pop noise. So far it's every time I touch it. I am using the included line 6 power adapter and it's plugged into a different outlet than my amp. The other buttons do not make any noise. This problem is at it's worse when using auto swell and particle verb as the noise builds up and creates a swell of static. Is this fixable or should I return it? Thanks!
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